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MIDLAND GXT900VP4 2 Way 22 Channels plus 20 Extra channels Radio
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $63.97

You Save: $16.02 (20%)


Product Description

42-channel GMRS radio pair pack with charger and batteries;instant weather scan with NOAA weather radio and alert;up to 30-mile range with easy button access and 20 special channels;142 privacy codes gives user up to 3144 channel options for clear transmission;9 levels of VOX with channel scan;silent operation turns off all tones for quiet operation;Dual-Watch allows user to monitor two different channels;Direct Call allows user to instantly contact a member of the party without alerting the others;dual power uses four standard AA or rechargeable batteries; water resistant; features HI/MED/LO power, 10 call alerts, backlit LCD, voice scramble, Roger Beep, auto squelch, battery life extender and keypad lock; includes mic/headphone jacks, batteries and drop-in charger

  • 5 Watt 42 Channel with Up to 30 Mile Range
  • Voice Privacy Scramble
  • NOAA/All Hazard Weather Channels with Alert and Weather Scan
  • 142 Privacy Codes
  • Direct Call

Customer Reviews:

  • radios
    These are very nice radios. They have up to date/time weather chanels and chanels just for the radio use and chanels that the CBers use. I love them and would buy again. They are a little bigger than a cell phone. I don't care for the head sets that come with them and purchased better ones....more info
  • Welcomed clarity
    Having had to return a Motorola T9500 Talkabout because of the tinny, hard-to-hear audio, I bought the Midland GTX900 in hopes that Amazon reviewers were right about its good sound -- and they were. The Midland's clarity was very much welcomed after having to strain to understand the voice through my two sets of Motorolas, and the Midland had better range at 5 watts than did the Motorola T9500 -- better range meaning audible (car to home) at four blocks in a village rather than two and a half blocks. I am pleased with it all the way around....more info
  • Does not work with other brand radios
    Could not transmit or receive messages to/from other brand (mostly Motorola) radios. Audio very faint when using speaker-mic. Contacted Midland tech service and they could not resolve problems. These problems appear to be design defects....more info
  • Racing Review
    We race in the weekends and had a couple of Motorola radio for in car communication, but we were having trouble with interference at the tracks. A friend recommended these radios and they work great. We liked them so much that we plan on purchasing additional radios for backup in case of any technical issues (not that we expect any, but better safe than sorry). The option to use the rechargeable batteries or AA batteries really comes in handy to, just in case you forget to charge them before a big race. The included headsets were kind of cheap otherwise I would give them a 5 star rating. So we also bought closed face headsets with push to talk to mount on the steering wheel and we felt like pro drivers it worked so well. The only minor issue was the volume was a little too low, but I couldn't tell if that was a radio or headset issue....more info
  • Works GREAT for Motorcycles
    My wife and I use the on our motorcycles and they work great. They have a long range and work well in mountains. Keep on low power unless you are trying to reach out a long distance because they will use a lot of battery power....more info
  • Awesome :)
    My husband and I use this during events and it is fantastic. We are able to communicate more freely :) The only draw back is you want to make sure you are on your own channel. During a wedding ceremony I was hearing duck calls instead of wedding bells!...more info
  • Power and features there but not the best
    They've got the full 5W power that is so hard to find at a good price and they also have the good price to go with it. The features are great and numerous but there is one problem. When you press the talk (PTT) button you have to wait between a half second and a second before you can say anything! It drives me nuts and I had hoped Midland had fixed this when I bought these. I had tried Midlands around a year and a half ago but that drawback was too much to pull me away from my old trusty Motorolas. That and the then 16 mile Midlands couldn't compete with my 2 mile Moto's. These new Midlands are much stronger than anything I own but it drives me nuts holding a button waiting to speak! OR even worse, hand the radio to someone who is not familiar with this glich and they will cut off the beginning of their statement every single time. You have to be psychic to communicate with these at times. Even if you want to click the button to send a "roger" beep for confirmation instead of replying you have to hold the stupid button!!!! These are OK for a trip to Disneyland but if you want to use them regularly I would advise to try them first. These would get 5 stars from me otherwise but I feel being able to talk when you press the button is more important than weather alerts or vibrate features....more info
  • MIDLAND GXT900VP4 2 Way 22 Channel Radio
    I've always been OK with CBs, then I was introduces to this newer technology. I was blown away by the crystal clear transmission and receive capabilities.

    Incredible range of useful features, a great buy.
    ...more info
  • Family friendly walkie-talkies...
    Clear and resonant...the range is not as advertised...perhaps if you were on a tower with a clear view of another, distant, tower you could transmit/receive over the claimed distance.

    The best quality in this price range, without a doubt.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • good overall
    These radios were overall very good. The range is pretty good as long as you're in a flat-ish area. However, if there's a hill between radios, it won't work too well....more info
  • Great product
    I have yet to find a feature that these radios don't have. Great channel range. Capable of monitoring two channels and weather bands. Silent operation mode. Multiple call tones. Many features. Very durable and waterproof. Would highly recommend....more info
  • 2-way radios
    Amazon still offers a better deal for these 2-way radios. I bought them as a company purchase for some of our job site employees and they seem to really enjoy them. They are pretty durable....more info