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Tidy Cats Breeze Cats Litter Box System, 1-Count Kit
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $27.83

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Product Description

Product Description How It Works Say good-bye to messy clay litter! BREEZE Litter System uses specially-designed, cat-friendly BREEZE Litter Pellets that are 99.9% dust free and anti-tracking. BREEZE Litter Pellets allow urine to pass through to an odor controlling BREEZE Cat Pad in a protective tray. The urine is quickly absorbed leaving solid waste on top for quick, easy removal.

Customer Reviews:

  • Best litter box system ever
    I rescued my cat 4 years ago. He is now almost 11 years old and about 18 lbs. Cleaning the old scoop litter was messy and dusty. My allergy to dust is not good and those heavy scoop containers were killing my back. Now the Breeze box is not dusty and there is no smell as long as I clean his poop out. Sometimes I leave one dropping for a couple hours but still there is no smell as long as he covers it. Its great! I was worried about his adjusting since he is an older cat. I put the new Breeze system next to his old box. I put some new pellets in his old box on top of the scoop so he would get used the feeling. He did not attempt the new box for 3 days and kept going to the old box. Then on day 4 I took away the old box. He thought about it for a couple hours on day 4 and then he finally used the Breeze box. I was very happy with my cat that day! So this new product is awesome! Better for my allergies and my back!...more info
  • great litter system
    Great product...I was so tired of the litter dust! The only problem I have is one of my cats will not poop in it...urinates but no pooping! ...more info
  • The Breeze System Works (Modified)
    I recently bought the Breeze system which comes with the box, a set of four "diaper pads" and clay litter.

    I HATE the clay litter. The clay was all over my hands, in spite of the 99% dust-free claim. I guess that was the "1%" - ha ha. It's not healthy for cats to ingest clay and it can build up in their intestinal system after a while. Not to mention the mess that it will make tracking all over the house.

    So, I use my litter of choice - Yesterday's News (paper pellets). It truly is dust-free and flushable in small amounts. It's healthier and clean and easy to pick up any that track on the floor. Now that my cat is older and bigger, urine is more of an issue than it used to be.

    Therefore, the Breeze box is the perfect solution for odor control and keeping the box clean and dry. The pads soak up a lot of urine and keep it odor-free for up to a week as advertised. I recommend the Breeze box paired with Yesterday's News litter.

    Also, I added a lid to the box from a former box to give her more privacy so the box is a hybrid.

    My cat didn't have any problems switching to the new box since the litter is the same. She adapted easily. It's easier for me to maintain the litter box, and I'm grateful.

    The only thing that I would change in the box is to make the holes smaller so that the pellets wouldn't keep getting jammed into the holes and sell it with a removable lid....more info
  • Absolutely the BEST!!
    I ordered mine 6 mons ago and have been very pleased. Our fastidious kitten took to it after mixing a cup of feline pine (her previous litter) into the pellets. I also add 1 1/2 cups to the tray. That allows me to extend the life of the pad up to 2 weeks for one 9 lb feline. As others have noted, you will need to monitor the pad and turn it about every 4-5 days as cats seem to revisit the same spots frequently. The unit looks great, there is no oder and picking up a poop is not a problem for me. (she doen't bury in the pellets) Oh, I also extend the pellets by adding 1/2 bag on the second month instead of dumping the whole thing. After 60 days, I will clean the entire unit and start over fresh. This routine has kept $$ low and convenience high. Great item!! Thanks so much for the $19.99 Deal! ...more info
  • Wish all my cats would use it.
    We have three cats in our house, and we now have a total of three Tidy Cats Breezes. We also have an older Booda box that uses conventional clumping litter. Unfortunately, only one (maybe two) of our cats use the Breeze. The other one(s) insist on using the Booda box. If we remove the Booda box, they go on the carpet. :-(

    What's nice about this box is that the litter pellets create little, if any dust. We've got a few family members who have asthma and allergies so minimizing dust is very important to us. The Breeze is great in that respect. It also is extremely easy to change the Breeze's pads (and even the pellets). The only downsides are that: (a) until the solid waste is removed, it really smells because there is no litter or anything else covering it up, and (b) if you allow the pads to become too saturated, they also emit an unpleasant odor....more info
  • Finally!!!
    First, let me start by saying that I thought the system was a bit expense. However, about a week ago, Amazon had this system as one of their gold box deals for $19.97...what a deal! Plus, shipping was free, so I ordered three of them for my four little furrballs. Setting it up was very easy and I think Tidy Cats did a good job with their literature about how to use this. One of my cats died a few months ago, and since then, her sister has been pooping in the corner of my living room. I decided to temporarily place a Breeze there. Right away, she started using it! The other Breezes went in my basement next to my other boxes. I think Tidy Cats is a little too optomistic when they say that cats will start using it by three days. All of us cat lovers know that our felines do everything in their own time! I am still transitioning after about a week, but they are using it. I figure I will keep the clump boxes until I run out of that litter. I must say that there is absolutely no urine smell, and the box just looks so much cleaner after one day compared to my regular litter boxes. Now, for all of you who complained about the poop smell, all I have to ask is how long do you leave your boxes unscooped??? Yes, when anyone (people included) poops, there is an odor. Just like humans flush the smell away in the toilet, the cat odor can be eliminated by scooping it out! Just a thought. I have one cat who leaves a softer specimen, but the pellets stick to it so it scoops right out. The only thing I can see needs some improvement is the scoop. I think the holes need to be slightly bigger as the pellets take some real shaking before they fall out of the scoop. Other than that....thank you Tidy Cats! I will never go back to clump litter!...more info
  • easy maintenance, easy transition
    I have three cats, which means four litter boxes and lots of maintenance for me! Two of my cats are 10, and one is 5, so I was a bit worried about suddenly switching them over from litter to the pellet system in the Breeze. I started just switching one box, and within one week they had used it. Now half my litter boxes are Breeze boxes, and I love the easy maintenance of just replacing the pad every 5 days or so! I don't have to worry about scooping or litter dust, and Amazon's prices make buying Breeze replacements in bulk cheaper than buying litter.
    My cats rarely use the Breeze for anything but peeing, however, so for now I won't be able to get rid of the traditional litter boxes. I can imagine that that would be different if I'd had the Breeze when they were all kittens, though......more info
  • I thought it was the answer...
    I was wrong.

    I absolutely loved it the first few weeks I had it. It was great. Scoop the poop, change the pad once a week and viola! I am done!

    Then... the problems started. Since the box isn't covered, the poop is out in the open and the smell escapes. I am fanatical about cleaning the litter box. As soon as they poop, I clean it if i am home. but if they poop when i am not there.. woo wee. Look out when you walk in the house. Plus the pellets absorb the smell of the poop and urine. Not good. I started changing them every two weeks. Didn't help.

    Then.. for some odd reason, urine was leaking onto the floor. I checked for cracks, no. I checked for the pad being misaligned. No. I tucked it down in the tray, I pulled it up. nothing worked.

    So much for the miracle answer. It was nice while it lasted....more info
  • Good System and Saves Money
    The Breeze Kitty Litter System is a good system and withing a week of pulling out the old litter box my cats both got use to using it. The smell is nonexistent as long as you clean out the solid matter of course. You cannot smell the urine at all and the pads last a week or so, you can rotate the pad in case the cat is urinating in more than one spot. The pads are affordable and I haven't had to change the litter pellets yet, just add them when needed. I find it to be a good system and recommend it....more info
  • Works Great
    This really helps cut down the urine odor that seems to linger in the house no matter what you do. I don't notice the smell anymore unless it has been about a week and the pad needs to be changed.

    The pellets last about a month before I think they look gross and change them. My cats don't track this as bad as regular litters but I usually find a few pieces on the floor every morning. If there are broken pellets in the bag they can get stuck in the grid between the pan and the tray with the pad. I just took it outside and knocked it on the sidewalk and they came loose.

    My only problem is that I really would like a covered style box. Even with the rim, I have a cat that insists on peeing out the sides of every box we've owned without a cover. The other cat can get a bit obsessive about covering the waste and throws the pellets out of the box opening. Our current trial solution is putting the box inside a sterilite bin with a hole in the top(there is a litter box made this way)

    Overall, the product does everything it says it will so no complaints about that. Odor control is definitely worth the flaws my cats found.

    I found it is cheaper over all to order the pellets on amazon than buy them in store. They are $8 at our wal-mart but free shipping here makes amazon cheaper when you calculate the cost of 6 bags in store or online....more info
  • Great Product!!!
    We have been using the Tidy Cats Breeze Cats Litter Box for a couple of months now. Life is so much easier!! From cleaning our litter boxes twice a day to once a week! I love it!!

    We have 2 cats and one took to this new litter box with no problems. The other one was stubborn for a couple of weeks, but we got him on it too. We have 2 litter boxes, recommended by our friend. The main thing to remember is to change the pads every week. I kept forgetting and the stubborn cat let us know that it was dirty by leaving his gifts next to the box. You also have to change the pellets every month. Don't forget or try to be cheap and let it go longer. I always change the pads on Saturdays and change the pellets on the last weekend of the month. It's easier to remember that way.

    Other than that, this litter box has relieved us in so many ways. I love that we don't have to really to do anything daily but pick up the poo. The cats are cleaner too because of the use of pellets! ...more info
  • Best thing since sliced bread!
    I bought this system a month ago to prepare for our hard wood floor installation. I put the Breeze system next to the old box with some of my cats waste in it. Within an hour, she had used the breeze system.

    Very few pellets get tracked out of the box. There is no dust. We forgot to empty the pad the first week since we could not smell the urine, and the pad/tray held all of the wetness. ( I don't recommend this though.) I really wanted to get rid of my husband's cat before Breeze! Now I enjoy her.

    Well worth the money! I actually think it is cheaper than buying the clumping cat litter....more info
  • Multiple Cats?
    I got this system because I was tired of the litter dust. Unfortunately, my otherwise meticulous cats, after three months, are still pooping elsewhere occasionally. This system was a good idea, but not for more than three cats (unless you have the money to buy a system for each cat). My husband is ready to divorce me (not really), so I am going to get the expensive dustless litter, and put these boxes in storage. I was very hopeful; we did everything the instructions said to do, but to no avail. I gave it one star only because the concept is good....more info
  • Breeze solves litter box problem
    About a month ago, my cat quit going #2 in her pine litter. I set up a box of clay litter, which she wouldn't even go near. The friend I adopted kitty from made me promise to never use clumping litter, so trying that wasn't an option. (If the friend came over and saw clumping litter, I'd have worse problems than cat poo.)

    When the Tidy Cat Breeze went on sale, and I figured I'd give it a try. I set up a fresh box of pine litter, and put the Breeze right next to it. I put kitty's paws into the Breeze to show her what it was. She meowed and promptly christened it with a a #1.

    In the week I've had it, the Breeze is the only box she's used, and she's used it for all her needs.

    She seems to like it a lot... and so do I. No more sawdust (the residue of pine litter) all over the apartment. I haven't noticed any odor, nor has anyone else....more info
  • Magic litter box
    This thing really works - no more cat litter tracks on the floor. I don't know how it works, but the "pee pad" does not let any odor escape. ...more info
  • Why didn't we get this sooner?!!
    I love this litter box system! We have two cats and the odor was just getting out of control. This system has pretty much eliminated the odor! There is no stinky cat pee smell (unless you wait too long to change the pee pad, but even then, as soon as you change it out, the smell goes away). The poo is easy to scoop out and the whole system just seems way more sanitary than a regular litter box. Our cats had no problem using this litter box, but they are fairly easy going. We didn't even ease them into it--we just moved their other box and put this one in its place. This litter box system is great and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Finicky Cat
    Thought this was a wonderful product for humans, but my cat refused to use it. Wish I could make it work. Followed directions for transition with no luck....more info
  • How did I live without this?!
    I was skeptical at first before trying this system out because I literally tried EVERYTHING for my cat's litter box. I tried different boxes, different litters, enclosed boxes etc. No matter what I did, there was ALWAYS litter on the floor and my house always smelled, even if I changed their box every day. I could not get rid of that awful ammonia smell.

    Enter, the Breeze litter system. What a godsend! No more litter on the floor, no more terrible smell, no more constant sweeping and vacuuming and spraying air freshener. This system has virtually eliminated that terrible smell of cat urine.

    I have 2 cats and they are both using this box. I change the pad every 6-7 days, which seems to be working just fine for us. I read another review where someone sprinkled odor reducing powder or crystals on the pad before putting it back in the box and that has helped with the smell. Like I said, there is no smell of cat urine in my house at all, even after 7 days of not changing the pad. Tidy cats and Arm&Hammer both make the odor reducing powder that you can put on the pad. I read some people complain about the smell of cat poo since it does not always get completely covered by the crystals, but I haven't had a problem at all with smell. I feed my cats Science Diet, which is a very good cat food, and I think that helps with the smell in general.

    My cats took about 2-3 days to get used to the new box. At first, they thought the box was full of food, because the pellets are similar in size to their food. They were very disappointed when they tried to eat the pellets! I was worried at first because all they wanted to do was try and get the pellets out of the box and play with them, but eventually they got over that. I kept the old box next to the new one for 2 days. One cat used the new box almost immediately and the other one wouldn't use it while his old box was still there. So eventually I just took away the old box and he started using the new one after a little hesitation.

    So bottom line: no smell, no litter on the floor, no mess, no constant cleaning all the time, no more air freshener. Happy cats and a VERY happy owner!...more info
  • The Best Litter System Out There!
    This is the best cat litter system out there. I have had cats for over 40 years and have used every system out there. I currently have 2 cats - Shelby is 7 and Harley is 6. They are very set in their ways and demand a clean box. In fact, if it isn't clean, Harley will not defecate in the box; she will do that right in front of the box. A sign for Mom to clean it.

    The directions for the system advise getting the cats used to the box gradually. I didn't do that. Note that you should follow the instructions, but since I know my cats so well, here is what I did with 100% success. I set up the Breeze system next to the old system. My cats were urinating in the Breeze, while defecating in the old box. I figured that since the urine was the bigger issue, I removed the old box. It took a matter of minutes before Harley used the Breeze to defecate. (She always watches me clean out the box and just has to defecate in a clean box!)

    This system is so easy to use that you will wonder how you got along without it. Of all of the brands available, this is the best. Not only is it easy to maintain, it's user-friendly, cat-friendly and there is not much of an odor. It is also economical. I buy the pellets here on Amazon and since I am a Prime member, I don't pay shipping. That saves a lot of money. I have found a cheaper source for the pads (the Breeze ones, not an imitation), so in total, this system is a lot cheaper and I don't have to go out to the store to buy any supplies!

    I have been using the system for about 2 1/2 months and while I change the pad about every 7 days or so, I have only had to change the pellets once.

    The only negative to this system is that there is no hood. My cats like their privacy while they are using their box. If I could find a hood, this system would be complete. ...more info
  • Love this litter box!!!
    I've had this box for over a year and I really like it. I was so tired of clumping litter - fighting with it, cleaning it up all over the house, etc. I also have tried just about every other automatic or self cleaning box out there and have had trouble with them all.

    With this box, cleaning it is so easy. Just pull out the tray, dump the pad. Scoop up the rest. I haven't had a single problem with it. I have 2 cats and change it twice a week. The pellets don't get tracked around the house which is great!...more info
  • Uggh! Terrible!!
    I used this for about 3 weeks, and hated every minute of it. Although the kitten did LOVE pulling the pellets out and batting them ALL over the house, I'm still finding them (the reason I could give it 1 star, it was at least a good toy). Getting them all to use the box was not a problem, they used it right away.
    Not only did it smell and linger, like feces everytime one of them pooped, the urine smell was overpowering. The refills are way overpriced, one would go broke if you had more than one small cat. I couldn't wait to get more clumping litter and set it back up. As soon as I did I could tell the cats were happy too, no more scratching at the floor around it.
    Everything they claim it does, it doesn't! Poo sticks to the paws and still gets tracked, or batted around. Odors are not controlled in the least bit and the urine smell is enough to choke you. Ohh and if the tray isn't pushed all the way in and your cat is a side pee'er urine gets under the pan and you wont notice it right away.....that is if the pad doesn't fold over on itself first.
    The starting price of 30 bucks for some molded plastic, glorified wee-wee pads and compressed clay should have been my first red flag. I've lost well over 50 dollars on a worthless piece of crap!!! ...more info
  • Life changing!
    In short, switching to this litter box has greatly improved the quality of life in our home, both for the human and feline inhabitants. We have two indoor-only cats, both about 6 years old, one male, one female. We used to use Swheat Scoop, as it helped keep the odors down... but we'd always find bits of litter all over the house (in our bed, ugh!) and the dust was a major problem.

    My sister suggested we switch to the Breeze system; she uses it for her two indoor-only cats. What a huge difference!

    1) No odor. You can literally put your face 5 inches from the pellets and barely smell anything. Note: one bag of pellets is not enough. We use 3 bags in the box and those last about 3 or 4 months. The only time you can smell anything is right when the cats go poo, but hey, you have the same problem w/ most humans, too, so the litter box is not the problem.

    2) Minimal scooping!! My husband used to spend 10 minutes every morning scooping the cat box. Now, he takes 10 seconds. You just scoop out the poops and flush them down the toilet. It is a zillion times easier and cleaner than the old Swheat Scoop system.

    3) Easy cleaning. We used to spend an hour every month or so cleaning out our old litter box, scraping out the urine/litter residue off the bottom, hosing it out, letting it dry, etc. With the Breeze system, we throw out the pad once a week. Easy and not very gross at all. And we only have to change the pellets out every 3-4 months and give the entire thing a quick wipedown.

    4) Economical. We're spending the same or less on the Breeze refills than we did on Sweat Scoop. Since the urine doesn't clump on the litter pellets, you aren't losing pounds of litter per week into the trash like you would w/ clumping litter brands.

    5) Cats like it. We tried putting the two litter boxes side by side, and contemplated trying to mix some Breeze pellets in their old box (as per the Breeze instructions). Ultimately, we just yanked their old box after a few days of side by side. Both cats "held it" for a day while they checked out the new box, but w/in a day or two, they both just gave in and started using it for pee and poo. No transition issues whatsoever.

    If you are skeptical b/c of some other reviewers' bad marks, please at least give this system a try. Bottom line: it can't be worse than the regular litter system you're using now!...more info
  • I'm a happy convert!
    I have two cats and two litter boxes in my house. For years I'd tolerated the unpleasant side effects...tiny grains of scoopable litter tracked into my bed, a cloud of dust every time I refilled the box and a never-ending need to vacuum. Then I stumbled across a write-up of the Breeze system. It sounded intriguing, and I was ready for a change. Well...the Breeze has changed my entire attitude toward litter boxes!

    If you've read the product description or other reviews, you know how this works. In my case, I initially bought one Breeze, and set it up adjacent to one of my old litter boxes. Within minutes, one of my cats peed in it. It took the other one almost a day to try it, but in no time at all he was using it as well. As soon as they both used it for bowel movements, I threw out my old boxes and bought a second Breeze. I haven't had any regrets!

    The Breeze has a couple minor flaws, but nothing intolerable.
    1. A single bag of litter pellets just isn't sufficient in my household (in part because I have cats who like to dig and scratch in their boxes). I use two at a time, and change them every 6-8 weeks.
    2. A couple times the urine pad has slipped slightly, or the tray has jiggled out of place and I've had urine under the pad. I wish there were clips or something else to hold the pad in place. But when it happens, I simply rinse out the tray and go on with my day.
    3. Like any litter, some of the Breeze pellets will get out of the box. I've found them as far as 20 feet away from the box, but I think that's probably because a cat was playing with them. Unlike scoopable litter, the pellets are easy to spot and always get sucked up by the vacuum.

    I love the reduction in dust, the ease of cleaning the box and the fact that it creates a lot less trash. (One friend even suggested that I flush the poop, which I will try!) This litter box is revolutionary.
    ...more info
  • Tough transition, but great results
    Being a bit of a neat-freak, the problem of dealing with kitty litter has become one of bitterness and frustration. I never realized how much waste cats can produce until I had to reign in my two in/outdoor cats when I moved them into an apartment, and they could no longer do their "business" outside. I tried clay litter, but it had to be changed too frequently, so I have been struggling with clumping litter ever since. They seem to track it everywhere. And those anti-tracking mats? My cats took it as a challenge to leap out without touching them. I was intrigued with an ad for the Breeze system, but didn't want to get my hopes up. Long story short, it's wonderful and I will never look back!!

    First off, read and follow the transitioning instructions provided, to the letter. Most people, myself included, who have problems getting their cats to switch try to "go their own way." You start by just buying a bag of pellets and sprinkling them in your cats existing litter. This helps them to figure out these new pellets are actually kitty litter, not food or a toy. The hardest, smelliest step is letting their old box "go bad" while the new boxes are out. This is especially hard if you're in an apartment. The scariest step is taking away their old box entirely. My cats "protested" by not going for almost a full day after I did this, and I was so afraid they would have an accident, but they finally gave in.

    It is so great just to scoop their poop once a day, change the pad once a week, and the pellets once a month when you wash the system. No more tubs of sand. No more gray muck and dust on the floor. You just pitch a stray pellet back in the box once in while. Don't be afraid, be patient, because it's totally worth it....more info
  • Now I'm scared but have come up with a solution
    I was very happy with the product until I read the review where the woman said her cat died from ingesting the Breeze litter pellets. I did some research on the internet and found a couple more similiar situations. Since I have a dog that loves to eat cat poop I was very scared to use my Breeze and was ready to throw it out. Then I decided to try Feline Pine instead of the Breeze pellets. Well, I think it actually works better for odor control than the Breeze pellets did. I use the sytem the same as with the Breeze pellets, still put the pads in and everything, every night after cleaning out the poop, I take the litter scoop and I rake the Feline Pine pellets around in the box, causing the pine dust to sift thru to the pad along with the free urine that has already sifted thru. Someone else complained that the box starts to stink after a couple of months. Every 3-4 weeks I take my box outside and spray it down with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar and I let it sit for several minutes and then wash with plain water. My box does not have any odor at all. I am very, very happy with this system now. Not only does it do an excellent job at controling odor but its more environmentally friendly this way. ...more info
  • Tidy Cat Breeze Litter box system
    Good idea although my cats will not defecate in the box-one actually defecated on my bathroom rug rather than use this box! I keep it around because they do urinate in it, and it is much easier to change the pad than scoop up litter in my opinion.

    I have a kitten that likes to play with the pellets....she will actually pick them up in her mouth and carry them out of the box to play with. I don't think she is eating them but I'm sure if a cat ingested enough they could get obstructed!

    Overall, a great product if your cats will use it! Much easier than scooping clumping litter. Pellets aren't as messy as clumping litter, although my kitten does get it everywhere. Potential foreign body for some cats or even dogs. ...more info
  • Excellent system!!
    I have been using the Breeze litter system for about 10 months now. I originally tried it out because I couldn't stand the clay litter getting tracked through-out my entire house. Also, during the summer there was an intense urnine smell no matter how much we scooped.
    When I began switching our two cats over they were only urinating in the Breeze box and still pooping in the old box. I figured as long as they were peeing in the new box I would take away the old one and clean up a couple poops if I had to. The only accident we had was once there was pee just outside the box, luckily it was in the tray I put in front of the box to catch stray pellets. I have two male cats, one average size and one big Maine Coon Cat (16 lbs). We change the pee pad every 3-4 days and rotate it every couple days and scoop out the poops everyday. There is NO urine smell at all in the house, although the poops can be stinky right after they use the box. I dump the pellets and scrub out the entire box once a month. I have found that I usually go through 1.5 bags of pellets a month. I start out with one bag and about 2 weeks later I put in another half bag due to the pellets that get scooped out with the poops everyday. I only have one box set up for them. I've considered setting up a second, but I haven't needed one and really don't have room for it.
    Recently, I was getting very worried that the refills were hard to find at both Target and Wal-Mart in my area. I signed up for the automatic delivery and it is fantastic. No more driving all over the place trying to find pellets and pads and it's cheaper!
    This system isn't for everyone, my friend's husband couldn't deal with the poop smell (but she feeds cheap food too). To my husband and I, the little bit of extra poop smell is worth it to not walk on gritty hardwood floors or have a house that smells like urine all summer. As long as your cat's don't have chronic runny poops I would recommed anyone give it a try!
    ...more info
  • Not bad.. pellets can be sprayed off and reused a few times
    We have four cats; one of which decided to stop using the litter box we had. So we tried the Breeze. She took to it easily, and hasn't had any more accidents. Although the supplies are a bit more expensive than regular cat litter, I found that the pellets are durable enough that you can take the whole litter box outside every 2-4 weeks, remove the bottom "pee" tray and any turds in the box, then spray the pellets off with a water hose, at least a couple times. Let them dry, then add a few new pellets. Also, the bottom "pee tray is reversible, so if your kitty always pees in one spot, you can turn the tray around to make it last longer. You might also try putting a little crystal cat litter on top of the pad, if you need it to last longer. Baking soda doesn't hurt, either. Anyway, maybe these tips will help save you some money on supplies.

    Pros: the pellets are fairly large, and generally don't end up scattered all over your floor.

    Cons: since the turds are not completely encased in cat litter as they normally are with clumping cat litter, there is more of a doo-doo odor in the air after your precious feline companion has been in the box, grimacing as they empty the loggified contents of their dinner into the box. You'll be wanting to scoop it soon after. We use one-gallon zip-lock bags to store the turds in, instead of flushing. I guess it depends upon whether the box is near a toilet or not. If you have several cats, you may need more than one box....more info
  • Different and Effective
    I had my newly 5 month old adopted cat only 3 days before introducing him to the Breeze. I put the Breeze box (without the side wall top) next to his Cat Attract litter box just to familiarize him with the system. The next day I sprinkled a cup and half of Breeze litter on his existing Cat Attract litter, again to give him a little feel for the litter. On the 4th day I removed the old litter box. On that day he used the box with no problem. I was there to remove the fecal matter immediately because the depth of litter in this box makes burying difficult. I suggest that you have 2 consecutive free days to help remove solid waste immediately during this transition stage. My job allows me to be at home and do this almost immediately, but not everyone can. The system is great for urine entrapment with it's diaper-like filter. No odor. I live in a dry climate so it works very well with moisture being absorbed by the filter and drying out fast with probably light moisture rising through the grate upward and being absorbed through the zeolite litter. Again I repeat, no urine odor. No more clay dust or litter on the floors. This tubular litter rolls around in the box and will stay there and not between your cat's toes. On the 6th day I added the top-sided section to the litter box to catch any litter the cat might kick around. I looked at cat toilets ranging from $395.00 to this system and this is the easiest and healthiest solution for me and our cat. This is not our first cat. This litter system is worth trying. Younger cats should adapt quickly. If your cat likes the Breeze, then you'll be able to save 15% on Amazon's prices by buying through Amazon's subscription service. I like shooting the Breeze especially when it comes to litter box systems that work. Writing this review was a Breeze...okay, I'm sorry, I couldn't resist....more info
  • Easy to clean up-goodbye old litterbox!
    I bought this litter box based on reviews here saying that it smelled less than regular litter boxes. As a person who dreads cleaning the litter box (I do it about twice a week for two cats), I wanted something that smelled less and was easy to clean up.

    I don't really think it smells less than a regular litter box, but my husband does. I added some Arm and Hammer litter box deodorizer and this helps a lot with the odors. I also change the pads every 4-5 days since I have two cats sharing the box.

    I do like that my cats took right to it-I followed the directions on the box. Since scooping the pee is usually the worst part for me, this eliminates the problem since the pee goes into the pad.

    I even found it easier than the electric ones out there. I have owned two of those in the past and went back to a regular box.

    I will definitely keep this system. I actually don't dread cleaning the litter box like I used to since it is so much easier.
    ...more info
  • Love this box and really love the pads!
    Purchased 2 of these from Amazon a year ago. I also subscribed to the replacement pads (delivery free and reduced cost at Amazon subscription service) No smells! Pads do last a long time and the cats like to use them. I have a 2 cats, 15+ years, they even use the pads, to pee, just sitting on an old tray, easier for them at times. My younger cats have no problems with the box set up. Would love to train my Skips on this system, at 10 years they are not wanting to change. If I ever get a new puppy I may try this from the beginning. ...more info
  • This really is the best cat box
    I have tried many different cat boxes, litter, etc in my fight against cat odor, this really is the best solution that I have found. When I first set up the first box I was really skeptical because none of the cats seemed interested in it. I was sold in the first five minutes. My pickiest cat came up(if there is one little dirty spot in the litter box she goes in front of it) and looked it over, I said to myself she will never use it, she hops in uses it and hops out. I was so surprised because I set it up cold turkey and she had never used anything but the clay litter and had stuck her nose up at pellet litter before. Its been about one month and now all the cats are using the new system, I have three set up and one old litter box and we are going to pull that one completely. Its so nice, no more litter on the floor around the box, clean up at night is so much faster, no litter dust, no noise(automatic boxes), and most importantly no more ammonia smell. One of my cats had a runny poop and it wasn't hard to clean up at all because the pellets caught it all. I would imagine that this system would be great in telling if your cat has blood in their urine, which would be hard with clay litters, so detecting a UTI would be a lot easier for cats that get UTI's a lot.
    The only down falls is it does have a little poop smell, but when we had the old box in there it was over run by the ammonia smell and poop smell doesn't carry all around the house like the ammonia did. So this is only a slight disadvantage.
    I would recommend this system to any cat owner. All my five cats give it paws up....more info