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24: Season One (Special Edition)
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Product Description

Follow 24 hours in the life of federal agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) in the thrilling first season of this innovative Emmy Award-winning television series. Taken together the 24 hour-long episodes track one full day (from midnight to midnight) using split screens and a real-time clock to tell a tense interweaving story about Bauer his wife and daughter and a presidential candidate targeted for assassination among others.System Requirements:Running Time: 1056 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS UPC: 024543488088 Manufacturer No: 2248808

All new content on Disc 7:

**Trailer Farm: Burn Notice, Prison Break Season 2, 24 Season 7 Tune-in Trailer

*Alan and Teri discuss Jack's Profession
*Kim and Rick discuss Jack's Profession
*Jack and Officer Hamilton Talk About Palmer
*Officer Hamilton Dies
*Carl "Chats" with Barry
*Alan and Teri at the Hospital
*Ira Spares Kim and Teri and Discusses His Contingencies
*Kim Comforts Teri in Captivity
*The Palmers Visit an Elementary School
*Nina and Tony Discuss Jack's Marriage
*Jack Gives Rick a Second Chance
*Nina Searches the Hospital Room
*Nina Pulls Prints from the Hospital Phone
*Nina Tells Tony She Wants to Bring Kim and Teri Back to CTU
*Kim Confronts Nina and Teri in the Safehouse
*Teri Comforts Kim
*Andre Drazen at the Cafe
*Jack Plans to Use Elizabeth Nash as a Spy
*Teri Asks Kim Not to Tell Anyone What Eli Did to Her
*Johan Calls Andre to Tell Him the Women Escaped
*Teri's Amnesia
*The FBI Comes for Carl
*Phil is Wounded and Confesses His Feelings to Teri
*Kim is Held Hostage by the Drazens
*Teri Tells Nina About Her Pregnancy
*Alternate Ending *The Genesis of 24 *The Rookie: Coffe Run, Get this To...

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Customer Reviews:

  • not worth the case
    i mean it looks cool even with the clock thing on the front but you'll most likely have to change the battery for the clock i was suppose to but to lazy to buy one and i can see why people say the dvds get F##ked up by slipping out and straching and yea its tru the little book made of tough cardboard isnt cd friendly and to be honest get the cheaper box this doesnt even match the other ones so it just looks dumb and there is no special things in it just da case only reason i gave it 4 stars is becuase i love 24...beep,beep,beep,beep....hehe couldnt contain myself lol...more info
  • 24
    cds were fine but the case had a built in clock in the front of it which did not work when I opened the package. I assume the battery is dead. I did not know there would be a clock, so, guess it was not a dissappointment. ...more info
  • Where is the Blu-ray ?
    I love 24 and I love special editions, but I will not double dip until the Blu-ray comes out. Where is the Blu-ray of this great show ?! ...more info
  • My review of 24: Season One Special Edition
    This is my review of 24: Season One Special Edition. Now, just to get this out of the way as a disclaimer here at the beginning. I'm a HUGE 24 fanatic. I think it's the greatest show on television right now. That being said, I might be overrating this in some peoples' eyes. But I'm giving you my honest opinion.

    Okay, so there are three versions of 24: Season One on DVD. Since this was the third version to come out, I thought I'd spend the bulk of this review explaining the differences between this and the other versions.

    This version has new and unique packaging, as well as a good amount of extras including commentary for the premiere and finale, as well as a 7th disk completely devoted to extras (in line with every other season of the show since). Many of these extras were created specifically for this version.

    I will agree with the other reviewers about the packaging. On the outside, it's definitely unique. A metal box, with a little clock on the bottom that says 24, and a button on the inside that resets it to 0 and counts up to 24 hours. Love that. The housing for the DVDs, not so much. All the other 24 DVDs have cases that protect the disks, but here for some reason they decided to use a cardboard book with sleeves. First of all, this book is somewhat difficult to remove from the metal case which can be annoying. Also, it's not very good protection for the disks. None of my disks were scratched, but a lot of them were smudged from the cardboard. As a result, many of them skipped or froze in parts. Most of them worked fine after a cleaning though, and I was generally okay with it. It's not as big of an issue as some previous reviewers made it out to be, in my opinion.

    As for the extras. They could be better, and there could be more of them, but I enjoyed them regardless. The commentary for the premiere, with Stephen Hopkins and Peter Levy was a snoozefest. Hopkins was boring, and the other guy was talking so softly I couldn't even hear him. They really only said stuff I already knew anyway. The finale's commentary is much better because it was Leslie Hope, who played Teri Bauer in the series. You could tell she was having a great time just watching the show and commenting about it, which was nice and definitely fun.

    The extras on Disk 7 were good as well. Most of the deleted scenes weren't that great; there's a reason why they didn't make the final cut. But some of them were very good. In particular, I enjoyed Carl "Chats" with Barry. That was golden.

    As the previous reviewer said, the alternate ending was not good. But, what I really enjoyed was watching it with Joel Surnow's commentary. He shed some light on the whole thing, explaining how they didn't like this ending, but explained the entire thinking process behind it. It definitely told me a lot about 24 behind the scenes, the way the writers think, and their entire creative process.

    That was further explained in the included documentary "The Genesis of 24". This was very enjoyable in my opinion, but it could've been longer. Still, definitely worth watching.

    Finally, "The Rookie", which is probably the best thing on these extras. I had never seen these before or even knew what they were. It turns out "The Rookie" is an online spin-off of 24 that's more comedic but still has some cool action. Not much in the way of suspense though. Still, these are a lot of fun. Definitely worth watching. Although, they're available for free online.

    Now that I've covered everything that's different about this set, I'll take a quick minute to run through the meat and potatoes of this DVD set, the first season of 24. Season One was one of my favorite seasons, which says a lot because I love every season. The storylines are awesome, it's unbelievably suspenseful, the action is great, the characters are all very likable, the acting is wonderful, the writing is wonderful, this is in my opinion the best show on television. That doesn't mean it's flawless though. I've had at least one major problem with every season of 24 so far. For Season One, like most people, it was the Teri amnesia storyline. I think it made no sense and it was pretty boring. It dragged down that point of the season a little bit, that is until the awesome climax of it. Despite that, in my opinion this is the best series on television.

    But, seeing it on DVD is even better. For some reason, it just seems like it's on a whole different level, watching on DVD. It's probably because there's no commercials to take you out of the excitement. But I can very easily watch 5 or 6 episodes in one sitting and have a great time just watching it unfold. No other show has given me that feeling, at least not on such a high level as 24.

    Overall, I give this DVD 5 stars. Now, most reviewers knocked off a star for the packaging, but honestly I don't think it's a big enough problem to knock off a whole star. Maybe a half star, but it'd still round up to 5, so that's where I'm keeping it. Besides, the extras make up for the packaging headaches in my opinion, so this is about equal to the other versions of Season One. Life is full of trade-offs. Honestly, as for which version I'd reccommend, I'd just go with the cheapest one. I got this for $19.99 during the recent sale. Whichever version of Season One happens to be cheaper when you're buying, I'd say go with that version, because I wouldn't say one version is definitely superior to another. They're just, different, and they have different advantages and unfortunate disadvantages.

    Overall, amazing DVD though. 5/5....more info
  • 24: Season One Special Edition
    Overall enjoyment of the movie is good and Season one of 24 is probably one of my favorite among all seasons. However, absence of Dolbi Digital or DTS is a big let down, espeacially for a "special edition" like this. This is the main reason why I could only offer 3 star....more info
  • Tired of all this re-releasing.
    24 is a great show. Among the best of all. And season 1 was its best, but this set is another example of the lame tendency Fox has to release everything 7 or 8 times in different editions. If there really was useful bonuses to include on a new edition, why not have done it last year on the slim case edition. The packaging is not that bad, the features are interesting and the show itself is exelent, but the fact that this is actually the third time that this season is released on DVD is just another lame excuse for Fox to suck money out of dedicated fans. There is no need to buy this edition if you have one of the previous ones....more info
  • You WILL be addicted. Not sure if that's a good thing.
    Okay, news flash: Jack Bauer is a bad agent. A very bad agent. I'm teasing, but seriously he leaves a body trail like you'd never believe. And heaven forbid he should interrogate you. This guy is a walking advertisement for why torture does NOT work. Need a human shield? Grab a civilian. Need to get some information critical to saving people you love? Kill the guy that can help you.

    THE GOOD: The episodes are more action packed than a Harry Potter novel. Then end so abruptly and unresolved (similar to LOST) that you just have to watch the next one. Dennis Haysbert as the Senator who we believe is about to become elected is wonderful and it's strangely erie to be watching this two days before Obama's inauguration. Almost prophetic. I give Fox credit for allowing a show about a black president-to-be. Keifer is better than I've ever seen him. I don't think that's brilliant but pretty darn good. The supporting cast are great although there are some characters you want to strangle they are so selfish/stupid/etc. I won't spoil anything but you'll see what I mean. This is good in a trashy novel kind of way. There are genuinely great twists along the way, a couple emotionally evocative moments but they are tempered somewhat by:

    THE BAD: There are HUGE gaps in believability. Characters make huge nonsensical mistakes after supposedly being so incredibly careful and smart to get where they are (whether they be the lead character or spies...I'm not giving anything away here). Also, the show is ultimately depressing. It makes you fear for your country that people so stupid, selfish and reckless are in charge of anything. Dennis Haysbert as Senator is the ONLY shred of decency in the whole program aside from Jack Bauer's family. The worst? The ultimate villain that is revealed (and the villains' family). I have to give a badge of shame to Rick/Debi and Peggy who did the casting because the two they cast have the WORST accents I've ever heard. Were you forced to hire them? Did you owe someone a favor? It made me laugh out loud. I sat there with my wife and mimicked their accents. It sounded like a bad Dracula impression and they are not supposed to be Travsylvanian terrorists if you get my drift. The end result is a huge let down in believability.

    SUMMARY: You decide. If you can get it cheaper elsewhere I might recommend that. It's not a full price show for me personally. It is absolutely addicting and there is some great writing but the problems that I spoke of are inherent in the format. You can't do a show about 24 hours and have each show only be an hour and then cram each episode with so much action that at the end of the 24 hours (the season) you really have a hard time believing what just happened. It's on the edge of laughable. Am I tempted to get season 2? Dang it, yes! You might consider not watching them back to back since when it originally aired I'm sure that if left you begging for more and the week in between episodes smoothed over the gaps in logic. ...more info