Swann SW244-WDW Red Alert Security Kit
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Product Description

Get the peace-of-mind of a high tech security system without expensive and costly installation. This color security camera sets up in minutes thanks to the latest 2.4GHz wireless technology. Just mount the weather-resistant camera inside or out, connect the receiver to your TV with supplied RCA cables, and plug both units into standard 110V outlets. You are now ready to view whatever the camera sees just by flipping to your TV's AV channel. The receiver even has a built-in DVR for recording photos when motion is sensed. The package includes 1 GB SD card, which can be swapped out or replaced with higher memory cards. The camera automatically switches to infrared night vision in low light and includes a built-in microphone for audio monitoring. The complete kit also includes cables, power adapters, hardware and instruction manual.

  • Records images or video when motion is detected to save memory
  • Select between 1 wired or 1 wireless camera
  • Record 1 camera at a time
  • Record AVI video files or JPEG photo images
  • Compact size discreet storage & operation