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Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker for iPod and iPhone (Black)
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $116.99

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Product Description

Live your iPhone life to the fullest by pairing it with the extraordinary sound and intuitive convenience of the Altec Lansing T612. Made to complement iPhone's command of the digital world, the T612 extends your iPhone's high-end audio capabilities with beautifully transparent music reproduction. 60-Watts of power RMS (120-Watts Peak) fills the room because with the T612 there's no need to use Flight Mode while you listen to music. Instead, keep the phone turned on. When a call comes in, the T612 gives priority to the call by interrupting the music. The music stops so you can hear your call. The T612 doesn't pick up annoying intermittent noises emitted by mobile phones. Track forward/back, volume, and bass/treble controls are at your fingertips. Built-in Dock - Docks and recharges your iPhone and dockable iPod Sound Pressure Level (SPL) - 100db Total Continuous Power - 60-Watts RMS per channel to 2 channels for a Total Peak Power - 120-Watts System Response - 60 HZ - 20,000 HZ (-10 DB) Signal to Noise Ratio - More than 70db at 1 kHz Input In order to use the remote control, install the supplied battery in the remote's battery compartment Dimensions - Width 14 x Depth 5.4 x Height 8.2 (354x137x208mm)

Listen to rich, distortion-free sound from your iPhone without missing any calls with the Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker for iPod and iPhone. Designed to complement the iPhone and certified to meet all "Works with iPhone" and "Works with iPhone 3G" requirements, the T612 won't pick up any of the annoying hum that mobile phones often emit, meaning you can leave your iPhone on and not in airplane mode.

The Altec Lansing T612 Speaker:
  • is specially shielded to complement the iPhone, letting you leave your iPhone on while playing music;
  • provides full-range sound from deep bass to sterling highs;
  • fills music throughout the room with 60 Watts of power; and
  • includes a wireless remote.

XdB bass-enhancement gives deep powerful bass without a subwoofer. View larger.
Big, Full-Bodied Sound
Employing four specially engineered drivers (two 3-inch full-range drivers and two silkdome 1-inch tweeters), the T612 offers smooth, rich sound through the full audio spectrum. Even without a subwoofer, the bass is deep and powerful, thanks to the XdB bass-enhancement technology. The T612 provides a system response from 60 Hz to 20 kHz.

The built-in amplification provides 60 Watts of power RMS (120 Watts Peak), enough power to fill an entire room with dynamic music.

No More Mobile Interference
Unlike most speaker systems, the T612 is shielded from the noise emitted by mobile phones. The upshot is that you won't miss any phone calls because you don't need to put your iPhone in airplane mode just to listen to your music. When you do receive a call, the T612 will automatically pause the music to ensure that you hear your call.

Elegant, Versatile Design
With a minimalist and elegant silver-and-black design, the T612 will look great placed on a table in your living room or mounted on the wall. (A wall-mounting kit is available separately.) A built-in dock places your iPhone or dockable iPod at an easy-to-see angle in the center of the system while charging it. Also, an auxiliary stereo input lets you connect another MP3 or CD player to the system.

A wireless remote is included, allowing you to control such functions as track forward/back, volume, and bass/treble levels from across the room.

The Altec Lansing T612 is backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
T612 speaker system, remote control with battery, 3.5mm stereo cable, power supply, user manual and quick connect guide.

The T612 lets you leave your phone on while listening to music so you won't miss any calls.

  • Compatibility: iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G; iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch 1G, 2G; iPhone 1G, 3G
  • Speaker offers rich, distortion-free sound from your iPhone and iPhone 3G without missing a call
  • Built-in dock recharges your iPhone and dockable iPod; auxiliary stereo input lets you connect another MP3 or CD player
  • Full-range sound with 4 specially engineered drivers--two 3-inch full-range drivers and two silkdome 1-inch tweeters; built-in amplification provides 60 Watts of power
  • Includes wireless remote control; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Exactly what I expected
    Altec Lansing has always produced quality speakers, but everyone I know has the Bose system. I was not willing to pay the price. I read all the reviews on Amazon for both mini speaker systems and was impressed with the number of satisfied consumers this product received. I decided to give it a try and have not been disappointed. This system delivers great sound for a third of the price of the Bose and charges my iTouch or my husband's iPhone when in use. I bought this for my husband to use with his iPhone while he works at home and now I want one for the kitchen to use when I cook. ...more info
  • Very Nice Product
    I originally bought this product for my mother - I had bought her an iphone and she found that she liked listening to music so much on the phone that I felt she for sure needed something that had better sound than that very small speaker on the iphone. We went to the Apple store and looked at a few models of speakers that the iphone could be used with - we settled on the Altec Lansing and bought it through Amazon since it was $50 cheaper than what the Apple store wanted.

    It was very easy to set up and I liked it so much I also bought one for myself. I love that it will charge my iphone even when I am not using the speakers - it also has a cable that I can plug into my imac so that sound from my pc is delivered throught these speakers instead of the imac - although they cable they give you is very short in length - which is very odd.

    I was using some other external speakers for my imac - but was very annoyed with the buzzing sounds that would occur when the iphone got too close to those external speakers. I have not experienced that once with the Altec Lansing speakers due to the GSM shielding that is part of the device.

    I like that I can adjust the bass and treble on these speakers and am very pleased with the sound from them - great for listening in a room....more info
  • Quality sound
    I just received the T-612 two days ago and use it with an IPhone 3G. The speakers are amazing. the sound is clear and deep. I have no complaints I listen to Air 1 through their app and it sounds flawless. I have received calls and it works fine. My only recommendation is to take off the IPhone adapter, for me it works better.
    JJ...more info
  • Can't beat it for the price!
    I don't know why some reviews state this product doesn't work with the iPod Touch 2nd Gen - I works perfectly for me. Use the adapter that came with your iPod in the universal dock and there you go !!

    It charges while listing to music - and the sound is very good for the money. The Bose system might sound a little better (negligible) - but it's not worth 3 times the money (you are just paying for the Bose name). If you need to show-off go for the Bose unit I guess - otherwise, this Altec is a nice sound system....
    ...more info
  • Great iPod Speaker!
    I was skeptical about ordering this speaker system because I intended to buy the BOSE system. The Gold Box offer for the Altec Lansing T612 was $104.99 last week, so I figured I would give it a shot. I'm glad I did. This is a very good sounding, powerful system. The size is just right to sit on any shelf, table, dresser, nightstand, etc... The system works perfect with my iPod Nano 4G, and I couldn't beat that price. The system also has an additional power source output jack, so you can plug in a cd player/dvd player, headphones or whatever....more info
  • Sounds nice, iPhone 3G issues, and weird power connector
    This unit sounds pretty nice, if a little boomy, but this is barely noticeable. For it's size, it is heavy and stable on the table and I have no worries about it. If you are planning to wall-mount, be sure to consider the weight.

    As noted by others, I have had to order the iPhone 3G adapter from their web site, which is free but cost me $5 for shipping. Worse is that the adapter is currently back-ordered. Ugh. The iPhone 3G has been on the market for almost a year, so this adapter should probably have been in the box already. A little irritating, especially the back-ordered status. Meh.

    The power connector is not the usual DC barrel connector. It is a mini-DIN type of connector, same diameter as a PS-2 plug, but with only four pins plus the plastic "key" pin. The power supply diagram reads that there is 18V DC out, with one pin "+", one pin "-", and two "GND" pins. Not sure how this unit is grounded since it only uses a two-pronged connection to your AC (grid) power. Whatever... funky power connectors are a pet-peeve of mine.

    Bottom line is that I would buy one of these again because after having tried a clock/alarm combo from Sony, and testing a few others, this one is still the best that I have found, even with the power adapter and iPhone 3G warts....more info
  • Great iphone speaker system for the price
    For the price, this is a great iphone docking station / charger / ipod player. This item does not have an FM tuner . The T612 is iphone 3g compatible. It does come with a really small remote control. Item is not bulky at all -stands around 10" high and 14" wide. Great little speaker for use in my home office....more info
  • Great product
    This product is substantially better designed than any other iPhone compatable speaker system. Receiving calls and texts while listening to music is so important I can't understand why anyone would buy a speaker system that doesn't have that capability. Especially considering the competitive price of this unit....more info
  • Communications is the problem
    I have an Itouch Gen 1 but this may apply to both Gens. Sent back first since the "adaptor" appeared to be missing and Itouch wouldn't "dock" or "seat" properly in unit. Second one the same thing but I noticed with pressure, it would connect. After 2 min. with AL on phone, I discovered that the "adapter" being referred to was already installed in the dock?!
    Ok, I used a butter knife to remove it, gently now, from the dock and my Itouch seated perfectly and it plays just great.

    Both the Amazon retailer and AL the first time kept mentioning looking for adaptors but this is a plastic plate covering that looks like it belongs there permanently. It doesn't and they should explain this more completely in the instruction which they don't. Now you know how to use the Touch w/o going crazy and returning a great unit....more info
  • Perfect
    This product is the perfect solution for home, office and operating room. It has control buttons so you don't have to keep track of the remote. It is shielded so it emits no horrid squeeks when someone tries to call an iPhone attached to it. It can play VERY loud, and the bass is excellent, and controllable. I have had several different iPod speakers, some much more expensive, and I prefer these....more info
  • Wow. Perfect Match for iPod Touch 2nd Gen
    We've had the T612 for a month now and are absolutely delighted. Great across-the-spectrum sound out of the box. As good as our Bose in the bedroom--and in one way better. Because the T612 is so compact, it can fit almost flush against the wall. And because you can wall-mount it near ear level, the sound is SO present. BTW, the wallmount kit is free from Altec Lansing--just $[...] for shipping [...]

    I've got it mounted in the kitchen where I cook most nights, and being able to hear my own music played so crisply and also explore Pandora so easily (its right there at eye-level) is so much fun.

    Even in its leather case the iPod Touch 2nd Gen seats well and charges in a flash.

    We use a meditation timer app in the morning--and with the iTouch seated on the T612, the singing bowl has never sounded so rich and clear--and this is coming from the kitchen through the dining room into the living area.

    We're pleased....more info
  • Excellent purchase
    I read many of the other reviews here and on other sites and I'm glad I did. This unit has excellent sound, my Ipod Touch plugs in with no issues, charges and plays Itunes or streaming content. I wanted this unit for my kitchen, but I'm so pleased, I may get another unit for my home office....more info
  • Awesome sound!
    This digital speaker is easy to set up and use. It has an outstanding bass and sounds amazing! I've had co-workers come into my office and comment on the quality of the sound....more info
  • Great Sound
    For a little over a hundred dollars, the sound is superb: full and rich. It looks sharp, too. It is not portable in any way (I thought it was, but liked it so much I kept it), but perfect for what it is. Smells good, too....more info
  • Good buy
    Good buy for the money. NIce tones. I like that it also charges my iPhone....more info
  • Excellent value
    The skinny: The Altec Lancing T612 offers a bold sound comparable to competitors that are considerably more expensive in its class. This is an excellent, excellent accessory for the new generation of iPod Touches and iPhones. At these prices you would be foolish not to pick this up if you are in need of a docking station with excellent sound. I only have a couple of gripes, but they are minor to say the least. First, the remote only offers basic functions. Second, make sure to bring your own dock adapter as Altec has not included one in the package. ...more info
  • Mediocre sound, bulky power unit
    1) The sound quality is mediocre
    2) Does not work with iPod Touch Gen 2
    3) The power cord connects to the unit through a bulky AC-DC converter. Why can't the company build the AC/DC in the unit?
    4) The unit does not have a reserve battery. It has to always connect to a power outlet to play.
    ...more info
  • GGGGRRREEAATTT sound! iPod Touch 2nd Gen!
    I've got an iPod Touch 32gb 2nd gen and it works great. Really loud and some good bass! I also use it for remote speakers via Airport Express for deck parties!...more info
  • Replaced my Bose SoundDock
    I got this unit to replace my Bose SoundDock when I received an iPod Touch (2G) and didn't feel like forking over hundreds for a new one just because it wouldn't charge my new iPod. I LOVED my Bose system. I can't say the speakers are quite as good as the Bose system, but this unit is certainly a worthy replacement. This unit is compact, sleek and certainly adequate for my office at work. I had one other portable Altec Lansing iPod docking system before and was pleased with that one as well.

    It's very simple to use. Plug it in, turn it on, dock your iPod and you're set. Seriously - that's it. The unit comes with a removable cover for the dock that allows you to use it with various sizes of iPods (or the iPhone). I'm a tech junkie and have tons of other things near the unit and I haven't experienced any interference at all so far. Impressive! I like it overall and feel I certainly got my money's worth at $126. I would not have paid the retail of $199.00.
    ...more info
  • love love love
    i gave it 4 stars just because of the weak remote control it comes with :/ wish it had a better remote ! ability to navigate through ipod menu would of been nice but it just has simple playback features such as forward, pulse and play :/ the sound is very good although some songs did get distorted but it was because they were 128 bitrate mp3s ! 320bps songs play real smooth :D ...more info
  • great audio machine!!!
    No doubt about it, it is the best item i purchased for the past 12 months.
    As it arrive I haven't stop utilizing it...
    The product is just great, perfect for IPhone music play
    ...more info
  • Great Speaker!
    I bought this speaker to use with my iPhone 3G. It has excellent sound and can quickly charge the phone while you are listening to music.
    I looked at a bunch of other speakers before deciding on this particular model. I think it sounds just as good as much more expensive speakers I've seen. It has a good solid feel to it and is well made.
    One problem I had was the iPhone wasn't recognized at first, but this is easily solved by removing the plastic tray that the speaker comes with.
    This allows the phone to sit properly on the docking area.
    ...more info
  • Love It
    I use it every evening for dinner. I just pop my I-Phone in hit Pandora and wha la perfect music for dinner. ...more info
  • does not work with iphone
    The glossy promo video would have you believe this thing is so stupendous it can probably implement world peace. There was just one problem - it didn't work. My iphone reports "this device is not made to work with iphone". I got sound out of it by using the included auxiliary cable, but that sort of defeats the purpose of a docking station. It's going straight back to Amazon......more info
  • sweet sound
    Our family enjoys listening to streaming music from the iPod Touch on this system. It is super easy to setup, and sound is sweet. Great price....great item!...more info
  • Hard to dock the iPhone
    I found it difficult to position my iPhone firmly enough to connect through the speakers. Other than that, the sound is decent and the remote is handy....more info
  • Works for my needs- Needed Adapter
    I bought this so I could pop in my Ipod Touch when in my room and listen to som Pandora via my wireless internet connection. At first I thought I had a problem because my Ipod Touch wouldn't slide into the dock. I could plug it in through the the auxillary but wanted the dock.
    I did a little research and realized i needed to buy an adapter from apple for the Ipod Touch doc. I did so on Amazon (3 docks were $9 plus some shipping)
    Now it works great!...more info