Stealth Cam Patroller 2.0-Megapixel Security Camera and Floodlight, Black #STC-SLB2B
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Product Description're busted! This motion-activated security lamp shines a light on crooks, then takes their picture! Announcing the Patroller StealthCam - the latest weapon in the war on crime! This ingenious motion-activated security solution combines the benefits of a 500W halogen spotlight with a 2.0 megapixel color digital camera/camcorder to catch crooks red handed. Spotlight features adjustable illumination for up to five minutes, 180-degree coverage, durable weather-resistant housing and diamond texturized reflector. Camera features SD memory card slot, time/date stamp and BurstMode technology that lets you capture more than one image per triggering so you get multiple frames to view extended activity. Mounts to standard junction box. Black. 90-day limited warranty.

Customer Reviews:

  • Moderately Useful
    Bought the Stealth Cam at Costco because of their easy return policy. Overall I'm happy with it.

    I'd recommend plugging the light's wires into an extension cord so you can play with the 2 buttons and LCD screen in the comfort of your chair instead of on top of a ladder. The navigation is like a bad LCD watch where you cycle thru the choices multiple times in attempt to set the time, camera mode, etc.

    - Great image quality. Very happy with the quality of the images. Got lots of photos of the top of folk's heads and squirrels.
    - The halogen is plenty bright. The night shots look more like day shots. I can only tell because there is no shadow and the concrete is blindly white in the "night" photos.
    - The camera automatically writes over the old pictures once the SD card is full. They say they only support 2 GB SD cards so I guess using a larger card isn't going to work. That said you should be able to store many weeks of photos with the 1 GB included card.

    - The lack of an internal battery means the settings get wiped every time the power gets cut. In my case we have it powered on a circuit with a light switch so if we accidently hit the light switch the time/date stamp is reset. The default time stamp then resets to 06/01/2011 (even weireder you can't manually reset the time date stamp past 2011 so in 4 years you'll never be able to set the correct date).
    - The motion sensor housing is tied to the light. It would have been better if the 2 pieces were independent so that moving one wouldn't affect the other (I guess they want to ensure the camera will always have proper lighting, but in my case I don't want to trigger the light until the person is right below the camera). Currently only about 1 in 5 shots gets the person in the frame.
    - I tried using the EyeFi SD card (a cool SD memory card that can automatically send the pictures to your PC via your WiFi network. It works great in my Canon camera, but in the Stealth Cam the LCD screen just blinks. Calling Stealth Cam TS said that this is an unsupported. Too bad, it would allow for remote montiroing while travelling and it is a lot easier than dragging out the ladder every few months to pull the SD card out and bring it back into the house just to see if there was any suspicious behavior going on)....more info
  • Very difficult to set up. Needs complete redesign
    This product needs a lot of serious redesign work.

    In its favor, I will say that if the SD memory card fills up, it will start overwriting the oldest images first. That way, you don't have to break out the ladder every couple weeks or so to check if the SD memory card has filled up and stopped recording.

    The other reviewers who mentioned the awkwardness of setting up this security are absolutely correct. It shouldn't be as difficult to set up the time, date, number of photos per trigger, etc. as Stealth Cam has made it. There's only two buttons (SET and MODE) for all menu selections. It would help if there was an LED for each button so you could know for sure when you've pressed it enough to make contact. The instructions tell you that you need to push both buttons simultaneously to access the main menu for setting up the time, date, etc., but in fact it's hit-or-miss, as the buttons don't seem to reliably make contact each time they're pressed. Seems like you have to press one button a little ahead of the other, BUT THE INSTRUCTIONS NEVER TELL YOU THAT.

    The tiny little LCD set-up screen on the bottom of the motion sensor is the size of a postage stamp, which makes it very hard to read, especially when you're asked to discern icons hardly bigger than pinheads. It would help if that tiny LCD screen could be back-lit while accessing the menu. Come on - it's connected to 120 volts for God's sake. I need a magnifying glass, a flashlight, be perched up on a ladder, AND try to read - and make sense of - inaccurately written instructions. Did ANYONE at Stealth Cam actually try to perform their own set-up while perched on a ladder?!?!

    And it would also help if the camera and floodlight could be swiveled side to side and not just up and down. The way it's designed now, the camera and the floodlight are joined together by a common bracket that's part of the electrical box cover. So you're limited to monitoring whatever direction the outdoor electrical junction box happens to be facing.

    The camera itself REALLY needs a faster shutter speed. Anyone who's walking in the motion detection area in anything less than direct sun is blurred enough by their movement that you wouldn't recognize them if you didn't already know them. I have put up an actual photo as an example. This is a TYPICAL result - not the worst. Most of the photos are so blurry you literally can't tell if you're looking at a man or a woman. If this thing did manage to get photos of burglars or vandals, the shutter speed isn't fast enough to produce a police sketch from. ...more info
  • Poor Choice
    Very poor design. Extremely hard to program. Locks up and has to be turned off for 15 minutes. Then reprogramed after power on. Must be re-programed in a very akward position. Returned for refund if you purchased....more info
  • I like it but it's not perfect
    This works very well but with drawbacks. Camera resolution is excellent even in "low res" mode. Video mode also works well. Takes up to 2 gig SD memory card which can hold an awesome number of photos. Memory never fills up - just overwrites. Doesn't look like a camera so "visitors" probably think it's just a motion sensor light. Has cover over the controls to hide them. Problems - only swivels up and down. Requires "junction box" type mount. Camera isn't fast to activate and often misses a moving car or person. Very hard to program especially when you're upside down on a ladder and the display is "inverted" from what it should be. Doesn't program according to the manual. Manual is not detailed enough. Manufacturer web site doesn't even list this item! No backup battery so loses date-time stamp with power failure. No way to adjust IR sensitivity. The other more detailed review is excellent and I agree with everything he says but I'm happier than he is with this gizmo. I bought two and I would like to buy more....more info
  • Camera field of view narrower than Motion Detector field of view
    Camera field of view narrower than Motion detector field of view

    I am disappointed with this device. The only good thing I can say about it is its 500 Watt Halogen floodlight. Other than that, the following are the problems I have noticed:

    1- The instructions manual is just one pamphlet that briefly describes how to install and program the device. It has the address of a web site that when you go there, it does not have this model listed, nor any information about it. On the box itself there is an address for another web site which has this product model, but only carries a promotional brochure and picture. It does not even have the instructions pamphlet that comes with the product, let alone any more information.

    2- It has a small LCD screen for programming. It is at the bottom of the device, but it has an orientation that makes it very difficult to read and do the programming. When you are on a ladder facing the device (a logical position, because most likely, you have installed it on a surface that you are standing in front of), the screen is in reverse position and you see everything upside-down. Standing on a ladder and trying to read an upside-down LCD panel under the camera is problematic. Instructions lead you to push two buttons at once and holding others for 2 seconds which is not easy doing in such an awkward position.

    3- Although a day-light sensor will keep the lamp from coming on during the day, the camera will still function. There is no on-off switch for the camera portion of this device, so it keeps shooting pictures/videos during the day. This makes it unsuitable if you want to watch only during the dark hours.

    4- Turning off power (e.g. power failure) would stop the device's internal clock, so you have to drag the ladder out and stand at an uncomfortable position to reset the time/date.

    5- Its most disturbing attribute is that its photography field of view is much narrower than its motion detection view. Since it senses motion in a wider angle than it can take pictures, very often you see images with no intruders. This is because the subject was at an angle with the device that its motion was detected, yet out of the view of the camera.

    6- One of its other disturbing attributes is that there is a significant delay between the time it detects the motion and the time it shoots the picture. Overlooking a 25-foot long driveway, only when someone walks-in at a very slow pace, his/her photo might be taken. Walking at a normal pace straight toward the camera, the delay makes it such that the subject has already left the camera's field of view when it shoots the picture.

    Overall, its photography features in relation to its motion detection is very poor and unsatisfactory. But if you are looking only for a motion activated powerful floodlight, this seems to be a good choice, though expensive for that one purpose.
    ...more info
  • Built-in 2.0 Megapixel color digital security camera
  • Motion activates light and camera to shoot up to 2 images per triggering or 10 seconds of video
  • Powerful 500 watt security light with ultra bright halogen bulb
  • Illuminate intruders and capture their image and suspect activity
  • Time and date stamp on every still image