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THE PROBLEM Plastic watch crystals scratch very easily with the result that they soon look unattractive. Replacement of the crystal is not normally possible, especially where watches have plastic cases. THE SOLUTION Watch owners the world over suffer from this sort of problem, but now polyWatch, a new type of special-purpose polishing paste, offers them an extraordinarily simple solution. For the first time, consumers can remove scratches rapidly and cheaply from their plastic watch crystal by carrying out an easy-to-follow "do-it-yourself" procedure. Apply polyWatch to the watch crystal. Polish the scratched areas for 2-3 minutes with great pressure at a right angle to the scratches, using a piece of cotton wool. Deep scratches need to be treated more than once. Finally, remove any remaining polyWatch with a cloth. The tube contents of 5 ml is sufficient for approximately 10 uses. The plastic glass is very slightly dissolved and ground down by tiny abrasive particles. The edges of the scratch marks are then smoothed off and the cracks filled in with some of the original plastic from the watch crystal.

  • Removes Scratches from Plastic Watch Crystals

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great with a little elbow grease
    I bought a tube about a year ago and keep finding uses for it. I first bought it for a Polar heart rate monitor and I was able to eliminate all but the deepest scratches. I next used it on a couple of Timexs, a Swatch, an old Seiko, two other heart rate monitors and two Ipods. The last I checked I still have some polywatch left in the tube.

    I received the best results if I shook the tube, then applied just a drop or two on the watch and then buffed it with a cotton ball for 5-10 minutes. After this initial buffing, grab another clean cotton ball and polish the face.
    ...more info
  • Not perfect, but helps a lot
    I bought Polywatch to use on my scratched up bodybugg digital display that I wear as a watch. Its face is raised up and I have scratched it up. It was annoying to look down at this expensive thing and see scratches. I used a small amount and polished with a cotton make-up square. Not bad! The deep ones are not gone, but they are a lot less noticeable. It is much improved. One day when I have more time I will do some more intensive work on it, as suggested by other reviewers, and see if the deeper ones will go away....more info
  • Works Well but Elbow Grease Required
    Used on 2 watches, 3 devices. One watch had raised/domed face, other was flat/recessed with bezel protection. Worked better on the raised face, even though more/deeper scratches. Three devices: lightly scratched PDA, medium scratched phone, heavily scratched phone. Worked well on light scratches, made it look new. Other devices looked better but not new - like taking "scratch level" down one notch (high->medium->low->new). Worked best with just a tiny amount of polish, using fingertip to buff (several minutes - until you can't hear the abrasive working anymore), then buff with lens polishing cloth (won't be able to use it on my glasses again however), then buff with microfiber washcloth. Used hardly any product this way and worked well, although I had to repeat several times per item....more info
  • Not a 5.
    So i get it and i tried it out on my watch and no luck what-so-ever. The scratches aren't to deep and you can tell. It is a seiko watch and it did nothing. I rubbed it for 2-3 minutes likes it said and it came out with the same thing.

    This product was completely useless....more info
  • Very Surprised
    When I purchased Polywatch I was doubtful. I have a 5 year old Omega Speedmaster with the acrylic lens that was covered with fine scratches and even a few deep ones. I tried a whitening toothpaste as suggested by many on the internet and this actually made it worse and I thought that I had ruined it. Polywatch did not remove the deep nick type scratches, but other than that it honestly looked as new as the day I bought it. I am very satisfied! ...more info
  • Works Great!
    Used to polish out some fine scratches on clear plastic in car. Shipped to Seattle in just 2 days. Very Pleased!...more info
  • Work fine !
    I've a Suunto T3 wristop computer and I scratched the cristal plastic.
    After apply in according instructions, I get a new watch.

    It really works !
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