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SnagIt Version 9.1
List Price: $49.99

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Product Description


  • Go with the flow-How do you want to snag? Are you all about capture-capture-capture? Capture-edit-capture-edit? Or a simple capture-send? However you want to do it, SnagIt now plays along. The old, linear workflow is gone. You can almost taste the freedom.
  • Combine images easily-SnagIt makes it easy to combine images. Just drag-and-drop screen captures from the new Open Captures Tray onto the canvas. That's it!
  • Save everything-SnagIt now stores every screen capture automatically. Don't feel any pressure to name the capture or decide where to save it...until you're ready for that kind of commitment.
  • Find your stuff- If you can remember even one detail—like the approximate date or the Web site you captured—you'll find your capture with a click. SnagIt keeps track of these details, so you don't have to.
  • Get organized (if you want to)-As you capture images for next month's big project, tag them with "big project" or set the "Important" flag. No need to save anything in folders...just come back next month and view all your big project files with a click!

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the Coolest Software Out There!
    This is such a useful software. I used a freeware FastStone Capture, it does a lot of of image captures, editing and adding annotation text. It can do windows, scrolling windows, shapes, etc. Snagit is a much more advanced image and VIDEO capture app. No wonder I have been hearing about it for years on techpodcasts that I listen to. It can capture actual videos including the movement of your mouse cursor which is very useful if you are creating a tutorial/instructional videos. If you are a gamer, and would like to show your exceptional skill to others, you can actually record part of the game and send it to whoever you want to.

    There are multiple ways you can do in capturing contents. The software also give you an option to save as personal profiles for different combination of capturing configuration, so you don't have to repeat those mouse clicks that you use the most. Sort of a mini macro.

    On capturing text. It can capture text to editable form even on Windows Explorer, WIndows error pop-ups, and more.

    Capturing images also give you a built in editor. If you want to annotate an image that you have captured and you don't have enough space to place your text to, you can easily drag the edge of the image and add extra real state on your canvass for your arrows and annotation. You can enhance images by adding edges, shadows, bevels, etc. You can email an authored image with a click of a button.

    The upgrade from 7.2.5 to 9.1 is $24.95. You can download 7.2.5 free with a key for a limited time....more info
  • Iffy interface but nifty features
    For someone like me who makes a living as a technical writer and instructional designer, Snagit is indispensable. The new interface may take some getting used to, but then the 8.0 interface was almost insultingly simplistic--it looked to me like it was designed by Fisher Price or Lego. With 9.0 I found myself able to do all the same functions that I depended on with earlier versions. The interface may have a look and feel that's comforting to Office 2007 users, but since I don't plan on migrating to Office 2007 or Vista, that aspect is lost on me. I hope TechSmith perfects their Mac version of Snagit soon....more info
  • A Camera In Your PC?
    SnagIt 9 Software offers users many opportunites including:
    * Save time doing research by copying web pages to a folder.
    * Keep track of the best sales promotions by copying them to a folder.
    * Swipe graphics and videos for inspiration.
    SnagIt is a must have tool for all online copywriters and designers. It's rare to see such an amazing product for such a low cost. Buy it today!...more info
  • Company
    I needed this product for a new job and then the job never came through. Upon receipt of the program I tried to return it to the company. Not wanting to open the envelope so they would realize I had never used it, I returned it to the sender using the return adress on the original mailing package. It came back to me as no such address. I emailed the company and still have never heard from them. So evidentally the company does not reallt exist!...more info
  • This one is a "No Brainer"
    SnagIt is just one of those programs on the market that you can recommend without hesitation. As soon as you begin to use it the first thing that will come to your mind is "Wow! I wish I had known about this sooner, I could have done .........."

    I used SnagIt v8.2 for nearly 3 years and I thought it was a miracle tool. I was able to capture photos, error windows, screenshots, video screen images, etc. Many of the things I captured could not have been captured by any other way in Windows. I never did learn to use more than 25% of the program's features but the few that I did use were invaluable.

    I downloaded the trial v.9.1 last month and based just on the features I typically use, TechSmith must have been reading my mind! In the earlier version every time I created a capture it had to be transferred from the SnagIt program out into where-ever it is you wanted to save it. This had to be done before I could create the next capture (which was a bit irritating). Now, you don't have to stop the flow. You can create as many captures as you like and leave them in SnagIt until you are ready to transfer them to their final output folders. SnagIt will produce a row of thumbnails at the bottom of the screen so you can scroll and see all your captures still being saved inside SnagIt.

    There are lots of editing tools to use. It's a photo editing, art creation, business design etc. etc. program as well! You can do some quick editing of both text and images before saving it to your output folders. You can quickly type notes on the capture to remind you where you found the capture, or just to add any comments that will be useful. If you capture a document that has personal/private info, like a social security number or credit card number, you can just blur that out before sending it to your output folder.

    One reviewer wrote that he didn't think the company existed due to a problem he had in contacting them. However, they certainly do exist and they offer a variety of interesting products. I receive regular helpful newsletters from them with lots of tips. I've spoken to them on the phone and their website has online CHAT for immediate assistance. It is a very classy company considering the uniqueness and affordability of their products.

    A few other reviewers commented that v.9.1 is slower than their earlier versions. In the month that I have used the trial version, all of my captures have been either the same speed or faster than my earlier version. (I am admittedly using the v9.1 on a newer, faster computer than I typically used with v8.2) In the event that the captures (e.g. multiple screen scrolling) take a bit longer, the subsequent user handling of the captured file can be done much more efficiently, so in that case it should be a "wash". Overall I have been able to do much more in less time with v9.1. (I tested this new version in Vista Premium but I will also be using it on XP, if it is noticeably slower on the XP I'll update this review)

    I use SnagIt in combination with Microsoft OneNote, another program that captures what's on your screen. There are times when OneNote "clips" are a better choice especially if you intend to save the capture in OneNote. These two programs make an excellent combination to keep you organized and keep you moving through your work flow. If you find yourself using your Desktop or Favorites to create shortcuts to bookmark info or web pages you want to return to just to finish reading an article or just as a reminder that it exists, SnagIt and or OneNote can help you reduce the clutter.

    Files can definitely be saved into multiple software programs using different file extensions (not just PNG as I read in another review).

    The upgrade from v.8.2 to v9.1 costs $24.99.

    ...more info