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magicJack - No More Phone Bills - Free Local & Long Distance Calls!
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $37.99

You Save: $2.00 (5%)


Product Description

Get fast, reliable and quality voice calls with the MagicJACK - VOIP Adapter and Service! If you have wondered recently whether or not to drop your landline, then here is a product that will give you all the answers you need! With the small matchbox sized USB adapter you can have unlimited local and long distance dialing within the U.S and Canada with international features soon to come. With quality sound that can compete with most cell phones and low dropped call rate, you can rest assured this product will meet its needs and even exceed them.

  • Free international calling to the U.S. and Canada. The magicJack is portable and can be utilized to make free calls to any phone in the U.S. or Canada from anywhere in the world.
  • Individuals outside the U.S. can be called on their magicJack phone number from the U.S. for free.
  • Free Follow Me. This feature allows users to send their incoming calls to up to three other phone lines all at the same time.
  • Call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, voicemail and Enhanced 911 all come with the magicJack and are included free.

Customer Reviews:

  • MagicJack runs Bartertown.
    MagicJack is pretty cool. You plug it into your USB port, and assuming you have a Windows PC, it automatically installs the drivers and leads you through creating a phone number. You can store your contacts on the MagicJack; all your settings go with the device so if you need to change computers it's really easy to do so. It also comes with Caller ID and Voicemail free of charge. The sound quality is rather good and the deal is something you honestly can't beat anywhere. $20 for a year's worth of unlimited phone service (well, you will pay around $40 for the dongle, which includes a year of service, but it's $20 a year after that) to the USA and Canada is pretty much unheard of. That's it. Simple, and it's saved me easily 800 dollars this year. If you want to make calls outside of the US and Canada, international rates are relatively inexpensive per minute, generally only a few cents to most places you'd want to call.

    There's a few minor negatives. The dongle is a little obnoxious if you don't use the included extension cord (it's big and it pokes out of your computer. I honestly can't imagine there being any other way to do it, though, so it's not the creators' fault. The main problem I have experienced is that if you're utilizing a lot of bandwidth on your computer, you're going to find that the call quality drops significantly, sometimes involving skips. These was the case when using Wireless-G previously, but lately with Wireless-N I have noticed this less. Another thing you may find inconvenient is that if you use the MagicJack as your primary telephone, you're going to need to leave your computer powered on at all times. I do that anyway, but I imagine some people might find that inconvenient.

    All around, this is an amazing product for its ease of use, complete set of features (free), and its money-saving capabilities....more info
  • MagicJack fun for less
    I don't get the people who've had some sort of trouble with this product. I received mine as a gift from my Dad a couple of months ago and after laughing at it for over an hour, I hooked it up to my computer. All I did was follow the directions as prompted, wallah instant phone service. The longest part of the process was picking with three digit prefix I wanted my phone number to start with...I choose the easiest to remember...

    I've NEVER not received a phone call or had a dropped call with MagicJack, nor have I had trouble with the sound quality.

    I think this product is neat...when my year is up, I intend to sign up for the five year service plan, that is how happy I've been with my MagicJack......more info
  • buyer beware
    I ordered this product a week ago. And I have already been charged twice.
    They advertise that the first 30 days are suppose to be on a free trial. And yesterday I spent an hour chatting with a technical person, who lied to me about the product.I tried to cancel, thats when I got charged a second time. I was told yesterday that the item I ordered still has not even been shipped. So I reported my card as lost hoping to recoupe the money the Scammers have already charged me. Even if the product was legit, I would not want to do buisness with a dishonest company....more info
  • Item still needs improvement
    Yes, free phone service sounds good and is a huge savings - but ... the Magic Jack only works 50% of the time.

    Often we can't receive calls in, or make calls out. We have to reboot the computer a couple of times per day.

    Luckily, we don't use the phone much and we have cell phones, so this is not a huge deal, but still a concern.

    The Magic Jack still needs improvement....more info
  • When it works, it is just OK but certainly no magic here
    Got one for my daughter for a cheap home phone to supplement her cell phone. Like many others it would work OK in some computers and not so well in others. The software is very buggy and can really slow down your PC.

    Multiple reboots to make it work (after missing calls or getting no dial tone) and eventually the phone would not ring, you had to be looking at the monitor to see if someone was calling you. Finally it would not work at all. This is all just a few months after purchase. Tried to call MJ, no luck. E-mailed them and eventually got the answer - the hardware only has a 30 day warranty. After that it is "too bad" - you have to toss the jack and your new phone number and buy a new jack and get a new number and start all over. Still had months of the one year of service, but no way to use it. They generously offered me a $5 off coupon code (against full price) to buy the replacement. We said no thanks.

    I have used several VoIP companies over the years and MJ is by far the worst in terms of reliability and quality. If you just want a way to make "free" long distance calls then it might be worth it, but certainly not if you want or need a dependable way to make and especially take calls. Any post-paid cell has better quality and reliability and comes with free unlimited long distance nights and weekends. If you already have one, just wait until 9 pm or the weekend and save your money.

    I find it hard to believe anyone would be rating this 5 stars. I checked a few of these happy folks out and this is the ONLY Amazon review they have ever posted. Sounds like a ringer for MJ to me, doesn't it?
    ...more info
  • Not great
    LOT of bugs. Sometimes noise, including very loud buzz. Sometimes (pretty often) will drop a call, you can still hear who you called but they can't hear you. Sometimes when you call the person you are calling can't hear you. Sometimes you have dial tone but when you dial it hesitates then you get dial tone again. Sometimes it doesn't start correctly, have to unplug and plug back in or reboot computer. Also some versions of Nero do not work with it (Nero is CD/DVD burning software), you have to unplug the magicjack to be able to use Nero and may require reboot. Basically a LOT of flaws, sometimes I have to spend 10 minutes "fixing things" just to be able to make a call. If you have an important call to make forget it, can you imagine calling about a job interview or something and having it drop call so the person you are talking to can't hear you midway through the conversation? Or being on hold for 30 mins then when you finally get through it drops the call? I'd rate it 1-2 stars, you get cheap calls but constantly having to "tweak" things to get it to work and dropped calls are EXTREMELY annoying, for really important calls I would NOT use it........more info
  • Perfect!!!
    My magicjack is great --- quality as good as landline and so close to free. This phone comes with all the services you could want -- those that the phone company charges $6-$8 monthly for each one. What I love about the voicemail is that every voicemail generates an email and you can listen to your messages on any computer (or of course you can access it from your phone). You can go online and forward your MJ number to another number in the event of a power outage too. I just love this and with my family all over the country it's really great to talk long distance all I want to, with landline quality, free. You can't go wrong here....more info
  • Worthless
    This product was recommended by a work colleague who uses MagicJack to dial to the Bahamas and he raved about it. I ordered it and couldn't not have been more unhappy. I was so tired of hearing people tell me they could not hear me, there was strange noise or there were drops in the audio that I finally unplugged it and it now serves as a paperweight! Buy at your own risk. ...more info
  • Beware of available area codes
    This product works as it is stated. I had no problems installing the device. Before I purchased it, I checked on their website to see if Maine, area code 207, was available. It said it was. When I started to install the device, 207 was not available. I went back to the website, and it was still listed as available. I contacted customer service through the live online method. It didn't take too long, but I was transfered to a 2nd customer service rep for more difficult questions. I didn't think it was too difficult of a question; when can I use area code 207, and why was it listed as available? In the end, all numbers were used up and they now have to request more numbers. The only way I can check if it is available, is to look at the website, or to try and change my telephone number; not a fast process. Well, the website still says that 207 is available even though I was promised that it would be updated. So, that is not reliable. I am going to have to attempt to change my number once in a while and hope I hit it when my area code is available. It is not very useful for me if I can't have a number in my own area code. Yes, I now have free calls, but now everyone who calls me locally has to pay long distance to call me. ...more info