Professional 11 Foot Drywall Lift
List Price: $449.95

Our Price: $89.95

You Save: $360.00 (80%)


  • One person can easily handle and install drywall panels 4 X 16 feet.
  • The optional extension bar allows you to lift the drywall 15 feet high ; great for vaulted ceilings.
  • Easily lifts drywall up to 11 feet--up to 15 feet on angled ceilings.
  • Full tilting action for walls and ceilings; Locking outriggers for added security/stability.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly--goes together in five minutes without tools.

Customer Reviews:

  • decent lift, but handbrake went out and the stop doesnt work
    The lift does its basic function of lifting and lowering panels well and I have been using it ok. The problem is the braking system went out and the stop to ensure the lift doesnt slide on you doesnt work. Still better than renting one, so the value is still there, but be careful if the brake goes out while you are underneath it....more info
  • drywall lift
    verry good product. Really eliminates the need for a pair of extra hands when putting drywall up to the cielling....more info
  • Drywall lift
    Just got to use the lift.Fantastic buy,easy to use.10' ceilings.I can sell lift what I paid for it when I'm done.Only drawback is that won't work on second row.Distance from the ground is 34" and you have to lift in place....more info
  • Just like a second person
    Some of the plastic end covers were damaged during shipping. Otherwise it performed as advertized. It positioned the drywall perfectly even in difficult locations. I used it from four to fifteen foot lenghts on my basement ceiling and walls....more info
  • learning curve takes a bit, but good afterwards
    it took me about an hour to set this thing up and get it working. this is in large part due to the fact that the locking mechanism on the lift arm was improperly installed and the instructions didn't address the proper installation. thankfully i was able to figure it out in looking at a picture later in the manual.
    it took a bit to get used to operating, but once i got a hang of it it made installing drywall on the ceiling a pretty easy process....more info
  • super lifter
    I ordered after researchiong and made the right choice. Super shipping. I do not how to make it work or assemble any easier. Well satisfied...more info
  • Fantastic Machine
    This makes hanging drywall a breeze. I bought this because I was hangdrywall myself. It worked fantastic. If I had one conit would be the break it doesn't hold as well as it should....more info
  • One person panel lift
    Great for the do it yourselfer. We generally take longer to do a job and rental on a similar device would mount up quickly. While easy to operate, tension must be kept on the cable or it will come off the bottom pully. No big deal. Will drop about an inch going up when the lift post change over occurs, but you soon learn to expect it. I love it and recommend it....more info
  • Works great!
    I purchased this product for my husband -- he's in the middle of a garage reno and addition. He found that it was very easy to assemble and certainly lives up to its claim of "one-person application." He would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Platinum drywall lift
    The Platinum drywall lift is a good tool for the money, especially with a 3 year warranty. The lift went together easily and it works very well.
    The only down side of this deal was the packaging. When I received my lift, the box that it came in looked like it had been through the mill.
    A few of the plastic caps were damaged in shipping, but I contacted their customer sevice dept. and I was sent replacement parts right away.
    They seem to be a good company to do business with.
    ...more info
  • owner hester electric inc
    did not buy for this to be used as intended but to push heavy light fixtures up aganst 10 foot ceilings and hold them there untill they can be fastened to concrete ceilings great tool...more info
  • Great tool for the money
    Great tool for the money. Obviously a pro rock hanger wouldn't use it. But it does what it's supposed to. Very easy to use. I highly recommend this for the home owner. The assembly instructions suck. The box it came in was all tore up. But the tool is great....more info
  • Great Lift
    This is identical to the lift that Northern Tool sells for $500 (a friend has the NT lift). It arrived quickly, setup was easy, and it has worked great ever since! I am not sure how long it would last in a contractor type environment, but it works great for the DIY....more info
  • a first-class helper
    I rented one of these for a while and then discovered I could buy this one cheaper than renting for four days! It fits my very fractured schedule and lets me finish putting the ceiling in my garage on my schedule instead of the schedule of the rental place. This was a very useful purchase and some day I will finish the ceiling and perhaps sell it. This is a top-quality, sturdy, usable tool....more info
  • Works as advertised
    This product works just fine. It does what it says it will do. It is not a telpro, but it does not have the telpro price tag either. If you are going to use it for commercial use go telpro, otherwise the everyday handyman can get by with this one with very little issue....more info
  • A tool that makes a tough job easy
    This was my first time hanging drywall . I thought about making T braces with 2x4s and have my wife help me . Hanging 5/8 drywall overhead like that probably would have ended horribly . With this tool she helped me load the drywall and then I could send her away . It was very easy to lift and position the pieces provided you measured correctly ( who,me?) and put them in place . No arguments with the wife or broken drywall . It was easy enough I even taught her how to use it . For the do it yourselfer this is a must have for this type of work . I was thinking of selling it after I'm done but maybe not .Pro Grade Drywall Panel Lift - Hoist 11'-Ceiling 15'-Wall - One-Person Panel Application...more info
  • Great Tool For The Price
    I Purchased this tool with reading all the reviews here, and I am very impressed. I have used other lifts in the past and this one seems to be just as sturdy. The price is also very sturdy. A drywall lift at Menards that I was also looking at was 300$ so thjis wasa no-brainer. I have had two friends call me to use it already, and I will have it paid for, since i rented it to them for a lesser price than RAC or Gassers. Nick H....more info
  • 9'+ Ceilings
    We are remodeling a 200 year old house with 9 1/2 ft ceilings, when we attempted to put up the first piece of sheetrock without this lift & using a deadman, it broke, with this lift we haven't broke one piece. I can't imagine ever putting up another piece of sheetrock without this. So easy, to use I think I could do a project without my boyfriend, but the best part is he can do it without me!...more info
  • for under $200.00 you have to buy this
    My wife's had enough of me telling her how great this is, best tool I've every purchased. The entire contraption assembles from the box in less than 10 mins, simple for one person to operate - handles 12ft sheets with no trouble, the telescopic hoist self adjusts for angled ceilings. 5 stars ...more info
  • Drywall panel lift
    The quality of this product is as good as any drywall lift I have previously used. If is comparable to some I hae used that cost 5 times as much. I would recomend it to anyone needing to install any panels requiring a lift....more info
  • Well worth the money.
    This hoist works well for the do-it-yourselfer. I am finishing the rest of my house and this hoist allows me to hang rock by myself. Which is much better than hiring and or having a friend help that might get on your nerves. I am finishing about a 1000 sq. ft. and am half way done and this hoist has performed excellently.


    Rob...more info
  • Easy to assemble and well laid out
    The unit breaks down and assembles quickly. The unit can be taken down or put together in less than a few minutes. It is sturdy and well designed. I was pleased to find the unit on my door step and well packaged in about a day....more info
  • good looking, sturdy and affordable!
    The 11 foot drywall lift from Max Tools was everything I was hoping for! It was better than I expected and Max Tools delivered it promptly. The lift is good looking, sturdy (it lifted 4 x 12 sheets of drywall effortlessly) and the price was very affordable, especially when compared to what I was going to pay locally for something simmilar. Thank you, Thank you for saving my back from the strain of lifting sheet rock over my head to the ceiling and to the upper part of the wall. All I had to do is lift about 34" to the drywall lift and I was done. It also made it easier to adjust and then "screw-off" the panel. If your doing anything bigger than a bathroom, my suggestion is to get one of these drywall lifts and make you job soooo much easier!!! This unit "breaks down" to small enough pieces to fit in my VW Jetta sedan trunk, if you do drywall, you need one of these!...more info
  • Shipping is a killer
    Light duty, but nice unit. Shipping was outrageous, 1? times the cost of the hoist. OUCH!!!!!...more info
  • Platinum Drywall Lift
    Great product for the price. I was able to buy my own lift for about the cost of just over 2 weeks rental on the same thing locally, and I get to keep it! Item was just as described, only flaw was some broken plastic endcaps, but that appears to be a common problem and fixed easily with some tape. Puts together in about 10 minutes with just a few common tools. This is a must for the do it yourselfer doing drywall. ...more info
  • Drywall Lift
    It functions as advertised and does so quite well. The one issue I see with this unit is that to load a sheet of drywall, the height one man must lift a sheet to set it in the sprin loaded keepers is nearly 4 feet off the floor, so its almost a 2 man lift. Otherwise it works very well for the money involved......more info
  • drywall lift
    What a tool, used it once in a tight ceiling area and it was great, alot easier than holding it with your head and trying to screw to trusses. One of the best investiments i have made and price was cheaper than having to rent one for several weekends. ...more info
  • Did the job
    This hoist did the job for us and will come in handy for other projects!...more info
  • Excellent
    I use this dry wall lift everyday to lift metal duct work up to the ceiling in base housing. It would be great if the platform was a little lower. The only thing that I have an issue with it is the top is a little wobbly once you put the duct work on it, it would be the same way if you put sheet rock on it. It wants to lean over because I can't take it all the way up to ceiling in order to put the slips and cleats on the duct work. This lift is well worth the money especially when your help doesn't show up for work. It paid for itself the first day I had to use it. I would highly recommend the lift compared to a regular duct lift because of the difference in the weight and portability. Great lift. Thanks. ...more info