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Corrina, Corrina
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  • Whoopi will touch your sole
    I don't claim to understand how that brilliant mind of Whoopi Goldberg works, but I can assure you it will make you question everything you hold dear. For example, I used to think that Whoopi was a bit of a so-and-so which was confirmed to me when I was at an ALS benefit and met Ted Danson's dry cleaner. He told me that Danson was never really involved with Whoopi because that would violate his religion, but he just used it to promote his screwball comedy "A Fine Mess." I doubt it, as they seemed very much in love. You can usually see it in the body language. Anyway, I love Martin Short, but not Dana Carvey. ...more info
  • It's My Favorite Movie!!!!!!
    Corrina, Corrina is a wonderful movie that instantly catches your attention and keeps your emotions working over-time right to the finish. The acting is exceptional and the sound track uncomparible. Even my Husband, an action (mindless violence) movie fan, enjoyed Corrina, Corrina. He watched it in standing in the door, not wanting to admit until the end of the movie that he was infact watching and enjoying it....more info
    I loved this movie i frist discoverd may years ago. since then i have watched it many times. it is so good. it makes you both cry and laugh. young tina majorin is great. the movie also featuress one of my other favrite child actors, courtland mead in a small role. watch this movie if you want ot be entertained....more info
  • It reminded me of Sleepless in Seattle.....
    The child was supposed to bring the parents together (the child always knows something that the adults dont--in movies). The father had a wife that died...and then it was a matter of finding someone to bring comfort, security and happiness to the family once again. I kept thinking of Sleepless, cept some major differences. All in all it was a good movie and i'd recommend it :)...more info
  • Whoopi shines!!
    After her mother dies, Molly Singer (Tina Majorino) stops speaking. Her dad Manny (Ray Liotta) hires a nanny, Corrina (Whoopi Goldberg), to take care of Molly while he's at work. After a while, Molly and Corrina become fast friends. Molly starts speaking again. Corrina turns out to be the best thing that happened to Molly and Manny.

    Whoopi Goldberg plays a good part as the nanny Corrina. Her and Molly's relationship grow in the movie, and soon after, Molly is her old self again.
    ...more info
  • very average
    this film never quite gets off the ground.Whoopi Goldberg&Ray Liotta just don't have any real feels Artificial for the most part.these two talents are capable of Better than this....more info
  • I love This Movie
    When I was in fourth or fifth grade I had a sleep over and my friend and I desited to rent this movie. I remember really liking it, but not really remebering what it was about. Two weeks ago they had on TV.I realy enjoyed it my dad realy liked it too....more info
  • Everyone should see it
    I first saw this movie in '94 and have watched it at least 20 times since. This movie should be seen by everyone. More movies like this should be made. Whole families can watch it and enjoy it. The movie shows the how people from different subcultures can get along and fall in love and there is nothing wrong with that. It teaches children ( and some older ones) that love is color blind and that all people want the same in life. There should be more movies and tv programs displaying people of different races together....more info
  • Everyone in the world should see this...
    I had no idea of the storyline, one of my sisters has been raving over this movie for a long time and I thought yea right...
    Well....from the 1st scene to the last this movie had me involved, using every emotion. but it was NOT a manipulative phony movie. Far from it. The little girl who played Molly- she was exceptional. She conveyed a child's grief and a child's joy with out being phony. All the kids in the movie were wonderful. Whoopi was amazing and she absolutely shone like a star. Ray Liotta played the father but as a real human who makes mistakes along the way but tries his best. The relationship between he and Corrina ( Whoopi) was real and believable and sincere. The relationship between Corrina and Molly was so heartfelt and touching, I could cry just thinking about it. We were all children once. We all have or had mothers. And we can all feel the emotion of this little child who lost her mother and wants that love in her life again.
    Oh and the music! The music was incredibly important to the flow of the story, from the classic jazz to the commercial jingles to the gorgeous gospel.
    The underlying heartbreak of racism, bad then in the 50's, still bad now but not quite. Interraccial couples are more and more ( thankfully) accepted, but how horrible things were then. But the innocence of children... they do not know color, they are taught that. And the movie beautifully expressed that with out being preachy or heavy handed. We got it. The one scene with Molly and Corrina's niece, when they were sitting outside and Molly asked her if she tasted like chocolate and then the niece asked Molly if she tasted like vanilla, and they licked each other... oh that scene will be with me forever, it was beautiful.
    There were other scenes all throughout, on so many levels this was a really perfect movie, with so many issues and lessons and was a movie that treated its audience as smart and able to read between the lines.
    I recommend this movie so much! stand on your chair and cheer...NO I mean, stand on your chair and sing!!!!
    Sing Sing! This movie was about life love music honesty joy hope togetherness... Everyone in the world should see this. ...more info
  • Corina, Corina order
    We've been looking for this movie for a long time for my daughter. One of her favorites (she's 22). I ordered and received within 3 days in time for her b-day. ...more info
  • Corrina corrina
    The movie was very quickly received easy paying and the packaging was great and the quality of the movie was excellent...thanks!...more info
  • woopy deserves five emmy's!!!!
    if there is anything that woopy cannot do then i am not sure what that thing is!! alot of people write reviewws on the internets and they tell you what happens in movvies but don't worry i am not like them!!!!!! i will only tell you that ted danson and woopy goldberrg will make you want to laugh and cry and smile and frown when you watch this movie and not only will you like but you will tell other people how much you liked it and then whn they watxch it they will feel the same way.

    WOOPY FOR PRESIDENT!!! LOL ;)...more info
  • Nooooo, we simply can't my darling, we simply can't.
    This is one of my very favorite films. When young Molly Singer's mother dies, her father has to find someone to look after her while she's at work. So he hires Corrina Washington. (Whoppi Goldberg) At the start of the movie, Molly couldn't talk much because she was too upset about her mother's death. But Corrina taught her how to communicate. Some parts were funny like when Molly spat milk in her Aunt's face, some parts were sad like when the grandfather died, but I really did get a laugh about the part when Molly wanted to go swimming in the pool and Corrina said "Nooo, we simply can't my darling, we simply can't.

    ...more info
  • Lost love, found love.
    Whoopi knows her stuff in acting her roles i love her in every thing she plays in....more info
  • Heartwarming
    I bought this movie without even seeing it previously because of Whoopi being in it. What a wonderful surprise. This movie is heartwarming and demonstrates what love can accomplish. Every one should see it at least once....more info
  • Dont waste the Cash
    THis was a attempt at DRY Humor....give me a glass of KOL-Aid...I am totally parched.....Didi not like it and paid to see it in the theatres...I know it did not get any better on video....UHHHHHHHHH...more info
  • Hilarious must-see!
    Why on earth is everyone using the word "heartwarming" to describe this movie??!! It's not heartwarming! It's funny as heck! It's one of the funniest movies ever made! Ever! My brother and I love to quote it all of the time and laugh our butts off. It's hilarious! What else is there to say? You must see it! It'll rock your socks!...more info
  • One of the best films ever made.
    Corrina, Corrina is a brave movie, exploring a topic that few dare to touch. It would be all too easy for Corrina to be the comedian who makes everyone cheer up just to disappear into the background, as many African-American "maid" characters end up doing. Instead, she becomes the love interest, the ultimate female character, who has her own dreams, problems, complexities, and validity. I have loved this movie since I was a child, and recently watched it again to find that I still love it. It is extremely well-written, clever, and sad--yet hysterical, and it challenges all stereotypes, racial, temporal, and sexual, in a way that is extremely rare. Everyone should see it....more info
  • A Feel-Good movie
    I grew to love this movie after seeing it a few times on TV. It's about a man and his daughter trying to pull things back together after their wife/mother dies. The father hires a housekeeper who brings joy back into their lives. It's fun and has great emotion in it. It may not be a blockbuster film, but it is one that I can watch over and over....more info
  • Let Whoopi shine...
    We often forget that Whoopi Goldberg can do drama too. Remember Color Purple ? This movie is so touching & should give a message & some hope to all of us. The little girl Tina Marjorino is so cut & sweet & play so well. As for Ray Liotta ; why don't we see him more often ? He is a very good actor. Anybody can watch this movie & I especially recommend it to youngsters &.... to people who have difficulties with people of another coulour than theirs....more info
  • The best movie ever made!
    Words alone cannot express why this movie is the best. You MUST, MUST, MUST see it! And when you do, you'll watch it over and over again! This is a "must have", "must keep" movie....more info
  • Genuine Entertainment -- A Real Winner!
    I'm not a real fan of Whoopi Goldberg, at least of her more recent films, but I have to tell you what a wonderful boost this movie gave me. I loved the music, the theme, the acting, and the wonderful ending....more info
  • "Corrina, Corrina": Spectrum of Whoopi 's Acting Abilities
    "Corrina, Corrina" is one of the best movies of Whoopi Goldberg. It is only second to "Jumpin Jack Flash". We can see the whole spectrum of Whoopi acting abilities in the great movie. Comedy: She brings Molly (Tina Majorino) out of her shell by telling her she had magical power to change the signal lights. Drama: She dealt with her sister indifference to her college education and possible romance with Mandy (Ray Liotta). Romance: When she accepts an invitation to dinner to the slow dance and kiss from Mandy. Miss Majorino was wonderful as the little girl that was moved to silent because of the death of her mother. Mr. Liotta was very good in the role as a father that wanted to do what was best for his daughter and also be happy. From the moment Mandy decided to cook dinner for Corrina, defend her at the restaurant, and apologize for not asking Jenny to leave, I wondered when he would take off of the ring that said that he was married. I hope to see more work from Jessie Nelson, writer and director of this great movie for Whoopi....more info
  • Ray Liotta is hot in this movie
    I really liked this movie because of the relationship between Ray Liotta and Whoopi Goldberg's charactors. I thought the movie itself was a bit slow at times and had some sceens that didn't quit mess with the flow of the movie (such as when the small girl says she is a "Ni##er lover" but it is not clear where she would have learned this phrase). The issue of race is only scratched, which makes this movie more of a love story than a social commentary, so it's not too heavy. I wish though that it had been about 5 minutes longer so that we learned more about what direction their relationship would ultimatly take....more info
  • A wonderful film for the whole family...
    What makes this such a memorable film is the wonderful chemistry of the entire cast, whether it's Whoopi and Tina or Tina and Liotta or whomever whenever, everyone meshes so well with one another they are all 100% believable. The story follows Manny (Liotta, who actually does a wonderful job here, and I don't normally like him), a widower raising his young daughter Molly (Majorino) who rightfully so is depressed over her mothers death. Manny hires Corrina (Goldberg) to take care of Molly while he's away at work. What he never expected was to fall in love with her in the process. The fact that Corrina is African American never even feels like a problem or concern to either Corrina or Manny, and especially not to Molly who has become smitten with Corrina and is pushing their relationship, but their family has many concerns. Corrina's own sister and Manny's parents are both apposed but ultimately it's a decision that only Manny and Corrina can make. A very sweet and heartwarming film indeed with a steller performance by Whoopi!...more info
    Good and funny film. Unfortunately there is no version with foreign subtitles...more info
  • does this only prove that I really am a nerd?
    I love this movie so much. Though sometimes, after having not viewed it for a couple of months, I may forget to list it as a favourite, it really does touch me somewhere inside. My family (I'm only 15, you know) has tired of my watching "Corrina,Corrina" every time I catch it on TV, but I don't mind. Those small touches, just things that separate each director's work from another's, are so soothing to me. I relish the style, as well as the 50's jazz and culture. When Corrina lays the sheet on the bed in slow motion,and when Molly sings of pennies from Heaven at the pool, I smile uncontrollably. I just Love it....more info