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Creative Labs I-Trigue 3330 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System with NeoTitanium Driver Technology
List Price: $93.03

Our Price: $61.29

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Product Description

Creative's I-Trigue 3330 speaker system is the choice for people who demand great desktop audio with extra style. The impressive design of the tall, slim satellites features three silver drivers which contrast dramatically with the glossy enclosures which look brilliant alongside notebook PCs, flat panel monitors and other advanced systems. Creative uses NeoTitanium micro drivers which deliver much better audio than ordinary aluminum drivers, combining a more realistic presence with crisp detail and strong penetration. A powerful subwoofer with flared port tube combines clarity and detail with clean, strong bass, while the wired remote makes the I-Trigue 3330 easy to manage.

Designed to deliver elegant, stylish listening, Creative's I-Trigue 3330 speaker system is the choice for people who demand great desktop audio with extra style. The impressive design of the tall, slim satellites features three silver drivers that contrast dramatically with the glossy black enclosures. They look brilliant alongside notebook PCs, flat panel monitors, and other advanced systems.

Creative's I-Trigue 3330 speaker system is the choice for people who demand great desktop audio with extra style.

NeoTitanium micro drivers deliver crisp detail and strong penetration.

Wired remote with volume control and power on/off.

Creative uses NeoTitanium micro drivers, which deliver much better audio than ordinary aluminum drivers, combining a more realistic presence with crisp detail and strong penetration. They're also magnetically shielded, so you can position them near monitors or TVs without causing interference. For the low end, a powerful subwoofer with flared port tube combines clarity and detail with clean, strong bass, while the wired remote with volume/bass control and power on/off makes the I-Trigue 3330 easy to manage.

An adapter is included for using your I-Trigue with a source other than your computer, such as a video game system, television, DVD player, or other device with RCA outputs. It's also perfect for listening to your iPod or MP3 player. And while the system packs enough punch to wake the neighbors, when volume is an issue, the I-Trigue features a headphone jack for personal listening.

What's in the Box
Two satellite speakers with attached 2m cables, subwoofer, wired remote control, dual RCA-to-stereo adapter (Video Game Adapter), stereo-to-stereo audio cable, power supply adapter, Quick Start leaflet, warranty and technical support leaflet

  • Great-looking slimline design, with satellites featuring silver driver units and glossy black enclosures
  • Satellite drivers feature advanced NeoTitanium Tri-Array Technology for accurate, balanced sound that outperforms ordinary aluminium designs
  • Magnetically shielded satellites for flexible positioning near monitors or TVs without causing interference
  • Powerful wood subwoofer with flared port delivers rock solid bass
  • Wired control module for easy volume, bass, and power control--plus easy access to headphone out

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice price and good quality sound!

    I just purchased this system to supplement my new iMac. I needed something that was small but with good sound balance. I visited my local Best Buy and listened to the system they had. I was surprised that most the 2.1 systems sounded fairly good but I am not a hardcore audiophile. I was recommended this particular model from the Apple forum. For only $53 and Amazon's great return policy it was worth the gamble. I am very pleased with the sound with iTunes; a great balance of all the sound fields. The subwoofer is pretty powerful and I have it set below the mid point. This unit is powered by AC and has a wired remote that controls: on/off, bass and volume. I live in a small studio and the maximum volume is actually too loud. Volume set just above half fills my apartment no problem. Aesthetically these speakers look great, as a bonus they actually match the color of my new iMac. I am deducting one star because to use as gaming speakers more time adjusting settings is required. I bought these mostly for music but do play World of Warcraft. The settings I used for music did not translate well for WoW. I had to make adjustments both in game and on the remote. Games seem to amplify the "lows" a lot more. However, once the adjustments are made it sounded well, the downside is you will have to adjust the remote each time you go from music to gaming. Output seems good for videos as well but I only watch podcast and movie trailers so I cannot comment on watching a complete movie. In the end, I would highly recommend this system for someone with a limited budget who is looking for a system for music and light gaming.
    ...more info
  • Not Bad..Not Bad at All!!
    When you consider the size and cost, these are great speakers...they fill the room nicely without sounding distorted..I would recommend these speakers... ...more info
  • Creative Speakers
    They are small and produce a quality sound comparative , if not better than the BOSE....more info
  • Great sound in small office - poor longevity
    I bought the Creative Itrigue approx 2 yrs ago and the wired remote has a short in the dial now & does not work. I would say my use of them is typical - turn the speakers on when using the computer & off when done on a daily basis. Disappointing......more info
  • creatgive speakers
    I rarely do reviews. But thought my review may help someone know what situation I have with these speakers. The speakers are great! Great price, good sound, and looks cool. There is only one small problem. The volume sometimes goes up and down by itself sometimes. I think it's due to the wired remote control. It gets annoying sometimes. My last speakers were Altec Lansing which never had the problem good until the sounds diminished in quality due to old age. That's the only negative about these Creative speakers. /everything is great except volume goes up and down by itself sometimes. ...more info
  • great, price makes it even better
    I played with a lot of speakers at the electronics store without even looking at the price. When I found these had the features and sound I was looking for I hesitated but looked for the price tag anyway. I was so elated to find these were the cheapest in the whole display and I wish I would have ordered on Amazon since they seem to be even cheaper right now. Great, clear sound for my itunes listening pleasure =) ...more info
  • I wish I could give then 0 stars
    These are the worst speakers I have ever owned. I really expected these to rock, but there is not much rock coming out of these speakers. I have set of $10 speakers that are better, and that is disgraceful. So please go with with something different otherwise you are wasting your $$$. ...more info
  • Great computer speakers
    I read all the reviews a hundred times and ended up more confused than when I started. So, let me offer my honest opinion. These are great computer speakers, but if you are looking to use them for a party or to fill a large room, the volume may come up a little short. However, as computer speakers, these provide great clarity and will definitely enhance your music listening experience. The sound will definitely fill up a bedroom or office. ...more info
  • Great Sound!
    I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how lovely the sound is from this speaker system. I have the woofer under my desk and it works fine from there, while the regular speakers are on either side of my computer screen. I wish the speaker cords were 3x the length so I could put them other places in my pad to listen to music. Other than that, it's a great sound and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Perfect
    Perfect as a computer speaker system. They are good at playing music from hip hop to classical. Cristal clear sound with deep bass.
    Worth buying....more info
  • Great Value
    These speakers win my mvp for price class $100 and under. I've had many brands in this category from altec lansing to phillips and i have to say these are the best quality yet to date. from base to sheer bonechilling accuracy on vocals a steal for the price....more info
  • lasted a year but always sounded thin....
    Noticed the volume would randomly increase and then decrease, the first month. Should have took them back then right away.
    Then one speaker would turn off and on.
    and now its permanently off.
    Never had a problem with several Logitech speakers and all sounded better than these anyway.
    These are disposable junk.
    ...more info
  • Volume randomly goes up and down
    I got these speakers about two months ago. They are small, look cool and sound pretty good overall. However...the volume started randomly going up and down about a month ago. Sometimes this happens when I'm not even touching the volume knob, other times I turn it up and it goes WAY up, sometimes down, or when I turn it down it goes up (sometimes WAY up). Sometimes I turn it down just a little and it goes almost inaudible.

    So in short, when they work, they sounds pretty good and I like the look and small footprint - however, volume shouldn't go up or down without touching the volume knob and it shouldn't go up when I turn it down and vice versa...and it shouldn't BLAST when I barely turn the knob up. Overall, I'm disappointed I spent $70 on speakers that work so poorly....more info
  • Work well for a small room or apartment
    I have owned Creative computer speakers before and they don't mess around when it comes to quality. I had an older set up 2.1 Creative speakers and something inside the sub woofer got f-ked up and i had to throw them away. Anyways came across these at the store for $80.00. After seeing the price these go for on Amazon i feel very ripped off. Not to say these thing suck.

    For a 50 dollar set up these sound really good. The question is how long will they last? My guess is they will last 2-7 years if taken care of e.g. dusted and not thrown around.

    If you are a person that really likes to listen to your music really loud then these are for you.I haven't tried this out with movies just yet. I am sure they really bring movies to life similar to a 5.1 set up though. The sub woofer really puts out some really dinamic bass. I turned the woofer up so loud it rattled my window a little lol that is how powerful this set up is. No distortion for speakrs or woofer at high volume levels, just smooth bass and great sound from this product. Also good for those with a limited budget. ...more info
  • Great quality for the money!
    I purchased this Creative speaker system for my Mother. She was tickled to death and I was very pleased with the performance. This is the 4th set of spekars I have bought for my family members, you cant beat the quality for the price!...more info
  • Caveat Emptor
    I bought these speakers 2 months ago. They are light, and the sound was clear and undistorted. However, they mysteriously stopped working one fine day - no sound at all. Nothing wrong with sound card of computer, and plugging in to my MP3 player produces no sound either. I am going to return them. ...more info