Swann SW231-WMX Maxi-Brite Dual-Mode Cam
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  • Watch your numbers!
    This camera has very limited wireless use - especially when you are shipped two "No 1" cameras. If you order two to be used as wireless and you hook them up to the same DVR and find they both relay images on ONE channel only, then the second camera is useless! You must have one on channel 1 and one on channel 2 if you want simultaneous viewing of both cameras.

    Phoned up the manufacturer- and was told I could change the channel inside the camera - so we tried. As we disassembled layer after layer of tiny screws and computer boards, and lenses, we got as far as we could and NEVER found any place to change the channel option.

    As wireless cameras near a wifi hotspot and wireless PC's we get very very poor reception - and can not use the motion detection at all on our DVR.

    My suggestion is to get the Maxi Day/Night (not the maxi brite) WIRED camera and install the wiring and not waste your time with this one.

    The Maxi Day/Night (CCD) gives me almost daylight quality (in b/w after dark) well after the Maxi Brite (CMOS) goes almost too dark to view with any real clarity.

    If you don't have wifi or wireless interference, this camera works MUCH better than most prepackaged wireless CMOS cameras like Eyeseeall and QSee, of which I have both to compare. They go quite black while the Swann can still make out shapes.

    Luckily I have an 8-channel DVR, so I'll put the lesser cameras to use somewhere around the house and buy a few more WIRED CCD Maxi Day/Night Swanns for outside where I need the most protection....more info
  • 380 TV Lines for high image resolution
  • BNC extension cable with adapter for easy connection to your TV, VCR, quad processor or DVR
  • 25ft (8m) infra-red night vision
  • Sturdy anti-corrosive & weather resistant case for use outdoors
  • Dual transmission means you always get the best picture for your surveillance needs