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The Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier
List Price: $39.99

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Product Description

If a conventional hearing aid sounds like an embarrassment to you; try the Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier. It looks just like a cell phone ear adapter and works as a sound enhancer so you can join conversations and even hear soft voices from 50 feet away. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a more youthful appearance and better hearing. Comes with charger (no batteries to replace) and three ear tips.

  • Hearing device that looks like an expensive cell phone
  • Amplifies sound up to 50 times
  • Includes three soft ear tips for perfect fit
  • Rechargable batteries and charger included
  • Variable sound amplification

Customer Reviews:

  • Stealth Secret sound
    I was not happy with the quality. Sounds that were right next to me were amplified,however sounds across the room were not. I returned the unit...more info
  • Not Happy
    I ordered this unit for my husband so he could hear TV better. We are very unhappy with purchase. If you turn up volume all you hear is a loud high pitched whistle sound. I am surprised at all of the good reviews for this unit. And it does not fit well for either of us. Thank goodness it did not cost a lot of money as it seems I cannot return the unit since we opened the packaging. How else were you suppose to try it out?...more info
  • A couple of problems
    I bought one of these, and had a couple of problems with it.
    Number 1, the plugs did not fit my ear. To big all of them
    2. The wire wouldn't stay on my ear. 3. My six month old puppy loved it, he is an electronic freak he chewed it up when I threw it across the room....more info
  • highly recommendd
    This product has been used by me and has proven highly effective. and I highly recommend it S. Burrows ...more info
  • Stealth sound amplifier
    I've tried other devices designed to let you hear better and this is the best I've used yet.One trouble I had with it was the largest adaptor still wouldn't stay in my ear if I moved around much.Solved that problem by slipping a small Oring over the adaptor shank and up under the umbrella and it stays good now. I also have a Seimans professional type hearing aid ($1000worth) and it is handier for away from the house use but listening to TV or normal conversation anound the house the Stealth has more amplification and works better. As far as the background noise complaints I've read about of course you are going to get that. It amplifies all sounds, not just the ones you want to hear. Even my Seimans does that. That noise is what normal hearing hears all the time but you get selective and ignore the sounds you aren't iterested in.An excellent unit for the money....more info
  • Stealth Amplifier
    I know a lot of people say this wasn't that effective but I thought I would give it a try anyway. I think there is some minimal background noise from time to time depending on the surroundings but I think it works great. I can hear things I definitely couldn't hear without it and it makes a big difference in being to keep the TV at a normal volume while listening to a program. I hAve to sit in meetings with several other people daily and before I couldn't hear a lot of the conversation but now I can. Its definitely worth the money for this product. It really changed things for me. ...more info
  • Great sound, some issues...
    Got this for my HOH husband, so we could have the TV at a reasonable level and he could still enjoy it with us.

    The sound is awesome. He can hear very clearly, as long as it's not up against his face, which makes it buzz. Problem is, the ear adapters that come with this device don't have much range in sizes, so even the largest one will not fit securely in his ear. The adjustable part that wraps around the ear is just not strong enough to keep it in the ear and prevent it from touching the face without the ear plug part being bigger.

    I have looked all over the internet and e-mailed the company...but can't find a replacement ear adapter and still have not had a response from the company. It's too bad, I really think this could be a useful thing for us, but without a more sturdy over-the-ear piece or a bigger inside-the-ear piece, he's just not able to use it....more info
  • Piece of Junk - do not waste your money
    This item is junk. It comes in a generic non-marked box and only emits a high frequency sound similar to feedback. It did not magnify anything. There were no instructions on how to adjust this to your ear and when doing so, the ear hook is so flexible it doesn't stay put. Please don't waste your money on this....more info
  • Cheaper than other sites
    I had originally saw this in a local Sunday paper advertisement. I paid the MSRP of $39.95 PLUS shipping of $5.95 and expedited shipping *so I could have it sooner* of another $6.50. Anyway, one week went by and on the second week I emailed them with no reply. I called them and they said that they was going thru inventory and would be shipped out within a few weeks. I got my money refunded for the expedited shipping and now awaiting for my refund. I got the same item from Amazon within 2 days.
    The pro's is: I like the rechargeable battery feature and it does work!
    The con's is: After it has recharged, within a few hours there is static and increases. This however stops if you turn the Stealth off for a 5-10 min. Turn it back on and it will be static free for another 20 min.
    I noticed that this only happens on a newly recharge. After the charge runs down a little it doesn't happen that frequently....more info
  • The Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier
    I bought this amplifier for my 89 year old mother as other types never seemed to work very long and she had a hard time changing batteries. As this amplifier had a charger like a cell phone, I decided to try it. WELL, mother just loves it. Likes the fact that it looks like a 'bluetooth' and not a hearing device. AND no batteries to change!
    Several of her Church friends have now purchased this item too!
    Thanks for a great product.
    From a happy daughter in Oklahoma....more info
  • stealth hearing improver
    I ordered from Amazon. com because I trust them to deliver. I've had a few hundred dollars a year of experience with them and this is the 1st thing I've received that didn't work. It was packaged like it was used and had been opened and repacked with blank paper, etc. and it failed to work.

    After going on line and copying the stuff to return the goods, it was easy and the 2nd day after I received the product, it was returned to Amazon and the promise was given to send me another one immediately. They did! and I'm a repeat happy customer with Amazon.
    Jeff E....more info
  • S.S.S.A. item review
    Overall not bad, tends to be sensitive to high end magnetic fields or other sound amplification devices causing it to produce feedback. The battery charge capacity is phenomenal. Wish the form fitting ear nibs were easier to replace, but that's more of a supply end problem not a product problem....more info
  • a joke!
    This item did absolutely nothing! Tried to return it, but don't know how, so I will eat it. I will be more careful in the future. I just wanted a little help in the voice range, but there was zero amplification. It can not help your reputation.
    Stealth secret sound amplifier...more info
  • Stealth Amplifier
    It is everything you described, and MORE. I love the smallness of it, and the fact that it does not look like a hearing "aide".I like it so much, I am going to order another one for my brother....more info
  • Wow!
    After reading some of the negative reviews, I was apprehensive but ordered the Stealth anyway. Boy, am I glad I did. Now I can listen to the TV at the same volume as my family. And I'm actually hearing conversations instead of mumbling voices. I wish I'd have ordered this years ago. This is an amazing product. I'm totally, absolutely, unreservedly satisfied and pleased, but not nearly as much as my family....more info
  • very good
    I gave to my granddad.He so love it.The sound so good.I want to bye again for my grandmother.

    ...more info
  • Temporary Hearing Loss
    Recently I had both ears plugged from a cold. It was some time before I could see a doctor. I purchased this amplifier to keep from having to turn up the TV so loud. It worked very well and I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Nice Toy
    Got this for my mom for watching TV and even trying it out myself, it's not much more than a fancy toy....more info
  • Stealth Has A Secret: Does Not Work!!!
    It does not really improve my hearing. I tried it and could hear that the sound got amplified but so did ambient noise, not clear. The clip that holds it on your ear is NOT well designed. Keeps falling off. The addvertised product is not what you get. Very DECEPTIVE product. Be Aware!! DEBROTH does not take returns!!!! You are stuck with unuseable product!!...more info
  • stealth hearing opinion
    Helps in many instances.

    Problem is I ordered two (2) you sent five. I returned 3 to you and am awaiting credit....more info
  • Useful and nicely made!
    No, no I am not so vain that I am ashamed of wearing a hearing aid! I was looking desperately for some item to amplify without spending $2,000 going digital. I had long ago lost all the hearing on one ear after a yellow fever shot, but was able to get by nicely on one ear until recently, when the "good" ear has conked out to the point I can't even hear the vacuum cleaner.

    First of all I tried a PSA 8000 amplifier. There was a major problem: the ear nodule wouldn't stay in my ear, it popped out immediately. The only way I can keep the nodule in place is to tape it to my ear with masking tape. Nevertheless, when I am out in the yard, I can hear the phone ringing inside and any other noises. When you are as deaf as I am you are grateful for these sounds, but I balked at walking around the Walmart or wherever with the tape in place because it looked like I had sustained an awful ear injury. Other than the nodule problem, the PSA 8000 works well for amplification..just amplification. It is not a hearing aid per se,but it could definitely have a place in your hearing repertoir if loudness is an issue. (I did not write a separate review for this unit because the merchant I bought it from no longer lists it and it was possibly sold out) It is available on Amazon from other merchants.

    OK, now for the Stealth SSA (Secret Sound Amplifier)...This unit, about 2.0 inches long is made to appear like a cell phone jack. You attach the unit with a soft wire that goes over the top of your ear, and you can adjust the tightness easily. The unit has a plug that fits into your ear and you attach one of three soft ear buds, choosing the one that fits best.I use the middle one).

    The Stealth comes with a nifty battery charger that charges the lithium battery. A red light goes off when the charge is complete. When the unit is switched to the ON position after the charge, a green light comes on and stays on. You adjust the volume control to the necessary level, then attach the amplifier to your ear using the soft rubber wire. The unit stays in place nicely and doesn't slip at all. The illustration provided with the product shows the unit in an ear at an angle but I found for me straight up and down to be the best fit.

    The Stealth amplifies to 50X. I would like the sound to be even louder, but my problem is surely not typical. Nevertheless, I recommend the Stealth. It is very clever and it should be ideal in many situations for people who need amplification. I rather get a kick out of seeing the little green light up there when I'm wearing the unit and being able to recharge the battery is cool. You probably will not be able to hear on the phone when the Stealth is in place unless, of course, you use the other ear. I use a TTY so can't judge this aspect. Also, the Stealth will block sound from a computer earphone, but there should be no problem with speakers.

    I definitely recommend the Stealth as a very nice little tool to help your ears do their best. And how I am helped? I can hear microwave popcorn popping, my refrigerator revving up, and of course, the vacuum cleaner. Simple sounds can mean a lot!

    ...more info
  • Stealth Amplifier
    As a two-decade tinnitus sufferer, hearing the tv without blasting my husband out of the room was not being able to make out the dialogue even when the set was turned to blaring. This little inexpensive device works very well. There is the small inconvenience of having to adjust the rubberized wire that goes over your ear and then adjusting the dial until the volume is where you need it. But overall, it is well worth the reasonable price (compared to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the higher priced models). I think of it as a small piece of hope! And certainly worth a try....more info