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One purchase, a few minutes of setup time, and you're protected. With Surveillance In A Box, you get everything you need to create a surveillance system for your home or business. DeskShare's WebCam Monitor records video and audio, or take snapshots, whenever it detects motion. TrendNet's advanced Wireless IP Camera provides a remarkably sharp, clear, reliable image over your wired or wireless network. Together they're everything you need. It is as simple as plugging in and configuring the camera, installing the software, and answering a few questions from the Auto Setup wizard and you will have a complete video surveillance system that is on guard 24 hours a day. Get instant alerts on your email or mobile phone and remotely view your camera live. By using the pan and tilt capabilities you can view a large area with just a single camera. Create an advanced protection system in minutes. Get Surveillance in a Box today.

Customer Reviews:

  • You think I would learn
    I keep getting tricked by TrendNet's prices -- "I'll try it!" but everytime I return it or throw it away.

    It works; barely. Avoid this and go for the cheaper $120 camera offered on amazon -- the 120 camera is better than this is....more info
  • Sophisticated camera monitoring software with motion detection, and video/audio recording
  • Quality wireless color video camera with pan and tilt capabilities
  • Email or mobile phone notification when motion is detected
  • Automatically upload recorded video to any FTP server
  • Monitoring starts and stops on a daily or weekly schedule