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Portable USA PU-12WB Wireless 12.1-Inch Digital Picture Frame
List Price: $299.99

Our Price: $149.99

You Save: $150.00 (50%)


Product Description

This is an elegant wooden frame that can show off your digital pictures, movies on a bright crystal clear, large 12.1" screen by simply adding a memory card from your camera or connecting to your computer. It's the brightest way to display your digital photos. The frame can store around 1000 pictures on its 256 MB internal memory and by simply adding a media card (or two) you can reduce that clutter in your house and show off more than you could dream of with this digital picture frame. By adding MP3 music files (played through built in speakers) to your cards you can add sound to create soothing or exciting slide shows - it's just so simple. Create your own perpetual slide shows! This product provides handy remote control for pausing or rotating pictures. You can use two different media cards at once. It's so easy to use. Simply insert the media card from your camera and enjoy!

  • Portable USA 12.1-inch Wireless Digital Picture Frame
  • 256 MB fast flash memory on board (can store up to 1500 pictures)
  • Displays digital pictures, video and music
  • No computer necessary and bluetooth enabled (requires separate adapter, not included)
  • Ships with two real wood frames (black and cherry) and includes free photo editing software

Customer Reviews:

  • Why won't they answer me?
    Portable USA customer service would not answer e-mails. I don't know if the problems I was perceiving were actually problems at all. I never had a chance to communicate with them....more info
  • Good bang for your buck
    While the image looks pizelated when you stand close to it, and the lack of internal memory forces you to give up one of your SD cards, the overall product is very solid and it is definitely a good bang for your buck considering its one of the cheaper digital picture frames. I am overall satisfied with my purchase of it. ...more info
  • Good product and excellent customer service
    Portable USA 10.4-Inch PU10WE 1GB Digital Picture Frame with Two Wood Frames

    Like several other reviewers, the first frame I received had a broken post that held the LCD screen in place. Amazon had a new frame to me within 4 days and gave me up to 30 days to return the defective frame. The second frame was in perfect condition.

    This frame has excellent resolution and the 10.4 inch screen size is an excellent size for viewing images across a room. It uses the 4:3 image proportion which was the best proportion for most of my older digital images. All images have to be in a JPEG format. Images are still clear when viewing the frame from the side but do not do well if you try to view them from below if you were to wall mount it.

    It is easy to put a large number of images on the internal memory, a whopping 1 GB, by using the USB cable and connecting to your computer. It sees it as an external drive. You can also use a memory card or flash drive to transfer images. Another nice aspect about this frame, which may be true for all these types of digital frames, is you can also just insert a memory card from your digital camera (it takes several different types) and use it to view your digital images without loading them on to the internal memory.

    The images can be cycled at a rate of 5 , 10, 30, 60 seconds or 1 hour. The frame comes with a remote control which you use to access most features of the frame.

    The unit also comes with two frames: a more traditional wood frame and a black contemporary frame. It is easy to change the frame style by just removing 4 screws--you do need a very small Phillips head screw driver to do it.

    Two aspects of the frame are somewhat disappointing. First, the images are arranged alphabetically and are always cycled in this manner. It does not have a "random" choice. On the other hand, this works fine if you want to have them cycle in a specific order. The second problem: if the unit is powered off, it always starts back at the very beginning so if you have a large number of files, it may be a long time until you get to the images at the end of the alphabet.

    Customer support is without a doubt the best I have ever encountered. Every time I have emailed support a question I have received an answer within a day or less. If the problem gets beyond email communication, you are always invited to call.

    I have now ordered two of these frames. The first I gave to my daughter for her 30th birthday with 350 images loaded on to the internal memory. The second frame I am giving to my in-laws for their 60th anniversary and it has over 600 images on it.

    Bottom line: I like these frames and find them to be a good value for this size and Portable USA provides excellent customer support, which based on other reviews, may not be true of other frame manufacturers. ...more info
  • Not powered on
    Adorama shipped this frame to me. It wasn't even powered on. Returned back the same day. Could be a faulty adapter but disappointed....more info
  • Gets the job done.
    The screen size is nice and large. Picture quality is quite good (about what you'd expect when you convert a large resolution pic to a snapfish or other online photo service's size and resolution). The remote is very useful and intuitive. Easy to transfer files from PC via flash drive or usb, or from your camera's memory card. Only drawback is the inability to "shuffle" the photo slideshow randomly....more info
  • Ok but no comparison
    I didn't really know what to expect this was my first digital picture frame. After purchase I saw other digital picture frames and it was comparable to them. All seem to not be very bright, and not very high res.
    ...more info
  • Very good for the price. Accepts SDHC Cards
    I was pleasantly surprised that this accepted my 4gb SDHC card. It only states it accepts SD cards. I'm also happy with the brightness, resolution, and overall look. It comes with a nice cherry wood frame and a black wood frame that are easy to change out. I like the variety of input options. Setting it up is a no brainer. Just stick an SD card full of pictures in, turn it on, and it works for even a grandma. The menu is not as difficult to navigate as stated. I do wish it had a "random order" mode for displaying pictures. For videos to run without randomly pausing you need to convert them to Divx files but that is a common standard and you can download software to easily do this. I'd give it 5 stars if "random picture mode" was offered. ...more info
  • Totally love it!!
    This digital frame exceeds all of my expectations.
    The 12 inch screen is the perfect size to enjoy my photos
    and videos, and my older parents like it because they don't have to
    squint to see it and they can use it without a computer.
    In digital frames, you get what you pay for and I can say that this
    frame is top quality with wonderful resolution and features.
    I am glad I bought it....more info
    Really pleased with the puchase. Large screen, good looking frame and best of all, great picture clarity, good color and a lot of memory. I'll eventually buy another one....more info
  • Portable usa pu-15wbx
    Purchased this frame for a xmas present(for wife & self). This is the first frame we have ever had. I like the reviews (on this site)for this manufacturer 1 year warranty .great customer service the frame has a great clear picture great picture even at angles, lots of options (files) to arrange your pictures .Which is nice because this frame doesn't have shuffle(only compliant) We liked it so well we purchased the 10.4" for daughter/ son inlaw & kids it also has a very good picture even thought the resolution is about half that of the 15" This was free shipping and there is no need to pay extra to get it faster. IT was here within 7 days and that was with ordering the evening before Turkey Day!!...more info
  • resolution is not so great
    The resolution is not so great.
    Rest is fine.
    I dont have much problem as i didnt pay much....more info
  • Poor Quality
    The picture frame looked like it was used, the picture quality was very poor. The AC adapter does not stay connected, and it kept turning off. Do not recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Nice picture
    The only issue I didn't like was an inability to change the sequence of the photos being displayed. The sequence is random, but can not be set up to flow in a certain order....more info
  • Portable USA PU-5P digital picture frame review
    I purchased this product because I found it to have many positive reviews. I admit that the frame was easy to use regardless of the poor manual. My frame had one bright blue pixel showing all the time. It was not a big deal but after leaving the frame running a few hours lines started running through the pictures. I decided to return it to Amazon for a full refund....more info
  • Great deal for the money!
    As a somewhat particular analyst, I searched long and hard for a DPF that could provide good looking visuals that can be enjoyed from anywhere in a decent sized room. I almost bought another brand, but at the last minute came across the P-USA 12 inch, and after reading almost all of the 65 reviews, the vast majority of which were positive, decided that that many people can't be too wrong. The positive comments about the display, real customer service, the features, the warrantee, and the low price, coupled with Amazon service and support, made this a no-brainer. It provided everything I wanted. My family even commented on how well they could see the picture from side angles. In balance, it has taken me a little bit of time to figure out how to work the settings and menu. Even there though, the real person customer service was great. For the price, this is the one to go to. ...more info
  • Good overall, but not the right color!
    I was very satisfied with the speed in which this item made it to my house, however, I had ordered a cherry frame and it was black! I was disappointed with this, but since it was purchased for a Christmas present and Christmas was only a few days away, there was not much I could do about it. Like I said, it was given as a gift so I do not know how the product worked far as I know they have had no problems with it's operation....more info
  • Digital photo frame is great
    The Portable 12" digital picture frame works beautifully. I decided to put on the decorative wooden panel and the frame works like a dream. I have no complaints, It is the best digital picture frame on the market. I really like the size of the frame. If the frame were even two inches smaller, the pictures would be hard to see at a distance. This frame is the best size available to see photos across the room. ...more info
  • Very disappointed
    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my father-in-law. Bought him a digital camera and thought he'd enjoy having this to view his pictures. The AC cord seemed to have a short in it and it kept shutting off. Could not get his videos to load, either. It sure looked and sounded like it would be a nice digital frame, but did not work out. I will be returning it for a refund....more info
  • Sadly, disappointed
    I really wanted to be pleased with this frame. I was going to up-size and upgrade a smaller frame I gave my father a year ago. Unlike most digital frames, Portable USA has a manual written in real English (with humor, even) rather than Chinglish, they offer a longer warranty than many, and their customer support was quick to respond to a pre-sales question I e-mailed. They were also one of the first, if not the first, to provide a picture-change interval longer than about 1 minute (they offer 1 hour), and they're still the only 4:3 models I've found that do so. (See "Notes For Digital Frame Users" at the end.) However, I'm returning the frame, and expect to look to another brand when I eventually order another "upgrade" frame.

    The Disappointments

    The lighting of the display was very uneven, with darkened brownish bands along the left and right edges, and with dark streaks in the middle. I'm willing to assume that this was a defective display, but lighting can be problematic on LCDs, and what I saw would be a typical failure mode for digital frames, so I would be concerned that any replacement might develop the same symptoms after 6 months or a year of use. That's the main reason why I'm not asking for a replacement.

    I was also quite disappointed with the picture sharpness. I had my photos already sized to exactly the frame's specified resolution (800x600), sharpened in a photo editor, and saved at the highest JPG quality (i.e. the least file compression). The pictures were dramatically softer than they appear at the same resolution on my computer screen, and they seemed to be softer than I recall them looking on the 8" frame I bought last year. (That might be due partly to the larger physical size for the same resolution, but still on an 800x600 display should appear sharper than they do.

    Brightness, contrast and saturation were a bit on the low side, but that is typical for almost all digital frames.

    The display comes with two interchangeable wood frames - black and brown. Surprisingly, they provide a second piece of glass with the second frame, rather than just the frame itself. The second piece of glass in my package was broken, probably in shipping. But the glass already mounted to the display was fine, so that's not a big issue. I was actually more disappointed that the brown frame shows no wood grain: it appears to be finished with an opaque stain. The result is that it doesn't really look any better than a plastic frame, even though it IS real wood.

    The labeling of this frame as "wireless" is a bit misleading: it's wireless IF you buy a separate USB Bluetooth adapter. The wireless capability is not built in.

    The package is supposed to include a printed manual (according to the Portable USA website) but no manual was enclosed. The inner box containing power supply, cables, etc. also looked like it might have been re-taped, so it's possible this package had been returned and then shipped out again.

    According to the manual, this frame can have difficulty displaying JPG files that contain "EXIF" information. (Embedded meta-data about the date the photo was taken, exposure settings, etc. that are included in almost ALL files produced by current digital cameras.) That strikes me as ridiculous, but it's probably common among many digital frame brands, because they all seem to use firmware from just one or two Chinese companies. That may explain why the frame I bought a year ago refused to display a handful of the photos loaded into it.

    The frame isn't really hard to use, but the interface has its peculiarities. I thought it was pretty funny that one of the FAQs on Portable USA's website was "I accidentally changed the interface on my frame into Chinese -- how do I get it back to English?" -- funny until I accidentally did it myself. It's really very easy to misinterpret some icon or option and bam! you're in Chinese!

    Notes For Digital Frame Users

    The following are general comments for people considering a digital frame purchase.

    1. Pay attention to the actual display pixels, and make sure that "actual display" is specified: a number of frames that call themselves "800x600" actually display 720x[I forget]. I'm not sure whether those models crop or resize your images, but either way the results will not be what you were hoping for. (This model appears to be a true 800x600 display.)

    2. If you have a photo-editing program that can strip EXIF data from JPG files, it would be good to do so for the current crop of digital frames. It's absurd that one should have to do so, but it's a problem inherent in some of the commonly-used Chinese firmware. (Essentially all digital frames are made in China.) Many frames, including this one, ship with simple software for resizing and preparing files to load into the frames or onto a Flash card, and I assume that they will strip the problematic EXIF data.

    3. Pay attention to the VERTICAL viewing angle of any frame you consider: I've noticed that many of them are optimized for viewing with the frame severely tilted away from the viewer (as if it were lying flat on your desk in front of you or as if you were holding it high above eye-level). Such displays look washed-out when viewed at a typical angle where the frame is on a table and the viewer is standing looking at it.

    4. I strongly recommend only considering frames that offer at least one display interval at least one hour or longer. Many frames offer options like 3, 5, 10, 30, and 60 seconds, and that's it. That makes the frame basically a flashing billboard: it draws attention in the store, but it's just plain distracting when the frame is sitting in an office or living-room. It makes a lot more sense to have it look like a regular picture frame, except that when one walks by a little later it's different. Ideally frames wouldn't bother with such similar intervals as 3, 5, and 10 seconds (they're all fast, just pick one) and instead might offer 15 minutes, 1 hour, and maybe even 1 picture per day. No brand offers that range of options now.

    5. This is subjective, but I find 4:3 aspect ratio frames more useful than the wider-screen frames that are becoming popular. 4:3 are the proportions of traditional TV and computer monitors, and many digital cameras shoot natively in that format. But the real advantage is that I find it the best compromise for being able to display portrait (vertical) orientation photos as well as landscape (horizontal) photos. While a wide-format photo might display with a little "wasted" space shown as black bars above and below the image, a portrait-format photo will appear much bigger on a 4:3 display than on a widescreen display of the same nominal size (8-inch, 12-inch, etc.). If you have a mix of portrait and landscape photos to display, you're likely to be best satisfied with a 4:3 proportion frame.
    ...more info
  • The importance of shipping.
    This product sounded great from its description. Unfortunately, I never got to use it because it was poorly packed and was destroyed enroute. I found a much cheaper product that has worked very well. In the future, I'll stick to buying books....more info
  • Wireless Picture Frame by Portable USA, 10.2-inch
    This picture frame works well, the picture is bright and well contrasted, but has something loose inside rattling around. It is listed as wireless and has wireless in its title, but you must have it plugged into an electrical outlet to provide power. There is no battery option. If a wireless portable frame is what you are after, this is not it....more info
  • Portable Electronic Picture Frame
    We bought 2 picture frames,1 each for parent in nursing home and 1 for stepmother living at home. We set them up with no problem. So far everything is as expected. A larger size would normally be advisable but these were for limited available shelf. We wanted simplicity and low cost which was delivered. Christmas sales would likely have saved some money or delivered a larger frame for same cost. Brand name is somewhat tricky since these are not portable(as expected by my wife) but require 110V outlet....more info
  • All-around BEST digital frame!!
    This is my all time favorite frame. I use it in real estate and display photos of the home that I am showing during Open House. Also, I give one as a gift to the buyer of the home I sold. Everyone is so happy to get one. The quality and look of this frame is top notch...wonderful size too!! I get tons of compliments on it, and highly recommend it for any business and use. ...more info
  • Excellent frame: The perfect gift for mom
    My dad wanted me to find a digital frame for my mom for their anniversary. Having seen a little one over christmas, that cut off everyones heads and didn't seem to be easy to use, he was very specific about getting a good one. We wanted a frame that was large enough for them to see easily but not too big. I knew it had to be easy to use (I have to reset the clock on my mom's VCR if the power goes out). I also wanted one that would NOT cut off heads or other such problems that I have read about. So far, this was an excellent choice. Both parents were thrilled with the size and look of the frame. All mom had to do is insert the SD card and away they went. Soon, they were both using the remote to choose pictures, skip, go forward and back, etc. This has only been used for about a week, but we have been very pleased with it. I can't comment on wireless stuff, saving pics, etc. as I have not played with it much. All I can tell you is that Mom and Dad can work it, see it, and everyone who has seen it agrees that it is good looking and an excellent size and very good picture quality. ...more info
  • Awesome digital frame!
    I bought this frame as a Father's day/Birthday gift for my Dad. At first it came and the glass had been broken during shipment. Amazon was great about it and a new one arrived in two days. The frame is huge and pictures look great. We even had scanned pictures and they still looked amazing. It is really user friendly, my mother was able to get it started without a problem. It has many ways to import pics, making it great for everyone. I highly recommend this frame for anyone wanting to display pictures so that you can actually SEE them!...more info
  • Great Digital Frame
    This one does what it says it will do. I ordered the comparable Smartparts frame before I tried this one. Had to send the Smartparts frame back. This one plays video WITH SOUND! Smartparts will not.

    THIS IS A GREAT FRAME!...more info
  • Nice
    Quality is what I expected. Directions were straight forward. It worked out of the box....more info