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Toshiba 19AV500U 19-Inch 720p LCD HDTV (Black)
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Product Description

Get ready for watching all your favorite movies and shows with the new Toshiba 19AV500U 720p HD TV. This great looking LCD TV has DynaLight Back-Light Control that utilizes advanced image processing to monitor the brightness of each video frame, and adjust the backlight intensity accordingly based in the image content. This precision creates seamless transitions with deep blacks for increased detail and depth analysis, even in low light environments. Your ears will thank you with StableSound that maintains television volume within a preset range regardless of the source signal. Take advantage of 720p HD picture quality and an impressive feature set with the 19AV500U. This model is a great addition for any home theater, and can also be used as a computer monitor by using the PC Input for displaying family photos or business presentations. 60Hz Video Scan Rate SoundStrip Speaker System with StableSound Integrated NTSC/ATSC/QAM TV Tuning Input Ports - 1 x HDMI, 1 x Composite Video, 1 x S-Video, 1 x A/V, 1 x PC 15Pin (VGA), Analog Audio Out, Dolby Digital Optical Out Approximate Unit Dimensions - 18.4 (W) x 15.7 (H) x 8.3 (D) with Stand Approximate Unit Weight - 13.6 pounds with Stand

  • 19" 720p HD LCD TV
  • High Gloss Black Finish
  • DynaLight Dynamic Backlight Control
  • PC Input
  • 1 HDMI

Customer Reviews:

  • Toshiba 19AV501U 19-Inch 720p LCD HDTV (White)
    This was bought for the kitchen (white) and unit exceeds my expectations for the price.Easy set up and programming.The wife loves it so what more can one say?...more info
  • nice television, great price
    I needed to replace an old tv we used in the kitchen. Found the Toshiba at Amazon at a really good price. The set hasn't disappointed us. We get a clear picture and reasonably good sound. I customized the picture and sound to suit my needs. There was no assembly; the base was already attached. I found I can hide both my satellite box and the wires behind it. I like the half-mute feature because I can talk on the phone and still hear the tv a bit. I find I can't sit quite as close to the tv as I did with the old set but the view from our breakfast bar is outstanding. The only thing I wasn't used to was the short delay from start-up to actual picture appearing but it isn't a problem. I may buy another one for our bedroom....more info
  • Great Flat Panel TV
    We are using the TV in a guest room so we do not watch it. I mounted it on the wall and it looks geat. I am pleased with the picture and functionality of the features. It is a great buy....more info
  • Great Value
    This TV has a great picture. With this screen size the 720p is just as sharp as my other 1080p TVs. I had looked at a similarly priced Vizio. The Toshiba's picture is sharper and the color is far superior to the Vizio. I would recommend this TV to anyone looking for a great value in a 19" LCD TV....more info
  • Very good for the price
    very nicely priced. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars (and this is a pretty good reason) is because the TV picture gets dark when it is viewed at different angles. When viewed straight on the picture is very nice. If you're below the TV (watching from the floor) the picture appears dark. Other than that it's very good. Next time I would spend the few extra bucks and get something better....more info
  • O.K. TV
    This TV is a fairly good value for the money. The picture could use more contrast and brightness. Viewing from less than a 90 degree straight-on angle the picture tends to wash/fade out. Channel changes are slow. Maybe this is characteristic of all LCD TV's - this is the first one I've owned - but I find it irritatingly slow compared to my CRT TV's fast channel change operation. Viewability suffers in bright light - it is much better in a room with subdued lighting and/or at night. Would I buy it again after giving this review? For the price I paid, yes (especially considering that I received free shiping). I still believe that it is a good value....more info
  • toshiba 19av500 great for the price
    I bought a Sansui 19 inch LCD from Walmart the day after Thanksgiving for $178 and the picture was poor. I returned it and for $50 more dollars and no tax or shipping I got the Toshiba. The picture was infinitely better. It is hooked up by a 50 ft component video cable to a satellite receiver so I do not use the tuner, which others have said was slow. I am using it in the kitchen sharing the same signal from the den and we enjoy watching the news on it as we cook. It was a good choice....more info
  • Good, but a few things bug me
    I bought this LCD 19" TV mainly for bedroom use.
    It's hooked up to my cable. It has a very good picture quality. Changing Viewing Pic Size and Sleep Function is nice. I have no problem with the sound either.

    My main bugaboo's...
    Small, even tiny Text Fonts, especially when going to the next channel or Menu Reading.
    Somewhat hard to read across the bedroom.
    Upon further research, a Toshiba Rep. stated there is no way the Font or Text Size may be enlarged by the customer.
    So that's that. That should be allowable.

    If used in kitchen or closer view, this probably wouldn't bother me.

    Another little bugaboo...
    Slow going from Channel to Channel (ie. upon entering a channel number). Also, hitting the Up or Down arrow on remote for channel hopping is faster when going to the adjacent channel(s). Still not that speedy.

    I don't think I'm too impatient, however, compared to my other TV's it's slow.

    After a while I've become use to these inconveniences.

    ...more info
  • Great Picture
    Picture quality is great. I was afraid to purchase as I wanted to use it in my kicthen where I do not have cable nor an attachment to the roof antenna. So I purchase an HD indoor antenna and was amazed at the reception and picture clarity....more info
  • 19" tv
    came as expected i like the tv. menu and remote are good. picture is clear. used in kitchen. sound is clear....more info
  • Extremely Pleased
    In researching and comparing TV's before buying this TV, I had pretty much decided that this was the TV for me. However, some of the comments by other customers gave me pause, due to the sound quality as they had reported it. Especially, since I was not positive if they really meant sound quality or volume or both. I have a pet peave with a television whose sound comes out of the side/back of the set instead of the front (note: this tv has front speakers). Since you are usually sitting in front of the TV. With those sets other sets side/back speakers you have to blast the volume to hear it, but then it is blaring into other rooms etc. I can tell you this TV has excellent volume control and the sound at first seemed a little different from my old tv but nothing unexpected (at first it was like hearing a strangers voice that quickly became a friends familiar voice). So if the sound volume or quality is something you might have concerns about in the purchasing of this TV, let me put your mind at ease (unless you are a sound guru dealing with bass, tremble and all of that) you will not regret purchasing this TV. I feel that this was one of the best purchases I have made for the money in a very long time. Additional note: if you are a first time amazon purchaser or on purchasing anything large or electronic from them, do not worry they are the best. I have been purchasing from them for years and I have never had a problem with any purchase, return or help needed.. ...more info
  • Love my new TV
    This is my first venture into HDTV...or even flat screen. What a difference!!! It's the perfect size for its location. I also love the 1/2 mute feature. I'm delighted....more info
  • Toshiba 19 Inch LCD HDTV
    Generally very well pleased with the unit. Picture is great (even not on HD). Sound could be a little better though. All in all, worth the price....more info
  • Great 19-inch TV
    I placed the order and then got scared when I read some reviews on the poor quality sound. So far I have had no problems at all. Picture is amazing and so is the sound. I think it is a perfect TV for a small space. Mine is in the kitchen and I am very happy with its performance....more info
  • TV
    The sound has a boxed quality and the menu won't allow me to change the intensity of the color. Maybe I am not following the directions. Otherwise it is a good set, well worth the price. ...more info
  • Great office TV
    I bought this for a small office area, split my cable line and now have a great picture at my office desk. Great TV!...more info
  • Good value, be aware of aspect ratio
    I paid $229 shipped for this TV in late November 2008 from Amazon. We bought it to install in our bathroom.

    This is a good looking TV, very sleek and smooth. The remote is also very nice. So physically this TV has great qualities.

    As for its performance, the biggest thing to keep in mind is that it's not actually 16:9. It's something closer to 16:10. So, the image is vertically stretched a bit. I researched this and apparently almost all 19" HDTVs are like this. I read that It has something to do with the companies also making computer monitors of this same size and not wanting to redo everything.

    The speaker quality was important to me because I am not hooking it up to a receiver. I'm happy to report that the speakers sound pretty good. They're not tinny, which is the biggest problem with most HDTV speakers. Also, there are bass/treble settings in the menu, which help tremendously.

    The picture quality is strong on both HD channels and non-HD channels. The blacks and the contrast aren't great, but that is to be expected with a low-priced HDTV.

    For the price I paid, I'm very satisfied. If I had paid more than $250, I would be a little disappointed, mostly because of the 16:10 issue....more info
  • Great for What I needed
    I read all the reviews on this product. Some were good some not so much. However I was looking to put a small flat screen in a bedroom of a college age student.
    While I will admit that the sound from this set is just OK, the overall product satisfied my needs. The picture quality is fine, setup was easy and the set looks great in the room.
    Also as in the past, my dealing with went smoothly and the product arrived in time and damage free!
    If I had to do it over again... I would!...more info
  • Nice little TV
    Our daughter in college found that her traditional-style TV took up way too much space in her little dorm room, and was hard to drag back and forth. We got her this flat-screen TV for Christmas and she was thrilled. She could hardly believe how sharp the HD picture is, and she said that it very easy to hook up to her video game systems, DVD player, etc. I would definitely recommend this product for any situation where space and portability are issues....more info
  • Excellent Value
    If you need a secondary TV for a kitchen, bedroom, or childrens area; then this TV is for you.

    Lots of settings that can be adjusted (Color temp, hue, contrast, etc), and a great picture. HD Picture quality is great, and the sound quality is top notch (fills the room quite nicely). Comes with a one year warranty that compared to the other budget brands in this price range is 9 months longer than all non name brands.

    Remote has settings to make it into a universal remote to control all of your media center which is a nice additionall feature. Would recommend this TV to anyone looking for a supplementary second unit....more info
  • Great value but don't expect great sound
    We bought the TV to have in the kitchen and it is a good fit. Station reception is very good and we were able to get the cable HD channels (that the Cable company didn't scramble) with the QAM feature. You must first use the auto channel scan for the TV to know what channels are available. Otherwise you might think the TV cannot receive many channels. You also have to install the base, but the instructions are straightforward and it takes only about 5-7 minutes once you get started.

    The speakers were irritating to me and sounded almost like turning a speaker face down on the table. Even thought I know that opening the back of the TV violates the warranty, I did so anyway just to see what was causing the problem. It appears that the two stereo speakers are partially blocked thus causing the muffled irritating sound. Since the speaker connections were kind of in the open, I disconnected them and ran the connections to a couple of RCA jacks that I installed on the back cover. I then plugged in some good 4" speakers to the jacks and put them behind the TV. The end results was great sound and great picture. If the TV had come with the speakers, I would have rated the TV as 4.5 stars (taking into consideration the low price).

    The mute feature of the TV remote control is great. The first time you press the mute button, it steps the volume down about 50% which comes in handy for commercials and if a telephone call comes in. The next time the mute button is pressed, it goes completely mute. Then the next time it is pressed, the TV returns to normal volume.

    I have to sometimes use the buttons on the remote for picture size and color settings to make the picture look like I want it to, but overall, I am satisfied with the TV for the price....more info
  • Great product
    I was concerned about buying the Toshiba after reading a couple of negative reviews. However, our experience has been great. This TV worked right from the plug-in. Once the set-up enabled me to select cable vs antenna, the Toshiba scanned and logged all of the channels. Tagging each channel with it's designation (ABC, NBC, HBO, etc) and as a Favorite is tedious, but works. The sound quality and volume are great. Picture quality in low and bright light is also great. It would be very helpful if my cable provider, Bright House, offered a programming guide without a set top box, but that has nothing to do with the TV. Be careful of the instructions for setting up the TV, out of the box. Getting the stand into the standing position seems tricky. You have to strongly push the stand (almost force it) into the upright position and set the LOCK switch. The instructions should say that, but they don't. We thoroughly enjoy the quality experience for a very good price. I just hope that it doesn't drive dissatisfaction with our bigger TVs....more info
  • you won't regret !!!
    This is a really nice tv with nice display work fine and the sound is quiet reasonable ....more info
  • Good buy
    I bought this item on March 08,2009, received it in two days. The TV itself is small, but once is connected the image is amazing. I have Direct TV, enjoy watching movies on HD. The sound is really good too!

    Eventually will hook it on my computer and use it as a monitor and purchase a bigger Toshiba for my bedroom.

    ...more info
  • so so tv
    I puchased this tv shortly after purchasing a Samsung LN19A450 19-Inch 720p LCD HDTV, Black from Amazon. I am disappointed with the picture quality of the Toshiba. No matter how we adjust it the screen is just lacking a sharpness or crispness it needs. You should not have to work that hard to get a good picture. we use it in a small bedroom so the sound is ok. all in all if you need a 19 inch go for the Samsung for a very very clear and sharp image....more info
  • Great, small flat screen
    I was looking for a small flat screen TV for my bedroom and this has been perfect. Picture is great, sound is good, screen size options for DVDs are great. Plenty of hook-ups in the back to connect with any modern DVD or video game players. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    Love this TV - Can't wait to change all my TV's to HDLCD's. I would definitely purchase another Toshiba. I also have a 37 inch regular Toshiba TV and we really liked that....more info