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  • just as good as I remember
    This movie was spectacular on blu-ray disc. Played beautifully on my PS3 and LCD televlsion. Sound and picture are amazing, I real treat to see this in such good quality....more info
  • Purple Rain In DVD
    Saw the movie in theater when released, like having it in the player to listen to the music, watch again, view some songs. Parts of this movie music still send chills down my spine. Our Sharp LCD tv will zoom the letterbox to fill the screen, works good. Not sure about the subtitles of dialog, they get cut off then, couldn't find a way to turn them off, the player seems set right. No special stuff for extras. I like some Prince, this is one worth having. Have the VHS, DVD better than tape!

    I enjoy having this, esp. to use as music video while I get tv time before what my wife wants to see comes on. Can stop, find my place again later or next night....more info
    I like this movie allot, and it being on blu-ray I couldn't pass up the chance. The Picture quality is allot better than the DVD. The Colors really pop. and the sound is also allot better, Had my surround system cranked!! and heard every thing perfectly. Get this its an awesome addition to any blu-ray collection....more info
  • "Prince Rocks Purple Rain to Greater Heights"
    During Purple Rain debut in the cinemas a lot of individuals was mesmerized by this film and ironically up to this present time for those who has just experience it the response was the same. Further more with this 20th Anniversary edition you are treated with a lot of special bonus features that even makes this DVD worthy to buy. Chicago Tribune describes this film as one of the best combinations of rock music and drama. Well Prince is truly one of the best & worthy artist in "Music History". Hurry up and get it while supply last !!! ...more info
  • PURPLE RAIN starring Prince
    Purple Rain

    My daughters and I sat in front row of theater when this movie debuted and loved every minute of it........and they still do with this VHS. Came in great shape! EZ tracking of shipment!...more info
  • Great after all of these years
    Saw this for the second time in almost 20 years, and it brought back some great memories. Playing this movie makes you want to go back 20 plus years and party all over again "Like it's 1999".

    The 80s, when life was simple, long before the 'net, cell phones, IPOD, XBOX and other modern day distractions. Ah, the memories, the days of big hair and big parties, where nothing else mattered, and you only had to worry about which party to go to.

    In the Movie, Prince endures a turbulent homelife and an abusive father, animosity with his band members, a tug of war within his inner being, a rivalry with his nemesis, Morris Day, and the roller coaster relationship with his illegally and sinfully beautiful girlfriend, Apollonia Kotero. Despite all of these obstacles, Prince, or "the kid" comes out on top at the end with "Purple Rain", the title of the album that would alter the music landscape forever.

    While the acting was a little cheesy, nonetheless, it is a must have for any Prince fan, let alone any pop music lover. Even if you are not a prince fan, you will appreciate him after watching this film. After finishing, I have re-gained a newfound respect for Prince, not only as an artist, but also as a person. In fact, the more I watch it, the more powerful and ingratiating it becomes, at least to me. While I don't have every single Prince album, Purple Rain, 1999, and Around The World in a Day are my favs. If you don't have this or haven't seen this, do so!

    ...more info
  • Prince's classic movie on Blu Ray at new low price!!!
    This is one of my faves,this movie was made back when Prince was in his prime!!! I've had this on VHS,Standard Full Frame DVD,The 2 DVD 20th Ann. Special Edition and now I bought the Blu Ray,the PQ,sound and extras are top notch and the good news is that it contains ALL the extras that were on the 20th Ann 2 DVD set,go you get 2 DVD's worth of great content on one nice Blu Ray Disc,plus you get better pic,sound etc!!! And the Blu Ray is actually cheaper than the 2 DVD set!!! Recommended! A+...more info
  • Great Disc, good extras
    This is the sort of title that i didnt think id see on Blu Ray at all, nevermind as such as early release.
    You have to be a fan to appreciate the the movie, and this release really does do it justice
    The selection of extras included is very good, and the price point is just right

    This release works on Zone A and B blu ray players, like most of the Warner releases, and you really cant go wrong with a purchase...more info
  • Great Music, Mediocre Acting
    Prince's Purple Rain soundtrack is one of his greatest achievements and easily one of the best albums of the 1980s. The accompanying film works much like an extended music video and includes some rousing, high energy performances from the Purple One and his band, the Revolution. Pseudo-live numbers like "The Beautiful Ones" and "Baby I'm a Star" are high energy masterpieces. However, the plot line, which follows The Kid (Prince) amidst struggles with domestic violence and a budding romance with the beautiful Apollonia all while he and his band try to make it big, falls short due to some especially poor acting. Nonetheless, this movie packs a punch thanks to its elaborate musical numbers from The Time and The Revolution, making it essential viewing (and owning) for Prince fans. 3.5 Stars....more info
  • Good 2 see it back
    All of the chops that make Prince a Grammy front-runner this year were present two decades ago, and then some. Witness, for example, the 8-minute sonic and visual barrage that opens "Purple Rain," as Prince and his band tear through "Let's Get Crazy." The film has lost its shock value -- who are all those fashion victims in their underwear? -- but none of its ability to astonish.

    The mixture of dodgy acting, raw energy and high spirits gave "Purple Rain" the same infectious appeal found two decades earlier in "A Hard Day's Night" and two decades later in "8 Mile."

    "Purple Rain" was one of the early Warner Bros. titles on DVD, in a pan-and-scan version that you actually had to flip over to see the entire movie. That disc is best tossed into the recycling. The "20th Anniversary Edition" returns "Rain" to its original widescreen aspect ratio, with a Dolby 5.1 audio mix that's house-party heavy on the subwoofer.

    No surprise, of course, that Prince is nowhere to be found on the extras, given his long contract war with Warner Bros. The telling of the "Purple Rain" story largely is left to director Albert Magnoli and producer Robert Cavallo (who reunite for a commentary) as well as Prince's famed bandmates of the time, Wendy and Lisa.

    In addition to the making-of featurette, there's a history of the Minneapolis club made famous by the film and a rah-rah look at "Purple Rain's" legacy in music and fashion. Fans of retro-goofs shouldn't miss MTV's live coverage of the movie's premiere, including Pee-wee Herman's arrival in a bumper car. Eight music videos include the classic "When Doves Cry."
    ...more info
  • Awesome!
    Purple Rain is young Prince at his best. And now on Blu-ray it is even better. Perfect sound and video, extras are fun, and the movie rocks. Hopefully a video from his recent 21 Nights in London will become available....more info
  • Awesome talent on display. Just awesome.
    There is no argument. Prince, in 1984, with the "Purple Rain" juggernaut mowing down records at the box office, the record charts and the concert halls, was awesome. Watching the film again, a film I had memorized in my youth, renewed my appreciation for his prodigious talent.
    And what balls this guy had! Barely into his twenties, with one moderately successful album (the double "1999") behind him, he ventured into the film world.

    He's in nearly every frame. His name's above the title. It is autobiographical in tone. It's essentially a musical, with each song propelling the plot and supplying storytelling information. It was a rock musical, to make matters worse, as they were (and still are) not known for being huge money-makers.

    Yet from the opening frames to the climactic ending, you are absolutely hooked. One hundred percent.
    If you are not, then you MUST have something against him, or against rock in general, or in musicals...

    Seriously, the incendiary "Let's Go Crazy" with his Hendrixian squeals and pogo beat, is as good as any filmed musical performance ever.
    Somebody argue with me, I dare you.
    The editing, the cinematography, the energy, the precision...it's the closest a film has come to reproducing a true live experience. And Prince owns every inch of celluloid here. His personality radiates right off the screen.
    Each song advances the story so well, the dialogue is kept minimal.
    Many critics point out some hackneyed lines and stilted performances, faulting the entire movie because of them.
    They're partially correct. There are a few lines that STILL make me wince, even when I know they're coming. Many of the supporting actors/musicians sound like they're reading out of a phone book.
    Not Prince though. Not once. He feels authentic. Even the logistically stupid things he does (mostly with a motorcycle) or the stylistically questionable things (mostly his wardrobe) somehow manage to work with him. And him only.

    Apollonia is a vision, but she shouldn't sing.
    Morris Day is a hoot on stage, but some of his off-stage antics don't work.
    I will say that Jerome is perfect. I just love his presence.

    There is a hint of misogyny on the part of many men in the film, but I think that's part of the plot. I think Prince's redemption at the end of the film includes a new respect towards women. Using Wendy and Lisas song for "Purple Rain", singing "I'll never beat you" in the song "I Would DIe 4 U" to Apollonia, kissing Wendy on the cheek during "Rain" all indicate a change of heart.

    Anyways, that ALL pales next to the concert footage. While he's chastising Apollonia from the stage using songs like "The Beautiful Ones" or the infamous "Darling Nikki", or exorcising demons in "Purple Rain", he is a master artist. Captured on film. I don't think I've ever seen the joy of performing emanate so clearly from an individual in a film. The performance is a kinetic drug working on Prince, and we watch the side effects.
    I can't believe he wrote "When Doves Cry" overnight, on command. I can't believe they shot all the concert footage in ten days. Total. I can't believe this raw talent that we fortunately captured on film. He'll never be like this again.
    The (literally) climactic encore of "I Would Die 4 U" and "Baby I'm a Star" (referring to the guitar neck bit at the end) is Prince proudly announcing to the world he has arrived. Who else, in the title and chorus of the last song, could state...could proclaim that he is a star, and we in the audience can do nothing but nod in agreement.

    Now, the DVD itself, this new 20th anniversary version, is a revelation. Over the years, I bought the record, then saw the movie, then went to the concert.
    Then I bought the VHS tape.
    Then I bought the CD.
    Then I bought the laserdisc.
    Then I bought the DVD.
    Now, I got this sucker, and this one rules them all. The picture, finally letterboxed, is gorgeous. Crisp, colorful and detailed. The sonics are pristine.

    The extras are pretty terrific too. The mini-docs on the First Avenue club, and on the making of the film itself, are interesting enough. The puff piece on the "influence" of Purple Rain is OK, but they don't go really into any serious detail.
    The biggest laugh is the footage from MTV's Premiere coverage. Pee-Wee Herman, Eddie Murphy, Sheila E., Weird Al, John Cougar Mellencamp (the best speaker of the bunch, by far), an odd appearance by Little Richard, the painful fashions, the worst hosting and interviewing you'll EVER see...
    ...oh I couldn't stop laughing.

    Add on those precious, uncut videos (and a running commentary a little too slow for my taste) and you have a five-star DVD. No question.
    Catch a glimpse of a star hitting supernova. It's right here. And it's awesome....more info
  • Still lots of fun after all these years
    I was surprised to see that this made such a great transfer to blu ray. What I didn't like about the disc is that none of the extras were transferred to hi def either. They are grainy as if I was watching it on a EP recorded video tape. The movie itself looks really good. One star off for not giving a better budget to fix up the extras....more info
  • Good movie
    I'm a huge Prince fan and this movie is a classic. The acting is not that great but you'll get over that because of the music!!!!...more info
  • The Power of Sadness
    So I was watching "Purple Rain" the other day, just the ending actually, and I've never seen the beginning or middle so I really have no idea what the thing is all about. I gather from Prince's other movie it's more "Soulmate" kinda stuff but I'm not really sure. Anyway, so I was watching it and Morris Day and the time, who play the antagonists in the movie, they're on stage doing this upbeat funk style song "The Bird," right? And the audience is into it. Because not only is it a song - it's also a dance. THE dance. According to them anyway. I mean they're REALLY into it. Dancing and squaking and all that. Because that's part of "The Bird" - the squaking. So they really get the audience into it, and I guess it's some sort of best-band contest or something. So you start thinking, "I feel sorry for whoever has to follow that." Wouldn't you know it...it's Prince. Yep. Prince is the one who has to follow it. And as Morris Day and the Time exit the stage...they pass Prince's dressing room. The door is open. There is tension in the air. They walk down the hallway laughing, celebrating, all the while knowing how great they just did and what an obsticle Prince has to overcome if he's going to win. It seems impossible. And as Morris Day passes Prince's locker room, he says something snyde. Something cruel. Something I don't remember. But I know it was something hurtful, I know it was. SO...our man Prince prepares to take the stage and even though he has the backing of The Revolution, he still somehow feels all alone. He walks out. Somber. Sorrowful. Sad. A chill comes over the audience. After all, they'd just done "The Bird"...they were so excited about it too. And now this sorrowful, somber purple guy is coming out and breaking up the vibe. One would have expected him to try and top "The Bird" with some upbeat funk of his own. That's where Prince's strategy comes into play. There is a hush. A silence. A nervous tension. Prince steps up to the microphone. He casually yet emotionally dedicates the next song to his dad. The crowd is in awe. What is this man doing? Prince starts playing his guitar. A slow, reflective, sorrowful melody. THIS is what he's doing to top "The Bird"? He's got to be out of his mind. But somehow, as he starts into "Purple Rain" the audience becomes sad too. "I only wanted just one time to see you laughing. I only wanted to see you laughing in the Purple Rain..." By this point...the audience is his. They too wanted to see Prince's dad laughing in the Purple Rain. Or maybe their own dads. Does it matter? Is there even a difference? Not now. They're so enveloped in the melancholy mood that they're even willing to pardon the next verse, "I never wanted to be your weekend lover..." Now, really...who does want to be their own dad's weekend lover? Maybe someone else's dad, but...ya know. The audience doesn't even care. Because they've forgotten about Prince's dad. They've forgotten about everything that brought them to this point. They're living completely in this moment. This sad, powerful, sorrowful moment. A request by Prince for "everybody over here to come on wave your hands" is answered by the entire audience in unison engaging in the act of hand waving. And the lighters...oh the lighters. They're out in full force. Not that "Full Force" is in this movie...they're in the original House Party, not Purple Rain. It's just an expression though. And so..."The Bird" is forgotten. Prince's dad lives on. Prince knows times are changing and it's time we all reach out for something new, that means you too. And Prince wins over the crowd with the power of sadness. Later he goes on to tell us that he would die for us, he's not our lover, he's not our friend, he's something that we'll never comprehend. All true statements continuing the theme of sadness and its power. Did he win the contest? I don't think we ever truly find out. But he won the movie. That's for sure. It certainly wasn't Morris Day and/or The Time. It was Prince. And it was all due to the power of sadness.

    Can I get everybody over here to come on wave your hands?

    I thought so, my friend. I thought so....more info
  • Software problems on Blu-ray
    Waited for this dvd for ages and when I recieved this dvd it was faulty I have since returned it. They haven't process the Blu-ray part of it properly....more info
  • The Ultimate for the Prince Fan
    This is what started it for me 20 years ago - Purple Rain. Prince is no actor although he insists on acting from time to time and I continue to collect his films despite how silly they seem to me. This is a chance to get to see a bit of the real Prince, the person he is, how he talks, walks and his mannerisms. A must for the Prince fan. ...more info
  • Purple Rain: Is this a good movie or not?

    Imagine being up on stage with all the eyes, and bright lights in you. Your hearts pounding, and your pulse is raising all while performing a song that you had written yourself. But what you did not know is that this very song that you were so nervous performing will be one of your biggest hits. This is what happens to Prince in when he performs his hit song Purple Rain in the movie Purple Rain.

    To begin with, this movie has a great actor, Prince. He dances, and sings in this movie. Which he is very good at doing both.
    Also, the movie has great music. In the movie there is a total of nine songs and four of them were hits. The four hit songs are Lets Go Crazy, When Doves Cry, I Would Die 4 U, and of course Purple Rain. The other song were Take Me With You, The Beautiful Ones, Computer Blue, Darling Nikki, and Baby I'm a Star.

    In addition, this movie has a very good ending. The end will leave you smiling.

    Furthermore, the movie has a good lesson. The lesson in Purple Rain is no matter how hard things get never give up. This is what Prince did in the movie.

    Out of all the drama movies I have ever seen Purple Rain is the best. This movie is rated R for language, and nudity. This is a great movie, especially if you like movies with mixed emotions. So when you want to see a very good movie you should buy or rent the movie Purple Rain.
    ...more info
  • Love Prince, Hate the "Anniversary" set
    I was very disappointed to see that this so called "anniversary" set didn't include deleted scenes!! I was hoping to see the entire movie as intended by it's directors...Boy was I disappointed! While the extras were ok (i.e.,comments, MTV "after party", etc.), there were some scenes in the trailer that I was hoping to see in the full length feature. I don't know what to say about this "new edition". In fact it's not new at all. It's the same ol' stuff that I've been watching on cable for the past 20 yrs.

    How could they let Prince's fans down like that!!!...more info
  • Fantastic in Hi Def!
    I had only seen this one other time about 15 years ago and didn't care much for it at that time. I watched it on a 19 inch TV and wasn't into the music.

    Now that I have seen it in Hi-Def with surround sound, it is fantastic! I rented it and after watching it, decided it was one that simply must be part of my growing Blu-Ray collection!

    Some of the video is a bit grainy and other parts are very clear so I am sure this is simply what the director intended and so has nothing to do with the quality of the Blu-Ray technology.

    Also, as if watching this movie in Hi-Def were not enough, there is a ton of really great extras!!! Wow!
    ...more info
  • Hard to believe it has been 20 years
    You can't beat the music in this movie, this is Prince at the peak of his talents, but the movie is overtly melodramatic making it hard to sit through this with a straight face, especially when Vanity takes the stage. Prince catapaulted onto the music scene in the early 80s, giving the pop music world something Michael Jackson was unable to, music with an edge. His flamboyant style and discordant guitar licks were a welcome relief to the burgeoning techno music which would eventually take over the 80s. One of the more amusing sub-stories in this movie is the way Prince comes to unseat Morris Day and the Time, an updated doo wop band that ruled the roost at the club. But, it is Prince's own story that takes center stage here as he dredges up his past and develops his love interest for Vanity. I suppose this was (and still is) a good way to bring your music to a broader audience. Eminem pretty much did the same thing in 8 Mile. But, it reads like an MTV movie. The music is the driving force in this movie. It is only worth watching for the night club scenes....more info
  • Moviecology
    I wish I could give this movie 500 stars because it's just that good. When you're not watching awesome performances of incredible music, you either get to see hilarious bad acting that will make you laugh out loud, or boobs. All this movie needs are some ninja fight scenes and dare I say, it could be the greatest movie ever made.

    "Remember back in the 80s when people used to argue over who was cooler - Prince or Michael Jackson? Prince won." - Chris Rock...more info
  • A fine way to revisit the 1980s, and the music's not bad
    When PURPLE RAIN was shot in 1983, Prince was a newly mainstream act, finally celebrated outside of his hometown of Minneapolis. Eager for more exposure, he sought out some producers and made this film. A hybrid film and music video, PURPLE RAIN describes the career of The Kid (Prince himself, of course), trying to make it in the music business in spite of the tough competition of swank Morris Day and violence between his alcoholic parents (Clarence Williams III and Olga Karlatos). The arrival of aspiring singer and dance Apollonia introduces some romance into the mix. Basically, things happen during the day, and then in the evening The Kid does his club act, where the songs Prince and The Revolution perform are vaguely related to what's going on between The Kid and Apollonia.

    This format of a dramatic plot mixed in with gratuitous concert performance is in no way new. Elvis did a whole series of such films. What makes PURPLE RAIN memorable is how it captures a Zeitgest so broadly. It's a one-stop celebration of early 1980s fashion, car design, club life, and of course music. Of course the plot and much of the acting is risible, though often it descends into "it's so bad it's good" territory. Certainly one chuckles when the club manager tells The Kid, "No one understands your music but yourself", when the soundtrack sold 13 million copies.

    The 20th anniversary edition DVD release contains a second disc with extras. There are three small documentaries, which describe respectively the Minneapolis venue featured in the film, the making of PURPLE RAIN, and the influence the film has had. They all feature interviews with the same people, including members of the Revolution and The Time. However, Prince, Moris Day, and Apollonia are missing from this documentary material....more info
  • Purple Rain still great after all these years...
    As a teen in the early to mid-eighties I was a big Prince fan. When "Purple Rain" came out in theaters I watched it at least three times and a dozen or so times more when it came out on VHS. I grew up, my music tastes changed, and Prince was no longer on my music list.

    Last Friday I saw the 20th Anniversary DVD of "Purple Rain" at a local store. I thought to myself "Why Not?" and bought it. I'm glad I did.

    The opening number of "Let's Go Crazy" took me back to the excitement and energy I felt when I watched the movie for the first time on the big screen 20 years ago. Before I knew it, the movie was over and I was a Prince fan again.

    The picture quality is crisp, clear, and even better than I remember ever seeing both in the movie theater and on VHS. Sound is great too.

    Speaking of sound, there is one part of the movie where the sound DOES NOT exist. It's the scene moments before The Kid's father shoots himself. The sequence is: The Kid walks towards the door, opens the door, the dad pulls the gun hammer back, and The Kid flicks the light switch on.

    You don't hear The Kid's footsteps, You don't hear the door creak open, you don't hear the click of the gun hammer being pulled back. Sound returns when The Kid flicks the light switch on. At first I though my ears missed something, then I played it again. My ears were fine, there really is about seven seconds of dead silence ( no audio ) in the movie.

    If you play the above scene back with the Commentary turned on, you'll hear the missing sounds.

    Speaking of the Commentary, I recommend you watch the movie at least once with the Commentary turned on. Among many other cool bits of info you get from doing this, you'll learn that the dialog scene between The Kid and Apollonia in which she just gets out of Lake Minnetonka was actually shot in two locations ( Prince was in Minnesota, Apollonia was in Los Angeles ), which is why the camera cuts to each of them separately when each say their lines. I would've never known that because the editing and continuity was done so well. Lots of other interesting things in the commentary.

    Two of the Special Feature includes pretty recent interviews with some of the cast members, director/editor, and other people involved in the making of "Purple Rain". The stuff from Lisa and Wendy was pretty cool, especially when they talk about the "Purple Rain Lady".

    The eight music videos are cool. Especially the videos of Prince's live concert for "Take Me With You". The "Sex Shooter" video was lame only because it was directed and shot poorly at the time.

    The MTV "Live Broadcast" of the Purple Rain premiere was the only thing I couldn't watch through the end.

    I ended up watching "Purple Rain" until the last of the end credits three times this past weekend. That's how much I enjoyed seeing the movie after more than 15 years. Now I want to buy CDs of all the old Prince albums I used to own.

    I give this Widescreen DVD 20th Anniversary release of "Purple Rain" 4 out of 5 stars, only because of the missing sound....more info
  • Purple Rain Forever
    Tyrone dumping the girl in the trash can was classic. . ."purify yourself in Lake Minnatonka" . . .This was just as tastelessly awesome then as it is today. 20 has not diminished the catchy hooks of "Nicky", "When Doves Cry", and "Electric blue". Prince was definately ahead of time with this film. Unlike most "musicals", the story revloves around the soundtrack, yet the characters are singing, synchronized finger snapping and the set did not look too much like a set. Despite the comical, yet poor acting, the storyline is cool enough to want to watch over and over. Great date movie....more info