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Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar
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Product Description

Hot on the heels of his successful Get Out Of My Yard CD, Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar is the second all instrumental CD by guitarist Paul Gilbert.Last year Paul toured on the legendary G3 tour in support of Joe Satriani and confirmed to a younger audience what Gilbert fans have known for over 20 years that Paul Gilbert is simply one of the greatest guitarists on the planet today

Customer Reviews:

  • Contiuous Genius & growth from on e of the best of our time!
    Pauls new CD SBADR is amazing! It is an accomplishment beyond many records out there. Compositionally speaking this is his best work! GOOMY is great but this is the icing on the cake of growth by Paul. He can do anything & it shows very gracefully on this record! The record is shorter but much better written & in your face from beginning to end! And his band is amazing! They are the perfect line-up to back Paul! Don't waste your time reading all of reviews though. Just buy it & Crank it up!

    Troy Clark...more info
  • Best Paul Gilbert CD!
    This is the best album Paul Gilbert has played on. It's typical of Gilbert with his catchy riffs and standard rock rhythms. There are quite a few flashy parts. It's an excellent CD for any guitar lover, and his style definitely stands out among all the others in the instrumental guitar genre....more info
  • Paul Gilbert can play
    You can tell Paul just finished the G3 tour with John Petrucci and Joe Satriani. This is a real solid cd with great production and all you can eat guitar work by one of the best in the business. Your girlfriend will hate it because there's no vocals, but who cares? I only gave it 4 stars cause you have to listen to it a few times to warm up to it. ...more info
  • The best Paul Gilbert EVER! What a tone! What a set of songs!
    Ok, Mr. Fleeting Fingers scores higher than ever in my books with this album, as he cares about expression, tone, composition and musicality way more than usually on this one.

    Of course, there is enough pure technical ecstasy here to please any "shredhead", but Paul's sound is so "organic" on this record, the songs so well-arranged and his playing so expressive that you'll fall on your knees -- Hey Paul, you did visualize Robin Trower in the audience this time! :-)

    So, those who ever dared to say Paul Gilbert was only about speed when left to his own devices will have to eat their words... This man is demonstrating with this release that he is a virtuoso guitarist who does shred, but also delivers passion on every note he plays -- even outside the context of a band.

    This album goes from ballads ("I Can Not Tell a Lie", "I Still Have That Other Girl" -- lyrical!) to prog rock ("Eudaimonia Overture" -- amazingly composed!) to hard rock ("Norwegian Cowbell") to fusion ("Bultaco Saturno"); thus you're getting a very complete package of tasteful shredding. There's no weak song here. This is in fact one of the best guitar albums I've ever heard, period.

    By the way, I particularly liked the theme "Paul Vs. Godzilla"... I do hear some Steve Vai in there, but Paul's sweet tone and special sensibility make of this song a really unique work of art. It has become one my preferred electric guitar instrumentals ever -- you rock, Paul!

    In one sentence, this CD is a masterpiece. If you love instrumental electric guitar, this release is worth every millisecond of your time and every milli-cent of its price. Five stars! -- you do have your own style, Paul! ;-)...more info
  • Oh my freaking god
    I was a little apprehensive when I got this CD even though I knew of Paul from Mr. Big and the Racer X days. I had never really appreciated or listened to any of his work closely.

    This CD is simply amazing. Frankly I think this is the best instrumental guitar album I've ever heard. I am a huge Satriani and Vai fan but to be honest they haven't really grabbed me in quite a while.

    This CD showcases many different styles of music, and I hear bits of Beck, Vai, Petrucci, Lifeson, Morse.. but don't get me wrong. Paul definitely has his own extremely unique style. I've never really heard an album in this genre that was so diverse, at times shred, funk, blues, jazz, rock, space guitar.

    DO NOT THINK TWICE get this CD!

    ...more info
  • Top Marks Paul
    Superb guitar album. Blows the Satriani effort from this year into the weeds (and I'm a huge Satch fan)....more info
  • Paul gilbert rocks my socks off
    With "Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar" Paul Gilbert combines the best "hot licks" from old school rock n' roll with shredding that will melt your face off. His tone, while simple and primal, is honest and unprocessed; a sound which complements his playing perfectly. I love that you can hear every pick stroke, every nuance of his playing so clearly. Gilbert injects a sense of joy and fun into his compositions (even without his funny lyrics) that, while familiar, is also fresh. This album has it all; fans of blues, classic rock, metal, progressive, neo-classical/shred, pop, and anything else you can imagine, will all find tracks to love here. This is Gilberts' most complete musical statement, and one of the best instrumental guitar albums ever made. Hats off to Paul Gilbert; a great teacher, songwriter, singer, technical innovator, and one of the finest guitarists who ever lived. ...more info
  • This CD is breathtaking...
    Imagine being able to take the BEST of Satriani's soul and lyricism, Vai's inventiveness and modalities, Malmsteen's classicism, Johnson's impeccable technique, and Petrucci's progressiveness, and mix them together in just the right proportions. Add in Paul's own fire, originality and sense of fun -- and you have this CD. I bought it yesterday based purely on the reviews I read here on Amazon (I had not heard a note of it), and I listened to it end-to-end during my morning commute today. It is absolutely, positively stunning. The clasically-inspired end-section of "Eudaimonia Overture" practically moved me to tears, it was so brilliant and perfectly executed. Throughout, you can tell that Paul loves to ROCK, has a great sense of humor, truly loves what he does, and most importantly -- has taste in his compositional approach. As an example, the neoclassical diminished arpeggio runs in the middle sections of "Norwegian Cowbell" are there to support the song, as they should be. When you listen to this, and compare it, say, to a Malmsteen piece in which ALL THERE IS is a mindless series of identical diminished arpeggio runs, you truly appreciate the difference between a great composer and a pure technician. Gilbert proves on this CD that he's a great composer and arranger -- who, by the way, happens to shred, rock, and OWN so many stylistic techniques that there is not enough space to list them here, or anywhere. BUY THIS CD! ...more info
  • Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar Review
    Paul Gilbert is not only one of the most inspiring guitarists of our time but also one of the best teachers. This album is a must have for any Paul Gilbert fans out there....more info
  • Lyrical rocking mayhem that makes you smile!
    Long live lyrical shred! Long live musical guitarists! Long live Paul Gilbert! Not since Tony MacAlpine's "Maximum Security" (1987)has a guitar instrumental album grabbed my interest and kept it till the end of the 42 minutes of sonic bliss.

    I've not really been a follower of Paul Gilbert and am not that familiar with the Mr Big albums. However watching Paul play a large chunk of the Beatles catalogue on the Mike Portnoy private release of "Yellow Matter Custard" opened my eyes and ears. It was the reading of reviews here on Amazon that I thought I'd give "Silence followed by a deafening roar" a try. (What a cool title for a rock album!)

    This album has everything that got you going thirty years ago with advent of Van Halen, Satriani, Morse and co. Except this is 2008 and so the production is now super cool. People are now more critical so tracks are super creative and amazingly melodic yet at the time still rocking. This never hits metal but runs on the hard edge of rock/ prog rock and instrumental 80's guitar albums.

    The guitar always has centre focus but I reckon quite a few people will look out for the name Jeff Bowders on drums after hearing this album. Have a listen to the blistering bass pedal in 'Norwegian Cowbell' (wow!!) and the flat out 'The Gargoyle' and wait for its ending! (He probably played more on this track than on the entire Rebecca St James tour.)

    I agree with other reviewers on the range of styles covered on this album. I kept on having flashbacks to other styles and guitarists - but to qualify that these were happy emotions. For those of you who know Ritchie Kotzen's 'Electic joy' which I have always liked for its inventiveness,but a tad disappointed for the production qualities, well this album has similar qualities without any disappointments...other than it eventualy came to an end.

    If you liked Liquid Tension Experiment, or Petrucci's 'Suspended animation', if you like rock guitar instrumentals at all from the days of 'Surfing with the Alien' to Planet X of today - then don't hesitate. This has everything from the moving "I cannot tell a lie" ballad to the guitar genius of neoclassical musicality in the 'Eudaimonia Overture'.

    I might be reminded of other guitarists, but its Paul Gilbert's style and strong musicality that stamps his authority on the flurry of cascading notes. This has got groove, this rocks, astounds and made me smile again!
    ...more info
  • Pure Pleasure
    How amazing is it that Paul Gilbert can create music with or without vocals and still be totally entertaining. He is just that talented. This is an amazing CD. This grabs my attention when I'm listening and I get enveloped in the music and not distracted by anything else. It is a great 'getaway'. If you love guitar, and not just shredding, but melodic guitar, great riffs and different musical styles, buy this. The band plays great together, you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Ecclectic Melodic Fusion Guitar Mastery
    This is my first Paul Gilbert cd, so I didn't know what to expect before I bought it. Based on the reviews here, I bought it sound unheard. Overall, I am not disappointed. Mr. Gilbert is an incredible technician and a generally superior song writer. If you like Marty Friedman, Satriani, Vai, Eric Johnson, Vinnie Moore, Eddie Van Halen, Rush, Jeff Beck, Joey Tafolla, and George Lynch, you'll like this CD because it has shades of them all. Which makes this a unique CD among instrumental guitar rock/shred albums. Lots of rock musical influences seem to have been put on display here--almost as if Gilbert were paying tribute--and blended in an original, highly skillful way. That feature is also my only real criticism of this CD (tho it's a small one): I am left with an unsure sense of Mr. Gilbert's own melodic style. Or perhaps this ecclectic fushion blending IS his style. Certainly, I've never heard anything like it on any instrumental guitar rock/shred album. This CD definitely makes me want to go out and check out his other stuff!

    Another thing about this album: Gilbert's melodic compositional quality is so high that you almost expect these tracks to become guitar solos going with vocal rock songs. Probably the best blend of technical prowess and melodic sensibility that I've ever heard in this genre, with perhaps the exception of Vinnie Moore (neoclassical shred, Mind's Eye), Marty Friedman (Dragon's Kiss) or Eric Johnson (Venus Isle).

    The Album:

    Track 1: shades of Rush, George Lynch (excellent)
    Track 2: shades of Eddie Van Halen, NeoClassical shred (excellent)
    Track 3: shades of Rush (very good)
    Track 4: shades of Marty Friedman, '80s Guitar rock (good)
    Track 5: shades of Satriani (good)
    Track 6: shades of Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page; '70s funk/Beck (very good)
    Track 7: attempts an Eric Johnson impression--Johnson is better (this is my least favorite track)
    Track 8: neoclassical shred--better than MacAlpine/Malmsteen, about as good as Vinnie Moore, with a kick that's all Gilbert (excellent)
    Trck 9: kinda forgettable
    Track 10: shades of Vai, Eric Johnson, Satriani, Tafolla; '70s funk (excellent)
    Track 11: shades of Rush, Friedman, Beck, even a little Aerosmith (excellent)

    I only give five stars if I like all tracks. But that's just me....more info