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Matchbox Mega Rig Space Shuttle
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Product Description

Not even NASA has a shuttle that's this much of a blast. This Mega Rig building system starts as a gigantic spaceship and then becomes 30 separate super-cool space vehicles you can combine any way you like. Plus, it has lots of really cool accessories, like a space arm to grab things, an ATV and a UFO with a space alien inside. But don't let the alien and its flying saucer drag you away; the 30 out-of-this-world combinations mean that the Space Mission vehicle promises hours of fun and imaginative interplanetary adventure. Requires 3 AG13 button-cell batteries (included). Shuttle placed horizontal on transport measures 18"L x 10.5" W x 11"H. Shuttle placed vertical launch measures 12"L x 10.5"W x 18"H. Alien Spacecraft measures 5" diameter x 2.5"H.

Little astronauts have all the gear they need to explore the reaches of outer space with the Mattel Matchbox Mega Rig Space Shuttle Mission Set. Using parts that snap together easily, kids will love building 30 different space crafts and inventing new worlds to explore. While the set is recommended for explorers aged four and up, it has small parts that make it inappropriate for children who require constant monitoring.

The Mega Rig lets you build 30 different space crafts. View larger.

Kids can use their imagination to create intergalactic space fights. View larger.
What We Think

Fun Factor:


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The Good: Durable building system encourages imaginative play

The Bad: Lots of small parts to keep track of

In a Nutshell: The Mega Rig Space Shuttle Mission Set provides hours of fun constructing space vehicles and thinking up places to explore
At a Glance

Ages: 4 and up
Getting Ready for Your First Mission
Since part of the fun is in thinking up ways to build a spacecraft from the many different parts, this Mega Rig set is ready to go without any difficult or time-consuming set-up. The set includes simple, illustrated instructions that will help you and your child build a large space shuttle with an exterior fuel tank and an all-terrain vehicle base that can be used as a launching site. The instructions include photos of other possible configurations and illustrations showing important details such as how to launch missiles, lock the shuttle's arm in place for space walks, and the many ways to combine Mega Rig wheels.

The UFO included in this set features other-worldly lights and sound, and it is powered by three button-cell batteries (AG13/LR44). Test batteries are included, but you will want to purchase another set just in case. The Shuttle Mission Set is compatible with all Mega Rig building systems, making it easy to combine different sets and inspire kid's creativity.

Galactic Exploration
Once a spaceship has been assembled, there are plenty of missions your child can accomplish. Between launching the satellite into orbit and coordinating an exploratory space walk, your child will be busy watching out for missiles shot from the UFO with its alien inside. The durable octagon shaped connectors hold pieces of each space craft together until they are pulled apart on purpose.

Our favorite configurations included snapping the bright orange all-terrain wheels onto the shuttle or UFO for land adventures, combining the shuttle and the fuel cell into one gigantic space ship, and loading the launch pad with accessories to create a headquarters for operations on distant moons and planets.

Other cool features include a space arm controlled by a lever, an oversized astro grabber for moving equipment or keeping the alien at bay, and plenty of fun compartments for the astronaut and alien to hide in. Your child will surely want to take this shuttle everywhere, but with so many small parts to keep track of, traveling with this set can require extra attention to detail.

Long-Lasting Imaginative Play
The sturdy plastic shuttle and its accessories held up well throughout our vigorous test missions, and the Mega Rig building systems are known for their durability. The moving parts and hinged compartments that make this shuttle so much fun could potentially come apart with lots of rough play, but we found the system to be extremely durable.

With the alien and the astronaut ready to be your friend or enemy, and the ability to make more than one vehicle at the same time, this building system is great for cooperative play or a single child with an active imagination. The ability to combine and recombine parts in so many ways offers a new experience every time your child picks up a piece of this shuttle system, so the fun never runs out.

What's in the Box
33 parts that can be assembled into more than 30 different space vehicles.

  • The Mega Rig Shuttle Mission building system starts as one gigantic space ship
  • Becomes 30 separate super cool space vehicles you can combine any way you like
  • Plus it has lots of really cool accessories, like a space arm to grab things, an ATV and a UFO with a space alien inside
  • For ages 4 years and above
  • Promises hours of fun and imaginative interplanetary adventure

Customer Reviews:

  • Love Mega Rigs
    We Love this toy and have many of the other mega rigs because of this one! It was our first one - a treat for giving up diapers - and since then we have also purchased the sub, the rescue copter, the shark ship, the snow monster, and the other piece to the space shuttle that launches into space. My 3 year old son plays with these daily. He loves that the pieces are all interchangable and he can create tons of different vehicles. We have had NO problems with these toys - Unbelievable in itself! Would HIGHLY recomend these toys to any parent....more info
  • Great toy... for a preschooler... highly recommend...
    found this on a top toys of 2008 website... I am very pleased we purchased this...more info
  • Endless variation for my five-year-old.
    My 5.5 year-old son received this as a gift for Christmas more than three months ago and has, literally, played with it every day since. He builds the vehicles in the directions and he makes up vehicles of his own. I've rarely seen a building toy engage him this completely for this long. Great toy!...more info
  • Lots of Fun for boys!
    My boys 2.5 and 7 absolutely love this toy. They especially likw the alien and the alien spaceship. They love all space things and this fits nicely with some of their star wars play sets. My 2.5 year old has even been taking the little alien ship to bed with him at night! This is a great set for any kid who are into spaceships....more info
  • Excellent Toy for my 5-year-old Boy!
    This Space Shuttle toy has so many options. It has already provided hours of fun and creative play for my son. There are many pieces that can connect together in so many different ways that he is constantly making new space ships. The only part I don't like is the noise from the alien ship, which was so loud that we used scotch tape to cover up the speaker. Other than that, this was the perfect gift to buy!...more info
  • All he wanted for Christmas
    Our 3 year old has taken an interest in space and space shuttles after watching the Space Chimps movie. All he asked Santa for this year was a space shuttle. After searching and reading other parents reviews this seemed to be the one to get. Christmas morning it was all set up under the tree and he couldn't be happier! He and his Dad play with it daily and there are so many different combinations to use the possibilities are endless and even allow for 2 shuttles to play with together. He's a bit young at 3 to take apart and put together without help, but he's started to get it and we highly recommend this toy!...more info
  • An excellent toy
    I bought this for my grandson's birthday. It was a hit from the time everyone helped him take the toy out of the box. All the kids loved the Space Shuttle. According to their reviews, this will be a favorite for a long time. It's too soon to know if the toy will stand up to some pretty hard use. I was concerned about the number of pieces to this set but mom and grandson didn't seem a bit concerned. It was fun to watch how excited all the children got over this gift. It was well worth the price. Everyone seems thrilled with it. I know I am....more info
  • Excitement for several ages
    When I gave this gift to my 5-year old grandson, several of his older cousins (6-12, male and female) all wanted to play with this. They played for several hours and then we finally had to put the toy away so that our grandson could enjoy his new toy. It's been about two weeks now and he (and his siblings) are enjoying this toy very much. He plays with it everyday and has fun creating different objects.

    It is well made and very durable (trust me - my grandsons are not real easy on toys). This one has been tried, tested, and passed with flying colors....more info
  • Loads of Fun
    My boys (3 and 5) love this toy. There are so many ways to fit the pieces together and use your imagination. They can share it easily too since there are 2 sepperate parts. I think this toy is very durable. My boys can be pretty rough with their toys and this one has held up very well. Only suggestion: get a container to keep all the pieces in because there are a lot. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    This is fabulous in so many ways! It is very educational, it is durable, it is fun, it is transformable in many forms/uses of play. My 3 yr old absolutely loves his shuttle. There was another one he wanted for Christmas, but I wasn't about to get it - this was less expensive and you get SO much more for your money! My son is now very interested in space, telescopes, and astronauts in general. He also loves the alien & UFO that comes with it as well. :)...more info
  • My 4 year old loves this
    My 4 year old loves this toy.
    Numerous configurations keep him playing for hours.
    Highly recommend this....more info