Toshiba SD-P91S 9-Inch Portable DVD Player
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Conveniently portable and versatile, traveling with your favorite DVDs and CDs is a breeze with the SD-P91S. You can even connect this to an external monitor/television or use the SD-P91S screen and speakers as the display device for a digital camera or camcorder by connecting it to the A/V port. It also plays all versions of DivX video (including DivX 6) with standard playback of DivX media files. If you want to give your eyes a rest and listen to some tunes instead, the SD-P91S DVD player handles lots of the most popular audio formats around, including CDs, MP3 - CD, CD-R/RW discs and WMA files. Swivel and Flip Screen 24bit Audio DAC with 192kHz Processing Dolby Digital/DTS (Coaxial) Output Plays MP3 and WMA formats DivX Certified JPEG Viewer Features - Video Adjustments (Brightness, Color) and Zoom Mode Connections - A/V Mini Jack Input, A/V Mini Jack Output, Digital Coaxial, 2 x Headphone jacks Approximate Unit Dimensions - 9.45 (W) x 1.26 (H) x 6.69 (D)

  • 9" Portable DVD Player
  • Widescreen LCD Display
  • Swivel-screen
  • DivX Certified
  • Car Cord Adapter

Customer Reviews:

  • Piece of junk
    This worked fine for a few (less than 20) hours. Now several DVD's are not playable, sputtering and skipping several minutes. These DVD's work fine in my non-portable player. The unit is used on my desk for educational DVD's, not on the road. I would like to use it without headphones but the volume is so low and the sound so bad that I can barely hear it in a quiet room (and can barely hear it above the drone-like sound of the player's motor). A pair of computer speakers helps immensely. Save yourself grief and money and don't buy this thing....more info
  • Great Service
    Received product in great condition and in a timely manner would do business with this vendor again....more info
  • Good, solid device
    I've taken this unit on several flights and it's never failed me. I've only used the battery for one movie at a time, but I knew it's time limitations when I bought it. Picture is nice and clear and the sound is excellent....more info
  • portable dvd player
    Bought this item as a birthday gift for my 70 year old mom. She loves everything about it and she knows how to use it.
    Screen size is great. She has some trouble hearing but no trouble hearing this even without earphones(not included with dvd player).
    Very happy with this purchase.
    She used to use a portable dvd player that she borrowed from someone and she likes the features of this one that we purchased for her so much better....more info
  • Slightly disappointing
    I have used my Toshiba DVD player for a couple of hours now, mainly in airports and flying.
    It works great and has enough battery for 5 hours, i.e. almost 3 movies.
    What is slightly disappointing is that it doesn't read all zone DVDs, only US. This is a drawback when travelling overseas. Fortunately, it read DivX.
    A slight drawback comes from a lack of battery gauge....more info
  • Good player, but a little noisy
    We've owned three portable DVD players, and this probably has the best picture. For sound I use a pair of amplified speakers; most portable DVD players I have seen lack adequate sound volume, and this one seems no exception. The fact that when you pause it it doesn't turn off at some point is good because you can just unpause when you return instead of going through bootup again, bad because if you forget it'll still be there hours later (I have not tried it for time periods longer than three hours or so). I also like the fact that you can turn it completely off at the switch and when you come back and turn it on it starts at exactly the same spot. It's a little noisy at times, more than I would expect from Toshiba. On the remote I like that the fast forward/rewind functions are separate keys from the forward and backward skip keys. That bugged me about the LG we owned.
    All in all, a good solid value for money. WIth a pair of Logitech powered speakers hooked up it's a pretty good--if tiny--entertainment system....more info
  • Manual says "DO NOT USE IN A MOVING VEHICLE!!"
    We ordered this player to use on long car trips, but the manual says you can't. It must remain motionless and flat, so why do they have a flip/fold screen and tablet option?? It seems nice (we returned it before even turning it on), and I suppose as long as you want it to be "portable" from one location to another and not use it in between, it would be ok. We're returning it and getting one with ESP for use while driving....more info
  • Toshiba DVD Player
    I just recently purchased the Toshiba DVD Player and it is awesome. I love the 5hr battery life - which means my kids can watch several movies before we need to recharge. It has performed beautifully so far and I have no complaints. The wide screen might be a drawback but hey, the picture quality is great and so is the sound. It keeps the kids very busy while you do the driving or your work. I would recommend it highly. I love the black color on it too. Only problem is that you cant see the buttons in even dim lighting. The swivel screen is excellent.
    ...more info
  • Not good DVD player
    This DVD player is not good for 2 reasons:
    1. It is very heavy.
    2. It doesn't remember the correct position when resuming....more info
  • Horrible!
    I bought this from Amazon, 160.00 it never worked, blank screen, sound no good, crackling ect. I threw away my paperwork, so I am stuck with this piece of junk !...more info
  • Toshiba DVD Portable Player
    The Toshiba portable DVD player was delivered as advertised. The larger screen size was worth the extra cost. It should be sold with a carrying case that can be used to mount on the seat back. It failed soon after purchase but Amazon gave excellent service to replace the unit at no cost....more info
  • great
    It is great! It works for me. I bougth this because I wanted to watch TV and to work out DVD work out (Turbo Jam and Yoga) at the same time. It is just great. My kids love it, too. They watcht movie when they travel. No regreat what so ever!...more info
  • Toshiba SD-P91S 9-Inch Portable DVD Player
    The picture is good, but the loading process is quite lengthy. Also, we are having almost continual problems with the disks skipping and or freezing up. The DVDs are mainly Disney DVDs and should not be having so many problems being played considering they are commercially made....more info
  • Weak speakers and LCD screen
    What others have written about the speakers is true. If you plan to use it for kids in a restuarant setting like I do, they won't be able to hear a thing.

    Another major short coming of the unit is the quality of the LCD screen. I have seen better LCD screen on unit costing half the price. The screen is low grade, low rez, square pixels, looks washed out plus the viewing angle is so narrow that you pretty much have to view it straight on.

    A big disappointment for a Japanese brand....more info
    I wanted to buy a portable DVD player since I realized they help calming children on the way to the store or the inlaws. So, I review a lot and search and search.. uff!. Anyway, to make things short I want to say this is a SHORT BATTERY LIFE,VERY HEAVY, LOUD, NONPRACTICLE, NOT TODDLER FRIENDLY portable dvd player. It gets dirty very fast even with the lightless touch.

    I am not an organic or anti germs mom. I am a very laid back person. I am very practicle. And to be honest I hate to have to review this product and look like a I am overeacting. But is true. If you are looking for a TODDLER FRIENDLY player there are many wich are smaller, very light weight and practicle (you can put them on your lap or on the floor and nothing will hapen to them). I learned it when a friend came home with a tiny one. This child looked happy with the player and the mom too since the battery was still running after 3 days.


    -BATTERY LIFE about 1 movie and 1/2. Horrible when on the plane and the look of your daughter implying what you already know.
    -VERY HEAVY when using the battery,w/o is so light.
    -LOUD when playing the dvd
    -NOT TODDLER FRIENDLY since is heavy to take around and they leave chocolate prints all over.
    -REMOTE CONTROL if you put the portable in the back of the sit for your son.. and he is 2.. and you are sited in the front.. it will be hard for you to create a flexible extendible arm to go all the way and play the movie.


    IF YOU GOT IT FOR FREE (LIKE ME) thats awsome!
    - The BATTERY runs out fast but it has a car adapter when on the car so you don't have to hear complaints.
    -IT HAS A FANCY LOOK, nice black and crome color.
    -ITS HEAVY, YES, but you can buy a bag to carry all your stuff in there.
    -ITS LOUD but when you are driving or on the plane? who's gonna notice? Unleast you are in your house and your husband is asleep and you are trying to watch a movie behind his back and then.. oops! Its too loud when it plays the dvd. You can still wear headphones and ignore and forget the noise.. but your partner wont.
    -THE SPEAKERS not to loud but when using headphones the sound is high and perfect.
    -YOU CAN PLUGED IT TO THE TV if you are short on regular players.
    -IT HAS MEMORY.. you can pause the movie.. turn it off.. come back and start where you left it.

    I am running off ideas and comments, thank you. I wish I bought a more simple player for my daughter but we always learn from things like this. I already fixed the problem by claiming the portable DVD mine ONLY.. no touching, no playing nor looking without my consent!.
    ...more info