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Sony NVU73T 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator
List Price: $349.95

Our Price: $99.99

You Save: $249.96 (71%)


Product Description

Traveling to your favorite destinations has never been this easy. The Nav-u portable satellite navigation system has a sleek, 4.3" touch-panel widescreen display and can be easily mounted in any vehicle. The brilliant, high-contrast full-color graphical interface is also intuitive and fun to use. Whether it's a trip across town or cross-country road trip, the Nav-u satellite navigation system makes the perfect travel companion. The NV-U73T comes pre-loaded with Map Content covering the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Dual View capability displays dynamic route information to provide an even clearer view of what's around the bend or in a highway merge scenario, which Junction to take. Commonly used commands such as Take Me Home may be accessed by gesturing an inverted V(R) on the screen versus paging through numerous menu screens. Step away from standard GPS mapping and towards a more complete navigation solution. Real Time Traffic Information radio reception allows the NV-U73T to constantly monitor relevant traffic conditions and automatically re-route you around trouble spots. TTS (Text to Speech) also eliminates second-guessing when making a turn; the device utilizes spoken commands ensuring you are able to follow the directions by street names. Using the Sony-unique Super Suction Cup, mounting a Nav-U portable satellite navigation system to either the dashboard, console, or windshield in virtually any vehicle is quick and easy. Stable and secure while driving, the Nav-U portable satellite navigation system can be easily removed whenever you want to take it with you. Interfaces - DC Input 5-5.2V Jack, USB Jack, External GPS Aerial Jack, and TMC Aerial Jack 87.5 - 108.0 Mhz Reception Frequency RDS-TMC Traffic Messaging Channel Dimensions - 3.7 x 2.1 x 4.3 (95x54x109mm) Weight - 7.4 Ounces (210 Grams)

  • 4.3" Anti-glare/Anti-fingerprint Touchscreen Display
  • Super Suction Cup
  • Gesture Command
  • Dual-View-3D Junction Guide
  • Pre-installed Maps of US, Canada, and Puerto Rico with Nearly 5 Million Points of Interest

Customer Reviews:

  • Great so Far!
    I've had this unit now for 2 months and have been nothing but happy with it, especially now that it's price is so low! This is my first GPS I've actually owned, but I've used Garmin and Tom Tom before in friends cars. Those are nice and simple, with lots of downloadable features, but this is a great value on sale. I almost didn't get it due to some of the poor reviews, but now I'm glad I took a chance.

    Pros: Excellent screen and 3-d visuals, lots of options on maps and colors, the split screen view is really helpful. Voice directions are clear, loud and accurate-sounding. Suction cup is good, and leaves no marks. I actually use the touch screen shortcuts. POI's have logos, which makes them more user friendly. Easy to save your own addresses to memory and add icons. Daytime/Nighttime sensor switches map lighting automatically. Easy to input addresses, but not as intuitive as Garmin -- just not bad. Finds satellites and recalculates routes quickly. Lots of extra features like photo viewer that I may use someday.

    Negatives: Battery life so-so. May not be the one for hiking around with. Not as many POI's as Garmin or Tom Tom. Extra mounts, chargers are expensive. Online support bare bones, although I read they are planning new updates in spring. "Super Suction cup" still won't stick reliably vertically on pebbly VW dash.

    Other observatios: I've been "testing" it against my regular trips, and this hasn't taken me a wrong way yet... and actually showed me a smarter way to a couple places! No evidence that it wants to take me to highways, or "location not founds." My guess is it's all fixed with firmware. I haven't experimented with downloading address books / other POI's so can't say how easy it is... but putting latest firmware and updates was a breeze and make sure you have v3.02. Touchscreen was a little off at first, but spot on after running the calibration tool. Wish there were some other voices available. I hope Sony continues to support this line with updates. ...more info
  • Great GPS`
    I bought this just before Christmas at Sams club for 119.99, I had read the reviews on Amazon before buying and they werent anything special but the Text to speech and the 4.3 inch screen got me, I used it for a trip from Colorado Springs,Co. to Jacksonville, FL. I lucked out and the software was ver. 3 which was the updated software it worked great no problems at all and now right after I got back sony did another update and now the GPS locks in within a minute at most. 90 % of the time it locks in within 30 seconds and they added a photo viewer. The software is easy to use and the routing goes pretty quick I have no problems recomending this gps at all ...more info
  • crash / inaccurate even with newest firmware
    bought this for my wife.. at first we were amazed at its Text-to-speed capability: absolutely amazing! its loud and sound human.. possibly the best TTS pronounciation I've ever heard. Also, the real-time traffic was great!

    but then the bad things comes took us to the wrong turn, then crashed...reset and it was okay.

    the next few days it crashed again and again, average about 1 crash a day...

    so finally, we had to return the unit...its software is just not stable enough yet.

    I was so glad i bought this from, no hassle return was great customer service! Thanks!...more info
  • best value
    After reading the mixed reviews I also took a chance and purchased this product and took advantage of the free software upgrade from Sony. I am pleased with the unit. Glad I took the chance. Best value for the money. Nice size display and good implementation. all systems go....more info
  • The Best Value and Product I have purchased on Amazon ....
    I am most impressed with this product purchased on Amazon. It was basically brand new and I found it at half the cost of retail. I am VERY pleased....more info
  • Good Buy
    This is the only GPS I've owned, but I have no complaints so far. My girlfriend isn't very tech smart, so she's had a little difficulty thus far, but I haven't had any trouble.

    The only complaint I have is that it's not always perfect when it comes to finding the best route. I notice this when I take my usual backroads and it keeps trying to take you back on a main road or highway....more info
  • Don.t Buy this Garbage
    This is the worse GPS product I have ever bought. Basically,

    1. the map is outdated,
    2. the information on the screen, such streets are minimal, lots of streets do not get displayed.
    3. use only non magicgate flash memory stick memory cards - extremely expensive compared with expensive magic gate cards.

    Amazon will not pay for the garbage to ship back. Its now used as a paper weight!...more info
  • Old Maps and Meagar Software
    This is a nice unit and the electronics are great for the current price. Make sure you run the firmware update for the unit and the software update for your computer.

    However, Sony support is serious lacking. The map mine came with (bought Jan 09) if from 2007. The customer support at Sony is clueless about dealing with this. I was told I had to buy an update off the Sony web site, but that update does not exist.

    There seems to be no way to enter addresses or POIs from your computer without entering the longitude and latitude. Most other GPS's have a simple program to do this and it's a great help in planning a trip.

    If Sony would get their act together and update their maps and expand the software offerings, this would be a great product. At this point, Sony is clearly behind the other major GPS players.

    Update: Some word from Sony-
    2/13/2009 by Greg Herd
    Just to reiterate and hopefully clear up any confusion: we're still on track to offer map updates this spring. We're currently testing them and we anticipate having them available on Sony Style in April. There is a new map update on Sony Style now, NV-U02N, but it's ONLY for the older NV-U70. It will NOT work with nav-u models sold since early 2008 (NV-U44, NV-U73T and higher).
    No word about free updates for recent purchasers. I assume that means we'll have to buy one.
    ...more info
  • No GPS signal
    This GPS unit cannot find a satellite signal on a clear sunny day. My older Garmin GPS can pick up satellite signals in the exact same location. This is my first and last time buying a GPS from Sony. I'll stick with Garmin from now on. I would give it a "zero" star if it were an option....more info
  • Works Great
    This is the first GPS that we purchased so i cant really compare it to any of the others. I bought this GPS because the reviews were decent and it was priced below USD 100. I did not want all the fancy complicated stuff like bluetooth, pictures, songs etc as i only wanted to use it for route calculating. I do have to agree that the GPS picks up the satellite fairly slow, it does take over a minute in most cases, however, i now turn it on before we all get in the car -> problem solved.

    I did test it a couple of times by making unexpected turns, it does re-calculate but takes up to 2 minutes. In some cases i can see that this is too long as you might have already missed a turn after that. I live in Central Florida with a lot of new developments, many of them are not in their maps

    What i do like, is the fact that it will split-screen when you are approaching an exit or turn and tell you to use certain lanes. I also like the fact that the first 90 days, you have the traffic updates included.

    ...more info
    I have actually stopped using this GPS and gone back to my phone. With the 3.02 firmware update you get a better performing unit as far as speed goes. BUT
    I live in the 4th largest city in America and to put it simply, major streets are missing off the map?

    The unit will get you there or within a half mile of your destination. POOR!

    On average it will ad 3 to 10 (VERY ODD OUT OF THE WAY) miles on to any trip.

  • Much improved
    Looking at the older comments, and having bought my unit about 5 months ago, I have to guess that Sony has addressed most of negative issues. My unit finds the satellites quickly, calculates routes quickly, changes from screen to screen quickly, etc. etc. etc. I really don't have complaints and am very satisfied with the purchase. The only negative I have is I can't find a motorcycle handlebar mount for it! ...more info
  • trust the reviews here. it is a one-star GPS. 3 star game
    I did some research online before i bought this unit(refurbished, probably returned by a smart guy before me). anyway, lots of the reviews here are very accurate. on small roads(local, within a few miles of your house and there is no major highway around), it works fine; but once there is a highway, even if your house is just two miles away on a local road, the GPS will surely direct you onto a highway and make a circle of 14-20 miles back to where you are supposed to go.

    so it is fun to drive with it when you know the roads and try to fight with it when you know that you are right. it will be a disaster when you are in a place that you are not familiar with. you are at the mercy of this lunatic guide.

    The display is beautiful; the voice clear; directions for turns are in time. however, the big picture is lost.

    i do not know whether i could return it by now. i was so much attracted by the display and wanted to give it enough time to prove itself. I have not tried other brands. i only know that this one is a joke. ...more info
  • Great GPS...
    I purchased this unit and straight out of the box updated the software and 10 minutes later was off and driving...

    The Goods
    So far this week it has been fast to get signal
    Updates quickly when changing route
    It will auto finish inputting stuff for you.. Just give it a second
    Suction cup mount is great.. Just rotate it 180
    Split screen is amazing

    The maps seem fine, but the poi's need to be updated
    I work on an Air Force base and it does not know the gates.. Which have been there for 50 plus years

    I would say if you want to spend 10 minutes updating the software from the sony site you will be pleased with this unit.
    ...more info
  • Sony NVU73T 4.3'' Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator

    This GPS device works as well as any other GPS device I have tried. We have not had any difficulty locating satellites. It seems to correct course quickly if we change the route. I have not yet tried the split screen, and the narrative voice is not so loud. We purchased a refurbished device so the price was good. ...more info
  • NVU73T review
    This is my first GPS device own other than the one i have on my verizon phone. I bought it at samsclub for 119.00 before christmas. I thought it was a really good deal compared to the prices I saw on the internet. I have to say it works great, before I used the device I went to the sony website to see if there were any updates and put the updates on the gps. The gps runs smooth and the directions are loud and clear. The only thing I would recomend is a built in antena and a more updated map, but thats only because where i live is so new that my development isn't on any maps yet. I tested it in San Fransisco and navigated perfectly in the back streets of the city. I would really recomend this to any person looking to buy a gps, buy it at samclub while they still have it. Its the cheapest price anywhere....more info
  • Bad directions comparing with google map
    The unit looks good, but the direction given is poor comparing to the Google map, even after i upgraded software to the version 3.02 ...more info
  • getting there (especially in the city!)
    I've owned five GPS units. The Sony NVU73T is the best of them. I picked mine up at a Radio Shack in a hurry when my Garmin fritzed out like those old 1960s black-and-white pictures of what would happen to your TV if the Soviets snuck one through our defenses onto, say, an unsuspecting Kansas City.

    Googling 'Russians drop atomic bomb' has not yielded any news reports but I sure am glad I listened to the Seattle techie at the Shack who said 'this is a new product and it's better than anything you've ever seen.' He was right.

    Let me talk specifics:

    The graphic are crystal clear and unusually helpful. A complex warren of over- and underpasses is always a challenge to a brisk driver. The Sony gives you the leg up that comes with clarity and eliminates a 5% margin of guesswork.

    The 'Dual-View-3D Junction Guide' is a superb innovation. As you approach an exit--whether one you need to take or one you most definitely don't want to make the mistake of taking--a split screen view pops up that shows you exactly where you want to go and exactly where you don't. This has saved me many misjudgments already.

    The Sony redraws quickly and lets you know *exactly* when to make your turn by saying 'NOW ... turn left ...'. I've found my other GPSs too sluggish at times for the kind of quick decisions that congested urban driving in unfamiliar cities requires. The crisp precision of the Sony eliminates another 15% of room for error.

    The unit is thin and light, as one would expect from a product line that's maturing.

    The Sony is not without its issues. I often wonder *who* is going to give serious attention to fixing the inadequate mounts that GPS manufacturers saddle us with. It doesn't look like it's going to be Sony. The windshield mount on this unit is among the least effective I've discovered. You can remedy this by purchasing a third-party clamp-and-weight unit. But you shouldn't have to.

    The Sony does not fill in addresses by electronic guesswork like other brands are frequently capable of doing. You'll need to type in every last letter of the address if you want to get there, which--presumably--you do.

    I'm developing a theory that the good folks at Sony have decided not to be early to the market with various gizmos, concentrating instead on bringing out the state of the art unit as a second or third generation. They've done it with their GPS. Highly recommended, imperfection notwithstanding....more info
  • Good gps so far
    So i bought this gps last week and recieved it yesterday, shipping was faster then i expected which was great. I purchased it because i will be driving across country from wisconsin to california and i figured a gps would be nice to have, plus ive always wanted one since they are so convenient. I did not want to pay very much,and with the $99 price tag this cant be beat. I didnt want to just rush in and pick whicever one looked cool, so i researched different ones i liked for a week or two prior to choosing. The reviews for this unit definitly vary,and i was a little skeptical, but if you look at any gps out there, there is a bad review somewhere, so since there was more good reviews than bad for this unit, i took the chance. Ive used the unit three seperate times since yesterday, and each time it worked great. Right out of the box, i charged it for an hour and then turned it on, aquired a signal in less than 5 seconds which was great, idk about the other reviews but for me it has not taken longer than 5 seconds to find a sattelite and lock on. Right away i upgraded free software from 3.0 to 3.2, which is easy to do right from, and took me less than 10 minutes. Touchscreen is nice, and i do have really big fingers, and its still not bad at all. Color is good as well, i like that you can pick what color you want the map to be during the day and the night modes. POI's look good so far, messed around and typed a few places and all came up. Shows all the gas stations around my house, as well as all the local restaurants and fast food places, and it shows little icons for restaurants, gas stations, shopping, etc as you drive along your route, which is definitly cool.Sound is good, obviously you cant hear it well when radio is loud, but what do you expect, its easy to just watch and follow on screen directions when music is loud. Best part so far is the split screen when you are coming up to your turn, it works great and is super convenient. Also liked that it showed your speed, distance to destination,estimated time of arrival, and distance to next turn on the navigation screen. I also purposely went the wrong way a couple of times and it instantly recalculated a new route for me. Have only used it a few times, but so far its great and i would definitly recommend it to anyone.

    If i had to choose one con,
    unit didnt always calculate the fastest route. since i know the way around my own town i knew quicker ways to get to my destination than it wanted me to go. But this really doesnt matter because your not going to use it to get somewhere you already know how to get, so even if it doesnt take you the fastest possible route, you wont even know.
    ...more info
  • TTS, Traffic updates, widescreen good; POI's bad
    The first thing you should do with this unit is ensure you upgrade it to version 3.02 firmware. This is easy if you don't have a way earlier verision; otherwise you have to request a disk from Sony.

    I am overall impressed with the GPS, but noticed the following:

    1. POI's need a major update. They appear to be at least 4 years old. I live in the 32907 zip code area and the closest Home Depot it found was 23 miles away, even though there are 2 long standing locations within a 10 mile radius.

    Also it listed Conchy Joes as a nearby pub, but that went out of business
    years ago.

    I could list several other examples I've discovered in only two days of
    ownership. There's no way to add to the POI database or import a newer version unless Sony releases an updated file.

    The maps seem to be up to date, but as D. Marone mentioned below, it listed businesses based on physical distance, not driving distance. I too live along a river and it listed many businesses as 1 and 2 miles away, but they were 15 mile drives once you consider the bridges that would be covered.

    2. It needs more robust street name identifiication when entering addresses. Example, I searched for a local street, Pepsi-Cola Drive, but if the dash is omitted between Pepsi and Cola, the location is not found. If I only entered Pepsi, it suggested Pepsi-Cola Drive.

    Also, I tried to search for the intersection of US 192 and A1A in Indialantic, FL. I could not get it to find US 192. I tried searching for US 192, highway 192, SR 192, just 192, hwy 192, etc. Never found it.

    So, then I tried searching for A1A. It did offer A1A Scenic and Historic
    Coastal, which was a good start, now to select the town of
    soon as I enter the "I" of Indialantic, it comes back Not Found. The intersection of 192 and A1A is "downtown" Indialantic.

    If it wasn't for the ability to search by town or via map scrolling, it would be very difficult to find that location and, I have to assume others.

    The mounting suction cup is probably the best on the market. It will attach to just about any surface.

    I am impressed with tech support, though. I called tech support before buying to inquire about the price of Lifetime traffic, and was impressed that the techs actually spoke English and didn't read from scripts.

    It appears that Sony is constantly working on firmware/software updgrades. I saw on a Sony electronics blog that they're working on a map update for a Spring 2009 release.

    [...]...more info
  • Really nice GPS
    I purchased the GPS because of the price and split screen feature and really enjoyed it for the first 2 weeks. I used it almost everyday just playing with it to see all the features. I turned it off one morning upon arriving at work and put it away. I put it back on the mount when I got off of work and could not get a GPS signal. I thought I had done something wrong. I placed it on a table outside and it never recieved a signal. I contacted Sony and recieved instruction to send it back. I did and 2 weeks later they called and said they didn't have any in stock and would refund my purchase price. Although I had problems with the Unit I believe it was just a defect and am now going to purchase another one exactly like it. I really liked all the funtions of this GPS. Sony was very helpful everytime I contact them with this product and other Sony products I have had....more info
  • Great GPS system - perfect for our trips
    After reading the reviews on this page my wife and I were a bit nervous about buying this GPS. But we decided to do so despite the problems in some of the reviews about it being very slow with outdated maps etc.

    But we have had no such problems! The GPS was delivered with firmware version 3.00 and we immediately updated it to 3.02. The map was version 2007b and despite our living in a town where Google Maps lack multiple suburban areas (even thought they were built years ago) we haven't found any problems or inaccuracies.

    The problems mentioned in other reviews seem to all have been taken care of in the firmware updates. For instance, this GPS does include an automatically set and updated clock, it automatically switches to night view exactly when it begins to get too dark to drive with day view, and it is not at all slow in updating and recalculating routes when we miss turns or exits.

    We've now tested the GPS thoroughly on a 2,000 mile trip from mid Missouri to Florida and back (different routes there and back) and we are very, very happy with it. We've used the feature that finds restaurants to check what is nearby and it is excellent. No hassles. Also, recalculating the route has not taken more than 5-10 seconds tops. That's not unreasonably long.

    There are two things that do strike us as a little bad. One is that we cannot find a list of previous addresses entered. It would be good to e.g. be able to easily go back to the hotel after having been to a restaurant. But we've had to type the address again, or simply try to follow the map and locate the little red flag where the hotel is by ourselves. Of course, one can just click the flag and then "take me here" and that would work - unless you're in a big city with lots of one way streets.

    The other thing that doesn't really bother us but that could be quite bothersome for others is that we don't get much time at all on a fully charged battery. We've not been able to use the GPS without the charger for longer than 20 minutes before the "low battery" warnings start showing. OK, you can still run the GPS for another 30 minutes or so before it dies despite the warnings, but the info in the box says the battery time is 1-2 hours depending on "how you drive." So we wonder if the GPS we got was actually a refurbished one and not a new one. If so, shame on you - your product page says nothing about it being anything but new.

    But all things considered we're extremely happy with this GPS. It is everything we expected from it. And more....more info
  • Great GPS!!!!
    I just got this GPS unit and I love it. I did see some mix reviews but I wanted to try it for myself and it paid off. Just remember to update your firmware to 3.0. Mine already had 3.0 firmware so I did not have to do anything but plug in and start using it. I believe firmware 3.02 is also available but it's not necessary. Give it a try and you'll love it too....more info
  • Great display - Poor user interface
    The most positive thing about this unit is the display. I've owned 3 GPS navigation units over the past 8 years (Magellan, Tom Tom, Garmin) and this one definitely has one of the worst user interfaces when it comes to inputting data. I can't understand why Sony didn't simply look at the features in competing units on the market.
    Also, the unit is quite slow. Battery life is poor. Many of the other units come with a 1 year warranty this one comes with Sony's standard 3 months.
    If you are looking for a cheap unit with a nice display and limited features , this might be a good option....more info
  • NVU73T - Dangerous JUNK
    Firstly - firmware version 3.02 - latest.
    I will try to be as polite as it is possible, but I truly don't know at this day and age what dimwitted high school dropout designed routing algorithm of all Sony GPSs.
    It looks like it still uses 2point locator, "accuracy" is no better than 0.5 miles, it sends my circling around the same places, it makes me jump on and off highway 10 times for no apparent reason, its picking up THE most pathetic convoluted route, if I miss the turn it takes 30 seconds to "recalculate" and all it is - it sends me around to get on exactly the same route I was on before - which is THE WORST possible route and it direct you to the most unpleasant places where you would not set your foot under any circumstances (when you know the area).

    My attempts to contact Sony technical support did not produce any meaningful result, after 2 hours on hold to reach live person all they could say "I undeLstand youL conceLns"

    No wonder why I stopped buying overpriced primitive Sony product long time ago and thanks God for credit card protection law - I am freezing my payment and going into small claims court.

    No wonder why SonyStyle was selling gazillions of "refurbished" GPSs - obviously these are unit people returned the moment they opened the boxes.
    Shame on Sony.
    ...more info
    Great GPS. Nice screen, size and fast software. Works even better after updating software. For this money and for much more this is the best GPS you could get....more info
  • I Wish I Could Write a Good Review!!!
    I found this GPS at Sam's Club for the unbelievable price of $119, it originally retailed for $300. I soon realized why they were being `liquidated'!

    As soon as I got it home, I went online and updated it with the most current system software-v3.12. I did this because I had read online that the OS that the device ships with is `quirky' but that the newest release solved most of the problems. I really wanted this guy to show me its best face.

    After updating, I played with it at home to get used to the interface before hitting the road to try it out. The interface was not nearly as intuitive as a Garmin's, but in general it was OK. At this point I am still very happy with the 'great bargain'.

    Once I was comfortable with the interface, it was time to hit the road. Before I pulled out of my driveway, I punched in a residential address that was about 5 minutes drive from my home. The true path to this address was quite literally one left turn onto the first road out of my cul-de-sac and continue straight on that same road about 1 mile, the house is then on the right side of that same road.

    How did it do? On a scale of 1 through 10, it didn't even deserve a 1. The only part that it got right was the left turn out of my cul-de-sac! After that, it wanted me to leave the road that the house was on to a side road and then trek back to the correct road only to go across it to another side road! When it brought me back to the road that I should have been on the entire time, the destination was approximately an 1/8th mile from where it told me it was! I kid you not; it was like the thing was pranking me!

    Just an FYI... The road that I should have been on the entire time has been there over a hundred years. I could see the correct path on the map that it displayed, the screwed up logic just didn't want to use it!

    Cosmetically this unit is beautiful, the display quality is brilliant, the functionality of the unit is horrific! I am a self proclaimed bargain hunter and so wanted this to be one of my great buys, it just wasn't. I will be returning it and doing what I should have done to begin with, buy a proven GPS brand like Garmin.

    Hope this helps!
    ...more info