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Logan's Run
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  • Old Fashioned Sci-Fi
    Obviously this film is open to criticism on several fronts. The fact that it was shot in a shopping center gives it a contemporary commercial feel rather than a futuristic feel. The gas torches that are supposed to be laser guns are not convincing at all. Even as a kid watching this film I couldn't figure out what the special effects people were thinking. They certainly could have come up with a more convincing laser gun than that in 1976. Also, the dialogue in the script is rather simple and drags in much of the film. However, having said all of this I still can't help feeling that this is a rather profound film.

    Like most pre-Star Wars science fiction, the themes that the film deals with, and deals with well, are themes that we deal with today. Themes such as:

    1)our youth worshipping culture and our horror of growing old
    2)our obsession with cosmetics and plastic surgery
    3)our limited resources and how they can best be used
    4)free love and sex
    5)recreational drug use
    6)our increasing dependence on technology
    7)the deterioration and decline of the family

    All of these issues are addressed by the film and dealt with in a sober and unsettling way. In some ways this is not a fun film to watch. It raises questions. Could we actually get to a point where we start killing people just because they reach a certain age? I've heard some bad things are taking place in Holland and parts of Scandinavia. Could we ever reach a point where marriage and family life becomes a thing of the distant past, recalled only in legends and folk-lore? We seem to be moving in that direction. And could we get to a point where we become totally dependent on technology so that computers are ordering us around and we have no individual rights? I still think the most chilling part of the film is when the computer says to Logan "Identify".

    The film does present a "solution" to these issues although I'm not sure that it's a very good one. It seems to suggest that going back to a more primitive existence where technology didn't exist and where humans are forced to spend their time hunting and looking for nuts and seeds is the answer. I'm not so sure.

    Of course, these are the broad themes that the film addresses but the storyline itself is rather puzzling too. For example, what was Logan's real motive in running? Was he following orders from the computer or was he actually running in earnest? Or was he conflicted about whether he should actually run or stick to the mission? Also, why, when he was about to meet the other runners for the first time, did he send a tracking signal to the other sandmen? Did he think that the runners would kill him and that his only hope of escape was for the sandmen to create a diversion? How did Logan come to the conclusion that sanctuary didn't exist and why did this cause the city's computer system to crash? These are questions that I've wondered about and I haven't really found a satisfactory answer to them.

    I know a lot has been said about the dullness of the dialogue in the film, but I think it's important to remember that this is a young culture that's being presented. It's a culture where young people don't have to think because the computers do all of their thinking for them and provide for their every need. In light of this, it's quite probable that their life skills and their intellectual development would be stunted. These are people who are intellectually more like children than adults.

    I do wonder why the city's central computer spoke with a warm, soft feminine voice. Is this another theme? It's like a human government saying to it's citizens "Let me take care of you. Let me provide for you. And in return you will be my slaves."

    ...more info
  • classic movie great SF
    Michael York!
    In the year 2274, after the world has been decimated by a holocaust, a new society is built and resides in a domed city. However, it is forbidden for humans to live beyond 30 and you are given two choices, either to go through a ritual called Carousel with the promise of being "renewed", or go on the run and risk being hunted down by an elite police force known as Sandmen....more info
  • Still a classic
    Yes, the costumes are a bit cheesy, and so is the plot, but "Logan's Run" really kicked off the run of science fiction films in the 70s and helped get teens ready for "Star Wars" a few years later.

    Logan 5 isn't worried about the future; after all, one can be renewed at age 30, right? He spends his days tracking down "runners" - those who don't believe the renewal promise of Carousel and flee - and having sex with beautiful women, until his faith is shaken....

    A cast of beautiful people, including a young Jessica Agutter with Michael York, added to the appeal of this film in the 70s. Still a cult classic with sci-fi fans, and worth a look for this generation despite its dated effects. Five stars for a classic in the genre...more info
  • logan's run
    I've always enjoyed logan's run. I was happy to be able to purchase online. Very good transaction. Delivered timely, new and sealed as advertised....more info
  • Logan's Run: Still running and still revelant
    This movie, while being pre-Star Wars, is still relevant today in the subject matter; ecology, overpopulation, hedonism, governmental control, technologies, marriage, genocide, and many others with very plausible visual depictions of a future "post-apocalyptic" society. The movie's varied subject matter is presented very well in the plot, and really...relatively simple dialogue. The actors are all very believable, yet simple. Some may say that this movie is overly simplistic, shallow, etc, but...and that is a big BUT...when you consider what the movie presents you see great depth. It should be considered a CLASSIC and rated with equal prestige as great literary works like Ray Bradbury's "Farenheit 451" or George Orwell's "Animal Farm"...more info
  • the runner
    Its one of those scien fics movies i had to include in my collection....more info
  • Should be rated R
    As a mom, I have to throw my 2 cents in about the rating of this movie. I remember watching it as a kid on tv and recently bought it to share with my family. (Fortunately I previewed it before showing it to my kids.) I was shocked when Logan and Jessica ran into the "love shop" where there was a kind of naked orgy going on in semi darkness. You can see women's naked breasts in the scene. Later, to get warm Jessica takes off her dress, exposing her breasts. There is another scene where people have been frozen and for some reason they all took off their clothes before being frozen. So, more naked people. I loved the movie for the neat effects that are kind of cheesy now, but I am sad that I have to throw the movie in the trash because of the nudity. ...more info
  • the little button in my palm started blinking red SEVEN years ago!
    I must have watched this ten times when it played on Showtime back in the late 70's and having just recently purchased it on dvd I am glad to see it not only holds up to my fond childhood memories but it worked on my girlfriend, passing the generational test. We had a blast watching this film for its 70's conception of the future and stay young til you die theme--this is the first time I've seen the film since I was a kid, and the little button in the palm of my hand would have blinked red seven years ago, so it made a different impression on me than it did when I was 10! Yikes!

    The amazing costumes and set design look every bit as good today as when this premiered WAY back in the late 20th century and, aside from some unconvincing matte work in the second half of the film, the special effects hold up remarkably well, too.

    I was thrilled at the picture and sound quality of this disc;the digitally remastered soundtrack was a serious treat for my rock and roll damaged ears! Anyone who saw this growing up will want it on dvd and they won't be disappointed with the goods offered here. Bravo. ...more info
  • logun's run
    If your a fan of older movies with a lesson in it then this is it....more info
  • An unusual sci-fi allegory
    This film is best interpreted in a symbolic and allegorical way. The plot is too implausible and riddled with inconsistencies to be taken literally. Instead, what Logan's Run offers is a bizarre vision of the cult of eternal youth evolving into a police state. Some of the scenes are riveting, such as the early depiction of sanitized mass murder carried out in a spectacular ceremony. There are clear references to a commercial culture that glorifies youth and lives in denial about death. The world depicted here is at once hedonistic and claustrophobic. The environment is a kind of shallow, Disneyesque paradise from which there is no hope of escape. The implicit subtext of the movie, that hedonism is a kind of deathtrap, is well taken. ...more info
  • Thoughtful 70's Sci Fi
    Logan's Run belongs to a class of old school science fiction films which were popular in the early and mid-1970's, prior to the beginning of the Star Wars franchise. These films did not rely on non-stop action or dazzling special effects, but rather on thoughtful, intelligent stories, intriguing "What if?" scenarios, and astute social commentary. They included Sci Fi classics such as Soylent Green, The Omega Man, The Andromeda Strain, Westworld, and others. While the shopping mall setting and some of the special effects of Logan's Run are pretty cheesy, it is still an interesting film and its themes may be even more relevant in today's botox era than they were in the 70's. I have heard they are doing a remake and would like to think it will improve on the original. Unfortunately, given the recent history of Hollywood, it is more likely that they will drain every last bit of intelligence out of the story, and replace it with more explosions, and perhaps Will Smith. ...more info
  • "No Sandman ever ran."
    According to the film Logan's Run (1976), the future holds great promise for us lazy, unmotivated individuals in that we'll all be living in climate controlled domed cities and the menial tasks we now perform will be completely automated, allowing for us to live a life of leisure, our days spent hanging out with our friends and copulating whenever the urge strikes...sounds pretty sweet, but there's one catch...once you hit 30 years of age, that's it buddy boy...end of the road, it's curtains for you, exit, stage left, hand in your chips, time to join the majority, here's your ticket to the undiscovered country, fettuccine al dead-o, time for your neck tie party, become one of the living impaired, shuffle off this mortal coil, cooling to room temperature, going into the fertilizer business, if you were a book you'd be permanently out of print...based on a novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, adapted for the screen by David Zelag Goodman (Straw Dogs, Eyes of Laura Mars), and directed by Michael Anderson (Orca, "The Martian Chronicles"), the film stars Michael York (The Three Musketeers, The Island of Dr. Moreau) and Jenny Agutter (The Eagle Has Landed, An American Werewolf in London). Also appearing is Richard Jordan (Chato's Land, Rooster Cogburn), Roscoe Lee Browne (Topaz, Uptown Saturday Night), Peter Ustinov (Spartacus, Death on the Nile), and Farrah Fawcett ("Charlie's Angels", "The Burning Bed").

    As the story begins we learn it's the 23rd century, and due to war, overpopulation, and pollution, those remaining live in domed, automated cities, their only concerns being that of the pursuit of pleasure and their ever impending `renewal' process. You see, each inhabitant has a crystal implanted in his or her palm, and once the crystal starts flashing red (about the time you turn 30 years of age), that means it's nearing time to participate in the ritual of the carrousel. People actively accept this (hell, it's a daily public event, complete with cheering crowds), as they believe it will lead to them being reborn, but it sounds like a real crock to me, something related if only to make the poison pill of sanctioned termination go down easier (and turns out, it is). Those who actively seek to avoid the process are known as `runners', and are hunted down by individuals dressed in black called Sandmen. Logan 5 (York) is a Sandman, and after the recent termination of a runner, he's given a secret assignment by the almighty controlling computer to uncover the secret location of a place called `Sanctuary', a mythic place where escaped runners are supposed to have found refuge, aided by those among the population sympathetic to the cause. To facilitate the mission, Logan 5's life clock is artificially advanced to the point indicating he's soon due for renewal, in an effort to allow him to infiltrate the underground movement and expose the location of this haven for those who've escaped their predetermined destiny. Problem is he's now a target of the Sandmen, particularly his friend Francis 7 (Jordan), and also the `misfits' (this is what those who question the process are called), who are unwilling to help him out of resentment because he's a Sandman and responsible for the deaths of many a runner, and also because they just don't trust him, but he does find assistance among their group in the form of a girl named Jessica 6 (Agutter). Their quest to find Sanctuary leads the pair on a dangerous journey of discovery, both inward and outward, revealing many truths and kindling the dormant embers of self-preservation.

    If you can get past all the trappings consistent with many science fiction films released in the 1970s, particularly those who portend the future to be something akin to the ultimate discotheque, then you might be able to see the strength of the material with relation to the genre. You've got a man recruited to seek out that which threatens the status quo, ultimately questioning that which he once took for granted, spurred on by the loss of his precious time, as he had like four years left, and never got a definitive answer as to whether he'd get them back once the mission was completed (which, in fact, was an answer, but not the one he was looking for), along with learning the whole `renewal' process was a sham. Once certain realizations emerged, primitive, instinctual, inherent, human characteristics came forth, ones that had been relatively stifled or mitigated by an oppressive society due to circumstances it believe warranted extreme measures. Well, how best to implement these measures? Satisfy all the basic needs (food, clothing, shelter), and push forth the seemingly utopian aspects of a life full of pleasurable experiences, capped off with fostering the belief that as long as one follows the established program (a program that included enforced termination at a specific age), the end really isn't the end, but merely a transitional state from which one can return. As far as the performances, I thought they were all fairly solid, and I did appreciate the brief bits of nekkidness in terms of Ms. Agutter, as she was one fine looking woman. The direction is smooth and well paced, and I was particularly impressed with the sets and locations. The miniature environments present in the overview shots inside the domed city did look phony, but the amount of work in terms of detail was apparent, and given the time the film was made, this was probably as good as could be fashioned. I'd recommend to newer viewers, used today's more sophisticated effects, to bring their imaginations as this will help them get past that which seems antiquated, enough so to allow for the enjoyment and appreciation of strengths of the movie, that being the actual story and its more timeless elements. Is this a classic? Despite its relatively cosmetic flaws, I'd say yes it is, and definitely worthy of attention, especially for those who value a grand, intelligent, adventurous story and production with well developed characters and classic sci-fi themes.

    The picture on this dual sided DVD, presented in both fullscreen (1.33:1) and anamorphic widescreen (2.35:1), looks very sharp, exhibiting only a few, minor flaws, most likely due to age, and the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio is excellent. In terms of special features, there's a commentary track with director Michael Anderson, star Michael York, and costume designer Bill Thomas, along with a featurette titled `A Look into the Future' (9:23), and an original theatrical trailer.


    A side note, I noticed a remake of this film is scheduled for 2006, but they have yet to decide on a cast. Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, The Matrix) is listed as the producer, so I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men, Superman Returns) is listed as a writer, so we'll see...regardless, we'll always have the original. ...more info
  • should be remade
    The story is pretty good, the acting ok, the sets are a product of their time. Look, it is virtually impossible to make a film, particularly a sci-fi one and not have it look dated 20 years later. I know its unfair to compare but you will bust a gut laughing at early 1970s Dr Who's where the idea of futuristic transport was a Citroen Diane with the doors taken off, and crewed by 4 camp looking blokes in berets and capes. Tears are rolling down my face as I think of it. Anyway. 2001, Blade Runner, Star Wars - still look good today. Not much else does though. Back to Logans Run, all you need to know is Jenny Agutter gets nuddy in it. How cool is that?

    PS - I noted some comment about the sandmens guns being unrealistic. Well, on my first night excercise, I started firing my semi-auto Self Loading Rifle (SLR) which had a blank firing attachment on it (which provides enough back pressure to operate the working parts of the rifle when using blanks) and lo and behold, 4 tongues of flame shot out of the flash eliminator ports just like in Logans Run, which was great for sci-fi reminiscence but rubbish for my night vision. So there you go, not unrealistic at all. ...more info
  • If you're age 30 or more, then you shouldn't be reading this review!!!

    This movie is based on the 1967 novel of the same name by William Nolan and George Johnson. This movie inspired a short-lived 1970's television show.

    It begins with the printed word:

    "Sometime in the 23RD century, the survivors of war, overpopulation, and pollution are living in a great domed city sealed away from the forgotten world outside. Here, in an ecologically balanced world, [human]kind lives only for pleasure, freed by the servo-mechanisms which provide everything. There's only one catch: life must end at thirty years [of age] unless reborn [or 'renewed'] in the fiery ritual of carousel."

    From here, we are introduced to two "sandmen." The first sandman's name is "Logan 5" (Michael York) and the second one, his partner, is named "Francis 7" (Richard Jordan). Their job (which they love) is to put "runners" (those who decide not to go to carousel when they're thirty but run, or more accurately, try to escape from it) to sleep--forever (that is, they "terminate" or kill them.) (It is interesting to note that both actors York and Jordan were over thirty in this movie but they don't look it.)

    The society of the domed city is run by a giant supercomputer and thus this society is very orderly & efficient. In fact, each person in this enclosed society has a "life clock" from birth. (Life clocks are crystals attached to the palm of a person's hand. Amazon provides a picture, for the DVD released in 2004, of this movie's DVD case that has a picture of such a life clock-see above.) Life clocks change color as the person ages. (Sandmen also have life clocks.) The color-coding scheme is as follows:

    (1) Birth: crystal is clear
    (2) Age 8: crystal turns yellow
    (3) Age 16: it turns green.
    (4) Age 24: crystal turns red. (The picture mentioned above has a red crystal)
    (5) Last few days before age 30: crystal is still red but blinking
    (6) Age 30: crystal turns black. (The thirtieth birthday is called "Last Day." It is time for these senior citizens to renew in carousel.)

    Also, everyone in this enclosed society wear clothes the same color as their life clock (except sandmen who wear black).

    At this point, I should mention that I picked up this movie's vocabulary by listening and watching carefully. There are other terms introduced as the movie proceeds (especially in its first half). I recommend perhaps turning on the English subtitles so you don't miss some of this vocabulary.

    The action really begins when the computer gives Logan a special assignment: to eliminate those involved with "sanctuary" (a place outside the domed city where runners can go without being killed). To do so, he must become a runner (thus the movie's title) so the computer advances his life clock from red to blinking red. He enlists the aid of a scantily clad female named "Jennifer 6" (Jenny Agutter who is really under age thirty in this movie) whom he suspects knows about sanctuary.

    Francis, who doesn't know Logan is under assignment is determined to kill him for running. The movie at this point becomes a chase movie with Francis chasing Logan (and Jennifer) but with Logan trying to find sanctuary.

    One of the faults with this movie that can be frustrating is that it doesn't explain everything. For example, we are not told why Logan is picked by the computer for this special assignment. As well, at one point Logan goes from runner under special assignment to a genuine runner. The viewer is not told the reason for Logan's change or even when it occurs.

    Farrah Fawcett (of "Charlie's Angels" fame) has a small role in this movie. The late Sir Peter Ustinov as the "Old Man" appears in the last thirty minutes of this movie.

    All actors do decent jobs in their roles. I think special kudos should go to Michael York, Richard Jordan, and Jenny Agutter for sustaining the energy of the movie (especially in its first half).

    The special effects were decent for its time (mid-1970s). In fact, this movie won an Oscar for Best Special Effects. The only thing that I felt was bad was the antiquated cyborg on wheels (played by Roscoe Lee Browne). Fortunately this scene does not last very long. Even the futuristic scenery (computers, domed city, etc.) I thought was decent. Some may disagree with me on this, however.

    I did not completely understand the ending or why it even occurred the way it did.

    The DVD (the one released by Warner Home Video in 2004) has acceptable though not perfect picture and sound quality. There are four extras, all of them interesting.

    Finally, this movie coincidentally is thirty years old (from the year of this review). Time for renewal? Perhaps. There is talk of remaking this movie.

    In conclusion, this may not be the best Sci-Fi movie of the 1970s but it's one you can't forget. Especially as you approach your thirtieth birthday!!

    (1976; 2 hr; widescreen)

    ...more info
  • Good Viewing
    This is a realy well mad science fiction movie.Some say its outdated,but i think the plot is realy interesting.
    Its also a well made movie.
    But i must confess i thought the series of Logans Run was sensational when i saw it as a kid.I have not seen it since the 70's and i would definitly buy it if it came out on DVD.
    I like this movie and i would reccomend it to those who like Sci-Fi movies....more info
  • Logan's Run
    I have always loved this movie but it was very hard to find. It is such a relief to have a place to find rare movies in such great condition. This movie will make you really think about the future and also about how far our movie technology has come....more info
  • unlike fine wine,logan's run doesn't age very well
    when i was growing up i must have seen this movie 5 times and really loved it. even though i had read the books and knew that the movie was different,but i loved it anyway.
    flash foward to now and i watched this again just a while back and oh man did it age bad! the story was always paper thin but at 9 and 10 years old you don't see that,well i see it now. the f/x are bad(but to be fair they were pretty good in the 70's),and the acting is just not there. oh well like they say, you can't go home again. still you may find something to enjoy about it,i mean i still own it and won't sell it so even if it's not great you may like it....more info
  • Truly a classic
    This is what Science Fiction is supposed to be, Thought Provoking.

    Excellent imagery. Superb plot. Well developed. Wonderful ending. ...more info
  • A movie that was way ahead of its time (and still is)...
    This movie is enthralling from start to finish. Awesome, timeless special effects, great acting, a great plot and excellent direction and production. It really takes you to a whole different world, an innocent, young world, but also a scary one.

    This movie can be seen by the whole family because there is no hardcore violence or bad language and the little nudity is not blatant. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves sci-fi, a great story and film as an art.

    It is truly a masterpiece, and Peter Ustinov plays one of the most endearing roles ever seen on the silver screen. ...more info
  • Post-Apocalyptic Paradise
    A good way to judge the quality of a movies special effects, is by seeing how many other movies rob their footage. I don't know how many times I've seen the Domes and City from Logan's Run used in lesser movies - I've lost count. The sets and costume design are amazing, bringing about a vision of the future second-to-none. The props maintain their futuristic appeal, even today. The Sandman gun, in particular, with its unusual flare and effect, is an impressive example of the prop-masters art. The storyline: a futuristic world where nobody lives past the age of 35. In a carvival atmosphere, they are "renewed," while the crowd cheers on. Some people don't believe in renewal, and seek "sanctuary," they are called "runners." These runners are hunted by sandmen (police), and killed. Michael York, plays Logan 5, a sandman who is forced to rethink his opinions on renewal and seek sanctuary. I wont spoil the story any more, for those who haven't seen this epic, but I will say that the plot leads out of the domes into a strange (yet familiar) world. Enjoy the show!...more info
  • not as good as i remember it was
    when i was little(9 or 10) this movie came out and i got my parents to take me to see it. i loved it and bought the book and read it,boy what a change of pace the book was. that said the f/x in the movie look very dated now and the story is very slim and you can drive a truck through the plot holes, but there is some fun to be had watching this one if you let it be fun. just don't expect it to be as good as you remember it was....more info
  • This is a really good film!
    When this movie first opened years ago, I was so blown away that I went to see it again the following night. Although it is somewhat dated, LOGAN'S RUN still has that impressive quality for today's audience. (Add another point if you think Michael York is hot!) Most definitely worth purchasing....more info