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Fujitsu Scansnap S510
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Product Description

In one step, the ScanSnap S510 scanner digitizes both sides of a document in a single pass, in color, and at an amazing speed of up to 18 pages per minute. With a touch of the button, the ScanSnap S510 scanner enhances the user experience with a host of automatic features, including auto paper size detection, auto de-skew and auto blank page removal.The included "ScanSnap Organizer" automatically converts scanned data into searchable PDF files, while the ScanSnap S510's image enhancement technology increases character recognition for more precise OCR accuracy. The bundled ABBYY FineReader software enables the user to scan documents directly to applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint software.Scan business cards directly to your contacts database with the included CardMinder application. CardMinder captures information written in 8 languages from scanned business cards images and stores this information in an easily accessible format. The quick menu provides dynamic control over the destination of scanned documents. If attaching scans directly to an email, the user can quickly change the file name and protect it with a password for added security. The ScanSnap S510 scanner easily installs via its USB 2.0 interface and its small footprint requires less space than a letter size piece of paper.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Almost the total package
    The product does what it says fantastically. I have scanned over four boxes of papers in the last month and shredded most of them. That amounts to four 40-gallon of shredded papers and four paper grocery bags of paper not shredded. I am still amazed how much it can do.

    1) No TWAIN driver. I have to scan photos to PDFs with it or use my flatbed scanner.
    2) It doesn't play nice with my all-in-one. One or the other can be on but not both. Not blaming scansnap or the HP all-in-one.
    3) The output paper tray does not stay shut when I close Scansnap. I use a piece of tape to hold it up.

    Huge benefits, minor defects. I am quite pleased with it. Four boxes compressed down to a DVD. Excellent job....more info
  • The Scansnap S520 Has Changed My Life For The Better!
    I first saw the S510 at a friends house and I was so impressed that when I returned home from the trip, ordered one myself. It came a few days later with a very simple setup (software), I was ready to go. I had not purged any of my paperwork in 20 years, instead it was all filed in three ring binders, about 130 of them! By using the rack2-filer software I was able to duplicate my actual office with a virtual office. It is hard for me to separate out the value of the rack2-filer software from the S510. The software allowed me to quickly set up 3 separate libraries, Personal Financial, Personal Other, and Business, and then in each 6 cabinets each with 20 file drawers and each of file drawer with up to 20 three ring binders. The ease of adding binders, labeling each, inserting dividers and labeling them is amazing, much easier than buying the actual office supplies or doing all of the labeling in a non-virtual office. As for the S510, it works wonderfully, simply drop the paper in the feeder and press the button and the S510 is off to work. The only downside is that when there is more than say, ten pages it sometimes jams. (easily cleared though) I have found it safer to put a few sheets in, press start and then keep re-feeding the scanner until all the sheets are through. It's quick, it's easy, it's durable and well made. I can not imagine life without it anymore!...more info
  • excellent document scanner
    This is wonderfully suited for all printed material. Scans are sharp and crisp. Straight lines are not perfectly reproduced, however. Color scans are just a bit faded. But darkness level can be adjusted for black and white scans. ...more info
  • A great office scanner

    I have purchased two of these scanners. The one on my office desk sees almost daily use; the one at home is used less frequently. Between them, I've scanned well over 25000 sheets.

    What I like:
    * Very compact. When the input and output trays are folded in, the scanner uses only 6"x11" of desk space - smaller than a sheet of paper.
    * Well built. Unlike inexpensive consumer-level scanners, the ScanSnap has a substantial amount of mass. It feels like it has a powerful motor as well as a fairly substantial metal chassis inside.
    * Very easy to use. There are two buttons on the front - Scan and Power. There is also a silver latch which pops opens the front, allowing the removal of any misfed pages.
    * Both sides of a page are scanned at once. Blank pages can be automatically removed and skewed images straightened or rotated. Images can be scanned in black and white or in color, and the software can select which is most appropriate. You can set a default page size, or the scanner can set it based upon the document size. Resolution can be set in four different levels, from 75 dpi up to 600 dpi.
    * It is fast! I just scanned 31 printed pages in 92 seconds. It took about seven seconds more to finish processing the data on my PC and putting up the thumbnail of the PDF. A faster computer (mine's nothing special) would obviously be quicker and eliminate the occasional data-transfer pause while scanning.
    * The software package is good. A complete OEM version of Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.0 was included with each scanner. Acrobat 9.0 Standard retails for $265 by itself. The ABBY Fine Reader software does a good job of OCR'ing the scanned documents and making them searchable. Lastly, the ScanSnap Organizer helps in parking and retrieving the files.
    * User replaceable pads and rollers. When the pads and rollers wear out and pages don't feed properly, you can purchase a pad and roller kit and fix the problem yourself. The pads are rated for 50,000 pages; the rollers for 100,000.

    What could be better:
    * Double feeding. One of my scanners works almost perfectly; the other double feeds all too frequently. With both my scanners you have to be careful to fan previously stapled pages or the staple holes can pull an extra page through. Most double feeds are caught because of a slight misalignment in the pages. The misfed page appears to be longer than the previous page and this triggers an alert in the software.
    * Mixed page size. Because of the way that the scanner detects double feeds, it can't handle a stack of mixed size pages. This is a problem when scanning receipts; business papers are generally letter or legal size. The solution, of course, is to scan each receipt separately.
    * Imperfect scanning of vertical lines. If you scan a form with vertical lines (or a piece of graph paper) you'll see occasional offsets of a fraction of millimeter. There's also occasional color fringing caused by misalignment of C/M/Y colors. This generally isn't a problem for documents, but isn't acceptable for photos.
    * Not TWAIN compliant. None of the standard software packages (at least that I've found!) contain a way to directly interface to this scanner. The ABBY software must be used to generate a PDF, or tie into Excel, PowerPoint, or Word. It's fairly seamless, but you can't use OmniPage or Textbridge Pro as your OCR program.
    * Non-standard icons in ScanSnap Organizer. This is just a bad design decision. Whoever wrote ScanSnap Organizer hard-coded some really ugly icons into the program. When you create a subfolder, they're in blue...and look really bad if you look at them outside of Organizer. The same with the other directories that it creates.
    * ScanSnap Organizer only allows one top-level directory to be used. By default, it sets it up in the Documents folder and labels it as "My ScanSnap." That can be easily changed. What can't be changed is the fact that you can't have multiple top level directories...I'd like to be able to look at files sitting in "My ScanSnap" and in a different place altogether (i.e. on another networked computer) at once.

    Does it work for me?
    For my purpose, it works very well. It's helped me tremendously reducing and organizing my office files. Stuff gets scanned, stored locally, backed up to my server and then automatically encrypted and backed up off-site. When a client calls, a few keystrokes and their information is up on my screen. It would, however, be a mistake to use it to scan in your family photo album. If that's an important feature, you should get a high-quality flatbed scanner instead. ...more info
  • Great Scanner
    This is my second S500 series scanner. My first was a couple of years old and still working great. However, I upgraded and passed the first to my son. Both of us are extremely happy. The scanners have a straight-forward interface, are easily adjustable and will duplex scan (2-sided). Top scan spead at the default settings is aboiut 18 pages a minute. The scanner comes with Adobe Acrobat Standard and OCR software. A great tool for retaining/archiving documents....more info
  • Perfect customer service
    My order arrived sooner than expected and all parts were in perfect working order. Absolutely no problems at all. Exactly the way that I like to do business. I will order again....more info
  • Perfect customer service
    My order arrived sooner than expected and all parts were in perfect working order. Absolutely no problems at all. Exactly the way that I like to do business. I will order again....more info