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Old Smokey Electric Smoker
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Product Description

No water needed - the sealed lid of this electric smoker captures the meats juices that add a great taste. Flat-top design provides constant, even basting for more flavorful food. Comes with two cooking racks, drip pan, smoking chips and carrying handles. Made of corrosion-resistant aluminized steel with an electric heating element and adjustable heat control. U.S.A. Power Supply: Electric, Watts: 1,250, Volts: 120, Dimensions O.D. x H (in.): 16 x 29

  • Color: Black
  • Size: 15.5"w x 15.5"d x 29"h
  • This smoker has a flat top, so juices drip right back onto the food.
  • On top of the heating element is a chip tray where you put wood chips for smoke flavor.
  • This smoker is controlled by a heat thermostat to allow a wide variety of cooking times and styles.

Customer Reviews:

  • I love smokin'!
    Folks, this thing is flat out awesome. It maintains a quite consistent inner temperature (Don't open it!). It has room for a lot of meat in that little space. Buy some rib racks.

    It doesn't look like a smoker, does it? No matter. You'll dig the food you turn out with this thing.

    Sorry, Amazon, didn't get mine from you. Got mine shipped from Texas Gas Works with a free bag of mesquite chips for just over $135. Yes, shipped. And they couldn't have been nicer.

    What I really wanted was a cookshack. But I don't have $500 to spend on a smoker, so that wasn't an option at this time. What I found was that this item will give you results like the cookshack for far less dough. No, it can't be built in, and it doesn't look like a fancy piece of restaurant equipment.

    But you can get it to work like one. First thing I did when I got mine was drill a 3/16" hole in the side to fit my temperature probe. Stick that baby in your turkey or pork shoulder, set the desired temperature and listen for the beep. That's all there is to it.

    Would you drill into something you paid $800 for?

    This item looks like it's been made this way since the '50s. Awesome. Why screw with success? By the way, if you let your neighbor taste your pulled pork before you show this thing to him, he'll wind up buying one for himself.

    Most of us have got some kind of propane or charcoal grill out back. Very few think they can afford the space or expense of a separate smoker appliance--so most of us don't smoke food as often as we'd like. Now you can put your brisket in the rub packet overnight, pop it in ol' smokey in the early AM of Super Sunday, and by game time you have a feast.

    Offset smokers use a lot of wood to get that smoky flavor by burning the wood in the firebox. This baby can smoke your meal with a few soaked wood chips or a little pile of soaked sawdust in the pan. It's almost a sealed system, so it doesn't need constant water replenishment like the good old Weber Smoky Mountain. It's so nice that way that I use mine in the breezeway between house and garage--I just turn on a big fan pointed out the door when the lid comes off, and blow the smoke out into the yard.

    Plus this thing is portable. If your little league team is in an all-day tourney or your church is setting up a pavilion in the park, just show up early, set up your cooker on a table by the AC outlets and load 'er up with the biggest pork shouler picnic you can fit in there. Then spend the morning in the park with your family--not cooking. By the time everyone shows up, nobody will want those burgers and hot dogs. You can bring this thing to parties at friends' houses or anywhere else you have outdoor access to standard ac current.

    Did I mention I absolutely love this cooker? It has so many advantages you'll find yourself looking for cheap cuts on sale every time you're in a location that sells meat of any kind.

    You are flat out going to love this thing too, and you'll find advantages I forgot to mention. To recap:

    *Cost (no fear of slight mods like temp probe)
    *Convenient, small footprint
    *Uses little wood
    *Set-and-forget "la-z-cue"
    *Food quality up there with the fancy ones
    *A tasty poke in the eye to pyro traditionalists

    Old Smokey. In twenty years when you wear this out, you'll probably buy another one just like it....more info
  • Problems with vendor
    When this smoker arrived it was packed poorly and in dented condition. The Vendor, Northern Tool, reluctantly agreed to allow us to return it. Weeks went by and when I called them they indicated the smoker was on back order and someone was supposed to let me know when it would be shipped. No one ever called or e-mailed. Then the replacement smoker arrived and the heating element doesn't work. We are now in the process of attempting to return it and get a credit...alot of hassle....more info
  • lazy mans smoker
    this smoker is the best ill tell you why.follow break in instructions
    and plug that baby in .chickens legs was my frist try,salt + pepper and thats it.i cooked them about 2 hrs on grandkids called them super i smoked 5 lbs of pork ribs again i used salt+pepper only.
    3hours they where ready meat falling of the bone.i did brush on a little
    bone sucking sauce a the it you will love this cooker....more info
  • Cheap, But Works Good
    This smoker is truly "set it, and forget it". I don't see how anyone other than a complete idiot could screw up with this. Puts out real Texas brisket....more info
  • terrible
    I tried to buy this thing and 3 times it came half broken
    and dented. I am yet to get my money back from Amazon.
    Never again...more info
  • Tastes great, less costly
    When it comes to smoking, I'm completely effort and results oriented.
    If it takes too much effort to get good results, I'll pick up a phone.

    Still, everyone told me smoking was easy, so I went looking for the best combo of cheap and good with the least effort. I'm happy to say I think Old Smokey really hit it right.

    Since getting it for Xmas, I've 3 pork shoulders (2 were great, one OK), 1 brisket (OK), 2 chickens (great) and 3 racks of ribs (decent). I believe the results will get better with experience (and perhaps better meat).

    The only complaints I have are:
    1) Should come with a thermometer in the lid.
    2) It's a little hassle to find degreaser for the bottom (they send some with it, but after 6 runs, I need more).

    Overall, I'm very pleased with the product, the price and the results.

    ...more info
  • Best Smoker for the $$$$
    This is one of the best smokers on the market.
    You can cook everything from fish, turkey, beef, wild game, and the best frozen corn you have ever tasted.

    The meat falls off the bone. I have never had a bad meal from this smoker. ...more info
  • no smoker
    i smoke alot with my bradley and wanted to try another type so i bought this one well it's not any good when you put the tight fitting cover on it has no oxygen so the chips don't burn this thing is no more then and electric oven with no smoke the meat has no bark on the if you wont a smoker stay away from this one!!!!...more info
  • Incredible smoked bbq.
    Being an electric smoker you get absolutely even cooking temperatures. No need to fill a water pan. I would recommend a temperature gauge that you have to install in the lid to accurately set the temperature. My wife and I were stunned by the results, all I can say is "spectacular flavor and tenderness". Better than anything you will get in a restaurant. While the manual doesn't mention ribs, we smoked them at 220 degrees with a dry rub for 4 hours and then put them on the gas grill and slathered bbq sauce on and cooked them for 10 minutes on low to finish. The best ribs I have ever had, period.

    Buy one, you won't be disappointed!!!!

    ...more info
  • Every Meal Perfect
    I've had this smoker for two years and I use it about once a month. Everything I've prepared, from chicken to tri-tip roast has turned out perfectly. The meat is always moist and tender if properly prepared. It is fairly hassle free, being electric. Highly recommended....more info
  • Love My Smoker - Great Delivery by Debnroo
    I ordered the Old Smokey electric smoker from Dbnroo on a Monday. I could not believe on Thursday when the unit arrived. Shipping was amazingly fast and well packed!! They double-boxed it and the unit arrived intact and with all parts required. I was concerned about others' comments about the smokers arriving damaged so I was pleased with the condition of this one.

    It took me about 10 minutes to assemble the smoker with just a screwdriver and pliers and it consists of the following: 1)installed a handle on the lid and two carrying handles on the body of the smoker with provided bolts, washers, and nuts; 2) installed 4 bolts provided around the lower part of the round body that are used to hold the drip pan and the smaller lower rack in place; 3) spread the provided grease absorbing granules on the inside of the bottom 4)placed the metal wood chip plate on top of the heating element ; 5)placed the drip pan and the lower grill on the 4 bolts; 6)placed the upper larger grill on the top portion of the smoker.

    In order to monitor the temperature inside the smoker I drilled a small hole in the lid so I could insert a quality thermometer I bought for this purpose. This is a necessity and I think the small hole actually helps the Smokey generate more smoke so I kept the thermometer off the lid and would only insert it to check the temperature.

    My first attempt at smoking was a baby back rib marinated in a Chinese marinade overnight and finished with a Chinese glaze during the last hour of smoking. I used about 3 oz. of hickory chips that came with the unit. The smoker generated fragrant smoke for about 2 ? hours. Enough to give the ribs a slight aromatic and tasty smoke flavor. The ribs turned out, after 4 hours of smoking at 225 F degrees, tender and delicious. I was so impressed that my first attempt at smoking was so successful, that I made the mistake of asking my neighbor to taste the ribs. He said he only wanted one rib because he had to eat dinner in a few minutes. When he tasted the ribs, he ate half the rack!!

    The unit is simplicity itself and the temperature control worked very well to maintain a steady temperature of 225 F degrees in a slight breeze and outdoor temperature of 60 F degrees. This smoker is great for people without the need to smoke large quantities of meat, but I would guess that you could still smoke at least two racks of baby back ribs and one whole pork butt.
    ...more info
  • Great for the Thanksgiving turkey
    I am buying my 3rd smoker. Each one I have owned lasted 8 to 10 years. I use them about once a month for many different dishes.

    My absolute best use is for the holiday turkey. It is a no brainer. Just put it in, then take it out when it is ready. The turkey doesn't take up room in the oven and it is moist without basting.

    You can season it any way you prefer, or stuff it. You can control the amount of wood chips for a light or heavy smoked taste or don't use any wood chips if you don't want the smoked flavor.

    Other meats work about the same way.

    Vegetables can be cooked in the pan below the meat. This is fix it and forget it method....more info
  • Best choice smoker...
    This was a repeat order. Knowing nothing about the art of smoking food, this was our 1st choice based on the reviews posted on Amazon. Median priced, least labor intensive, easy to clean...and not one single criticism from guests able to compare an electric smoker to onventional. All said there wasn't any difference in food taste...
    If you're starting out, or an experienced hand at this cooking art, you will love this smoker. We purchased ours' in '06 and bought this one for my brother who couldn't believe the taste and tenderness of less expensive cuts of meat until he spent the holidays with us...We use it at least once a week...ribs & chops don't take as long as roasts, so don't be swayed by pre-conceived length of cooking time...Use a meat thermometer rather than suggested cooking times in receipes...guaranteed perfection from the start!...more info
  • So Easy to Use
    Overall, this is a great product. It's very easy to use.

    A few tips:

    1. You need to insert a thermometer if you want to cook properly. In general, High = 300 degrees, Medium = 250, and Low = 200, but it can vary depending on the outside temp and wind. I bought the 2-probe Maverick so I can get a constant measurement of the meat and the chamber. I drilled 2 holes in the side and use aluminum foil to plug the holes when smoking.

    2. Ignore the manual's advice to always cook on high. You should cook beef and poultry on high, but pork should be cooked around 225. At 225, a 6 pound pork butt will take about 10 hours. I tried to cook a pork butt on high - it was fully cooked in about 5 hours, but it was not as tender as is it should be.

    3. Use 1 handful of wood chips. Since all the smoke is sealed in that is plenty and any more will make your meat taste like an ash tray.

    4. Wrap the drip pan in aluminum foil to make clean up easier.

    The 2 negatives that I have experienced:

    1. It's hard to cook multiple pieces of meat because the Old Smokey is not meant to be open and closed during cooking. When you open the lid you release all the smoke and heat. Also, if you need to get to the bottom rack, you need to remove the top rack which can be a hassle.

    2. Because it's sealed, your food will not get the "bark" that everyone likes to see. It won't impact the flavor, but your food won't look right to someone who is used to using a more traditional smoker....more info
  • The BEST brisket you will ever taste!!!
    I bought this smoker a few weeks ago and my first meal was BBQ spare ribs. I put a rub on them, slow cooked them for 6 hours on low-med setting (about 225 F), and finished them on the the grill for 10 minutes with BBQ sauce...awesome. But THE BEST was a 4.5 pound beef brisket I made today. I used the rub recipe in the Old Smokey book and wrapped it in foil for 24 hours as they tell you to do. I used the Texas Beef Council recommendation of 1 hour per pound instead of the 20 minutes per pound the recipe calls for. Oh man, it was the moistest, tastiest beef brisket I have ever had. It's worth buying just to cook brisket in...seriously. ...more info
  • Easy to Use, Great Price and GREAT results!!!!
    My coworker turned me onto the idea of an electric smoker. His, however uses a water pan that has to be refilled and the old smokey doesn't use added water. I read many reviews and finally decided on the old smokey due to its construction (no paint that will peel off), its made in USA (boy, is that hard to find nowadays), and all the good results that people had using it. I was so excited when it came; smoked a chicken in it right away. Came out super! I marinated it in a 30 minute teriaki marinade first, then just put it on. I smoked mine slower on about 225-250 degrees and it took about 4 hours. (4 lb chicken) You won't be disapointed by this smoker! I am thinking about buying a couple for family members. You can go directly to old smokey's website for additional info on their company and tips on cooking, etc. Happy Smoking!!!
    ...more info
  • Great value for the money
    Sometimes, I tell myself sternly, you don't *have* to get obsessed. I could have spent a lot more money for a smoker, but I wasn't sure that I'm committed to this kind of cooking. The Old Smokey was our compromise between the really cheap, rickety smokers we saw in the hardware store and the "serious" models that cost over $200. And it was the right choice.

    After using it three or four times, I'm really glad I chose this model. The operation is simple, and the equipment was put together without cussing. The workmanship is good; this thing won't fall apart.

    I had a friend sneer at our choice of an *electric* smoker, but nobody has complained about the food that came out of it. Its convenience can't be beat: we plugged it in outside, and we could walk away. I didn't have to worry about running out of propane or loading up more charcoal. (Of course, we _didn't_ walk away... we came back ever so often to mop the brisket. But I didn't have to fuss.)

    The smoker has two shelves, each of which (I can say assertively) can easily hold a 10-pound shoulder of pork or an 8-pound brisket. It's a good size, does the job it advertises, and it's made well. I'd buy it again....more info
  • Old Smokey really smokes!
    Service was wonderful, price the best and received Old Smokey in good condition. We are having lots of fun learning how to smoke and slow cook in our new smoker. We wish we would have purchased one earlier. If you like BBQ and don't want to have to watch and feed a smoker all day long this is your best choice....more info
  • tips on using the old smokey electric smoker
    Make sure to burn out the residue in your smoker before using it with food for the first time, turn on smoker to high for 20-30 minutes letting the smoker burn out the metal smell in smoker, this is sort of seasoning your smoker, you do not need to put any thing in the smoker when doing this, believe me the smoke will smell metalish when doing this for the first time. I got the smoker for christmas and have smoked 1 slab of babyback ribs and 1 whole chicken cut up into pieces. I used a dry rub on the ribs and marinated the chicken over night. The next day I used one handful of mesquite wood chips, one chunk of hickory wood and some small branchs of apple wood broken into little pieces. I soaked the wood and chips in water for half an hour and then put the wood and pieces on smoker plate. I than put the drip pan in the smoker, than chicken and ribs on the smaller and larger rack. I used heavy duty aluminum foil on the smoker plate and drip pan to keep from staining the plate and bowl, it is alot easier to clean up this way. I then turned on the smoker and set the control knob to the m on medium, should be around 225 degrees for 2 and half hours. After two hours i flipped the ribs and chicken while fighting the smoke, this smoker puts out the smoke with the amount of wood i used. When i flipped the food i brushed on some bbq sauce and let smoke for another half hour,total cook time two and half hours. the food was tender, flavorful and just the right amount of smoke flavor. You can turn up the temp control knob to the e on medium and should be around 250 degrees for the last half hour of cooking if your not comfortable with 225 degrees. Play with your smoker to get the results you want. Buying a temp guage and drilling a hole in the lid is the most accurate way to set the tempurature....more info
  • I love it!
    I've smoked a whole chicken and a pork tenderloin. They both were excellent. Very moist. I'm looking forward to trying some ribs tonight. Don't buy from Northern tool. I waited a month and it never arrived so they finally sent my money back. I ordered again from river country and had it in 3 days....more info
  • This is how a smoker should be!!
    The closed system of this smoker works effectively and cooks efficiently. Everything I've smoked is juicy and tastes great. Much, much better than the water steamer smoker that I've been using for the last 10 yrs....more info