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crocs Beach Clog
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Product Description

Crocs Camp Clogs are ultra-light and don't bite! Light, airy and cool for camp, around the home, the beach... they couldn't be easier or more comfortable! True no-worries footwear, for men and women (and teens). Made with a special proprietary closed-cell resin that's both comfortably soft and highly durable. Ventilated to keep feet cool and dry, with a heel strap that can sling over the heel or rotate forward to make them fully slip-on Clogs. Approx. 5" h., just 6 ozs. Get your Crocs ONLINE now! State Color and Size. Men's: Small (4-5); Medium (6-7); Large (8-9); XL (10-11); 2XL (12-13). Ladies': Small (6-7); Medium (8-9); Large (10-11); XL (12-13). Crocs Camp Clogs

Beach clog? Why limit yourself? Sure, this sandal from crocs has a ventilated upper and a traction outsole to make it a top wet-dry performer--perfect for the beach--but we can think of a zillion other places you'll want to wear it.

  • Available in whole sizes and medium width only
  • Ventilation ports increase breathability and filter water and debris away from the footbed
  • Footbed conforms to foot, creating a custom fit allowing foot to bend and expand naturally, reducing fatigue
  • Massaging nubs stimulate circulation
  • Patented strap for secure wear

Customer Reviews:

  • Always Crocs!
    Great product, just what I wanted! Crocs is always crocs! And for me the best of all is that I found here some crocs that i can't find in a store. Thank's!...more info
  • Love my Crocs
    It is easy and quick to use to order my Croc's. I love the convenince of shopping here and I love my new Croc's. ...more info
  • Most comfortable shoe ever made!
    Coming from someone who is on his feet for 20 hours a day, these crocs are the most comfortable shoes out there. Thanks for offering the XXX Large sizes as most people don't....more info
  • Love them.
    I love my crocs. Walking around barefoot around the house hurts my feet. I love walking on these....more info
  • Very comfy!
    Very comfortable! I think everybody should get a pair. This is a good alternative to your everyday flip-flops. I were mine all the time, especially when going through airport security, because they're very easy to remove and wear again. I do advise buyers to try one on at a mall or kiosk to determine which size works for them, since sizes come out in twos. Make sure you select those that ship for free, there are a lot of merchants at Amazon that charge extra for shipping (see Buying Options)....more info
  • Love These Shoes
    These are the most comfortable shoes. They are great for on the boat. They don't soak up water, they float, and don't stink after being in saltwater like neopreme or canvas shoes. They drain immediately after getting out of the water so after launching the boat you can get right back in the car. They are also great around the house or yard and rinse off quickly if they get dirty. I'm wearing mine now.... ...more info
  • Great gift...
    I bought these crocs in chocolate as a birthday gift for my brother. He says they are quite comfortable and he's very satisfied with them. He's wears them all the time, now. I may get a pair for myself......more info
  • Crocs
    I have plantar fasciitis and these wide shoes are comfortable to wear around the house and garden. I need more support if doing a lot of walking. I found they ran just a wee small - good prices & fast delivery....more info
  • The comfort shoe
    Crocs are to size but will eventually feel more comfortable as you wear them. Surprisingly, they do not retain foot odor nor do they 'sweat'. Perfect to walk to the beach and then into the water and home. Sandy feet? Carry your Crocs into the water, rinse feet and crocs and put them on and away you go. Cool as my granddaughters would say!...more info
  • If your feet hurt these are the shoes for you!
    I never had problems with my feet but recently I started having problems with one of my feet. I had purchased some crocs for every one in the whole family and with my foot bothering me they became my main source of footwear. Thankfully, they are so soft and cushy like your walking on a cloud. That certainly isn't a bad thing. They aren't pretty but when your feet hurt comfort surpasses looks....more info
  • Crocs are Great!
    Product is so much more comfortable and well constructed compared to knock offs. Glad I bought 'em!...more info
  • The "Croc" is not made equally
    I bought this shoe as a result of a recommendation from a lady in my physical therapy session. This shoe offers an extremely soft foot bed, which wonderful for sore or injured feet, as mine are.

    However, it's frustrating that the "crocs" company doesn't offer this shoe in definitive women's sizes. I had to purchase it in "mens 6, women's 8", and it's much too wide and makes my feet look as though they're from the jurassic era.

    I wear them though, because it's the only shoe I can wear until my feet and tendon heal. ...more info
  • Comfortable
    These are comfortable and easy to slip on. These will also be good for surgery...more info
  • crocs
    I have loved crocs since my first pair last year. I ordered a khaki pair and charcoal. They are great. The delivery was fast and the price was right....more info
  • Best Shoes Ever
    I always wore birk's, but a friend told me about crocs and I have worn nothing else. The help my feet and my low back problems....more info
  • Easy shopping
    I wanted to replace my daughter's Crocs, so I already knew the product. I had a larger choice of colors and styles than I would have if I had gone to a local store. It was easy to order them, get free shipping and have them sent to her in another state....more info
  • The Best Rubber shoe around!!
    I really love crocs, they are super wonderful. They last a long time, my old ones lasted about four years. I wear them in water and they are washable. They worked very will for me. I would recommmend them to anyone and everyone. A other thing I like about the croc brand is that they new thing like boots! But mostle that they come in LOADS of colors. Like I said "I would recommend these shoes to anyone and everyone!"....more info