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Samsung LN22A451 22-Inch 720p LCD HDTV, White
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Product Description

You really don't have to make room for this go-anywhere TV! The SAMSUNG LN22A451 is clearly a smart choice for an LCD HDTV. Add some style to your kitchen or any other room in your home with its unique white frame. Stylishly concealed speakers add to the modern look. You'll also watch movies and shows come to life with remarkable color and detailed images. It's easy and affordable to add high-definition entertainment to your home with this widescreen TV. nit brightness 8ms response time for smooth video and videogame display Two 3-Watt hidden bottom stereo speakers SRS TruSurround XT technology delivers a virtual surround field Built-in ATSC / Clear QAM tuners V-chip for parental control of children's viewing Variable sleep timer Trilingual onscreen displays 1 HDMI input Component video input S-video input Composite A/V input PC input RF antenna input Headphone jack Approximate unit measurements - Without stand 22W x 16H x 3D, weighs 13 lbs; With stand 22W x 17-3/4H x 8-1/2D, weighs 16.1 lbs

  • 720p HD Resolution
  • Wide Color Enhancer
  • 1 HDMI Input
  • 3,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 8 ms response time

Customer Reviews:

  • irratating noise, greate picture
    bought this TV because of the price/pro's ration, and the good reviews.


    1. the TV is the perfect size, fits nicely in my bedroom, and produces a suitable sound volume.

    2. the picture is crisp and clear

    3. sleek design and remote controller are both minor pros

    4. despite spec that say it only supports 720 pixels, when attached to my ps3 via hdmi3 cords it says I'm receiving 1080pi.


    1. produced a faint but notable buzzing noise after 2 weeks

    2. shipped it to costumer repairs and after 3 phone calls and 2 1/2 months later it came back with the same noise.

    I decided to keep the TV, I turn off the incoming power to it before i sleep....more info
  • Satisfied Observer
    My new 22 inch Samsung is giving great results, after I got it in the right mode to receive the signal. The manufacturer would probably tell me to check the directions, but why do that when you can experiment? We are enjoying it very much and highly recommend it (not mine) to anyone wanting a new tv....more info
  • Top of the line TV
    This is the second Samsung HDTV I've purchased. After doing "on line" research, this brand kept going to the top of the lists in best picture, etc. I have enjoyed my earlier big screen (56") model, so I bought this smaller (22") model for my wife's dressing room. She love's it. Nuf said....more info
  • Disappointment
    I bought this about 6 months ago and loved it till it just stopped working. It turns it self off and on till it eventually craps out. The only way to turn it off is to unplug it. Could barley understand the customer service rep due to lots of background noise on her end so I finally hung up and went online. I have to pay to ship it to NJ, who knows when I will see it again....more info
  • Nice small LCD TV
    I'm using this both as a TV and a computer monitor. Perfect size for my use, although for my main TV I still prefer plasma. I really like Samsung and this is replacing a 17'' Samsung monitor/standard def TV that I have been happy with for years. I bought this one to get a larger size and the HDTV tuner....more info
  • Samsung, a So-So
    For background info purposes, let me first say that my Samsung is rooftop antenna-connected via an RF modulator, and it is not connected to any other units (VCR, DVD player, ...). This is the same setup I maintained with the 18 year old TV the Samsung replaced, and I simply ended up reusing the RF modulator as a preference option. This decision, however, turned out to be one supported by a Samsung tech support person, who said that the modulator would enhance the picture quality all the more.

    Whether or not picture quality is enhanced by the modulator connection, I cannot say, as I haven't tried my setup without it. All I can say is that the picture quality is excellent, and that is without having had to do any adjustment tweaking (sharpness, contrast, brightness, ....). Thus, I would rate picture quality as my Samsung's best, most satisfying attribute.

    I am also pleased with the user-friendly remote. The numerals are generously large, and are color-contrasted with the remote's black background, which adds to visibility ease. Other icon and identifier buttons are likewise easy to ID and access. Moreover, buttons are nicely clustered, enabling easy location/activation.

    Samsung also gets kudos for the user-friendly owner's guide, which even I --- a tech-challenged hater of instruction manuals --- was able to navigate for set-up and adjustments, thanks to the thorough and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations. I surprised myself by completing the set-up, including programming the remote, with little angst and no tantrums!

    With regard to dissatisfaction, I would rate Samsung's overall sound quality as its primarily negative feature. It is woefully sub-standard and most disappointing. Without exaggeration, the sound quality emitted by this Samsung model is actually inferior to that of my old TVs, low-end computer, and even my inexpensive radios. The sound is tinny and
    "echoey". And unfortunately,neither the manual-based sound adjustment options nor Samsung tech support contacts were able to completely overcome the sound deficiencies. I'm thinking that the type and location of the TV's speakers --- on the bottom of the unit --- may be part of the problem. However, I was able, by strictly trial and error, to achieve some sound improvement by playing around with the bandwidth adjustments (per the Sound Customizing section of the manual). I have since found that the sound quality, whether due to my happenstance adjustments or not, is just a bit improved, but tends to vary with channel (including digital), as well as with voice vs. music output. Actually, at times, the music-based sound comes through well. I don't understand the sound variability enigma here, which is somewhat annoying, but I have determined that I can live with the sound in its current state, though reluctantly so.

    The one other negative feature is the ridiculously small, channel ID caption square (blue background/white numerals) which appears at the top left on the screen when making a channel change. Now, my distance vision is quite good, and I have watched TV from the same distance for 32 years, never having a problem seeing any emergent captions, etc. on any TV. But with this Samsung, especially when channel surfing, I literally have to get up from the couch and move a bit closer to the TV to see the caption figures. And with the multitude of adjustments that one can
    make for so many of the Samsung features, you'd think that the caption could be enlarged. But alas, a Samsung contact revealed no such option.

    Would I have purchased this Samsung, based on knowing what I know now relative to the above? I think I'd probably opt to check out other Samsung models or other brands altogether beforehand, which is my recommendation to other potential buyers.

    ...more info
  • Samsung TV
    The picture on this TV is beautiful and it was a great surprise for my boyfriend. The sound is a little low, but otherwise, it's a great TV. I based my purchase on the reviews of the product and it is exactly as others described. Great picture, OK sound. overall - a good value....more info
  • Nice HD Picture, Terrible Speakers
    I bought this for my 95-year-old parents for Christmas. Simplicity is essential in anything they use (they had rabbit ears until four months ago -- cable still throws them a curve and they won't give up their VCR). This little TV was easy for me to hook up in their breakfast room... and 22" was a perfect size. The remote is wonderful for them -- not too many buttons and all are a decent size & well marked. However, the volume does not go high enough for them (they are very deaf) and the tinny speakers produce a nasty sound when even 60% volume is used. HORRIBLE SPEAKERS. I wish I had bought something else -- I am going to have to buy my parents external speakers now. ...more info
  • Samsung 22
    I purchased this tv recently and I am very happy with it. The price was the best I found anywhere. Good picture quality, looks nice. Perfect size for our bebroom. I like and recommend this tv. The sound quality is the only thing that is not so great but for the bedroom it's not so bad....more info
  • Good tv for the price
    The television was shipped securely and arrived quickly as promised. My thirteen year old daughter and I were able to set up the tv fairly easily and quickly. However, the HD picture quality is not as good as we expected, apparently because we are using the old yellow, white, and red cable connectors instead of the newer HD cable. I'm hoping the picture quality will improve once we purchase and install this new cable. It's too bad this information wasn't listed on the box or in the ad (like companies do if their product needs batteries to work). I would have made sure I had the better cable so that when this was set up on Christmas morning it would have had a better picture....more info
  • Leo
    The Samsung TV has excellent graphics and was very easy to setup. I like the HD graphics....more info
  • nice tv!
    great tv! connects to laptop with no problem and just the right size for my room....more info
  • Best HD picture in my view
    It didn't occur to be to even look at Samsung TV's until we had a cable service man over to replace our cable box. We asked him if we were to replace our TV, what brand would he suggest. He said he felt that the Samsung line had the best picture of any he has seen. We wanted to explore his suggestion figuring he must see all brands of TV's on his service calls. So I checked out floor models at various electronic stores and found the picture seems to me sharper than the other ones in the store. I also found the price listed on Amazon was about $100.00 lest than was listed in the stores. The closest retail price occurred when Circuit City was having a going out of business sale and was please that Amazon was still lower. This 22 inch TV was a birthday present for my wife to replace and old analog one in her home office, and she just loved the sleek black design and the excellent HD picture. ...more info
  • A Quality Product With a Few Flaws
    I always read customer reviews before purchasing a product, and before I bought this Samsung TV, I looked at all customer reviews for all 22" flat screen TVs. I own another small Samsung and it works very well in the kitchen. What I liked most about it was the clear picture and the footprint and how little space it occupied, so I decided that another Samsung would be a good choice. Ignoring the warning echos in other reviews, I thought this would be the ideal TV.

    What other reviewers mentioned was absoutely on target. Information about the channel or anything else is so small and stays on the screen so briefly, that it is almost impossible to read. Worst display I have ever seen. I discovered that if you push the "info" button the display remains on the screen, but I have to cross the room to read it, as the print is still very small. What were they thinking when they designed this display?

    Further, other reviews warned that if you were not directly sitting in front of the TV, you saw only black. Having never had that experience before, I took that with a grain of salt. Wrong. The other reviewers are right. If you move even slightly away from the center of the set, all you can see is a black screen. I have no idea why this is the case, but it is true. So, if you plan on using this set where you sit in front of it, with no one else in the room watching from a different angle, it works just great. If multiple people plan on watching together, you might have a problem.

    On the positive side, the footprint is sleek and takes little room. The picture is very good (not as awesome as my Sony Bravia) but very clear. The design of the set itself is pleasing and the remote is comfortable to hold and fairly easy to control. You must, however, read the instruction booklet to understand some of the features (e.g. "tools" and the bottom colored buttons. Their use is not immediately obvious.)

    Some reviewers criticized the sound as "tinny", and I know what they mean. It is not particularly annoying to me but if you are "into" audio, it might drive you crazy.

    Samsung produces a quality product, it will work for my needs, but this TV is not for everyone.
    ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I am extremely satisfied with my new t.v. It works perfectly and arrived in good time....more info
  • Perfect- just not 16:9.
    We purchased this TV as our primary TV for in the living room of our new apartment. We wanted something discreet- that would not take over the room as most TVs do so we figured a white LCD TV would be best. This Samsung has a great picture when on and when off looks very elegant. We placed it in the corner of the room on a side table and when off it merely compliments our decor. Primarily we watch it from about 8', but its also easily viewable from a sharp angle 12' away in the kitchen. We didnt mount the TV but the holes are there for mounting purposes and the directions include a section on how to best mount the TV. The A/V inputs are on the back of the TV, which would limit how close to the wall its mountable. We have had the TV now for almost a month and have nothing but positive comments about it.

    The only negative is that it is not true 16:9. When viewing programs/movies in 16:9 format (which is the majority of movies now) the viewing size of this TV is technically about 20" not 22" which leaves black bars on the top and bottom of the screen 2-3" thick. For me, this did not affect my purchase because there are simply not that many TVs this size that are 16:9.

    I read most of the reviews on Amazon, especially all the bad reviews, and I have to say I have had none of the problems that were in the bad reviews. My TV didnt come with a sticker on the LCD display like some customers. HD channels (through Comcast) look excellent. Even DVDs viewed on our cheap, old DVD player look great. As far as the sound, my only guess is some customers must have received a flawed product. The sound is great, I have only turned it up half-way and it is plenty loud. However, the sound may be a little on the tinny side; but I hardly see how you could expect more from small, built-in speakers. I am a bit of an audio perfectionist myself and ever since I planned on buying a new HDTV I also planned on buying a new sound system. (Correct me if I'm wrong, buy I thought it was well known fact that if you want an amazing picture and amazing sound then you will buy a tv AND a sound system- no matter the price of the TV.) Even so, after having the TV for a month I am content with the built-in speakers. If I do happen to purchase a sound system for this TV it will only be if I need a little extra retail therapy after Christmas....more info
  • Good clear picture
    We looked at a lot of televisions in this size, but this one had the best picture by far. Fast action still is a bit of a problem, but we didn't see any televisions in this size that didn't blur of pixelate in action scenes. The speakers are really not very good, but in our case we have a sound system attached to it for use when sound is important, so it does not really matter. Overall, it is a very good television in this size....more info
  • 16:10 display
    It seems to work well with its decent tuner in my suburban location and using an indoor antenna. But any significant wind causes dropout of the digital signal. I am hoping that the turn-off of the analog broadcast signals in June will permit an increase in the digital signal level transmitted.

    There are two problems I have noticed with this TV. First, it is 16:10 not 16:9. Thus an HD signal must be stretched by about 11% vertically to fill the screen. Otherwise there is a 5.5% black bar at top and bottom for the correct 16:9 display. It is slightly a problem for me. Second, while this TV has several inputs: HDMI, component, S-video, and composite, there is only one of each and the S-video and composite share a common audio input. This means that you cannot hook up a composite VCR and a S-video DVD player simultaneously. One would have to buy a switch. This is a potential problem for me.

    Otherwise the picture is good, although looking a bit poorly interpolated at times, but solid with a good HD signal AND choosing the 16:9 display mode. Finally, the sound has been commented on in these amazon reviews. I find it very adequate for use in a small room such as a typical bedroom or office. No problem there....more info
  • Samsung LCD TV
    I've had this tv for about a month now and am very pleased with it's performance. The picture is much higher quality and the sound is great. I was working with a specific space size and this one fit the bill. It was and is a great choice....more info
  • Great
    I gave this as a birthday present. Recipient is pleased and uses it in a small room. My take is that the picture is really crisp and clear, but that the sound quality is not the greatest. That is, sounds "tinny," like it's sound out of a metal can. However, birthday boy seems to think it's fine and that's what matters. ...more info
  • Cool TV
    This TV works excellently. I recommend it for anyone that needs a small TV for a small room and/or for video gaming. The sound could be better but that could always be corrected with enhancements....more info
  • Solid Product, But Backlight Needs Redesign
    Paid $339 on sale, which was a great value. Using this in my kitchen and replaced a 1st generation 15" Zenith HD-ready set. Mounted easily to my existing VESA wall bracket without having to purchase any additional hardware. Picture is good enough for the kitchen, but the backlight/screen design leaves a dull light around the perimeter (particularly at top) that would drive me nuts in a bedroom, etc. - but again, just fine for the kitchen. I have a 32" 720p Bravia in the bedroom and no backlight issues with that set. Plenty of features and speakers are just fine for where I'm using it. Some complain about the speakers, but if you're using this (as with any small set) as your primary TV in the living room, bedroom, etc., you should have a separate sound system for it. Same goes for the comments regarding the size of the screen menus - I've got 4 HD sets in my home and the menu system and size on this set is just fine. Other comments note that this is not 16:9, which is incorrect. Many films made today are not 16:9 - same goes for broadcast TV - which means you'll end up with bars on the tops or sides when viewing in wide mode. You can get rid of them by switching to one of two zoom modes....more info
  • Samsung HD TV
    We love our new Samsung HD TV. The picture is crystal clear. Great TV. ...more info
  • Great Deal
    So i have been looking around for a lcd tv for a long time. Researching internet prices vs. store prices. Since i couldnt view the quality of this tv personally i went to my local bestbuy to see if they had the same model. They did and the picture quality was amazing. This tv was a great deal at $350. Bestbuy had the same tv for $400. I was a little skeptical about buying this tv because of the mixed reviews, however i am so glad i did. The picture quality is amazing. Very good for a 22'. A lot of people complained about the sound. Well yea this tv is not built for a huge living room (being 22'), but for a small or even big bedroom, it is just perfect. I did not want to pay $20 for shipping so i decided to go with the free super savings shipping with an estimated shipping between 7 and 9 days. I ordered this tv from amazon on friday and received it that coming tuesday. 4 days, 2 being a weekend, that was very impressive. Some people even complained about the picture quality. They probably didnt customize it. The factory setting is not always perfect. So after tweaking a few settings, the picture was beautiful. I highly recommend this product. Plus you have samsungs high reputation behind it. ...more info
    I bought this TV to replace a CRT type TV that had a really good picture and I was skeptical that the picture would not be as good, however, in Samsung's tradition, it has proven to be even better then the CRT picture and it has good sound that I have heard others complain about. We use this TV in our living room which is just right for the size. A great TV at a great price....more info
  • Ideal size TV for kitchen/breakfast room
    I have a 46" Samsung in my living room and have been very satisfied with this brand.
    Samsung's 22" model is the right choice for my breakfast room. Both sound and picture quality are very good. I'd recommend this model without reservations...more info
  • Samsung 22" HDTV
    I love this Tv. The picture is wonderful and that extra 3" from a 19 means the world of difference. It's a little slow when you first put it on, but the picture quality overrides this feature. Shipping was very fast and came in great condition. It also was the lowest price I could find even on sale. I would not be afraid to order any electronic item on line. VERY SATISFIED!!!!!!...more info
  • good tv, but disappointed in product
    Pros: The Tv was delivered ahead of schedule and in perfect condition. Great picture standing right in front of it, but not as crisp as 1080. Similar set-up to our 52 inch 650 LCD Black Samsung TV (also bought from Amazon), so was easy to navigate.. Sets up digital for air very well. We do not have cable. We live in the city. We use an inexpensive HD antenna from WalMart that works very well and can be adjusted when needed. Cosmetically it is a beautiful little tv and the white is much easier to keep clean than our black touch of red-does not seem to be as much of a dust magnet as the black. It is white for our bedroom, and there was not much to choose from in the white category.

    Cons: The picture becomes dark or discolored when viewing from the sides or below straight on viewing. The sound is low at times and varies on different channels. The font when setting or trying to change set-up on the tv is very small so can only be seen very close up. The sound cuts out and the picture goes out briefly if a person comes too close to the tv accompanied by an annoying noise (adjusting the antenna has helped, but not always). Maybe a better antenna would do the trick in this area.

    It is OK for our TV viewing in the bedroom, but we are looking for a different TV for the kitchen in the same size. We wanted Samsung since our 5 star 52 inch Samsung is absolutely wonderful. We originally were going to buy two of these (22 inch white) and I still might since the ratings and price for the 650 22 inch Samsung in black is about the same as this one. 22 inch Tvs just are not as great as the 32 inch and above Tvs are. All in all a good enough tv which we will not send back, but disappointed nonetheless. Others that we looked at Best Buy in the 22 inch size were very similar and not as good. However,the Samsung 650 LCD in the 22 inch size has 3 HDMI inputs at Best Buy whereas the one offered at Amazon has only 1. Amazon's much cheaper, though and that is probably why....more info
  • Very nice TV
    As others have said, the sound isn't the best on this television but then, it's a small, inexpensive TV, so one shouldn't expect the same sound as on units costing ten times as much. I have not tried external speakers but may do so at some point. Other than that, the picture is good. At first we didn't like the pictue much, but we sharpened the picture via the menues, and now the picture is to our liking. The TV scans for new channels much more quickly than our year old set by another maker. Furthermore, the remote is much more ergonomic than our other one. The numbers are on the upper part of the unit. They were on the bottom of our old unit, meaning you couldn't hold the remote in one hand and change the channel with the fingers of that same hand. With this remote, it's possible to do so. Viewing the screen at an angle isn't a problem unless one the screen from almost 180 degree angle. In short, we are very plased with this TV...more info
  • Good TV ... with 2 problems
    The Samsung 22 in is fine for our bedroom, and meets our needs. However, there are 2 things that have disappointed: the sound is "tinny" We have scrolled through the various sound settings, and some are better than others, but none of them are the audio quality that other TV's in our house have ...

    The other issue is that when you are using a menu to change various settings (sleep-timer), sound, color, etc..) the font is so small that one needs to walk up to the TV to see what it says (not fun when you are already in bed) I've looked everywhere to find a way to enlarge the print menu size, but to no avail. If anyone knows of one, please let me know!
    Color is good, picture is good, etc....more info
  • Samsung 22" LCD TV
    The TV was easy to put together, has a fine resolution, and we are very pleased with it....more info
  • Excellent TV for Bedroom
    I purchased the LN22a450 a week ago and I am totally satisfied with this TV. I also own a 46 and a 26 inch (LN26a450) Samsung set as well. I did purchase all three sets from Amazon and let me tell you, service and delivery was top notch. No issues whatsoever. The only drawback to the 22" set is the sound and that is easily corrected by selecting the correct sound settings. I also went with the "movie" settings for the picture and made a few tweaks on my own (recommended by CNET) and everything is awesome. I also used a peerless pa730 to mount the TV on the bedroom wall. Talk about a perfect fit and stupidly simple to mount. The peerless PA730 comes with everything you need and it took 15 minutes to install. I utilize AT&T U-Verse HD service and that looks terrific....more info