Sharx Titan 2.4GHz Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
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Our Price: $89.95

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Product Description

The Sharx "Titan (tm)" is an indoor / outdoor 2.4 GHz wireless security camera that is very easy to use. You simply connect the included receiver to your TV set's video input just like you would connect a video game unit. Then you can immediately view the camera that you connect to power anywhere in or around your house, up to 200 ft away from the receiver. Place on desktop or connect to wall or ceiling with included mounting hardware. Outdoor installation is also possible since the attractive, solid metal case is weatherproof and can withstand dust, rain, snow and ice. At night the infrared LEDs turn on automatically for night vision in complete darkness, with up to 20 ft range. For more nightvision range consider the Sharx "NightStar (tm)" or Sharx "Pro-CCD (tm)" models. If you prefer a black color for the camera, consider the Sharx "Krypton (tm)" model. Expandable up to 4 cameras which can be viewed by switching channels manually on the receiver unit or scanned sequentially with about 5 second delay. In households with 2.4 GHz Wifi b or g networks you can use up to 2 cameras totally interference free if you follow the recommended channel selection guidelines. Not recommended in households with Wifi "N" networks or multiple 2.4 GHz cordless phones that are frequently in use.

  • 2.4GHz Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera
  • Attractive metal design with high quality construction
  • Built in microphone and built in infrared light source
  • 4 channel receiver for future expansion
  • Transmission range up to 150 ft, night vision up to 20 ft