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Dead Heat
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For Jon and Erin Bennett, the world seems to be spinning dangerously out of control. A new dictator is rising in Iraq. China is making threatening new moves toward Taiwan. North Korean forces appear ready to strike south. Israel is feverishly trying to complete the Third Temple. Oil prices are surging. And in the wake of an horrific war in the Middle East, President James MacPherson-s second term is coming to an end. Now the battle to succeed him is heating up into one of the most fiercely contested presidential elections in American history, and the Bennetts realize the stakes could not be higher. Who will lead a bitterly divided country over the next four years? What can the U.S. do to shape the new world order? And just what role--if any--does the U.S. play in the last days? As the presidential campaign narrows into a dead heat, the Secret Service learns of a catastrophic plot to assassinate one of the candidates--but which one, and can the terrorists be stopped in time?

Customer Reviews:

  • Dead Heat
    The final episode of the five book series does not disappoint! Again, the author gives the reader plenty to ponder without fear. I only wish I had discovered the series sooner. I think about the books almost daily as the headlines fit into the story lines, I think, well, no surprises in today's paper. ...more info
  • A suspenseful indictment of Islam but too much preaching
    Like The Ezekiel Option this is a fast-paced, bone-chilling scenario that grabs the reader. But just as it gets exciting Joel reverts to preaching to the reader. I respect most of the teachings of the prophet Yeshua of Nazareth but I don't need to have him show up in every chapter. That was also my criticism of the Copper Scroll.

    As the author of "Tehran Mission" I was able to draw on Joel's outstanding knowledge of militant Islam and encouraged to learn more for my upcoming sequel.

    Thanks for the inspiration Joel and keep those books coming.

    Covert christian rhetoric notwithstanding, I enjoyed the book and found it hard to put down. Sorry there will be no more in the series....more info
  • An Unsatifactory book
    There are two reasons why I am not happy with "Dead Heat." The first is that one can not completely follow the plot, because it keeps referring to characters and activities occurring in prior stories, by this author. Thus one is forced to purchase those books, which shouldn't make Rosenberg too unhappy.

    Secondly the author is trying to convince his Jewish readers to join the "Jews for Jesus" bunch. On almost every page there are paragraphs from the New Testament quoting how wonderful it would be for Jews to come to Jesus. (If Rosenberg gets paid per word, there's a lot of easy money in there for him.) I happen to feel that Jews for Jesus is an oxymoron; one can't be a Jew and believe that Jesus is the son of God. Anyhow I do not like my adventure stories to be filled with preachings....more info
  • Cannot put this book down!
    Love all of his books! I cannot put this book down! This one is keeping me up WAY too late at night! Content is disturbing because it really COULD happen......more info
  • The Worst
    This is Rosenberg's worst work. The incessant preaching and proselytizing negates any possible good read and any message Rosenberg may have. He will stop in the middle of his action and go on and on and on ad nauseum with the preaching. Many of His characters have become very improbable in this work, and while I could put up with some of the religious overtones in earlier works for a good read and its prophetic qualities, this was disgusting and I kept hoping it would get better. It is hard for me not to finish a book, but this one I was ready to throw out, and it was only perseverance that kept me going to the end. I will never pick up another Joel Rosenberg book again. He has certainly lost me as a fan....more info
  • Dead Heat by Joel Rosenberg
    Excellent end to his series. Entirely too real to dismiss as possibilities in the end times. For those of us who believe his work is entirely plausible....more info
  • Not biblical, Preachy, and Badly Written
    Clancy fans do not read this. It's full of annoying, preachy evangelical banter and it's ideas are NOT biblical. For example, the book ends with the Rapture, which is not biblical, and is found nowhere is the scripture cannon. The Rapture teaching starting with a minister in the Church of Scotland, Edward Irving, in the 1830s. It is NOT biblical.

    The book's plot is sloppy and it's pacing is terrible. I can't believe Glen Beck had this author on his program. And Rush Limbaugh endorsed it on the cover! How could so many people give this book a good review? God help us....more info
  • A terrible finish to a truly great series!
    What was one of the best series out there turned into a flop of a final book to this series.

    While I am not against the Christian message, to turn one of the very best dead-on series of todays world into a book I would have expected to be written by Billy Graham himself, was a huge disappointment.

    I found myself turn page-after-page-after-page without doing anything but glancing to see if the religious hodgepodge had stopped.

    The way this ended ranked up there with one of the worst ends to a book I think I have ever read. Rosenberg pretty much removed the main characters from the middle 90% of this book, and then in the last few pages brought the book around to some of the best and well developed characters out there, and in a matter of pages terminated their life and any future of this series.

    Rosenberg's other books in this series are worthy of the comment on them by Rush Limbuagh as one of the best books you can and should read. This one, however, was a huge disappointment to the nature of this style of a book series. Rosenberg had a good thing going here, and either he fulfilled his contract with this series, or just decided to kill one of the best series - either way, it was/is a shame.

    Perhaps Rosenberg simply wants to go back to writing Childrens books... and if this last book is any indication to how he deals with his characters, perhaps going back to Childrens books are a good thing.

    Mr. Rosenberg... may I suggest something you to... perhaps at some point in the future you can go back and rewrite 80% of this book. Even if you do have the main characters die off as you have, please, give us something other then what you gave us with this book. I understand your desire to use your fame as an author to get a message out to your readers... but even as a religious person, I found this to be way beyond what I would have expected from you. All your other books deserve to be up there in the likes of Clancy and Flynn, but this one does not. It deserves a place besides Joel Osteen, Kirk Cameron, and Joyce Meyer (not saying these are bad authors, but rather this book series does not belong on the same shelf as these Christian ministers, with the excepting of this final book)

    All in all, I walked away from this book feeling like I had been let down by the author. I had waited months for this book to come out. I ordered it the day it was released - and had it shipped overnight. Two days later the book was finished and I felt depressed because of the lack of quality of driving force that this book had compared to the others in this series. I had all my friends reading this series, and when they asked me how this latest book was, I pretty much had to tell them to not even buy it. Better to have Jon and Erin still alive and not have a series completed, then to deal with the flop of this book. Sorry Mr. Rosenberg, you just really failed to keep your series at the top of the charts with this one. I really truly wish I could say something good about this book... but not a single thing in it is worth a positive comment - beyond if you are after a religious book with heavy eschatological slants and a simple "poof, they're gone" of two of the best characters we've had written about over the last few years by any author....more info
  • Rosenberg Outdoes Himself in Dead Heat
    Joel C. Rosenberg has outdone himself with Dead Heat, the final episode in his political thriller series. If you aren't up to speed yet with the rest of this series, you might want to catch up with my reviews of the first four books in the series:
    The Last Jihad
    The Last Days
    The Ezekiel Option
    The Copper Scroll

    I found each of the five episodes very difficult to put down, but Dead Heat was virtually impossible to get away from. I found myself up late into the night, not wanting to set the story aside, until I couldn't hold my eyes open any longer.

    When the United States finds itself targeted by an unknown enemy, all hell literally breaks loose in this incredbile conclusion to the story that began with the nearly prophetic The Last Jihad. I can't think of much to say without spoiling the entire story, and this story is really one that deserves to be read by everyone. Whether you're a fan of Christian fiction, theology, thrillers, suspense, or political drama, Dead Heat (and all of it's predecessors) will certainly please you.

    If you really want to know more about this story -- if you really need more reason to read it -- then drop me an email and let me know, and I'll be happy to share more details of the story with you. Of course, you'll only be cheating yourself.

    This is absolutely the best novel I have read this year (sure, the years is still young, but I bet that statement will still be true six months from now). Do yourself a favor and order a copy today.

    Jeff Cole is an author, blogger, and podcaster. [...]...more info
  • Yet Another Awesome Book
    A must-read for everyone! The contents of this book are jam-packed with excitement, Christianity, reality and heart-wrenching sorrow. Two days after I read this book, North Korea threatened to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons, and activity began around long-range missile silos in N.K. It is almost scary how Rosenberg predicts the future. This is definitely another perfectly-written book. I could not put it down. Right when you think you've got the plot figured out, it twists and changes completely. I don't know how Rosenberg can think up plots as exciting and realistic as those in this series. I am sorry that I finished his books so soon. I wish there were more. If you have not read Dead Heat, you are missing out. A true must-read for everybody!...more info
  • Delivered in excellent condition
    Book was delivered in a timely manner in excellent condition. I am very pleased. Seller get an A+++ rating ...more info
  • Dead Heat: A Book Too Far
    I am a big fan of Rosenberg's work. I thought Last Jihad was brilliant and Copper Scroll not far behind. However, Dead Heat did not come in for a Dead Heat with any of Rosenberg's other books in the series.

    Dead Heat begins with the excitement that Rosenberg fans expect. A couple of great terrorist scenes, a nice thesis for how the nuclear attack on the US will occur and one would suspect that we are off to the races. However, 60 pages in, Dead Heat dies! Rosenberg suddenly becomes a Christian missionary of the very boring sort. While he expects us to follow him to the Rapture, instead I found myself falling off to a nap-ture. Boring dialogue, silly action and really unbelieveable plots lead Dead Heat to an early grave.

    Read all of Rosenberg's other books in the series. Enjoy a great craftsman at work. Be facinated by his foresight. However, use your own foresight and avoid Dead Heat!...more info
  • ~Exceptional~
    An incredible series that culminates with another wonderful and extremely plausible story. In fact, the authority Mr. Rosenberg uses as he weaves together the past, present, and possible future tensions in the Middle East and abroad is noteworthy. Drawing on the Ultimate History Book, the Bible, he shows beyond a shadow of a doubt the absolute authority its Author has. I look forward to reading anything else written by Mr. Rosenberg. ...more info
  • Superb final story
    So very typical of Rosenberg - good guys don't always make it in a harsh real world. He keeps the story running; easy to drop and return to without skipping a beat. I look forward to anything he publishes. Now reading Epicenter 2....more info
  • Dead Heat book was a real page turner
    This is a great book - couldn't put it down. It is today's world situation so it is very relevant....more info
  • Dead Heat
    Great book, couldn't put it down. Real s-c-a-r-y! Could it happen? It does seem to follow along with some of the prophecies in the Bible. ...more info
  • Disappointed in "Dead Heat"
    Dead Heat (Political Thrillers Series #5)
    I loved the other books in this series, which is why this one was such a disappointment. I still give it 4 stars but I get the feeling he was just anxious to wrap up this series. I found the plot a bit contrived and it left me feeling VERY unsatisfied as to quality of writing, character development, plot continuity...Maybe it's me but I felt Rosenberg has other things he is interested in/doing now and just phoned this book in. I really hope he doesn't start a new series because I will then think he shortchanged this book to spend his effort on the next ones....more info
  • One Plausible Outcome ~ Sad & intriguing at the same time.
    I started Joel's series because I'd read Epicenter. This entire series rocks with focus, twists and turns, and incredible insight ~ both real from study, and imaginative "what if" scenarios. No matter what your belief system is ~ consider keeping up with Joel....more info
  • Very disappointed
    Maybe I heard wrong. Or maybe there's been a huge error. All I know is that if I had bought Joel C. Rosenberg's new political thriller, Dead Heat, I'd be one unhappy camper.

    I first heard of Dead Heat when I was flipping the TV remote one night. I saw Glenn Beck holding a copy so I had to stop. I would have sworn the talk centered around a heated political election that was the premise of this work. It sounded interesting and I immediately check out Dead Heat at my library. Even the back-cover synopsis states about the book that "the battle to succeed (the president) is heating up into the most fiercely contested presidential election in American history."

    And that's as far as the similarities go. The text enclosed between the covers of my copy of Dead Heat has nothing to do with a heated presidential election. My copy opens with President James MacPherson getting ready to deliver his out-going address to the Republican National Convention. Then four U.S. cities-Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle, are annihilated by nuclear bombs. Most of the U.S. government is dead, including President MacPherson-and what is left is in chaos. The rest of the story revolves around the re-formation of the government and trying to determine if China or North Korea should receive the retaliatory nukes.

    Interspersed with End Times prophecies and the conversion of the non-believers to accept Jesus as their personal savior, the novel is written in a 24 (the television show) format that has little substance. Ninety percent of the characters listed on the character page are dead within the first twenty pages. The characters that do exist are superficial and lack depth. While the storytelling was good, the novel was just one series of events after another.

    And there is one thing that really added to my irksome mood. Nowhere on the jacket, inside or out, does Rosenberg or the publisher, Tyndale House, state that this is a fifth book in a series. The only clue I had was that other novels are mentioned in the text. I won't go back and read the previous four novels. But if Rosenberg ever writes the novel that was promised in the back-cover synopsis, I might consider reading it.

    Armchair Interviews says: Heed this reviewer's comments....more info
  • Joel Rosenberg does it again
    This book was a fast paced thrill ride, definitely not for the faint of heart. Loved it!!!...more info
  • Great end to the Series
    I enjoyed the end to this series; but as others have said you definitely need to have read other books in this series first otherwise you'll be lost.

    The book is written well and its characters are well developed; and there really are no lulls like in some of his other books. I finished it in ~6 hours, its a fun read and definitely worth the buy. I took a look at the negative reviews of this book; and none of them really point out a real flaw with the content or makeup of the text, just problems individuals take with its underlying theme. As free advice; if you cannot look at a Christmas tree in a public place without being offended you probably won't like this book (but should read it anyway.)...more info
  • The End of the Series
    You soon find with this last installment in Rosenberg's series that you didn't really need the introduction in order to tell that this was indeed going to be the last book with these characters. In time-honored tradition the author does away with his creations, but always in context of a fast-paced and exciting storyline.

    If you enjoyed The Last Jihad and the other Rosenberg books, you will love this one. It is another "I can't believe I stayed up until 3am" book that is very hard to put down....more info
  • Nauseating and Misleading
    Having never read a Joel Rosenberg novel before, I picked this Audio Book off of the Cracker Barrel BOA rack because of the title and description on the back cover. They make this book sound like a battle for the race to the White House similar to the one we are experiencing in the United States right now. As a political junkie, I could not wait to begin listening to this novel, despite the quote by Rush Limbaugh on the front cover. However, after an exciting attack on the GOP national convention, this book took a turn for the nauseatingly religious. I haven't been this bible-thumped and brow-beaten since Sunday School, and I was not expecting it. If you are looking for a political thriller, this is not it. This is not even thinly-disguised religious jargon. It is repulsive, offensive propaganda. ...more info
  • I hope this is not another foreshadowing of a terror attack on American soil...
    This is one of those books that makes you hope and pray that fact doesn't follow fiction again... Dead Heat by Joel C. Rosenberg. Rosenberg's previous novels have been remarkably accurate in terms of terror acts occurring in ways very similar to what he wrote in a storyline. If that trend follows again, then 9/11 will look like child's play by comparison...

    The main action line involves the discovery of a potential plot to kill the president at a political convention where he's giving a speech. There are few details to go on, but security is convinced they've done as much as they could do to protect him. That is, until the nuclear missiles are launched from container ships right off our own shores. And it's not just directed at the president, but at a number of major cities such as Washington DC, Seattle, Manhattan, as well as Los Angeles. Based on saber-rattling that went on right before the attack, the new president is convinced that China is to blame and wants to launch a full-scale retaliation. But if that assessment is wrong, then the world will be plunged into a nuclear nightmare. Obviously every nation in the world has a vested interest in making sure this situation doesn't get out of hand, but there are a few murky players in the background who are all watching this unfold according to a larger plan.

    Rosenberg writes novels that examine current day events in light of Biblical prophecy. I personally find them very well written, and he has a frightfully high track record on plots and stories that end up becoming fact all too quickly after the book is published. There are a series of books that use the characters found in Dead Heat, and you'll get more color and flavor if you can start back at the beginning of the series before you read this one. There is a strong evangelical message woven into the story, much like the Left Behind series. But in contract to Left Behind, Rosenberg isn't milking the story for every last drop. This is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read, and I look forward to the next (final?) installment from him....more info
  • Dead Heat
    This was a gift for someone else so I can't rate it myself but I'm sure she will enjoy this book a lot-she has heard very good things about it.

    Danelle Reetz...more info
  • Engrossing, Suspenseful. Thrilling. Prophetic.
    DEAD HEAT finds our heroes Jon Bennet and Erin McCoy in Amman, Jordan doing international relief work. The world is engulfed in a rising tide of evil.

    Israel is taking her place in the international community as God's timepiece for the last days. Reconstruction of the Third Temple is underway. Iraq is consolidating regional power. Oil is over $300 a barrel and the world economy is reeling.

    Joel Rosenberg has written a tour de force in this political series. This installment, #5 finishes the series with an erie finale, true to the prophetic word which birthed it.

    ...more info
  • Grabs your attention immediately
    Joel's book Dead Heat grabs your attention on the first page, and holds it until the last page.
    His writing is tomorrow's headlines. He has the background and first-hand knowledge on what he is writing and puts it in story form to convey a very serious message.

    I've read it in about (2) days, and will read it again.
    Get the book....more info