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PNY 16 GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card P-SDHC16G4-FS
List Price: $56.99

Our Price: $44.99

You Save: $12.00 (21%)


Product Description

PNY's SDHC card makes a great solution for point-and-shoot digital cameras. With large capacity, you'll have plenty of space to capture and store those special moments... whether family or friends, vacations, sporting events and more.

  • Class 4 Performance
  • Minimum 4 Mb Per Second Write Performance
  • Ideal For Latest Digital Cameras & Camcorders
  • Record Video & Images, Download Music & Store Images
  • 16 Gb

Customer Reviews:

  • Junk. Avoid this brand.
    Avoid this brand. I bought this card because it was the cheapest available (new and unopened; not used) and figured the technology was universal and basically standard across manufacturers. The card I got was a total dud, as was the replacement Amazon sent me free of charge. Didn't work at all. I'm retunring it for a refund and buying a different brand. ...more info
  • Little use for this usb
    This product is advertised as compatible for palm products and when I plugged it into the device, it wasn't even recognized. So don't buy a 2gb memory card for a Palm Tungsten, it won't work....more info
  • can't use
    waiting over a month for a kindle to use this with. If I ever get the kindle I might be able to tell you if the memory card has any use. Right now it is still sitting in the un-opened box....more info
  • 32 GB of space for video
    Watch Video Here: My take - it is all good so far!
    Details: card is made in Japan, it is class 4 (which translates into 4 megabytes per second transfer rate), works well with Canon VIXIA HF100. For now, it is the most spacious card I could find, and it is reasonably priced per megabyte. Although, I am sure, I will be laughing at myself spending that kind of money on this capacity couple years down the row... Price to pay for progress of technology - complimentary obsolescence. I hope it is fast enough to keep up with the future models of camcorders and higher recording bandwith. Right now Canon VIXIA HF100 and its cousin HF10 max out at 17 MB/s, and that is before AVCHD compression kicks in. Next generation of camcorders will top out at 24 MB/s, - HF11 is already announced in Japan. So hoping that Class 4 will be good enough for next wave, although I might skip generation or two till manufacturers make more significant improvements that would affect my workflow. Now I need to update my computer (MacBook) to speed up conversions of AVCHD files... Demanding peripherals will drive computer hardware sales and vice versa. Never ending cycle! So time to start gathering my pennies and venture over to Apple Store....more info
  • Dave
    Bought this card to go with my new Panasonic FZ18S digital camera and it is working great, I can store over 2000 pics at 8.1mp!!
    At this price it is well worth it....more info
  • Do not buy any PNY sd cards
    Ive had this SD card for about 3 days. Me and my friends were making a video. I tired to upload the videos YESTERDAY. and they didnt go on my computer which is weird cause it supports Apple MacBook. So i tried uploading them on my PS3 and that didnt work at all either. Then i put it back in the camera and it said. "CARD DOES NOT READ" Do not buy this kind of memory chip. better off with another brand. ...more info
  • SD32
    I am using this to supplement the 16GB SSD on HP Mini 1000 including installing most apps on SD. This 32GB SD seems to be working well and I would use this vendor and this PNY SD Card again for similar applications....more info
  • PNY 32gb Class 4 SDHC Great value memory card!
    I bought this for use with my Nokia N800 internet tablet. Mine came formatted as one FAT32 partition with a formatted capacity of 30.37GB. I loaded 28.5GB of music on mine using a USB 2.0 card reader and it took ~9+ hours to copy everything. Class 4 refers to the guaranteed WRITE speed which I wasn't completely concerned about since I was primarily intending to play my music from it and that is a READ function. This card has worked great for me and I would purchase another....more info
  • Almost doubled the storage on my UMPC
    Great for additional storage for an Ultra Mobile PC. The HTC Shift only has a 40 Gig HD built in. This is a great way to almost double the storage capabilities of a HTC Shift for a great price. This works almost as fast as the internal hard drive for a great price....more info
  • They do not say the truth
    when I tried to buy this item, Amazon site said a delivery time. But It was not availible on time, then It still on USPS and I still without my purchase...........more info
  • Excellent!
    I have a treo 650 and a treo 700p and this works great in them! The awesome thing is that now, with pocket tunes I can carry around 32 GIGs with me at all times! That's not quite all of my music but it's a very good portion. The only issue with this card is that it's a little slow, but what do you expect when you copy 28 gigs of music to a flash card?...more info
    I bought this SD Card on sale thinking I'd just saved a couple bucks, but the very first time I used it, it crashed my computer and broke my camera. After taking the pics I wanted, I inserted it into my computer, which instantly started acting strange - slowing down and not recognizing that there was a card inserted. So I tried to restart my computer and it wouldn't restart. I had to take it in to get it fixed, costing me $100 for the technician to tell me it was the SD card. Also, the camera I used it in, a Nikon D80 that I just bought 5 months ago, is now being shipped back to the manufacturer for repair - after using this card, the display monitor wouldn't turn on and the camera wouldn't record any pictures on any of my other SD cards. Next time, I'll spend a little extra money to buy something of quality, especially when using it with my expensive equipment....more info
  • Trusty
    I bought this and it really works!! The lock switch went on a few too many times, then I tore that off!!! :((( Now my computer cannot move/ write files on the card!! **** Be watchfull!! My camera (Cannon Powershot A-520) never told me that the card was locked, and when I went to download the pictures to my laptop the pictures DIDN'T appear!!

    - D
    any questions direct to me!! ...more info
  • 16 GB Secure Storage card
    Great price/value for this. Works great in the Nikon D90 and also fits into the SD slot in my laptop for ease of tranferring pictures. ...more info
  • High capacity and speed on my dell x50v
    It is really great SDHC card. The speed is similar to my previous 150X 4G SD card. ...more info
  • PNY sd card
    This product does everything as advertised @ a great price. My camera picked it up immediately & it gave me all the storage capacity I could ever need. ...more info
  • 32GB in Canon HF100
    No problems in about 5 months with the Canon HF100 camcorder.

    But be sure to note-- ALL the SDHC cards will *require* an SDHC card reader. They will NOT work in an older SD card reader. (that includes this card, although it's not a fault with the card-- it's the SDHC standard).
    ...more info
  • Awesome product!
    I purchased this card for my new HP camera and it works perfectly. I tried one of my Sandisk cards in the camera and it needed to be formatted before the camera would read it. Not true with the PNY card. As soon as I put it in the camera the card was recognized and will now hold over 1,000 pictures!

    Great price on a great memory card. ...more info
  • Read and write errors!!! Avoid!
    I own it for 1 week and already I need to replace it. I get read and write errors causing device to fail. Get anything but PNY....more info
  • SD Flash card
    Outstanding product at an outstanding price. I've searched the internet for the best prices on memory cards for my digital camera and have not found a site less expensive than Amazon. I got a 2GB card for $19! You can't beat that! Trust me, this is a good deal....more info
  • It's good..
    The price unfortunetly was not on sale .. but anyway it was good .. i like so Thank you...more info
  • Very useful piece of equipment
    I was looking for flash memory that not only could I use in my phone, but also use as a very portable storage medium for my laptop. This 2GB PNY SD Secure Digital flash memory card provided the perfect solution to my cell phone storage needs. I bought two so I could take advantage of Amazon's super savings on shipping. By the way, I'm also a storage medium hog for various reasons ;)...more info
  • What more can be said?
    Well it's a 32 gig storage card. It does exactly what it is supposed to and I had no troubles using it to backup my PS3 files so I could swap out the HDD. And now that the Wii recognizes larger format cards, I think i'll be using this in that device, or my digi-cam....more info
  • Good item. Fast delivery.
    Good item. Fast delivery. We're very happy and would buy from this seller again....more info
  • Avoid this card like the plague!
    DO NOT BUY THIS CARD. This product deserves a -5 star rating. I have 12 SD cards and this is the only one that does not work. Pulled out this 2G card to back up my photos and received the dreaded MEMORY ERROR message on my computer and also on my camera. I have purchased a recovery program and it was not able to recover any photos.
    ...more info
  • Questionable at first, but so far so good.
    Bought this cautiously because was priced lower than other comparable forms of media; but it is going on six months now and from what I have observed is asymptomatic....more info
  • Had no problems with it.
    We used this digital card in a photo/video frame for my parents and it worked fine. Had no problems with it....more info