Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ85U 50" 1080p Plasma HDTV
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Product Description

49.9" screen (measured diagonally) * widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio * built-in digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) tuners for over-the-air TV broadcasts (antenna required) *

With its 2008 Panasonic Viera Plasmas, Panasonic brings anastonishing 1,000,000:1 contrast ration to the table. advanced pixel resolution and image-processing technology with the plasma TV's natural ability to beautifully reproduce fast moving images, so every detail is rendered with amazing clarity, and all the action is delivered with a high degree of fluidity.

What's New This Year?

  • Super Contrast--native contrast ratios on the PZ85, PZ800 and PX 850 series are 30,000:1, double last year's 15,000:1.
  • Dynamic contrast ratios are up to 1,000,000:1.
  • new anti-reflective filter; lead-free "Tough Under Force" panel is resistant to impacts and scratches
  • Built-in SD card slot with Photo Viewer/Gallery Player software
  • x.v. Color and Deep Color (HDMI 1.3 features)
  • Game Mode auto-adjusts image quality suitable to games and includes anti-image retention
  • Viera Link is now compatible with Onkyo and Yamaha home theater systems
  • At least 3 HDMI inputs on all models (4 on PZ800 and PZ850 series)
  • THX Certification on PZ800 and PZ850 series

Which Viera is Right For You?

Click here to see a comparison of step up features on each Viera series.

Amazing color reproduction

The incredible black reproduction of a Panasonic High-Definition Plasma TV results in impressive contrast and beautiful, natural colors. So you'll get warm, accurate skin tones, gorgeous greens, breathtaking blues and vivid reds. For color that's as rich and bold as life itself, look to a Panasonic Plasma TV.

Consistent brightness from any angle

A Panasonic Plasma combines anti-glare and anti-reflection technology with the natural light-emitting properties of plasma, to give you a super-wide viewing range with a crisp, beautiful image from almost any angle.

Smooth, graceful motion

When you're watching sports or movies with fast-motion graphics, you want a TV that can keep up with the action. With over 900 lines of moving picture, self-illuminating plasma displays eliminate afterimages in fast-action scenes. So whether you're watching a sporting event or an action-packed movie, you'll always get the most impressive viewing experience possible.

1,000,000:1 Contrast

The Panasonic's Real Black system (a pre-discharge suppression system) and improved panel production processes combine to reproduce outstanding blacks with superb contrast. Each image is richly expressive, from bright scense, like scorching desert landscapes, to dark cave scenes. Compare the image produced by conventional HDTV on the left to the Real Black image produced on the right

More Colors

Viera HDTVs support the xvYCC color profile (Extended YCC Colorimetry for Video Applications), or "x.v. color" for short. Standard RGB color space allows the display of a portion of the colors that are viewable to the human eye. The next generation "xvYCC" color space actually offers? an available range of colors that exceeds what human eyes can recognize.
  • Next-generation "xvYCC" color space supports 1.8 times as many colors as existing HDTV signals
  • Lets HDTVs display colors more accurately
  • Enables displays with more natural and vivid colors

Deep Color

deep color eliminates visible color banding Where x.v. color expands the available range of colors your HDTV can display, Deep Color increases the number of colors your HDTV can display within that range, for smoother transitions from color to color.
  • Lets HDTVs and other displays go from millions of colors to billions of colors
  • Eliminates on-screen color banding, for smooth tonal transitions and subtle gradations between colors
  • Enables increased contrast ratio
  • Can represent many times more shades of gray between black and white.


Viera flat panel HDTVs interact with an array of high-definition devices and services, making it easy for consumers to access and enjoy content as never before. As of 2008, Viera Link is compatible with Onkyo and Yamaha home theater systems.
Videos and stills recorded on SD cards can easily be viewed via the SD slots on Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc players and Viera HDTVs. Viera Link means easy connectivity via HDMI cables. Finally, consumers can easily operate their Blu-Ray Disc players, DVD recorders and home theater systems with a single remote control device.
SD Cards Viera Link

4 HDMI inputs to connect all of your devices directly to your television. Equipped with an RGB input terminal, VIERA can connect with your PC and serve as a large-screen monitor.
Easy connectivity with HDMI ports pc input

Long Life

long life Panasonic plasma panels are rated to last 100,000 hours, which is about 30 years of regular or 11 years of non-stop usage before the brightness of the display is halved.

Get Full HD with Blu-Ray Disc Players

Blu-Ray disc player A Panasonic 1080p plasma television is able to render 1920x1080 pixels, but standard DVDs have a resolution of just 720x480. Blu-ray discs output true 1080p High-Definition resolution and have a storage capacity ten times greater than standard DVDs, so no pixel gos to waste.

Which is the Right Viera for You?

Screen Size
Full HD
1920 x 1080 pixels
PC Input
One Sheet
of Glass
Cinema Color
Standard Features
42 inches




  • 480 Hz Sub-field Drive Technology
  • Anti-Reflective Filter
  • Viera Link HDAVI Control
  • Built-in SD Card Slot w/Photo Viewer
  • Deep Color Technology
  • x.v. Color
  • 3D Color Mangement
  • Sub-Pixel Controller
  • Motion Pattern Noise Reduction
  • Anti-Image Retention Mode
  • Game Mode
  • Scratch and Impact Rsistant Panel
  • 100,000 Hours to Panel Half-Brightness (>30 years @ 8 hours/day)
  • Lead-free Panel
50 inches




42 inches check 20,000:1



46 inches check 20,000:1



50 inches check 20,000:1



42 inches check 30,000:1 check



46 inches check 30,000:1



50 inches check 30,000:1 check



42 inches check 30,000:1 check check check 4
check check 4,096

TH-46PZ800U 46 inches check 30,000:1 check check check 4
check check 4,096

TH-50PZ800U 50 inches check 30,000:1 check check check 4
check check 4,096

TH-58PZ800U 58 inches check 30,000:1 check check check 4
check check 4,096

TH-46PZ850U 46 inches check 30,000:1 check check check 4
check check 5,120 check check check check check
TH-50PZ850U 50 inches check 30,000:1 check check check 4
check check 5,120 check check check check check
TH-58PZ850U 58 inches check 30,000:1 check check check 4
check check 5,120 check check check check check
TH-65PZ850U 65 inches check 30,000:1 check check check 4
check check 5,120 check check check check check
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • 1000000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio for the Brightest whites and darkest blacks
  • 4096 Shades of Gradation for spectacular Color Reproduction
  • Viera LinK? HDAVI Control lets you operate all of your home theater components by pressing a single button on your TV's remote control
  • GalleryPlayer? allows you to enjoy the world's finest high definition art and photography on your Panasonic HD plasma TV

Customer Reviews:

  • Great TV
    Not sure why the previous owner had such bad experience with the TV, but I'm guessing his was a one-off case. I got the TV last week and its been absolutely fantastic. PQ is awesome, and sound as well. Even normal analog channels look better than the CRT TV I had earlier. I'm not a real PQ expert, but for all practical experiences, the black levels are deep, and the colors are very vibrant. I'd highly recommend this TV...more info
    I ordered this TV on December the 12th,and It was at my house one week later!.The service with the Delivery was outstanding.THE TV IS JUST EXCELLENT IN EVERY RESPECT!!!!..I had a blast showing it to family and Friends during the Christmas Holiday's.My sister sat in front of this TV with her mouth open while I played some of THE SHINING on Blu-Ray for her!..My sister in law was like WOW,OH,This TV IS WONDERFUL!..I am past the break in stage and can't find one thing about this tv to DOWN....If you like Movies,go with with this plasma and not an LCD!.I also got this TV for $500.00 less by buying it on Amazon.Once you see this TV there is no going back....more info
  • Great picture
    Had this TV for about a month and so far so good. I would have to concur with most of the other reviews. Great picture and great features. Great price and free shipping from were icing on the cake....more info
  • Still blurry
    Disappointed with this TV despite its' claim of a fast refresh rate. Motion images are still blurry and choppy. ...more info
  • outstanding picture
    i spent six months looking at lcd and plasma tvs of medium to large size for the main room in my house. i am replacing a sony 40 inch HD picture tube tv. this 50 inch plasma has been nothing short of amazing as far as features and picture quality...the sound system is very weak though, that is how they keep the price down. since most people will use this with a surround sound sytem anyway(like myself)that is worth the price break. dont let all the talk about the "glare" from the frame keep you from buying this set, i assure you that its a non issue with anyone that has been to my house and think it looks really sharp. delivery was quick (6 days) and was what i expected. ...more info
  • Great Tv, but,,,
    This is probably the best plasma picture, for the price. The picture is crisp and clear, espically with blu-ray. Like I said before, awsome tv, and amazon had by far the best price.

    But, as far as the delivery of the tv, that could be improved. Ok, I ordered the tv on December 17, 2008. I get a call on December 24, 2008 thaq I will receive another call about when it will be shipped to my house. I get a call on December 30, 2008 that It will be delivered on January 6, 2009. That is 21 days from the time I placed the order till I would recive it. So I just drove an hour and 15 minutes and just picked the tv up myself. I just thought it could have been delivered sooner. But, overall a good tv. ...more info
  • Awesome TV
    This is my first Plasma TV.... I did extensive research before buying this one. In one word this TV is GREAT. I have it hooked up with a receiver, DVD player, Nintendo Wii and a PC. Picture quality is super. I am not impresses with sound - only has 2 speakers.. But I use it with my surround system - so it's not a big deal. My favorite feature is that you can change the format of the picture... it is so cool. It was great to buy it form Amazon, free shipping so can't complain. My experience with people who did the delivery was not so good. They unpack the TV but refused to put it on the stand that it came with it.. w/o the stand the TV will sit on its speakers and a wall to hold it from falling down. Then they ask you to fill out a document saying that everything was perfect.. When I refused to sign it...then they had to audacity to threat me to take the TV back. My rating reflects the product not the service. If I had to rate the Service, I will give it negative 5......more info
  • Big Thumbs Up
    I received my 50PZ85U several days ago and I'm very impressed. I haven't even got through the break-in period (and have the settings set low) and this tv is already providing an outstanding image. At first, the pic wasn't that great but after about 25-30hours, the image seemed alive and really pops.
    Also, the free Amazon white-gloves delivery was a big plus. The delivery guys did a great job. I researched quite a few local and web based suppliers and no one could match Amazon's price for the tv with w.g. delivery. I have the tv in the basement room and there is no way I could have gotten it down there with my bum shoulder....more info
  • great, but not quite perfect
    great colors, amazing picture, very bright. the ONLY reason i did not rate it 5 stars is that the frame and screen are very reflective, just like everyone says. it's true that even a tiny bit of light reflected on the screen is noticeable at all times. it doesn't bother me that much, but i can see how it would bother others....more info
  • All that I hoped it would be
    I read review after review, did a lot of research, and gave this purchase an enormous amount of thought before actually placing the order. I'm grateful to all who wrote glowing reviews about this TV, and about Amazon, because I finally made the purchase and I have no regrets! In fact, I am very, very pleased! The picture quality is incredible. The TV is mounted in a room with a skylight and a wall of full length windows. Family members just marvel at the clarity of the picture, and the details that are visible. I have heard that this model is very comparable to later models, yet at a better price (it has already gone down in price since I purchased it last summer). I also took the advice of reviewers and bought a reasonably priced HDMI cable, as well as the Sanus VMPL50B Universal Flat Panel TV Wall Mount Bracket, also at a good price, both from Amazon. Highly recommended!...more info
  • fantastic tv
    This is a great tv with a fantastic picture. The tv arrived just as advertised in a well packed carton. Set up was easy with the well detailed instructions. the price was app. $4oo under the price at most box stores. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a large screen TV....more info
  • Panasonic TH-50PZ85U 50"
    This Panasonic truly has an amazing picture. It is crystal clear and can be seen from any angle.

    I would also like to comment on Amazon. This was the first time I ordered a large item. We were truly amazed by the service. The trucking company called and set up an apt., delivered and set up the TV. I highly reccomend Amazon....more info
  • Excellent right out of the box!!!
    If you are looking for an affordable 50" HDTV with high performance, look no further. Best Buy had this same flat screen but the "sale" price was about $250 more. On top of that, they were going to charge me for delivery. Amazon's white glove service, unpacked the TV and set it up--all for free. I did not pay the $300 Best Buy charges to get it calibrated. For our first viewing, we showed a DVD movie and the whole family was inpressed with the colors.

    This model is a great one since internal speakers and a HD tuner are included--its ready to go right out of the box. When we set up the full theater room, we will add external speakers to maximize the experience.

    Great 50" HDTV if you are on a budget....more info
  • Excellent choice for the price, outstanding image!!!
    I got this TV from after several weeks of research, I finally decided for this model, the price was OK, at least $300 less than local stores here in Miami, I got white glove delivery for free, which is pretty good considering the price I paid for the unit, When the TV arrived the delivery guy unpacked and tested the unit for me, I already had another 42" Panasonic Plasma (TH-42PWD7UX)on my Living Room Wall, so Installation was a breeze, I used the Stand oh the TH-50PZ85U on my old TH-42PWD7UX and moved it to my bedroom, so I got an extra there... I was amazed when turn the TV on, the image was so crispy and clear even with the standard settings, the blacks are awesome, I plugged and indoor HD antenna to it and the images coming out the TV were just stunning, I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. The sound is not that great, but I also got a PANASONIC SC-PT660 home theater which does a good job and the VIERA LINK works marvelous. I'm waiting for the prices to come down a little bit to get the DMP-BD30k blue ray player to have my Media Room ready to go. I'm very pleased with this TV, it is very good quality for the price, Amazon was great and the delivery was. Can't go wrong with this TV....more info
  • Best Purchase I've Made In A Long Time...
    I've had this TV for about 6 weeks now. Purchased it in early July and paid less than $1,600 through Amazon. Haven't seen it at this price since. I researched getting a new HD TV for over 7 months. Finally stopped looking at DLPs and focused on 52" LCDs and 50" plasmas. I then narrowed down to plasma only because of research and figuring out what qualities were important to me. There are pros and cons to each, but to me, LCDs are always trying to get to the PQ of a plasma. I read a lot about the 120hz LCDs, some good, some bad. But to me the 120hz option shouts "the technology still needs work, but here's our way of trying to patch it." Good plasmas simply have fantastic pictures w/ no motion issues. As I viewed both types over and over I also think LCDs have a somewhat "mechanical" or "artificial" sense of movement, while plasmas move much more natural and fluid. Again, just my opinion.

    With this new generation Panasonic, the excellent brightness, long display life, improved contrast and superior viewing angle make it a great pick.

    I eventually came down to this set and the Samsung PN50A650. The Samsung seems excellent as well(and has 4HDMIs to the Panny's 3). My decision came down to Panasonic's reputation for quality and service over Samsung, and this is Panny's 11th generation set where I believe the Sammy's is their 7th gen. Panasonic has a lot of experience w/ plasma technology.

    My main use was to be for watching sports, movies, and video games. I have hooked up to the set a cable box, Xbox 360, PS3 (which I bought as a BRay player), and Onkyo 505 receiver. Run it all w/ the Logitech Harmony 550 remote which I highly recommend. Couldn't be happier w/ the picture. The size seems perfect for my application as well. You never know for sure until the set is in the room, but I really wouldn't want it bigger or any smaller. We sit 8-10 from the TV and this seems perfect. Much closer than 8' for this size TV is too close IMO. Video games POP on this thing. COD 4, SCalibur 4, even Geometry Wars 2 is amazing. Blu-Ray is great and I'm always surprised at how well standard DVDs look since the PS3 upscales them.

    If you're considering this TV, buy it and you won't regret it, especially for the price....more info
  • Fantastic plasma Viera TH-50PZ85U
    What a great tv. My living room is very bright and we can see the screen where ever we sit. The picture is so clear it is amazing. I would highly recommend this television....more info
  • exactly what i was expecting
    I did alot of research before I purchesed this tv. I went to the stors and looked at the different models side by side and cheked all the specs. I knew just what i was getting. I gave it 5 stars first because it was $500 cheaper from amazon than it was at any of the big stores. and second because it arrived perfectly with no damage, and on time. I couldnt be more happy with this purchase....more info
  • Panasonic Plasma TV
    I purchased the Panasonic TH-50PZ85U after doing some research online. I got a great deal through Amazon. The free delivery within 7 days was advertised with the product. Although I was skeptical about this statement, the TV arrived in three days. The freight company contacted me the day before to arrange a convenient delivery time. I would purchase again through Amazon....more info
  • Better than LCD-my opinion
    Better than LCD in my opinion. Maybe just me but motion and color is very nice. Since hanging on my wall months ago I have seen new sets at friends and family. I always come back very satisfied with set. The Pioneers are better, but cost more and not a world of difference unless you ELITE. Overall good set for price. I like the basic remote too. Plenty of inputs since 1 IN for a HDMI receiver is really the main source. Not calibrated by pro but my own tinkering has it fairly dialed. I'll get a pro in eventually.
    Good looking TV when turned off too. I like the location of inputs, SD card slot, and the BEST LOCATED POWER BUTTON. Funny what you really like about a TV. No burn in issues at all playing movies, video games, and TV.

    No real cons yet. Good set. We sit 16' away and won't go smaller than 50. 54 would have been perfect. 60 a bit much. Glare has not been an issue with one side wall mostly windows. I even forgot that I was concerned about glare, don't be unless your windows are on opposite wall. ...more info
  • Brilliant 1080p!
    Compared to the only other big screen I have ever owned (a 65" panasonic projection) this 50" more than holds it's own. The biggest adjustment has been the 15" I lost. In terms of quality of picture, the colors are rich, and the clarity is crystal clear. I had originally planned on buying a larger LCD but thankfully reconsidered due the time I spend watching sports and playing video games. This plasma rarely displays blurred images (which I realized I would have to adjust to if I chose the LCD path) even during the most intense and fast paced gaming scenes. If I had to choose again, I would probably upgrade to a larger screen.

    One note of caution which was a little disconcerning, I had originally hooked this tv up to my standard definition satellite hook up. Since I had my previous 1080p tv set up that way, I thought nothing of it since the picture had always been very good. The quality on this panasonic though was very, very poor. Talking to Panasonic, all they could tell me was that with today's modern tv's, if they are not hooked up to a high def receiver, you will get standard def quality. Duh? I thought, but this does not explain why my older 1080p tv def blew it out of the water when hooked up the same satellite hook up. Needless to say, when properly hooked up to it's hdmi or even component inputs, this 50" is gorgeous. Simply put, brilliant 1080p!...more info
  • HDTV review
    Excellent picture -- which is why I purchased this particular set. I read in the October issue of PC World that there is a way to "tune" a plasma TV to improve the picture even more. ...more info
  • Best TV from Amazon
    Received our TV in perfect condition - white glove delivery!
    Love the TV - best one we have ever purchased! Don't hesitate - just do it!...more info
  • Absolutely Awesome, best value and stunning picture.
    The battle wages on between LCD and Plasma, but I know I chose correctly when I picked up this television brand (I own the 50PZ80U, this is the newest model with a few more contrast adjustments). I have had it now for over a month and I still am as mezmerized as I was on day one. The colors and picture quality are absolutely brilliant. I have a friend that has a 1080p LCD TV and it does not hold a candle to the overall picture quality of this plasma. Again, the one drawback to a plasma screen TV is that it has a glass front, so if you are planning on having this in a room with lots of light and window, reflections will be a problem, and you might choose an LCD. But if you have a TV area like mine, hands down this is the best value and quality. 3 HDMI inputs (2 back, 1 front), 2 component inputs (1 back, 1 front) and your regular cable and composite hook ups available on back as well. The menues are easy to navagate, and the remote is user friendly. This also has an SD card slot that can handle the SDHC cards up to 16gb so you can display your digital photos. The only thing I wish the TV did was on the picture slideshow it allowed you to play music (mp3 files) during the display like some photo frames. Oh well, my pictures look excellent. Finally, my blu-ray movies and my HD-DVD movies are spectacular on this TV. Look around, but you will come back to see that this TV is a best value hands down. ...more info
  • Don't buy this
    Great plasma - when it works.
    the web is alive with reports of power supply issues for Pansonic plasmas,
    and unfot. it happened to me too. Red light flashing 10 times, no picture at all and very little help from the "concierge" center.

    It's a great screen with a huge reliability issue...more info
  • Almost a home run
    I've had the 50PZ85U for about a month and now feel comfortable writing a review.

    First off, I bought this TV from a different vendor than Amazon because they had 24 month no interest finance as an open box item for $1700. Amazon now has it NEW for that price with the 24 month no interest and the step up model (which is what I really wanted anyways), the 800u for $1900. I should've waited.

    So, on to the review. This is my second HDTV. I had a 37" Viewsonic that had respectable PQ but horrible blacks. This is why I wanted to go with a plasma, as I had heard plasmas are best when it comes to deep blacks. I was not dissapointed. The PZ85u has Kuro like blacks which makes the overall PQ outstanding. It is almost 3D it is so good. I had heard that these sets had inaccurate colors, but to my untrained eye, they seemed great (greens were green, reds were red, etc.)

    Another gripe about these sets is the glare. I have a big picture window (12'W by 4'H) where the set is placed on a perpendicular wall that is about 6' away. The set is similar to my LG Shine cell in that it is like a mirror when off but the image displayed is fine when on. One can still see themselves reflected in dark scenes during day time, however. Once the daylight subsides, the reflection is almost completely gone. The room is lit with a flourescent light that we had set up before that does not shine directly at the TV. Using that causes no reflection whatsoever. PQ is vastly improved during night viewing as well. This is really when this set (pardon the pun) "shines".

    The worst thing about this set is the "noise" that is seen. Just to be clear, this is not audio noise that is heard but "specks" that are seen especially with white backgrounds but can be seen throughout if you look hard enough. I have yet to see it while watching HD discs. I do see it in a lot of cable programming, though. Again, this is not a deal breaker for me but it is annoying sometimes and can be too distracting for some sensitive viewers.

    All in all, I'd give this set 31/2 stars but apparantly is not an option with Amazon. I would have liked to wait and get the 800u....more info
  • Awesome!
    We purchased this TV a few weeks back and, I must say, we were not sure about purchasing an item of this cost through an on-line retailer. The price was certainly better than any store near our home. The shipping speed was faster than expected. The TV was carried into my family room, and set up on to the stand. I couldn't have asked for a better experience as far as shipping.

    This television has a great picture and great sound quality. We will definately purchase another Panasonic in the future....more info
  • My first ever HD TV
    I just entered into the HD era with this is my first big screen TV I have ever purchased. I spent two months reviewing and investigating TVs, over and over again.
    I had my mind set on two different TVs, of which neither was this, but then, I arrived at the store and the salesman told me this TV was better, told me it was perhaps the best TV he had that wasn't over 3,000...

    So I took his word for it, brought it home and watched it.
    Wow. What a picture. It's amazing.

    Now, for the unlearned...Panasonic has two 50 inch Plasmas...this one DOES NOT have the internet if that's important to you, then make sure you get the model with the "O" in its name!

    This TV is great for a first-timer. I am very happy with it.
    ...more info
  • Worth the Money, Worth the Hype
    I bought this flat-screen plasma after doing quite a bit of research. This TV and its counter-part in Samsung were the highest rated televisions by many consumer review sites. In most cases, Samsung came out about a point (out of 100) higher on most sites.

    The areas where this TV won out were in the black clarity, the ability to run without getting overly hot, and ease of use. For me, the blacks are pretty much the most important part of clarity. I also have young children, so a television that never gets hot is important (as most all said that the Samsung ran so hot it could potentially burn you after 30 minutes of use). They are right, this setup is extremely easy to use, and the newer toggling features for changing between TV/Video is a vast improvement over previous models (on my old Panasonic, my wife got bored of having to cycle through each input to move between cable, DVD, game, etc.) Finally, the life of this television is AMAZING. It is supposed to be able to run for 30 years of continuous use without burnout. Find another plasma near this price that can claim that!

    Things I think the reviewers missed by giving negatives...

    Overall looks... huh? This is a clean looking set that fits into any style of room. Yes, the remote is fairly basic, but this is good for many people who don't understand or want to mess with the complications of the modern television. The television did require a couple of adjustments to color, brightness, and saturation when I received it. I know nothing about this type of setup, but it took me 20 minutes when I got it and I have been extremely happy without needing any additional adjustments. Some have also mentioned glare on this television, but I have a picture window 10 feet from it on one side and have very good light surrounding this television from all angles with no issue.

    This Panasonic is a great price, has clarity I haven't seen in nearly any other television, is lighter than my old screen (which was 13 inches smaller), and has even made my wife happy to have it (she is NEVER excited about electronics). With the "white glove" service, we received the unit very quickly and delivered to our room of choice, allowing us to change out the wires from the old to the new TV and have this up in running in 10 minutes from delivery. Thanks to Amazon, no delivery charges or tax. You can't beat it. My whole family loves this television....more info
  • Pana Plasma
    We ordered the Panasonic Plasma TV from the Amazon store and received free shipping. We received the TV within days of the order in spite of the Christmas Holiday. The TV was in perfect shape when we removed it from the carton and it has worked perfectly during the past 3 weeks. The picture is great. We are very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Buy this TV from Amazon
    This TV is simply stunning. There are countless reviews on the amazingly stunning video quality of this TV.
    The exterior shining frame is a great touch in my opinion, it looks great in the room.
    The only thing I would add is the buying experience I've had with
    I originally purchased this TV with another vendor at a discount. They charged me $250 for white glove delivery but unfortunately for me, after waiting for a month, I never saw it and got my refund back.
    It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Amazon had a lower total price then the previous vendor & their white glove delivery service is free! So it was a no brainer. The white glove delivery was great and fast. They went out of their way to ensure I was taken care of.
    Overall, I would highly recommend prospective buyers to buy from info