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Netgear SPH200W WiFi Phone with Skype
List Price: $233.00

Our Price: $143.98

You Save: $89.02 (38%)


Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:Makes and receives Skype phone calls wherever you have Wi-Fi accessWorks with most leading Wi-Fi hotspot providers including T-Mobile USACalls any phone worldwide at low SkypeOut rates and mo monthly feesWorks with security protected home WiFi networksIncludes charging cradleIntuitive menu allows you to see who's onlineManage up to 500 contactsAccess other Skype services such as SkypeOut, SkypeIn and VoicemailBuilt-in speakerphone for hands-free talkSave network profiles for easy and fast accessSupports WEP, WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security

  • Makes and receives Skype phone calls wherever you have WiFi access.
  • Works with most leading Wi-Fi hotspot providers including T-Mobile USA1
  • Lets you talk for free to other Skype users without a PC
  • Calls any phone worldwide at low SkypeOut rates and NO MONTHLY FEES

Customer Reviews:

  • Netgear techsupport issues with headset for this unit and how they handle support!
    In November of 07 I purchased a NETGEAR SPH200W and so far, the phone side has been great, my issue is the "Headset" for the unit. In November when I had a problem finding a headset for this unit I contacted Netgear support who said, use a Motorola headset, so, I tried it... no luck. So, I called NetGear Support again and was told that the Engineers at Netgear were working on qualifying headsets for the SPH200W. I finally looked and last week I noticed they had listed 2 Plantronics headsets for the SPH200W. (don't get excited yet).

    I ordered 2 of each of the listed headsets, but, when I received the headsets (2 ea of each flavor) I opened the packages and none of the 4 Plantronics headsets work. So, I call Netgear and spend 2 hours on the phone with their International (India) techsupport trying to explain that the Headsets I have are "Certified Netgear" headsets listed on their website.. .and THEY DO NOT WORK! (You know where this is going, right)

    So, finally after 2 hours I get the techsupport person to escalate my problem to Level 2 who would replace my NetGear SPH200W phone. I told them that it is a problem with the Netgear phone and that IF I have to now send the headsets back I will pay both a shipping charge and restocking fees to 2 suppliers because the NETGEAR SPH200W phone is defective!

    I was asked when would be a good time for Level 2 Techsupport to contact me and I said, This Morning at 7am and I will be awaiting their call... The assured me they would call and made sure I did not have any privacy block on my phone, I assured them I did not have privacy block on my phone and I would infact be here for the call.

    At 10:30 am this morning I called Netgear Techsupport back and got their International (Inda) techsupport group again, gave them my case number and proceed to explain the issue again, explaining that if they send me the new phone overnight that I could check the "HeadSets" I have to make sure they work rather than sending them back at a cost to me of about $50.00. I was told it would cost me about $30.00 to have the Netgear Phone overnighted to me to verify a problem with their phone, or I could just send the Headsets back and reorder them when I got my replacement phone... What a Joke!

    I asked to be escallated to a Supervisor (again in India) who I again explained the issue is with their phone, and the headsets are the ones that are listed on "Their Website" as compatible headsets.. He gave me the 3 options, Swap the phone (me paying shipping) sending and waiting for a replacement NETGEAR SPH200W. This Supervisor said (at 11:30 am) that he would contact the head office in Califonia and have someone contact me immediatly (with in 1 hour)... Well, I just got the call at 1:30pm and the nice man, (after I explained my issue again) said he would now move my issue up to LEVEL III for Action and someone would be getting back to me....

    So, tell me what you think about this, are others having such an issue as I am with the NETGEAR SPH200W Skype phone? Have you got a Headset to work with the phone? The pone is nice an dsmall but it would be nice to have a headset to use...

    I think what makes me so mad is that all through this ordeal they insinuate it is me that has to take the phone to a retailer to find a headset, or I have to pay them to overnight me a new phone to check the headsets that I have already invested $100 to purchase what they suggest..

    OK, another update, the engineers "Level 4"at NETGEAR are not going to Test the Plantronics Headsets with the NETGEAR SPH200W phone and see if they are compatible.. .Am I missing some thing? These are the exact models specified on the NETGEAR Website as working models.. Now Enginnering has to check them? I again told the guy, send me a new phone overnight and I will check the headsets I have "Brand New" and let them know if it is the Phone or the Headsets.. he said he would have to contact his supervisor and see what they can do.... All this for a $150 phone How Idiotic.

    Sorry for the rant, but I'm steaming over this lack of customer support! On the funnier side, I did find out that India is in it's hot season with lots of high humidity! Go figure...

    ...more info
  • Has potential - doesn't live up to it
    Purchased the netgear SPH200W for the wifi capabilities and freedom from the computer and because my logitech no wifi died. It came yesterday.

    1) The headset jack does not take a standard 3 ring jack but requires a 4 ring. No documentation so make sure you buy one of those because nothing you have currently will work. If you live in a place like I do you are just out of luck.

    2) The wifi range is terrible. My itouch can be used 50-60 feet away through walls. This phones range seems to be 3-30 feet off the same router.

    3) It drops calls constantly with no warning. I have never had that happen before with any skype phone and I have had many.

    4) When it drops the call it also locks ups. In order to get going again you need to remove the battery and start again.

    The idea has great potential. The phone does not live up to it. It is not a matter of cost. I would pay almost anything as I depend on Skype.

    Too bad the hardware can't live up to Skype itself which continues to improve....more info
  • Unusable under any circumstances
    I have been using Skype on my Mac for all my work-from-home needs for quite some time. The sound quality is excellent, and the price is just right. So I thought I'd extend that a little bit, and get a Skype handheld - so my phone can ring when my computer is closed. You know - like a real landline.

    This was a failed attempt.

    I'm going to try other devices, but this one does not make the cut - at all.

    * Frequent crashes (4 or 5 per day) that require pulling the battery out to reset
    * Sound quality so exceedingly poor that it is not usable
    * Did I mention the sound quality? Words are unintelligible for people on the other end ...

    So you may be thinking "I bet its your network" ... "I bet you have interference" .... "I bet your upstream is bad" ..

    No, No, No.

    First, remember that Skype on my Mac works flawlessly and I've never experienced any bandwidth or sound quality issues with it.

    Upstream: I'm in a MUD but my upstream consistently gives speeds of over 1.8 meg - which far exceeds VoIP requirements - faster than T1.

    Interference: I thought there were too many devices on Channel 4 in my house, on my existing router, so I setup a separate wireless network on channel 11 (minimal interference) just for this phone. Nope.

    Encryption: I thought that WPA/WPA2 may create too much overhead on the poor little phone, and it would benefit from a less processor intensive encryption protocol, so I switched its own separate wireless network over to WEP40. Nope, no benefit.

    I thought that my friends were just being difficult, so I had someone call me to test the sound quality. I could not hear the first nor last word that the subject spoke, and the ones in the middle were highly compressed.

    SkypeOut to Europe? My friend said "Oh no. I'm calling you back on a real phone" ... So I said, wait, let me try Skype on my Mac. Worked flawlessly.

    I also failed to mention that the microphone jack doesn't support any microphone that is currently in production in the US - even those that fit into the mini-jack ... don't work.

    In general, save yourself the hassle, and select a different solution for your Skype needs. (There's a reason the most recent version of the firmware was compiled in 2007). ...more info
  • Great Phone!
    Seems to me like a high-quality product. The voice quality is fantastic! Had a problem or two (sluggishness, freezes) before updating the firmware. Only issues I have now are:

    1. Battery life seems a bit short.
    2. If it gets out of WiFi range with the keylock on, it errors has has to be restarted.
    3. On rare occasions when I'm playing around in the menus, the speakerphone activates and causes feedback (a high-pitched whine) through the mic for half a second.

    A quick tip: I've found it makes a decent WiFi scanner!...more info
  • Worst purchase I have ever made
    I do not have a cell signal in my apartment, and I do not want a land line, so I signed up for Skype. I was very happy with the quality, but I wanted to be able to use it without being tied to my computer. I looked into wireless headsets for my PC, but I wanted to be able to make calls without my computer being on, so I decided to get a WiFi phone.

    At the time, this model was not available on Amazon and all Skype phones that were had bad reviews. However, Time magazine listed this model as one of the top 10 gadgets of 2007, so I bought one directly from Skype. It quickly became clear to me that Time never even touched one of these phones and was just awarding the idea of a WiFi phone. Otherwise, they would have smashed it against the wall and it would not have made the list.

    My first complaint with this phone is the Fisher Price interface. When I pay $150 for something that should cost $50, I expect it to have a very high build quality, not something that feels like a toy. The buttons are hard plastic, difficult to press and provide no tactile response to let you know you have pressed them, as if the phone was made out of Legos.

    The second thing I noticed about this phone is its terrible interface. First of all, everything is slow. Turning it on, turning it off, going into any menu, etc. The call History and Contact menus are the worst, since the data for them needs to be downloaded from your Skype account, which is convenient, but should be done in the background so the menus are ready when you open them. Also, the history menu appears to only show calls made, missed and received on the phone itself; not calls made from your Skype account.

    The other major interface mistake is that double pressing the 0 key results in a "+" instead of "00". This makes calling 1-800 numbers quite annoying. Apparently, this has something to do with international calling, but I can make international calls from a regular phone that doesn't have a +, so I don't see why this phone needs one.

    I have tried this phone with at least one hands free set and it did not work.

    I have lost track of what complaint number I am on, but the battery lack-of-life is a major issue. This phone lasts less than a day and a half in standby mode off the cradle without use.

    Now that I have gotten all of the technical and interface issues out of the way, let's get to the meat-and-potatoes: using it as a phone. In short, the quality sucks. Skype on your computer allows you to open up a random port on your cable router that you dedicate to Skype to improve its quality. This phone lacks this vital feature, without which, sound quality suffers.

    Overall, this phone has fewer features and worse battery life than a cell phone from 15 years ago. I cannot recommend it to anyone at $150. I would not even recommend it at $50....more info
  • Netgear Sph200w
    I did not find any use for this product. No help how to use it. ...more info
  • Netgear SPH200W Skype wifi phone
    Great product. It's limitation is the availability of free wifi access but that is not something any product can overcome. I was able to enter in the WEP Passcode at some cafes and that is a big plus.

    Due to it's size, I would recommend bringing a mini headphone/mic set. That fixed the problem I had....more info
  • needs good wifi signal
    It arrived and we charged it, excitedly tried it, but no luck. The Indian lady at tech support walked us thru and said to return it for exchange. Amazon made it easy to return, we got the new one, STILL NO LUCK! Found out that the unit didn't like our house's wireless signal -- we stepped outdoors and it picked up a neighbors signal and began working.

    We like it because we don't have to drag the laptop around to Skype. It is nice to walk around as if it were a real cordless phone. Good to hear the zoop noise of Skype signing in, but you must have a good signal. We decided to keep it....more info
  • Surprised it works so well
    The Negatives:
    The phone looks and feels cheap. I am not sure abotu longevity with the item and some of the menu options are not logical.
    The Positives:
    It works! With a strong wireless connection you can make very clear Skype calls, even if dialing to a landline or cell phone (which I do a lot)
    It works in many ways better than my microphone attached to my laptop.
    For the price, I feel that it is easily worth it for travelers who may go to other countries and wish to have a dedicated and reliable way to phone home or to stay in contact with people in other countries cheaply. ...more info
  • I use it as a primary home phone...
    I use this as a home phone and it is more than adequate. I am saving a ton of money on telecom (my phone bill is now $30 a YEAR), and I only use my cell when I'm in the car. Reception is fine, it will never be as good as a dedicated land line, but its good enough. Especially considering the fact that I'm saving $1,020.00 a year on home phone service, and literally thousands more on international calling (I bought one for my in-laws overseas). I can walk all around the house with the phone, which is much more comfortable than being tethered to the computer when using Skype before. If you want to save money, and don't need perfect, crystal clear, mind blowing sound quality, this is a great phone to have. ...more info
  • Netgear Skype Phone
    The concept is great idea, however in my home use performance was poor. The problem is time delay. Generally the delay is around a second. This will cause problems with the initial call when people answer and want to hear someone immediately. Using this phone in conference call is especially bad when you're trying to get a word in edge wise.

    While Skype works well on a computer Netgear may want to rethink this paticular hand held phone model.

    ps: I have att dsl with 6Mbps, but it's real speed is around 4.1Mbps download and 380Kbps upload....more info
  • Great phone, and here's some info for you
    This review concerns only the SPH200W; I don't know anything about the earlier SPH101.

    I was hesitant to buy this product based on reviews, but I went ahead and got it, expecting to have to do some troubleshooting.

    The product has been completely satisfactory to me. The phone is adequately sturdy, battery life is quite long long (I power the phone down when I'm on the move to keep it from searching for networks, and I get 3-5 workdays of standby out of one charge), and call quality is fine. Incoming call clarity is superb; outgoing clarity isn't always great because of the mic placement and quality on this phone. Setting up the phone is easy and intuitive. The phone connects quickly and reliably to networks, and options for preferred networks, entering passphrases, etc., are many and easy. Making calls is very easy. As is clearly indicated on this product's box, there's no onboard web browser, so you can't authenticate on a network using a browser. If you just have to register hardware on a network you use (like I do at work), that's easy - use your computer to register, or just tell your IT person the MAC address of your phone, which is under the battery.

    You can charge the phone using the included cradle which receives a male USB mini-A plug, or you can plug a USB mini-A cable directly into the phone. Netgear supplies you with an AC adapter which plugs into the wall and terminates with mini-A, so you can charge this phone like you would any mobile phone. There's also an A- to mini-A USB cable in the box, so you can charge from your computer if you need to. Both methods work with either the cradle or without it. Very versatile charging options.

    Here's what I think will be useful to potential buyers -

    Netgear's support is mediocre at best, and I couldn't get any info. from them about compatible headsets or batteries. Don't buy this phone expecting excellent support from the manufacturer. I did some legwork, and much research later, I have answers:

    "Standard" headsets don't work with the SPH200W. You need a 4-pole plug, to start, and then not all headsets of this description will work. Nokia headsets have worked for me - I bought an HS-47 for peanuts, and it works great. This significantly improved outgoing call quality.

    Batteries. No help from Netgear on this one, I'm sad to say. The battery for the SPH200W is lithium, 3.7V, and has 900mAh capacity. If you search for batteries which are interchangeable with Nokia BL-5C, you'll find one which will work. The Netgear battery is the shape of the BL-5C, and many BL-5C replacements are 3.7V (vs. 3.6) and some are higher capacity than the stock one (Lenmar makes one which is readily available and works very well with this phone). If you absolutely must have tons of battery life out of this appliance, get an extra battery and you'll be good to go for a long long time.

    Other complaints of others:

    1) "the speakerphone isn't hi-fi." It's true. Have you heard high-quality sound from a mobile phone's speaker? I never have. This works just fine; I can understand what callers are saying when I use the speaker. I don't listen to lossless audio playback on my phone.

    2) "outgoing call quality is poor." Not quite true, though this is the SPH200W's weak point. It's often just as clear as a digital/cell connection, but sometimes it's obscured enough to be annoying. If you want to upgrade, spend a few bucks and get a good headset. If this still doesn't satisfy you, wait for the next generation of wi-fi phone technology.

    3) "battery life is terrible." Not true. If "less than 9 days of standby" is "terrible," then I guess I can see what folks are saying here. You get plenty of talk/standby time out of this battery, and it's very easy to keep it charged up with all the options you have. Extra batteries are also easy to come by.

    I'm glad Netgear is producing VoIP equipment. This is a good piece, and I recommend it to anyone who is weaning him/herself from a 2-year wireless contract....more info
  • Good but not good enough
    I really like this phone. It supports other languages very well and it is easy to switch back and forth between them. It works with my AES encrypted wireless router. It was easy to setup and use. The problem is that it is too small. Packing all that electronics into a small space, also concentrates the heat into a small space -- this phone gets hot and all the heat gets transferred to my ear. It is too small to use around the house for long periods of time because it is too small to rest between my ear and my shoulder like a larger phone can. If all I was going to use this phone for was like a mobile phone for short conversations on the go, this would not be a problem, but my wife uses this phone around the house to make lengthy long distance calls to her family in China and she is very uncomfortable using this phone. I will return this phone and search for something more appropriate.

    By the way, the rumors are true, Netgear's technical support is terrible. Netgear has obviously outsourced their technical support to an overseas group in India, so their reps do not always pronounce their English very well, and their ability to understand any technical issues is negligible. Case in point: I misinterpreted their menu for setting up the key for my wireless router, and I was using alphanumeric characters instead of hex characters for my key, and it wasn't accepting more than 24 chars, so I couldn't enter the full key. Note that key sizes come in either 10 or 25 digits, so there isn't much choice in the matter and I didn't want to use the less secure 10 digit key and have to reconfigure all the computers on my network. After about 15 minutes of talk, the rep concluded the problem was with my wireless router. That didn't make sense so I double-checked everything I did and that's when I found I was making an obvious mistake by using alphanumeric chars instead of hex digits. A beginning tech rep should have caught that error right away since their password keys are limited to 24 chars but their hex keys are not....more info
  • Netgear SPH200W WiFi Phone with Skype
    Great unit, and got 1 year service unlimited for under $40.00 to USA and Canada. You do not need to use the Skype on your PC if you buy this unit and have a wireless router. If a friend ask if they should buy this WiFi phone, I would reply YES!!!!!! And the $40.00 service membership fee, I use that amount in the 1st month in calls....more info
  • Wait for Next Generation
    I bought this phone a few months ago and regret having made the purchase.

    * The phone cradle they give you does not make correct contact with the actual phone's charging contacts, so it is totally useless.
    * I am *constantly* having to restart the phone because it runs into a system error or just totally freezes.
    * The interface is not well designed and basic actions like changing users or networks is buried in submenus.
    * No SMS or IM capability.
    * Simple things like turning on the phone are not straightforward. There is no power button. You must press the hangup button, but not just press it once, you have to hold it down and wait. Confusing.

    As for comm quality, the phone is actually ok. The problem is getting to actually make the call....more info
  • Useless
    Netgear is going to get a bad write up on this product and I am not sure if it is their product or Skype. Any way it goes this product is useless. I tried to make several calls and while I can hear them ok, they say I sound terrible and can't understand the conversation. I know our internet connection is ok since it is business class FIOS. So i am not sure were the problem is, but I am actually surprised in how bad it is....more info
  • Big Loser
    I bought three pieces of this item for me and my relatives abroad, hoping to be connected for free.
    I really regret this decision, here is what I found
    1. Sound quality is poor. It needs a high bandwidth to operate normally, while other brands like the perfect Belkin works like charm.
    2. One set suddenly lost the external speaker sound (cannot hear the ring anymore!) and I couldn't fix it till now.
    3. Battery life is so short. I almost need to plug it in the charger most of the time!
    Save your money and buy Belkin or LG Dual mode phone. Both rock....more info
  • If only it worked as well as advertised
    I was on the fence about buying this product, after reading the reviews. But I did go ahead, gave it a try, and after a week will be packing it up to return (let's see how much of a restocking fee I have to pay). The sound quality is just not acceptable. I've tried it on two very strong networks, one a FiOS, the other DSL. Even after updating the software (no easy feat, especially if you're a Mac user and need to borrow a friend's PC for the update process). I just don't think that this product is 'ready for prime time.'...more info
  • Great phone except call quality
    This is a great little phone, except for the call quality to landline phones, and since call quality is the most important feature of a phone I can only give this phone 1 star. For whatever mysterious reason the call quality is great when calling Skype to Skype and you can hear clearly when calling a landline, but as indicated in other reviews, your voice is not clear when calling a landline phone. I called from two different networks to different people, including my own voicemail and the outbound voice quality was always unacceptable when using SkypeOut. Interestingly I could hear them clearly. This isn't a problem with Skype because Skype software on my computer works well. It isn't a problem with the phone's microphone because Skype to Skype calls are clear. I called Netgear and the support staff said Netgear was discontinuing Skype phones. That is unfortunate because they seemed to do everything right but for this one glaring problem....more info
  • Almost great SPH200W
    Having read the specs on this phone I had to buy it. Wow make skype calls without a PC from any wiFi hotspot. Having owned Netgear routers gave me some assurance of the quality. I got the phone early, about October 2007, after Netgear support researched my query and told me where I could order it.
    Generally the phone works very well as claimed. I purchased a Skype out plan for $30 that gives me unlimited land and cell phone calls in the US and Canada for a year. The SPH200W was easy to set up and load contact information into via the USB connecter, and effortlessly linked to my wireless Netgear router. I made calls easily without my PC turned on and found the display and useability quite good, with better range than bluetooth devices. I heard both sides of the conversations very clearly, as good as my VOIP phone service from my local cable company. Call quality was described by those I was talking to as TERRIBLE! This was a consistent comment no matter whether calling locally, nationwide, or to Canada, to land phone or cell phone. I decided the phone's voice pickup must be faulty but liked the phone well enough I wanted to try using it with a good wired headset to see if that improved the outgoing voice quality. After several attempts and contacts with Netgear support for help with what headset the phone might work with, I gave up and returned the phone. The lack of NetGear support may have been because NetGear was at that time unprepared for support, as some phone support personnel told me they had no such phone as the SPH200W.
    Bottom line for me. With TERRIBLE outgoing voice quality the phone is not worth having no matter the price. I liked it well enough I may try a later release in hopes they have overcome this voice pickup problem. Lesson re-learned, early adopters beware....more info
  • AWESOME! Great Device - Update
    First I bought the Belkin Skype phone and can I tell you that it was THE worst. I should've read the reviews before getting it. Plug-n-play... not even close. Would not connect to my LinkSys router even with my settings as wide open as Lindsay Lohan. The user interface is clumsy and the tech support was a joke. When I started asking some tough questions about the device, the poor guy on the other line I think started to cry. Anyway, I bought the NetGear SPH200w and it worked right out of the box. Excellent job, nicely done. User interface was intuitive and setup was a piece of cake. I am an IT guy and I probably could've forced the Belkin device to work but that was not the point... the point was that Belkin represents their product as something my technophobiac parents could use and that is simply just not true. Again, if you are deciding between the two... get this one, the NetGear.

    ** Update **
    The charging cradle does not work so I must now go back to the store yet a THIRD time... however, I will just be getting another NetGear phone....more info
  • Not as good as the IPEVO phones
    I had used Netgear modems and was relying on the name for quality. For this particular product, I was disappointed.
    Call quality:
    For one thing, Skype is not good with wireless. This is true of all wireless phones, so I can't blame Netgear in particular: there are just a lot of dropped calls (and I mean, a LOT), and there is definitely a lot of static on the line, so "Can you hear me?" will become your new speech tick.
    Battery life:
    This proved to be an issue using the phone for the office. We don't want to be tied to the computer, but I don't want to NOT be able to answer the phone because the phone is recharging. For this, I give Netgear super low marks. They should've known better.
    I guess it's OK. The look and feel of the device is very plastic/gimicky, and the size is relatively small. This was a minor issue to dial numbers, as my fingers are much larger than those of a teenage girl. I hate pressing buttons with the very tip of my fingers, which I had to do.
    Very disappointing.

    I've been using the IPEVO Desktop phone for the office, which also has the bonus of having a speaker option. Sound quality is premium because it's not wireless, but you don't have to tie it to a computer; you hook it up to the internet line. For travel, I now use the FR33.2 phones (which I have given my road warriors), which has the best voice quality of all, plus portability. But it's USB, so you have to hook it up....more info
  • Allows freedom from Computer
    Having friends and family in Europe and Asia, Skype is great! I first experimented with an inexpensive phone which connected to my computer. But the problem with that is that you are attached to your computer. I have cordless phones throughout my house, so, once I knew that my internet connection was fast enough to use Skype, I bought the Netgear WiFi Phone. Other family members have been using theirs and are happy with it. I viewed that as a plus.
    The cordless aspect is convenient.
    It is small. Adding contacts is tedious and I just went back to my computer for that task.
    The phone must remained connected to the charger at all times when not in use. I experimented with unplugging the charger overnight, once the phone had been fully charged for a few days. The phone was unused, but when I plugged it back in the next morning, it had no remaining charge. So if you are being energy concious of all your devices that are plugged in and continually charging. This will be another one.
    Also, if you shut it off and just charge it, when someone tries to call you on Skype, you have to chat with them and tell them to hold on, or that you will call them back. It takes a few minutes for the phone to boot up and be ready to talk.
    If you leave it on, you have to be sure to set your status. One friend called me at 5:30 in the morning because it showed I was signed on. It was no problem, but he was upset he had waked me up. So I now leave it on the "away" status unless I am expecting a call.
    I haven't tried using it out of the house. So cannot address that issue.
    Overall, for occasional use, it beats the phone connected to the computer. ...more info
  • Poor Audio, short range, no browser limit this device
    I wanted to love this phone, I was excited to receive it. I am switching away from two land lines to two Skype accounts. In our home, it only works adequately when it is within 15 feet of the wireless router.

    People on the other end can barely hear my voice. Range is improved a bit if you use a wired headphone, but that is a bit of a pain to do.

    I tried using it at a local bookstore, but their wireless system requires a web browser in order to sign in and pay, which this phone does not support. So, not much use unless you are close to a router and have the security code for it.

    As a phone to replace a wired or wireless setup, this does not make the grade for me. I subsequently bought the similar IPEVO phone, the IPEVO has a bit better range, and people can hear at the remote end better, but they complain of an echo where they hear their voice again.

    The best by far for me so far is the GE - SKYPE - Dect 6.0 Cordless phone, it is not really portable outside the home because it has a base unit, but the call clarity is excellent, range is excellent. It is a real phone for every day use.

    I also set up one of our Skype and land lines on a Eforcity Phone Adapter for Skype, and it is now powering our old Panasonic cordless phones, and working really well, with two caveats - the base unit must be plugged into a running PC, and the newest rev (4.x) of Skype does not allow it to work (or most other USB phone adapters). I went back to an older version of Skype, and it is working flawlessly....more info
  • Very dissapointed, NOT recommended item!
    I got this phone 8 weeks ago and was very excited at the beginning. However after a very short time the phone became very slow. I have to wait about 10 sec. for the function to be processed after I press the button. I finally lost my patience and the phone went to the garbage!!! I strongly don't recommend this item to anyone who is normal, unless you are very curious and would like to see it on your own!...more info
  • weak performance
    i am a little disappointed with the performance. phone needs very strong signal to work, and does not update online contacts. once connected, you can not move as signal is interrupted....more info
  • Works as advertised for me.
    I bought this Skype phone because it works specifically with T-Mobile's HotSpots. I've logged in at the Red Carpet Clubs at LAX and John Wayne Airport. The sound quality is excellent. At home, I used it nightly with a friend who is moving to Hawaii. His cell plan didn't cover Hawaii and his last visit cost him over $300. This time we talked for hours over Skype. He used his laptop and I used my Netgear phone. There's three heavy hitting wireless users sharing a single Apple Airport Extreme. We have Roadrunner Extreme Cable Modem service. So, we're well equipt at home for using the Netgear Skype phone. I also use the phone using a portable Apple Airport connected to a hotel's inhouse wired Internet access. It works flawlessly....more info