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Panasonic RP-HTX7-R1 Monitor Stereo Headphones Headphones (red)
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Product Description

Listen to your music in retro style with the Panasonic RP-HTX7-R Old School Monitor Stereo Headphones. The style is the perfect blend of old and new, with a perforated leather headband, painted earcups, and brushed metal furnishings. It has a large aperture 40mm drive unit for clear sound reproduction and powerful bass. The cord length of 3.6 feet is suitable for remote and non-remote portable players.

Closed back design for outdoor use Headband incorporating piano wires Cord length of 5.5 feet Weight - 0.43 lbs

  • Retro styling
  • Lightweight for outdoor use
  • Neodymium magnet with single-sided cord
  • 3.9ft./1.2m cord + extension cord 6.6ft./2.0m with gold plug adapter
  • Large-diameter driver units 40mm (1-9/16")

Customer Reviews:

    I ordered these headphones from Amazon on January 2, 2009. The site showed the item to be "In Stock." By January 13th the item still hadn't shipped. I wrote Amazon and a rep said he discovered the delay was due to an error by Amazon and that the error had been fixed and the item is being shipped. He also said he added a $5 credit to my account for my patience. Three days later, January 16, the item STILL hadn't shipped. I called Amazon and the rep on the phone suggested I cancel the order because she can't find a ship date before February 28. She suggested I cancel the order, re-order the item from a reseller and pay for overnight shipping, bringing the grand total to about $25 more than the price I had originally ordered it for! I asked for a supervisor. While on hold for 10 minutes, she hung up on me. I called back and spoke to a different guy. Same story. He said it can't ship before February 28 and that the soonest I could receive the item would be March 7. MARCH 7!!! Keep in mind, I ordered the "In Stock" item on January 2. That's like, what? 65 days or something? Almost a quarter of a year? Absurd. The whole time by the way, the item showed itself as being "In Stock" on Amazon's site. I asked him for a supervisor too. He also placed me on hold for about ten minutes, then came back and said his supervisor isn't available (whatever that means).

    In the end, I am still waiting for the item to arrive on March 7, just so I can return it and terminate my Amazon account. I needed the headphones by January 19 for work. CLEARLY Amazon is incapable of making that happen...even though according to their "policies" they should have been able to make it happen. So I just want to see if the product really will arrive a quarter of a year after I ordered it as an experiment. If it does arrive, I will set it next to me on a table in it's packaging, crack open a cold soda, say "cheers," and then immediately ship it back to Amazon -- without a quarter of a year delay of course, because Amazon would likely find that unacceptable...right?

    For the love of life, whatever you do, DO NOT order this product from Amazon. They are liars. They do not carry the product as they claim they do -- it's all just some weird, silly game of pretend. They will hang up on you when you call them. And they will lie to you about adding a $5 credit to your account. I got the message about the $5 credit 3 days ago and it still isn't there. LIARS!...more info
  • Great for price
    Headphones sound and look great. I would have given them five stars if only the cord was longer, it's on the short side. Otherwise they are great....more info
  • Panasonic RP-HTX7 Headphones.
    For the $$$ this a truly excellent pair of headphones. That they are the Ryan Sheckler version has no influence on the sound quality which is rich and crisp. Other comments regarding ear comfort were of some concern for me, but I have found comfort not to be an issue. I have worn them for hours at a time and find no problem. I play music at a fairly loud level, and my wife has no complaint as she watches TV while sitting within 4 feet of me. All in all, a real bargain for anyone wanting quality sound at a very reasonable price. ...more info
  • Cute & Great Sound Quality
    I love these headphones. I bought them for the style but was really surprised by the high sound quality. Fitting snugly over my ears they are great at blocking out conversation or other ambient noise. I am extremely satisfied with the price and quality of this product....more info
  • great headphones
    Product arrived with plenty of time to spare. Was well received with no damage. Recipient loved them: is a high quality product....more info
  • Classic
    I thoroughly enjoy this product. It was half the price of the retail, and shipped fast. When first purchasing the item I was looking only for style, but was surprised by the excellent audio quality. Panasonic makes excellent products!...more info
  • After 2 Years of Use
    I've liked them the entire time. The sound is great, but I'm no audiophile. I've enjoyed them thoroughly. I got the green model but mine came with a beige band on top as opposed to the black one in the picture now. Mine also came with an extender. They were new to the market and not on sale but I used a coupon and bought them for $30-something. I'd pay that (which it's on sale now probably indefinitely) but I wouldn't pay the full price.

    I have small ears but even so the pads can be uncomfortable because of how little room they leave. Sometimes it's hard to position it so that you aren't sore or numb an hour later.

    The pad material is probably the worst manufacturers could use. I doubt it's leather but if it is it's very thin. They started cracking within months of use and it's not like that part goes through rigorous activity. 2 years later I'm searching for new pads (they detach) but am having no luck. I'm likely to give them away and buy a better set, probably Koss, but these have been well worth could probably just put tape over them and it'd look just fine.
    ...more info
  • Great Headphones
    They are really comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. They look and sound great. Really great value for the price....more info
  • Super Value
    I have no Idea why the red ones were less costly than the other colors, but they were the best value I could find. My current listening requirements are less technical than when I was selling stereo equipment. Now my needs are met with a basic, inexpensive headset, as buds do not work for me, and I am back in school and broke (NO $). These fit the bill nicely and I found them comfortable to boot.
    They get 4 stars for VALUE, of course sound could be fuller, richer, more complete, but I am very happy with the purchase.

    ...more info
  • 5 stars for the price
    My set is a couple days old, but I find they're great. Cups are smaller than I thought but still fit(though one ear does touch the speaker..I wouldn't recommend for people with large ears bordering on XL...or for people who have protruding hears). Nice leatherette(maybe leather? i really can't tell) padding, not that foam covered with some sort of plastic coating(like really thin black garbage bags).

    Nice and flexible, I've got a rather large head and didn't have to bend or anything crazy. Very good noise isolators. Very solid construction, and though they don't click into place like some, they do stay put, even when pulling them off one handed, for now we'll hope that lasts, but it's the only fault I see in the near future.

    They sound flat only compared to headsets that are "bass boost", so if that's what you're looking for move on. Watched a couple star wars newer movies to sort of burn in, because I know they truly have the sound range from deep to high, unlike your MP3 collection encoded by god knows who..And they sound great. The lack of artificial bass boost really makes the situations where it really is that loud / low really rumble.

    Overall a great product out of the box if it will fit your head. I like them so much that I hope they'll last(retain comfortable but still solid tension)

    My only shortcoming is the very short cord, if you can't reach your sound source, you'll come up short. Get an extention asap....more info
  • Good for everyday use
    I saw these for $20 with free shipping and considering my last few pairs cost around $10 and were basically glorified earbuds this looked like an opportunity. The shipping was incredibly fast (basically 1 business day, paid Wednesday night and it arrived Friday morning).

    Sound quality is great for everyday listening, decent response all around. I also produce electronic music and these worked okay but they're no substitute for good monitors. They block out a lot of outside sound (I can barely hear my Model M keyboard) and can't be heard at all from a foot away, which makes them great for an office or any other environment where disturbing others is an issue.

    Now the cons: The ear cups are a little small for my huge ears, after a while of being bunched up inside the lobes get sore and I have to take some time off (which isn't a bad idea anyway). The short cord is also an issue but that was expected, hooked up a coupler and got enough range from that....more info
  • awesome
    They Work Great!

    I love the color and they way they fit on my head. ...more info
  • $69 headphones for $19
    Thought I was getting a good deal here, but got what I paid for. If they had cost the sticker price of $69, I would have returned them, immediately. Plus, the item was shipped wet and dusty. How they managed to achieve this combination, I don't know. The top of the plastic box was water spotted, dry and dusty-dirty. The cardboard portion was soggy and watermarked. Looked like someone had spilled soda or iced tea on it. The fact that it was still wet when I received it and that the shipping box was completely dry leads me to believe that the warehouse shipped it in this condition. In spite of the damp, the headphones do work and aren't bad for $19. I personally think they were just dumping a soiled product for what they thought they could get. I sent a feedback to provider. I don't know if they received it, as I have received no reply. This has been my only disappointing purchase from Amazon, so I am chalking it up to "nothing is perfect" and don't consider it Amazon's fault, but that of the product/warehouse....more info
  • Great Headphones
    These headphones are perfect for both direct from i-pod or laptop listening. They are a bit bulky for packing, but the sound is excellent and the comfort matches any I have tried....more info
  • Excellent headphones!
    I bought these headphones so I could hear my TV/DVD better but without waking up everyone in my house. I have to say they are really excellent. They fit over my ears completely and do not pinch my skin. The sound is great. I can even hear things with these headphones that I could not pick up with regular headphones. Great product!...more info
  • great look. great sound.
    I bought these for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loves them. They have a very crisp, clean sound and are extremely comfortable. My only complaint with them is that they are not very quite. I can hear the music my husband is listening to (loudly) when I am in the same room with him. Other then that... great product! ...more info
  • Good Headphone
    These headphones were a gift for my 11 year old daughter. She loves them. The product is exactly what is stated in the description. I can hear her music when she has them on. They are very good for the price! I would not recommend for an adult traveling. ...more info
  • Too big for my head
    If you have a small head, I would avoid these headphones. The headband part pops out on each side and it looks moronic. It's a shame b/c they sound pretty good and I like the overall look of them. Don't believe the reviews that say these are smaller than you'd think. They're not.

    One other major complaint is that the packaging is ridiculous. I had to cut through a plastic box and then cardboard just to get to them. Now I can't return them. So if you're not sure if you'll like these or they'll fit, I would avoid them altogether b/c once you open them, you're stuck with them. ...more info
  • Great for the price
    They are amazing, they look great, sound good and feel amazing. They seem as if the could break if you don't take really good care of them, but I only paid $25 for them, so they are worth it. They sound amazing for only $25, they are not quite as clear as some of you may like, but for $25 they are worth it. ...more info
  • Really 4.5; 4 for the sound, 5 for the value!
    Great, shapely cans. Was looking to replace 15 year old basic monitors which were no longer up to it. I use them primarily with my laptop and get a very clean, clear sound, and solid bass. Nice for games as well. Mids were a little bright for a couple weeks, but have settled out. ...more info
  • A great product
    I've used more than a dozen pairs of headphones, and this is my favorite pair yet. They fit comfortably on my ears, and seal out external noise remarkably well. The sound is uncompromised, clean, and crisp. I highly recommend them to anyone....more info
  • Decent, But Not Outstanding.
    I've been looking for a nice, stylish pair of cans that I can use with my MP3 player for some time now.
    The way I saw it, I wanted nice sound quality from a pair of around-ear headphones that didn't look like an industrial, symbiotic growth, and the playful color and pleasing visual aesthetic of these headphones seemed to fit that description.

    After reading many reviews, I felt that the general opinion was mixed, but overall somewhat favorable, and I saw no better way to decide for myself than to buy them and try them.

    That being said, I purchased them for almost $60 at a local Target store, hoping that they might live up to the reviews I've read.

    But to be honest, I'm not planning to keep them.

    I felt that the mids were too high, and the bass was somewhat loose. The sound was muddy when my MP3 player's EQ was set to flat. Surprisingly, out of all the EQ presets on my player, the one that sounded best through these headphones was "Pop," which I found surprising, since usually that EQ sounds miserable on other headphones.
    Basically, I had to tweak the EQ a bunch in order to get these headphones to a point where I was happy with the sound.

    I turned up the bass frequencies a bit, turned the mid frequencies way down (-6 or -7), and turned the treble frequencies up.
    I will be quick to say that it sounded great after that, but I don't want to pay $60 dollars for a pair of headphones that I have to tweak that much.

    Also, I've read that the headphones sit funny against some peoples' jaws. This was true for me, I found it somewhat uncomfortable, and it would definitely take some getting used to.

    Bottom line: If you have to pay $60 dollars for them, don't buy these. Look elsewhere for another product.
    If you pay $20 dollars for them, and they don't irritate your jaw, they're simply an attractive pair of decent headphones.

    These are certainly not high end by any means, and don't expect a whole lot from them.

    Hope that helps.
    And for those that were curious, the current MP3 player I tried these with was a Sansa e280.

    ~b...more info