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Mirror's Edge
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Product Description

Imagine a world where communication channels are highly monitored and the movement of human traffic is closely watched. Mirror's Edge introduces you to Faith, a "runner" in this world. When Faith's sister gets framed for a murder she did not commit, Faith finds herself on the edge of the city, on the wrong side of the law. Mirror's Edge delivers you straight into the shoes of this modern day heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat, fast-paced chases and challenging puzzles. With a never-before-seen sense of movement and perspective, you are drawn into Faith's world.

  • Heroes Emerge - A young woman without a home until she is taken in and trained by the Runners.
  • Your incredible gifts allow you to swiftly navigate the city while eluding those who would try to stop you.
  • Go Vertigo - Heights create vertigo, movements flow naturally, collisions are felt realistically, and muscles and tendons strain as you chase and are chased throughout the city.
  • Slip off the Edge - Perform amazing acrobatic moves from below street level, through buildings, and up to the dizzying heights of hyper real skyscrapers as you face off against your enemies or run for your life.
  • Unrivaled Immersion - An exciting mix of chase, intense combat, strategy and puzzles draw you into a world like never before.

Customer Reviews:

  • Brilliant, but a bit short
    I love this game! The graphics, the sound, the feel and first person viewpoint make this the single most immersive video game I have ever played. Unfortunately, the game itself is rather short in comparison to some others -- even shorter if you're better at it. You will have to enjoy replaying certain levels to and time trials really get the most entertainment time out of it. Still, I do not regret purchasing this game.

    I recommend playing the demo first to see if you enjoy the style and feel of it....more info
  • good play
    this game was awesome the first time i played through but going back and playing isnt as fun i mean replaying and trying to get a better time is fun sometimes. I wish the multiplayer had an option to free run with friends but like i said its sweet when you play the whole game for the 1st time...more info
  • Interesting
    This is a really great, innovative game. I had lots of fun playing it however, I wish it didn't give me motion sickness. It's a little disorientating but other than that, a fantastic game!...more info
  • Fun but a bit too hard
    Many games have different difficulty levels. In this game, the difficulty levels only affect fighting. It would be a much better game if it weren't so incredibly hard in some places. Having to repeat the same wall-run over and over and over and over gets more than tedius. If they made an "Easy" difficulty where wall-runs, balancing, and other difficult moves were a little bit more forgiving it would move change my fun rating from 3 stars to 5.

    Also, there need to be more frequent autosave checkpoints. When I inevitably die after *just* missing that jump it is maddening how far back it always starts and how I have to do the same difficult sequence over and over again. Tedium.

    Having said all that, it is still a visually delightful, interesting, and different game that I will continue to play, despite its flaws. For gamers looking for something different that the typical war game shoot-em-up this is definitely worth a try. Overall I gave it 4 stars....more info
  • Drunk on adrenaline, living life on the mirror's edge...
    + Pros:

    + Unique first-person gameplay
    + Earnable trophies
    + Online competition
    + Unlockable content

    - Cons:

    - Repetitive levels
    - Flawed combat system

    "I knew the fastest route to the exit was already laid out in front of me. As I worked up to my full sprinting speed, I felt my heart pounding faster and faster. I leapt down the staircase and landed with a forward roll, never breaking momentum. I threw my shoulder into the door at the end of the hall, and the lock popped open from the force of my impact. As I escaped, I wondered how people could be afraid of heights. Some see fear, I see challenge. Others see apprehension, I see exhilaration. I'm still alive..."

    Anyone who saw the movie Casino Royale remembers the construction site chase sequence - Daniel Craig had to chase down a terrorist who was a master of Parkour: a method of moving from one place to another in the quickest and most efficient ways possible.

    In Mirror's Edge, you take the role of Faith - a young roof runner proficient in Parkour. Her sister has been accused of a crime she didn't commit, and you have to clear her name while keeping one step ahead of the Blues (police) on your tail. The game is presented in a first-person perspective, designed to fully immerse the player in Faith's world. Whether it's stretching to reach a ledge, going into a landing roll or leaping across a 50-foot gap between buildings, the player does it all. Unlike other games in a first person perspective, Mirror's Edge offers a view of the player's hands, feet, and even the torso to accurately judge distance, depth and height.

    Though the tutorial lessons, we learn the available maneuvers in the game: running, wall climbing, sprinting, sliding under objects, vaulting, soft landings, and most importantly, how to disarm hostiles. Holding a weapon makes Faith move slower, and since time is of the essence, more often than not we find ourselves discarding weapons instead of using them.

    The trophy system is well-built for Mirror's Edge. With each level of gameplay and each time trial, trophies are earned. The designers clearly wanted to focus on the running aspects and less on the combat; evidenced by a trophy awarded when the player completes the game without shooting any enemies. Online leader boards record the fastest run-throughs of each level, and the competition is FIERCE.

    Even with all this going for it, Mirror's Edge does have its flaws. If a player isn't right on target with physical attacks or misses the opportunity to disarm a hostile, they are left open to a crushing counterattack. Some pathways are crystal clear, others are not always visible to the naked eye and will require some trial & error to navigate through. After a time, the levels start feeling repetitious, and with only 9 levels to explore, Faith's frenetic pace makes the game feel quite short.

    Williams Belle, one of the founders of Parkour, had this to say:

    "...It should not be lost. It has to stay alive! I do not want to have this experience, and just write it in a book, it would become a dead experience! I want it to be alive! I want people to use it, to live it and to experience it."

    Well, Mr. Belle, after playing this game, I can say that Parkour is still alive...and ready to thrive.

    If you look at a construction zone and see an obstacle course, don't be surprised if you find yourself pulled to the Mirror's Edge.
    ...more info
  • Mirrors Edge Review
    First off, if you have a Xbox360 or PS3 hooked up to the internet then do yourself a favor and download the demo.

    This game is done like most shooters in the 1st person. But this game is primarily not a shooter. DICE decided to change it up a little and actually make a game in 1st person mode that required more than just killing things.

    You play as a 'runner' and I'll just leave it at that as I hate divulging too much plot. The aim is basically to get from point A to B as fast as you can. The game eases you in slowly and as you play more you realize that there are multiple ways to get places and to handle enemies.

    Overall the game is solid. Looks good, plays good, sounds good. The main complaints would be the graphics, not that they are bad but the setting sometimes look sparse and lifeless. Also the game is short, mabybe 6-8 hours. There is 'time trial' option for a little longevity but no online means that at 60 bones it is hard to recommend. If you can pick this game up for $30 it would be well worth it....more info
  • Great rental
    I saw the trailers and decided to pick this up one day. It is a very fun game, but like most other reviews, I do find things a little repetitive. You run and jump about a city run by big brother, and uncover a conspiracy, and must run for your life. The plot keeps you moving from locale to locale, though it takes about 6 chapters to find out the key point.Anyways, story aside, its a fast paced game that lets you pull off some awesome Matrix/Le Parkour style moves. The controls take a few minutes to get used to, but are pretty simple and dont hinder gameplay.

    The drawbacks are the lack of online/multiplayer options. Time trials arent really my idea of keeping me coming back to the game. If there was some arena to have multiple players reach a random objective, or chase down another player or character, that would be much better than chasing a ghost to get through a level faster.

    All in all, this is a fun game, but I really wish I had just rented it instead of buying it. Its worth playing through and beating, but you can beat the game fairly quickly, and theres not much in the way of replay value. With that, I give this game a 3.5 out of 5....more info
  • Demo was great, full game, not so much.
    I purchased this game because I previously played the demo last year. At first I though this game was great, it had good graphics and it was a change from most first person "shooting" games.

    After the first three chapters, I realized it was much of the same over and over and over again. Not only that but I beat all 9 chapters + prologue in under 3 1/2 hours. I painfully had to force myself to beat this game because I wanted the trophies.

    The graphics also became too much for me as well. On my Sony 52" XBR4 (which has been properly calibrated) the colors just scream and everything is overly bright (which is done on purpose). Even when you go into the menu and lower the brightness and contrast in game it's either too bright or too dark.

    I simply cannot recommend this game....more info
  • EA is just keepin' the hits coming.....
    I loved Mirror's Edge from the first time I seen the commercial..... And when I got the game I was blown away by the graphics, the story and the fun factor actually had me want to earn all the trophies..... If you get this game Ihope you don't have any heart conditions because the jumping from building to building will have you on the edge of your seat....... 5 out of 5...more info
  • Fun but extremely aggravating
    This game is fun, but if a lot of repetition and dying bother you...stay away. After spending 40 minutes trying to complete one task, I decided this game must not have been player tested. There are a lot of spots where the physics/programming is awful. You think you nailed a jump, but the game decides you did not. Several times it looked like I was going to land exactly where I needed to be, but the game decided to kill me anyway.

    Fun, at times, but mostly frustrating and stress inducing. This one will be traded very soon.

    I don't know why they made this game 1st person. Game developers should learn that 1st person is good for some games, but not all. ...more info
  • Original, visually striking, great music, nice mechanics....but too frustrating to be for anyone but the most polished gamers
    I am a game lover. My wife and I play games together constantly. We are solid gamers, each of us able to polish off most games on the "normal" setting pretty easily. We are not spectacular players, we are not honed machines of video game grace. But we play for hours every week and have done so for years, so we are not newbies by any stretch of the imagination; please take my complaints about this game with that in mind--if you are a polished videogame diety, then you will have less trouble than we did. If you are a newbie, well then, pay extra attention--this game's fun quotient (which is very high at times) is seriously hampered by its bizarre controls and frustrating requirements.

    This is a visually arresting game--the style is clean and modern, beautiful to look at. It is as if the entire city agreed to a limited but brilliant palette, and keeps everything really clean. The buildings are interesting to look at, and the places that you play through are full of fun things to jump on and over. My wife and I are fascinated by parkour in real life, so finding a beautiful looking game that focuses on parkour made us really happy at first. We also like the style of animation--very Adult Swim cool. We were a little confused as to why the game animation style varies so greatly from the story animation, but overall that is not a big deal. Both are fun to watch, and the animation is great both directions. The story line is interesting and keeps you moving, even when you are contemplating pulling the disc out of your PS3 and lighitng it on fire. Or kicking the game designers in their collective shins.

    So yea, first person parkour was way cool. At first. Then the frustration began. This game is essentially a platformer (our favorite type of game, we usually rock at these games) with first person moves. And in all fairness, when things flow, it is really fun. Not quite as fun as moving through the streets for the first time was in Assassin's creed, but close to that fun. You jump from obstacle to obstacle, under pipes, over huge gaps in buildings...breathtaking. The downside is you can't see all the cool moves you are getting to do, and that is kind of a shame. You have this superbad character you are playing, but you never really get to see her in action. I'd like to see a replay option in 3rd person as a bonus.

    Unfortunately, there are many times when you are under pressure--either someone is shooting you, or for some other reason you have a time issue. This would not be bad if the game were better at directing you...but it sucks at this. "Ah!" you exclaim, "but that is the beauty of the game! You must find your own way!" you say. Well, that is a legitimate point, within reason. There have been more than one occasion in which the way forward can only be reached in a single fashion, and the secret is pretty well hidden. That is fine if you aren't getting shot at...but if you keep dying because a sniper is shooting you and you don't know where to go...and if it happens 10-15 times...and if you keep getting set back in front of a difficult obstacle you have to conquer first, and that also kills you 10-15 times...then somewhere the game designers didn't really think about what they were doing. Yes, we got past all of them eventually, but the repetition it took us (and we are good gamers, mind you) got really boring and frustrating. After a while it wasn't fun any more, and when a game becomes not fun, then it makes you wonder why you are playing it.

    And while I am on the subject of snipers (and other gun toting baddies in general), whoever designed the combat portion of this game deserves to be taken out back and forced to fight like our heroine. Guns are few, far between, non-flashy or exciting to use, have no aiming aid (a real bummer), and are essentially temporary--you can't store them on your person. And guns are the good part--your personal ability to fight is there...she does have some moves (nice spin kick!), but executing them in any reasonable fashion against their bad guys is not easy to do, and you die a lot. A lot. A lot. Once more, frustrating, why am I playing this game?

    Also, I have a huge issue with the controls. Some people have complemented DICE on the controls. I say that whoever designed the controls for the PS3 needs to have their head examined. L1 is jump? The single most frequently used button in the game is L1? Really? Oh, and the second most used control is L2? OK, if you are willing to buy into L1 is jump, then L2 as duck makes sense. But I respectfully suggest that allowing some control re-assignment would be better for those of us who are used to X being jump--because 5000 other games have taught us that x=jump! And whoever made the virtually useless R1 "insta-reverse" should be shot with a water gun full of curdled goat milk. "Insta reverse" is very useful in some jumping situations, but R1 has often been "Fire!" or other things in other games, and let me tell you that hitting R1 in a fight can spell your rapid death. Sounds simple. But whatever. In this day and age, there is no excuse for controls that a player doesn't like not being completely reassignable--or at least having alternative control schemes. Something. My wife and I both think that this was our number one complaint.

    Wow, so after reading that, you must think that there is no reason to play this game at all. And you would be wrong, because when the frustrating portions of the game are not bothering you, this game is one of fluid grace, of breathtaking running, jumping climbing excitement. She moves like a dream, when she is allowed to do so, and for those moments when things are going well, it is just magic. Pure magic. I loved those portions.

    In the end, I would not buy this game again, knowing what I know. It was tons of fun for a few moments, and then some fun for a lot more moments, but not much fun at all for about half of it. I would consider buying a sequel if the game designer takes some of these complaints into consideration--and I know that I am not the only one who feels this way--other reviewers on professional sites have had the same complaints about replaying levels over and over again until they get them right.

    So how do you know if it is your cup of tea? Rent it! Check out a demo! If you dig it, don't hesitate to throw down the 60 bones for a really unique experience. But if you have a hard time, then renting is really a better choice. Best of luck!...more info
  • Rent it
    This is what game rentals were made for: Playing a game that takes 4 hours to finish without having to lay down $60 for the privilege.

    And this is a game you should definitely play, whether you come away loving it or not, because unlike most of the games being released right now it is unique and original and brave.

    From its whitewashed look that makes colors all the more vibrant to the way it makes you feel like you inhabit the body of an athletic 90 lb. Asian woman to its cheesy 80s sci-fi synth soundtrack, this game provides an experience I guarantee you have not had before.

    Hopefully we will experience something like it again. Hopefully other developers will take away some of the wonderful ideas this game provides and will tie them into a play experience that is actually fun. Because ultimately, that's the problem with this game: It's just not that fun. Quite honestly, the demo was more enjoyable.

    For a game that is all about the seamless flow of parkour it's much too difficult. The first two-thrids of the game are spent learning how to play it while it rapidly throws increasingly difficult challenges at you. And the developers knew the game was tough, because dying does little more than take you back to one of the many checkpoints. You may re-tread the same 15 to 30 seconds of gameplay 5 or 10 times just to learn how to do it properly, then move on to the next 15 to 30 seconds of gameplay to face another challenge, over and over. It breaks the flow and the feeling of freedom that made the demo so amazing.

    This game should have been longer, it should have had a more shallow difficulty curve, it should have been more fun, but it is a game that is more than worth playing. It's just not a game that's worth paying $60 to own....more info
  • Most beautiful game I ever hated
    I really wanted to like this games. I tried and tried.

    I've played action games and platformers. I know other folks say that Mirror's Edge is wonderful.

    It is beautiful but I just hate this game. Not quite as much as the developers apparently hate me. The game SHOULD have been called "fall and die". I do that a lot. Time after time after time. Then there's being in a room with no obvious exit while 10 cops are shooting you dead. You get 7 seconds to find you way out, then your dead again.

    If you like frustration, if you play video games to ramp up your stress levels, if you yearn for more arbitrary deadlines with no forgiveness then this is the game for you.

    It's just not the game for me. I will be trading it in.

    1 star for being no fun, 3 for looks. Average: 2.
    ...more info
  • Fun and Challenging
    I was like a lot of people when I started playing this game; I had played the demo and loved the feeling and flow of it. I ordered it immediately. Many reviewers have already written about the gameplay and the story and I agree; get from point A to point B as fast as possible. Mirror's Edge isn't an easy game but once you play a few chapters you start to get a feel for the rhythm of the game and find out how you need to think to progress. Once you get the feel for the game, it is still challenging, but in a good way, and it's lots of fun. If you like puzzles you will like figuring out how to progress through certain situations. The physics of the game are dead on. You jump and move when you think you should and I haven't had a problem with falling overly much, (but it is inevitable that you will fall sometimes). It plays just as if you were doing all those moves in real life. The graphics are beautiful. There were many times I wished the blues (police) weren't so hot on my trail so I could just walk around and look but that is definitely not what this game is about. Mirror's Edge is unique and really a gem among PS3 games right now. I gave it only 4 stars because it is fairly short. If you want to play something different and have a fun but challenging experience this game is for you. I hope this is the start of a long and successful franchise. ...more info
  • Nice Game, Something New
    Overall I had a good time with this game. Though short, approx 5 - 7 hours, it was still satisfying.

    It was a new style of game, like something I hadn't played in years which was nice ecspecially coming from a company like EA.

    I recommend playing the game on easy. At the higher difficulties the guards can be pretty tough (understatement) and considering the guards are more of an necessary annoyance then an integral part of the gameplay it doesn't take away from the experience playing it on an easier setting.

    ...more info
  • Awesome Game, Hampered By Length
    I loved all of the trailers for Mirror's Edge - a truly original game, a nice change from all the FPSs that have been flying around.

    I instantly took the game, and got sucked into the gameplay - which is frenetic. Gorgeous graphics, the sound is so atmospheric, and the gameplay is superlative.

    The only drawback is its length. I finished the game in only two sittings - perhaps about 6 hours.

    Some decent replay value with the time trials....more info
  • Amazing, innovative experience :]
    99% of the people who dislike this game dislike it because of the learning curve, it takes awhile to get used to, but once you do, it is amazing and deserves to be treated as such....more info