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8 Seconds
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  • The most touching movie ever about a legendary cowboy
    This movie really touched my heart. Lane Frost was the best bull rider in the world. This movie really gives you a feel for what life was like for Lane and also for a cowboy. I feel that the makers of the movie did a great job in making sure that the facts that they had were acurrate. It's a great movie and I think that everyone should see it because if you didn't know Lane Frost, then you are missing out. Everyone should see what a great cowboy and gentleman Lane is and I think that this movie has it all....more info
  • Excellent purchase!
    I got this movie for a friend. It arrived on time and in perfect, new condition! Would recommend both movie and seller.
    ...more info
  • a heart touching movie about a true hero
    this movie was a great movie and a real tear jerker. it doesn't matter how many times you watch it, you will cry everytime. the soundtrack on this movie is excellent, too, i listen to it all of the time. this movie makes everyone realize how hard it can be to be a bull rider sometimes....more info
  • A Classic!
    If you're into rodeo, and know the story behind this film, then I need say no more. It's great and worth watching over and over....more info
  • a film that will make you weep for lane
    8 seconds is the portrayal of lane frost a rodeo rider that died just two years after getting the championship. The film groups good actors and great writing to create an accurate portrayal of a true hero. With all of its tear jerking moments and inspirational feel, 8 seconds is one movie that everyone should see. Lane frost was a young man in the pursuit of a dream of becoming a great rodeo rider and he succeeded as far as i am conserned, i just wonder if he wasn't taken from us so soon what he could have been capable of?...more info
  • Great Movie
    Great Movie, a pleausure to see Luke Perry and the rest of the cast. Only bad thing is that I had to use the subtitles in English because I couldn't understand what they were saying. (I am from Argentina)but the rest was very good acting and music....more info
  • It's the all time best movie ever made.
    This movie is true and very emotion. Every single time I watch this movie I cry. I feel this movie shows how Lane Frost was a great and caring man. Lane and Tuff are two great men who defeat odds against each other and learn to be great friends. If you love rodeo, like I do, you will love 8 Seconds....more info
  • A B movie but not by design?
    Hey, the stunts are very well done, but nobody is going to believe Luke Perry is a bull-rider as he is just too weak and puny?
    The two main actors are just very bad and unbelievable as is the script in a lot of places. Cynthia Geary doesn't look like she could ride a golf cart without falling off,m let alone a quarter horse?
    The actual best actor in this movie is Steven Baldwin, the character actor,
    best friend of Lane Frost. The director should have "Cowboy-ed up".
    At least we see that Lane Frost died doing what he loved.
    I've lived in a Rodeo town most of my life:
    the real cowboys are both tough and strong....more info
  • Awesome movie!
    I just recently watched this movie, and even though it's almost 10 years old, it is an amazing movie. From top to bottom. At the end credits, when it shows the stills and live footage of Lane Frost with Bill Conti's music, it becomes a tear-jerker very quickly. I was truly touched by this movie. I never had any interest in bull riding of any kind, but this movie made a world unknown to me come to life. Great movie....more info
  • 8 seconds
    all i have to say about this movie is COWBOY UP...more info
  • The best rodeo/country video of all time.
    Luke Perry played an awesome Layne Frost. It really makes one realize how hard the country lifestyle is....more info
  • Cowboy Up!
    I never saw this in the theaters and never really thought I would watch it on DVD since the two main stars are Luke Perry and Stephen Baldwin. But a few years ago I was fiending for some country type movies and decided to give this one a chance. When the movie was over and the credits were rolling I was pretty much in shock of how good the movie was... especially since it was a true story.

    Luke Perry plays Lane Frost in this true tale of a champion. Lane begins riding bulls at a young age (actually sheep at that young of an age) and as he gets older, just continues what he loves to do and makes it his profession. Living the dream. That right there is just amazing to me, because there are very few out there who are doing exactly what they want to do. But not only is he living the dream, but he's really good at it. Also he has 2 really good friends who travel with him and also compete with him. One of the friends, Tuff, is played by Stephen Baldwin. Baldwin isn't too bad in this role, but I still think they could've picked a bum off the road and he would've been better. And then Lane, during one of the meets, comes across his future wife Kellie, played by the ever so boring Cynthia Geary.

    8 Seconds has some great moments in it and some really funny moments also. I cracked up when Lane brings a really bad trailer home for Kellie... as an actual house for her. She's thinking it's a joke, and he really thought she'd be ok with it. Well... maybe it's funny to me since I know people like that back in Georgia... lol. There are also some really slow parts to and it's mainly cause of some of the acting. Sometimes you'd think you should be watching a romantic part or a good story telling part, and Cynthia or Stephen would just ruin it cause there acting is crap.

    When the credits were running, I sat there and thought to myself, "Man this guy had a crazy good life even if it was ended to soon."Sure he wasn't perfect. He had major daddy issues, he cheated some, and he was barely home (cause he was out making the money). That doesn't hurt the fact though that he tried really hard to make everyone happy. Maybe to hard for his dad. But he was always there for his fans and a really good role model for the kids. And he tried very hard to give everything he could to Kellie (even though he wasn't always faithful). And you really can't help but smile at the end while they show real pictures and clips of Lane. He was always smiling and you could see how much fun he was always having.

    Man this movie really made me miss home. I gotta find me a rodeo to go to sometime here in Vegas.

    In the end I would say this movie might feel like a Hallmark movie, but it was a lot of fun at some points. Definitely give it a try.

    P.S. - I met Stephen Baldwin once back in 1999. I went to a Wal-Mart back in Tucson one night for some super glue and was walking to the check out counters when I saw a guy dressed in all black and wearing a black Kangol hat. I looked at him and thought to myself, I know this dude... but... from... where...? And then I thought, "HIGHSCHOOL!" So since he was seriously just standing around and hanging out at the check out counters I went up to him and said, "Dude did you go to Northside High School back in Georgia?" He said, "Nope." So I walked away totally confused of how I knew this guy. Then I asked someone in the check out aisle who he was and she said, "I can't remember his name but that's the Bio Dome guy." "Ahhhh... now I remember." And then I went home with my glue and a fun story.
    ...more info
  • Too Many Pass On This
    To this day, I think far too many people overlook this movie. It may not have done as strongly as other movies in the box office, but more people should see this...people who assume that bullriders are crazy, they should know they are hard-working people, like everyone else. This story may not be entirely factual, but I think it gets the point across how much Lane accomplished in his short life, and that people are people, irregaurdless of their career, all we want is love......more info
  • Best Rodeo Movie
    Probably one of the best rodeo movies ever made, period. I noticed on one of the earlier reviews that they thought Luke Perry rode some of the bulls in this movie, thats bull in itself. All stunts were done by professionals, Tuff Hedeman, Terry Don West, Cody Lambert to name a few, give credit where credit is due. Luke does a nice job in his portrayal of Lane Frost, but I feel that Stephen Baldwin does just as good a job as Tuff Hedeman and is somewhat overlooked in conversation regarding this movie. Bill Conti's music is just a nice added perk. This is a great rodeo movie, shows the life the way it is, the true story of Lane frost, one of the greatest bull riders cut short in his prime. Life on the road, tough loving dad, falling in love, adultry, comradare, and the movie that most people became familiar with "Cowboy Up!" If this movie does not move you then you just aren't human....or country!...more info
  • WOW.....what a ride!
    You don't want to miss this underrated, wonderfully acted, brilliantly directed, action packed movie called 8 Seconds. The fact that it's about rodeo bull riding only serves to "harness" the real reason the movie grabs you. It's the love story.....that's what gets you.....the love story! Yes the action shots are amazing, even if you never saw a rodeo or thought it was stupid or boring. Luke Perry is outstanding in the title role as the tough as nails (albeit diminutive) bronco busting cowboy Lane Frost. Despite his skinny lanky stature he makes an impressive showing in the title role. Matching him almost line for line is Steven Baldwin (the nice Baldwin) turning in a great job as Lane's wisecracking buddy. Also giving a great performance is Cynthia Geary.....just great as Lane's wife. Every live, every look, every moment she's on camera is so convincing I swear she must have married Luke Perry after the movie. She didn't? Well you could have fooled me! But the really out of this world credit goes to the director John Avildsen who just runs away with this one. Maybe his best work ever! I especially liked the scene where a young Rene Zellwegger knocks on the door playing a rodeo groupie. I expected to hear her say: "shut up, just shut up, you had me from hello". But that's another movie. You have to buy this. It's too good not to enjoy over and over. A modern day classic!...more info
  • james frost
    Lane was one of the best men I know I watched his movie at my friends house and loved it so my dad bought me one for my birthday and I have memorized the whole thing LANE FROST was the best and thanks to him I am achieving the same goals that he did and trying to ride them bulls just like he did and everyone calls me lane and my school because that is my middle name and I think of him ever time I ride maybe one day I will be as good as him so to all you starters go after what you want and COWBOY UP....more info
  • The movie is great
    Lane was and still is the best Bullrider that ever steped foot on rodeo soil.The movie 8 seconds portrays not only Lane but the real ups and downs of rodeo life....I was 10 when I saw Lane die and it killed me that I ride bulls for a living my self now i know what the chills an spills of a fun life is... God bless you Lane....more info
  • My Absolute Favorite
    This movie is amazing. Luke Perry does a great job playing rodeo great, Lane Frost. The movie follows the true story of Lane Frost, and although parts of this movie were created by Hollywood (there was no Martin Hudson, Kellie wasn't there in the end, Cody didn't write poems, etc.) it is still a great movie.

    Luke Perry plays Lane Frost, Luke does a great job portraying Lane. Lane's parents, Clyde and Elsie, attended throughout the filming of the movie. As did Lane's best friend, Tuff Hedeman. Tuff could sometimes be heard speaking to Luke and saying "Lane wouldn't do it that way", so Luke would stop what he was doing, and start all over, doing it until he got it right.

    If you overlook the few "Hollywood" moments, this is a great movie. It is without a doubt my favorite movie, and I hope it will be yours too. It's a great movie for rodeo fans of all ages, and even if you're not a fan of rodeo, you will be a fan of Lane's by the time this movie is over!...more info
  • A solid ride
    When this movie first came out, I did not know who Lane Frost was. After I saw it, however, I wish I would have known him. This film may come off as sort of sugary sweet to some, but adultery, drinking, fighting and cussing don't seem so sugary to me. Mr. Frost had faults. He was human. But he prevailed where others have failed. That is what make him a hero and Luke Perry's portrayal of Mr. Frost exemplifies that.

    This movie suffers from a few inaccuracies, but those inaccuracies help move this film along at a pace that non-rodeo people can enjoy. The acting is fine, and that's really Luke Perry on some of those bulls. You've got to give the guy a nod for that.

    The soundtrack is also very influential on the look and feel of this movie. "Once In Awhile" by Billy Dean is the pinnacle performance in this movie, and if you're eyes don't well up when you hear it, you've got no heart inside.

    This is a decent family movie, although some younger kids probably shouldn't be exposed to some of the language and the adultery. It should be noted, however, that these things are key in making this a real story.

    This is a solid movie about a real man, full of heart and fault, yet still a hero to us all....more info

  • Legend before his time
    I recommend this movie for anybody into bullriding, rodeo, or into a good story about a good ol boy with a big heart that left this earth way before his time....more info
  • Can't say I saw the movie...
    Unfortunately, we have yet to see this movie because Amazon never sent our DVDs. I ordered this and two other bull-riding videos for my son on January 10th, scheduled for delivery between 1/23-1/25. Today, more than two weeks later, I received another email from Amazon notifying us that there were "delays with some of my items" and estimating a February 17th delivery date - 5 weeks after my initial order! had them shipped the next day - and $10 savings on my DVDs plus Free Shipping... ...more info
  • The Good, Better and , Lane Frost always die young
    The movie 8 Seconds showed the life of a true hero, they showed his life, his love, his friends, and his death. They didn't show the old hokey depressed guitar twnging cowboy, they showed a young man who loved what he did and how he affected people's lives. The director did a wonderful job with the script, screenplay, and most of all the soundtrack. It sohws emotion with pictures that makes you want grab a kleenex and hold the one close to you. They are here one day and gone the next. 8 seconds is a brilinat portayal of a man and the sruggles and scrifices he made to get to the top. Tracey Lawrence said only the good die young, well, Lane Forst was the greatest of all time and we'll miss him dearly....more info
  • Ride 'Em Cowboy
    Bulls, tight pants, and Stetsons: what more could a girl ask for? In the 1994 movie 8 Seconds, Lane Frost (Luke Perry), an Oklahoma cowboy, travels the contiguous United States in search of the World Champion Bull Rider title. He travels with his two buddies, Tuff Hedeman (Stephen Baldwin) and Cody Lambert (Red Mitchell), also bull riders. They go through many trials and tribulations including the times when each of them getting hurt, acts of adultery, and, let's not forget, Lane falling in love.
    This is my all-time favorite movie. I love the fact that it is a true story. Lane Frost was one of the best bull riders to ever come off the circuit. He was kind, compassionate, and he loved what he did. He never turned a child away when he/she wanted an autograph. The saddest part about the story, however, is that he lost his life doing what he loved to do most.
    This is a story of a true hero. Many cowboys looked up to Lane Frost, both young and old. He was not only looked up to, but he also gained the support and trust of these cowboys throughout his many days of riding. However, we cannot forget that Lane was human and made a few mistakes in his life (e.g. adultery, drinking, cussing), which are presented in the movie.
    This is a great movie to watch with your family, aside from the couple references to adultery and cussing. It teaches values and respect, and it makes you want to love what you do, just as Lane Frost did.
    ...more info
  • A Legend
    I would have to say that 8 seconds is one if my favorite movies. I watch it over and over and cry every time, it never fails. Lane Frost is the best bull rider I know, he is definately the man. He had a lot nuts to keep on riding and don't give up, he had more nuts than Red Rock. Luke Perry was perfect in playing the part of Lane Frost. Every time I see the movie I think about my cousins, friends, and the guys that I don't know and pray the God nothing like that happens.Lane Frost really deserves to be in The Hall of Fame. May God bless his family for holding up....more info
  • What an excellent movie to tell about a cowboy's life!!
    8 seconds was one of the first movies I have seen about rodeos and THE BEST I have seen. Lane had a great personality and showed he truly cared about the rodeo. He was a great role model to the kids who wanted to be in the rodeo. I had never heard of Lane Frost until that movie, and now I try to learn about him and the rodeo as much as I can. I'm very glad they made this movie. The movie was one of the best that I have seen and I'm glad that they made it....more info
  • Our Favorite Together Movie
    My husband and I first watched this movie just after we began dating in 1994. There are not too many movies that we are in full agreeance with but this is one of them! It is our all time favorite together movie. It is a true story and a true tear jerker! It is inspiring and tells a tale of determination. Rodeo lovers as well as those who have never seen the sport will love this movie! What a wonderful tribute to Lane Frost....more info
  • A real view of country people
    8 Seconds is a great movie about a good man. There are same things that are made up but thats the way thats HollyWood. For the most part it follows the real life story of Lane Frost and his rodeo career. I feel that it is one of the great movies the any down home country loving person should own. ...more info