Infrared Camera YY_F20A530 1/3" Sony Superhad Color CCD DSP Waterproof Indoor/outdoor Infrared Illumination Nightvision 3.6mm Lens 5mm 30 Leds Camera Ip66 Silver (90 Degree Wide Viewing Angle) with Fr
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Product Description

This Day/Night Vision Color Bullet camera can incredibility see 75 feet in total darkness. It has 30 high power Long life luminary with special wavelength Infrared LED. It also meet the IP-66 water and dust proof standard for outdoor and indoor special IR Led board can void cross-voltage input error(positive and negative end reverse) during installation. This camera employs 1/3" SONY SuperHAD CCD sensor and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) IC for image control. We guarantee this camera offers at least 10 times better image than those cheap CMOS on the market. It provides excellent day time color image and black/white night vision in total darkness. Built-in environment illumination detection and control circuit that can turn-on/off the infrared illuminant automatically. It comes fully assembled, pre-wired and pre-focused for easy installation. New Universal Bracket provides for quick pan/tilt camera adjustment. All brand new in box. Note: This camera not made by SONY, it using SONY Super HAD CCD image sensor and SONY DSP technology, made by one of the world largest OEM manufacture. Power supply and cable are sold separately.

  • 30IR LED 420 TV lines high resolution base on the 1/3" SONY SuperHAD CCD sensor.
  • Infrared Lenses f 3.6mm super wide angle; 0 lux with IR LED; Built in IR illuminator effective up to 75 feet 50
  • 0.5Lux@F1.2(0Lux@IR On) Built in light sensor; Auto iris AES; Video out: composite output 1.0Vp-p at 75-ohm; Electronic shutter: 1/50 - 1/100000 seconds
  • Distance up to 75 Feet, Sunshield, Anti-ultraviolet; Water, dust and crush resistant glass coating; Weatherproof housing
  • 12V DC Input, Dimensions 72mmW x 75mmH x 126mmL, Free universal mounting bracket
Customer Reviews:
  • Great low light condition camera
    Have been using this camera for a couple of weeks now and it out performs my other cameras. Especially in low light conditions. Can see farther and in color longer at night than the cameras I have from other vendors. Also, the short cable is perfect for installations where you want to swap out a camera. Overall very happy with this camera....more info
  • Works great!
    I bought this to work with the Q-See 4-Channel PCI card in my PC. The picture is great when hooked directly to a TV, but the Q-See MPEG compression really defeats the high resolution of this cam. Night vision is pretty grainy beyond 10-15 feet, but the illumination is good within that range. My only gripe is that I intended to mount this under an eave of my roof, but the hole for the bracket is underneath the camera and the bracket is not long enough to mount under a horizontal surface. This will have to be vertically mounted on a wall, which is less attractive and less weather resistant. Otherwise; a pretty good buy. BEAR IN MIND: this does NOT include a power adapter or "Siamese Cabling", factor that into your budget....more info
  • IR Buff
    This is a very nice little camera and I feel it is a great value if you are looking for a camera with a 3.6mm lens (aprox.90 degree field of view). The camera has very good night vision compared to the IR cameras that came with my system. The IR cameras that came with my system could not see down my driveway in the dark let alone see the street in front of my house at night. Now at night, I can see down my driveway and with the illumination from the streetlights I can see across the street.

    The only down sides are no power supply and BNC cable connector instead of RCA for the camera video to the field wiring. This is not a big deal. Only other issue is the mounting holes for the camera, to mount the camera onto the bracket, are towards the back of the camera. The mounting bracket comes in sections and must be threaded together. My cameras did not want to stay aimed until I placed some epoxy on the threaded sections of the bracket and allowed it to set to make the bracket parts less susceptible to turning. Other than that, they are great. I have two more on the way. ...more info