Wireless Security Camera Weatherproof Night Vision Color
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Product Description

2.4Ghz weatherproof outdoor and indoor security camera! Finally...a DIY wireless security system you can install by yourself in about 5 minutes! Why pay installation fees and monthly charges? Save hundres of dollars by installing this complete wireless security system fo ryour home and business!!

  • Weatherproof night vision wireless color camera (3 camera set with remote control)
  • Built in 12 infra-red LEDs to aid nighttime vision
  • Professional quality and durable design, just connect to your TV or VCR
  • No wiring needed, installs in 5 minutes. Built-in sesitive microphone.
  • High quality color images: 380 TV lines, Transmission distance: 150-300 fee (line of sight, reduced through obstacles such as walls)
Customer Reviews:
  • Cool Cameras
    Very crips clarity for wireless cameras. The range is not super far, but for wireless its pretty good. Very easy to hook up. Whats nice is that this unit comes with 9 volt attachments so you don't even have to plug the cameras in- Now that is a major PLUS!...more info
  • Failed in 3 weeks
    Bought this system & the wireless receiver failed in just 3 weeks. I was also only using just a single camera. Had to literally unplug & disable my wireless network to even get a picture I could see. Company says to get a repair, ship it back at MY expense? no thanks, returned.....NOT interested in toy quality.
    Am now purchasing a wired unit with NO wireless receiver....more info
  • Poor range.
    Ditto on previous reviewer - wifi network interferes badly. But then so do a lot of other devices like 2.4 Ghz phones, microwaves etc. It's a crowded band. Antennas on cameras are fixed in position so direction of view may not be best direction of antenna which means poor range. Camera is "weatherproof" but DC connection and channel selection on camera is not....more info
  • Don't use if you have a wireless network, otherwise it's ok.
    I purchased this after seeing a demo, and was pretty impressed with the quality for the price. As soon as I got home I setup a couple of the cameras and connected it to my TV to test it out. I immediately noticed static bars across the screen every so often. It turns out my wireless network interferes with the camera signals and the camera completely disables my wireless network. Other then that the system is really good, if I didn't have a wireless network to worry about I would still have the camera system....more info