Smarthome Bullet Camera, Silver
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Product Description

Can't decide between color surveillance cameras that work brilliantly in bright environments and black & white cameras better suited for low-light applications? Then get the best of both worlds with the Smarthome Bullet Camera, an incredibly flexible camera that outputs vibrant color by day and switches to an ultra-sensitive black & white mode at night. When necessary, the Smarthome Bullet Camera even activates 12 integrated infrared illuminators that allow the camera to capture images in complete darkness up to 33 feet away! Buying a complicated switching system to capture color and infrared images is no longer necessary. The Smarthome Bullet Camera does the job of all three of those elements, automatically switching from color to black & white based on the amount of available light. And since you won't have to remember to press a button or flip a switch, the camera will perform perfectly 24/7, with absolutely no human interaction. Measuring less than 4" long and 2" wide, the camera fits most anywhere. The Smarthome Bullet Camera even includes a convenient sunshade to help block direct sunlight. Fitted with a short BNC fitting, the Smarthome Bullet Camera provides easy connection to your video system and a female power plug for the included AC adapter.

  • Camera automatically switches between color and infrared
  • Captures images in total darkness
  • Weatherproof for outdoor use
  • 3.7" D x 1.93" diameter (94mm D x 49mm diameter)
  • Resolution: 380 TV lines