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Peerless PA740 Articulating Wall Mount for 22-Inch to 40-Inch Flat Panel Displays (Gloss Black)
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Product Description

It's easy to get the best viewing options when you can effortlessly pull out the screen from the wall, position it in almost any direction, even turn it around corners and then smoothly return it to the wall when finished. Effortlessly adjust the tilt with just a touch and level the screen at any time, even after installation. With integrated cable management, cords and cables are never in the way - even when extending and retracting the screen.

  • Arm extends up to 15.6" from the wall
  • One-touch tilt allows adjustment of +15?-5? without the use of tools
  • Integrated cable management keeps cables and cords out of the way
  • Weight Capacity: 80 lb, UL listed
  • VESA 75/100/200x100/200x200 compliant

Customer Reviews:

  • Great value
    Used with a Sharp Aquos 37" LCD:

    The mount was straightforward to install, and did not "give" at all when we hung the television on it.

    When used flat, the television is between two and three inches away from the wall (i.e., plenty of room to operate a light switch at the corner of the tv.).

    Very easy to manipulate as far as swinging out, tilting, etc.

    I've already used the arm to expand the population of a party who could see the playoff games. The articulating arm may not be such an advantage in other layouts, but if you can get this mount for less than you can most non-articulating mounts (and it sets the TV as close or nearly as close to the wall as those non-articulating mounts), why not choose one with this added bonus? You may end up moving the tv and/or mount in the future to a location that would greatly benefit from this type of mount....more info
  • Sturdy
    Very strong and sturdy. Easy to mount and well thought out. I highly recommend it for any TV; especially for wrapping around a corner....more info
  • its great for a pc monitor
    i wish i could say its a great arm mount but i exactly didnt prop up a monitor/tv on it yet but its not the sellers or the products fault, i put blame on the falsely advertised pc monitor that showed the connector to the mount but i had to buy the pc connector from some back channel company.
    but other then that it looks like it could even rust up and still do its job just buy it. if not stop reading jerks...more info
  • Good product
    Two wall mount screws are philips-like which makes them hard to apply . I would prefer to use the box-spanner, hence they are to be desighned properly. No more complains. I like it and recomend for others.
    Delivery was fast and the product was intact....more info
  • Perfect!
    Perfect fit! It shipped quickly--it came the day after I received shipping confirmation--Wow! It was easy to mount (much easier than I thought), and it works like a charm. One of my worries was that it would not hold the weight, due to a previous mount I bought for another tv that was not strong enough. So, still being skeptical, I mounted it, and voila! solid, strong! I have read the other reviews about the adaptor problem, but I have a 32-inch Samsung--the one it seems that it works the best with. As far as adaptors though, it did come with one for smaller units that would have worked fine. Overall, as Hannibal from the A-Team says, "I love it when a plan comes together."...more info
  • Great product, excellent value for the price
    This product works very well with my samsung 40" LCD. The multiple articulating joints allows me to adjust my LCD to any needed configuration. The look of the wall mounted TV is very modern and slick.
    Many of the other reviews complain about the screw heads "stripping" while being installed. The screws work fine. To avoid this issue, simply pre-drill your screw holes. Use a drill bit about half the size of the diameter of the provided screws. ...more info
  • Simple, well made mount
    I got this based on the exiting reviews that point out the quality and simplicity of this mount. I was able to install it in about 45 minutes. It comes with a wide variety of screws and bolts for various wall/tv conditions. The instructions are clear. Very nice product....more info
  • displays
    Flat Panel Displays (Gloss Black) Peerless PA740 Articulating Wall Mount for 22-Inch to 40-Inch Flat Panel Displays (Gloss Black)
    the sold was very good....more info
  • Solid
    First mount of this type for me. Lots of adjustability, seems very solid, clear instructions. Make sure it has the right hole pattern for your TV. I thought it had an adapter plate for my TV but it did not. I had to get some additional brackets to fit my larger hole pattern on a Vizio TV (400mm x 200mm). Good price, good product, I would buy this brand again....more info
  • Excellent product at reasonable price
    Here's my opinion about this product:
    1. Well built.
    2. Easy to install.
    3. Good price.

    I bought 2 of them for my 40" Samsung LCDs....more info
  • Perfect for what I needed
    I needed to place a 32 Sharp Aquos in a corner at five feet. This is in my daughter's play room and had to mount it out of her reach and above her storage bins. Mounted on one stud in less than five minutes. It matched up perfectly with the mounting holes on the back of my lcd tv. Made of heavy duty steel. Does not seem poorly made....more info
  • Recommended for Toshiba 32" but not compatable
    I bought a Toshiba 32" AV502U. I was also looking to mount my new LCD on the wall with an adjustable mount. This was suggested however it does not work for 200x400 Vesa styles which is the style of this TV....more info
  • will not work with the 32" toshiba flat panel
    I purchased this wall mount in addition with a 32" flat screen. It will not work with the toshiba. It is not big enough for holes to line up with the holes in the tv. Amazon was great! I printed out a return label and sent it back for a full refund....more info
  • great mount, great price
    this is an amazing mount. i bought a smaller one for a 15" tv and loved it. so when it came time to get one for a larger tv, i knew just the one i wanted. it holds a 32" with ease. and the arm lets you adjust the screen just about anyway you want or need. and the price compared to any mounts i've seen in stores, they don't even come close. this is the only mount i will ever buy as i switch over my tv's!!!...more info
  • good product but!!!
    allready have silver one why the price difference. unit works well but
    need to have adapter for flat panel with 15 1/2 X 8 mounting holes that
    is reasonable priced....more info
  • Good solid mount.
    I searched around for a while looking for the cheapest mount I could find because I am a poor college boy. I found quite a few around $20 but I thought about it and thought if I am hanging $400+ on the wall, I want something that I could trust. This is the cheapest name brand mount I found that had the 200 X 100 spacing and have been well satisfied. It articulates well giving it free motion in and out and side to side but is firm enough to stay where you put it. The tilt is nice too and easy to adjust. ...more info
  • Great wall mount for 40" Samsung LCD
    Great product for the price. Can't beat it. Quick shipping too. Easy to fit my 40" Samsung LCD tv with no problems....more info