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Magellan Maestro 5310 5-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator
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Product Description

The Maestro 5310 delivers a superior navigation experience, in an ultra-wide 5" screen that makes it easy for customers to enter their destination and go. With large icons and buttons, it is now easier than ever for drivers to get to their destination. Advanced features include integrated live traffic alerts, a highly intuitive user interface that guides drivers to their destination with on-screen prompts, 6 million points of interest, and more. Built-in Navteq Maps includes pre-loaded maps of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The included Live Traffic Alert service comes with a free 3-month subscription, and provides both real-time traffic updates, and reroutes drivers when an alternate route is available. SmartDetour prompts drivers to route around heavy or stopped freeway traffic Exit POIs make it easy to access commonly used POIs while driving on the freeway AAA TourBook travel information for the United States and Canada AAA member Roadside Assistance details AAA Show Your Card & Save member discount locations Atlas III GPS Chipset 5-10 meters GPS Accuracy 1900mAH Li-Ion rechargeable battery, up to 3 hours Route Calculator Methods - Fastest Time, Shortest Distance, Least Use of Freeways, and Most Use of Freeways Option to Avoid All Toll Roads Basic VantagePoint Support Dimensions - Height 3.61 x Width 5.64 x Depth 0.79 (9.18x14.34x2.03cm) Weight - 6.9 ounces (196 grams)

  • 5-inch screen with large fonts and easy to buttons
  • Includes a free 3-month traffic subscription, which provides real-time traffic updates and reroutes drivers when an alternate route is available
  • Easy to access commonly used points of interest while driving on the freeway
  • 6 Million searchable points of interest including restaurants, hotels, airports, gas stations with telephone numbers and addresses
  • Newly designed, intuitive interface

Customer Reviews:

  • Use it every day
    Great item a must have if you drive and make stops during the day. A lot of GPS navigate you from point A to point B, This GPS goes way further
    I selected this model/ Nice large screen, easy clear commands, easy to use, I know the city very well but this, makes my day SOO MUCH EASIER> If you need to make up to twenty stops this GPS is for you. I can finish all of my stops in two to three hours, with this little
    bad boy. ...more info
  • FAIR
    I have shipped this one back and received a new one. The first one I received looked used not new. However, the performance of this unit is not great. I liked the roadmate 800 better. The 800 was faster all the way around. The maestro takes too long to re-route and way too long to search for a point of interest, sometimes as much as 1 minute to locate a POI. The POI editor is too complicated ot figure out and I could not get it to work. I installed the updated firmware for this unit and it did not help at all. There is also a quirkey deal with a message indicating that battery power is being used and it is not. Maybe the next firmware update will take care of this if one is ever developed.
    Magellan also charges for map updates which I believe are pricey $ 79.00 bucks! I believe these should be free.
    The traffic feature works OK, however has not yet informed me of anything I didn't know. After the free 3 month subscription, I will nor be subscribing again.
    I would definately consider buying another brand next time . ...more info
  • Magellan Maestro 5310 GPS
    This product is the second magellan maestro I have purchased from Amazon.
    The first one stopped working after 6 wks. The second never worked at all. I have owned a magellan gps which worked well until I squashed the screen and broke it. I do not know whether my problems come from buying thru Amazon, or bying Magellan....more info
    The packing on the Magellan Maestro should have a warning and all store that sell it should warn that the maps that come with the 5310 are old, outdated and do not include Alaska. I just bought this for my father in-law and the first thing he did was try to get a route from my house (in Anchorage, AK) to his. And why should I pay for a 79.00 DVD if Magellan won't even tell me if any Alaska streets on on it. GO figure...

    If you live in Alaska - go NOT buy Magellan products as they will rip you off and you won't get a useable product. ...more info
  • Didn't acquire any satellites
    I received the 5310 in good condition, powered it up and it never acquired any satellites, even though my eTrex was able to acquire them. I read the manual, set the location to where it was and nothing helped. I called Magellin support and their supppost line didn't give a number to push for this product series, so I tried some of the others. After waiting for a while the connection was terminated by Magellin. I repeated this a few times for other products, just to see if I could get a live person on line and never was able to find one. So am returning the 5310....more info
  • Magellan Maestro 5310
    This is a beautiful new toy! I love my Magellan Maestro. I have had several GPS's ... usually settling for value over quality. This time I went with what I knew I wanted...larger screen, brighter picture (the others you could not see the screen during the daytime - this one is very clear and bright!), voice directions that give the names of the road, if I miss a road - being told to make a u-turn (another GPS sent me through a lot of side streets), a trip planner (I am realtor - trip planner is perfect for setting up a showing route) and options on what type of directions...less use of freeways, most use of freeways, avoid toll roads...etc. It also has a list of things that can be shown on your route - gas stations, restaurants (broken down by type even!) shopping malls & more. I love that it has the AAA feature - if you get into trouble, your AAA account info is right on the screen along with the number to call and the specific coordinates of where you are. For a small monthly fee you will also be tapped into the local traffic and can avoid traffic or construction jams. What it doesn't have is the ability to change the voice from male to female or an easy way to resume the trip once you goes to sleep and you have to start the trip over, then choose the next address. But for all it has right, I am thrilled that I made this purchase. Definitely spend the money and buy this one - it is fantastic!...more info
  • DPD
    I purchased a Roadmate 700 series from Amazon several years ago. It worked fine... until recently. And that is why I went searching for a new GPS. I like the size of the screen and the ease of touch programming. I've only had it, about, a month, but am using it much more frequently than my old one. It's much lighter and easier to install. (I have the bracket "velcroed" to an area of my dash so that it is concealed yet easy to refer to.
    I would recommend this product to anyone interested in a quality GPS!...more info
  • Not Bad
    I purchased this item and have been using it regularly, it tends to try to send me on some strange routes some times with many turns but when I had absolutely no idea where I was going it was usually fairly good.

    Had a couple of addresses that were not located correctly and it sometimes does not know specific towns if they are too small.

    Graphics are good, traffic alerts seem generally pointless to me and not usefull.

    Unit does recalculate routes preety quickly and has been a lifeline on those side street for the most part.

    Haven't used any others so no comparison from me....more info
  • Magellan is THE Maestro!!
    This is my second Maestro!! I bought a 3.5" a couple years ago and its performed super!! The only reason I bought this new one was because of the bigger 5" screen! I passed my first one down to my daughter (Lord knows she needs guidence!! LOL). The Magellan are very easy to use and very intutive. My first GPS was a Garmin and its a bit more complicated.

    The one option that I purchased with this new one was the weighted dash mounting pad. In MN its against the law to mount it to the windshield so it mounts to the pad and sits firmly on the dash. The bonus is that you can remove it from the dash and hide it out of sight and there is no tell-tale suctioncup mark telling everyone that theres a GPS inside. Thats a real security plus in my book.

    I called tech support once for help and they were very friendly and helpful.

    The only negative is that it comes with a CD as an instruction manual. To obtain a print version you have to print it out on your home printer. I would like a print instruction manual to refer to instead of putting the CD in my computer. I would even be willing to purchase it as an option.

    BOTTOM LINE: Get the Magellan for ease of navagation! Very quick to learn and use. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy EVERY journey!...more info
  • Magellan5310
    I got my 5310 from Costco without checking the online reviews. Since I am a Amazon customer and know their review system are fair, so after I used 5310 three times I'd like to post the review for this product. I am a regular user and don't need the 05/2009 map (so far) and the other common functions are good. But I notice that the battery doesn't hold for 3 hours as the manufacturer said. It ONLY GIVES LESS THAN 50 MINUTES battery usage after two-day charge. I don't know it is defect or not? The worst part of this product is that the unit seems to be over heat after 30 min. commute usage. It was so hot that I could barely hold it....more info
  • GPS does not work....
    My purchase is not working and has to be returned. It's been fustrating to say the least....more info
  • 5310 Customer Service is Crap on a Cracker
    I recently purchased a 5310 GPS on 10/30/2008 at Costco for my HVAC business and I was shocked to learn the 5310 GPS unit with a production date of 10/01/2008 has a map that is from 2006/2007 and the update due in the first quarter of 2009 will cost $[...] more, and would not be provided for me at no cost, I learned this after speaking to your resolution specialists.

    This is my second unit I also own a 4040, I did buy the upgrade for this unit 6 months ago.

    Any reasonable person would expect to receive the latest software with a new unit, the Garmen units we own are provided with the most current software at NOCHARGE, so when I return this unit even though I like it because of its intuitive capability you have no one to blame but your poor customer service and unrealistic company policies.

    So in closing I repeat the 5310 and their Customer Service is Crap on a Cracker

    ...more info
  • Nice size and features
    Although I like the size and features (AAA Tour Book) Magellan has a badly out of date map with a posted note that it will be some time before an updated map is available. If you live in a rapidly growing new subdivision like I do be prepared to be directed out of your area in wierd ways over roads you know will take you out of your way. I constantly get "recalculating" until I get on major roads. If I had known this I would have waited. ...more info
  • just as advertised
    works great no problems so far. I am a courier and use it all day...more info
  • Magellan Maestro 5310
    I bought this device to replace my old, PDA-based, gps system. Works as expected. No major-major issues discovered as of yet. Sometimes, however, it takes up to 2-3 minutes to find the satellites. Registering with AAA got an additional year of warranty....more info
  • Nice large screen
    The 5 inch screen is a very big improvement over the 4" screen. I went from an installed GPS unit in my car to this unit. It is easy to see and very easy to program. Maps are up to date and the AAA tour book is very useful....more info
  • my purchase
    i first ordered freom another site. they just tryed to sell me items to go with my gps . i told them no i just wanted my gps. of course after that they were out of stock. amazon shipped the gps .i received it in a short time i am very happy with it bob...more info