Samsung SyncMaster 953BW 19-inch LCD Monitor
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Product Description

This stunning widescreen monitor has the style and features you need to work efficiently and enjoy all your digital entertainment. The slim design is as beautiful as the amazing color quality that brightens the 19" screen. The 8000:1 contrast ratio delivers extremely sharp details and the 2ms response time virtually eliminates any motion blur. The 953BW is more than just a pretty face-it's the total package. It's all in the details. Everything you see becomes perfectly clear with an amazing 1440x 900 resolution. Complimented with a slim, stylish design, this widescreen is a perfect fit no matter where you use it. Response time refers to how long it takes pixels to turn from completely white to black and back again. The lower the milliseconds (ms), the faster the response time is. A very fast 2ms response time virtually eliminates any blurring, making this monitor perfect for enjoying video games and all of your digital entertainment. The contrast between light and dark colors on the screen is what makes images stand out. The bigger the difference between light and dark images, the more vibrant images will appear. With a dynamic contrast ratio of 8000:1 you'll enjoy sharper image quality that's sure to catch your eye. You'll have the highest resolution images possible and a picture that's second to none. 0.284 Pixel Pitch 2 ms Response Time 170o/160o Horizontal and Vertical Viewing Angles Matte Panel Surface 75mm Wall Mount (VESA) Compatible VGA, DVI-D Connections 3-Year Warranty Approximate Unit Dimensions - 17.5 (W) x 14.2 (H)x 7.5 (D) with stand Approximate Unit Weight - 14.3pounds

  • Screen Size : 19"
  • Resolution : 1440 x 900
  • Brightness : 300 cd/O
  • Contrast Ratio : DC 8000:1 (1000:1) (Typ.)
  • Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical): 170?/160? (CR>10)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great For The Price
    Obviously for under $200 you don't expect to get the greatest monitor on earth, but this one is wonderful for the price. I'm using it as a second monitor to work with HD video in Final Cut Pro on my MacBook Pro, and it works flawlessly. Great picture quality, decent color and contrast. Some moron wrote a one star review saying it doesn't work with the latest MacBooks, but that simply isn't true....more info
  • SyncMaster 953BW
    Thanks for the entertainment and management of photographs. Quality, efficiency and performance for watching movies on it....more info
  • Great monitor
    This is a nice monitor. I have had very good luck with Samsung electronics, and this is no exception....more info
  • Decent Monitor
    If you are looking for a monitor that doesn't cost a lot and it is pretty good quality with a brand name you recognize: then this is the monitor I would get (obviously I already did because I am now reviewing it).

    The only thing that I don't like about this monitor is the lack of tilt/angle movement. It has some ability to tilt, but it is not great at all. It is also hard to tilt if you can get it to tilt at all.

    Otherwise, it is nice and small and takes up less room that those stone age monitors. And the blue power light is pretty (but it is annoying when your PC is blinks very brightly in the dark). So if you are a light sleeper, make sure you turn off the monitor too.

    Great picture quality! It is also pretty simple to keep clean of dust....more info
  • No digital hookup with 2008 MacBook
    I tried for a month and more to make this monitor work with my late 2008 MacBook. First, no DVI cable came with the monitor. Then Apple's mini-DVI converter wouldn't work with the 2008 MacBook -- it has a DVI miniport, which is a different connection. When I finally got all the right cables, the monitor still wouldn't display. I got friends to check the connection -- the monitor runs fine with other computers in both digital and analog modes. I finally gave up and am using the VGA connection. The result is grainy and UGLY. There is no resolution setting that provides an acceptable image. I more or less hate it. Both Apple and Samsung insist the problem isn't with their product....more info
  • DOA
    Simply put doesn't work.
    I can't install windows on my new machine
    Powers up I get a picture for a whole 2 seconds then blank screen.
    I procrastinated on the system build for so long that I can't return this POS to Amazon and now have to deal with RMA through Samsung. I regret buying this. Also note that a 19" widescreen is like having a 15" normal LCD just wider....more info
  • Clarity is key.
    I am overly pleased with this monitor. It's capable of using any array of color/video settings, and has a great auto adjustment for setting the edges when you change the resolution. Hi-def is beautiful on here as well. ...more info
  • Great Monitor
    This is a great monitor for general use. I bought six of these for the office and there was not a single dead pixel among the six. The monitor is annoyingly bright using the default settings, but that was easy to adjust. Our desktops don't have DVI video cards but even using the VGA connection the picture is excellent. I imagine it would be even better using DVI.
    Overall it's a great step up from an old CRT or a smaller LCD....more info
  • Very nice, some problems with the base
    It is a very nice monitor, very slim and light. The only flaw that I have found is that there is a problem with the base because it is very difficult to tilt. It could be that it was just a defect of the one I bought. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    I have loved this monitor from the second I plugged it in.

    The colors are vivid and gorgeous. The black hues are rendered great. The refresh rate is awesome, no ghosting. All this through an analog connection (I have an older video card which did not connect digitally to the monitor).

    I am in the market for a new TV as well, and will seriously look at Samsung first after my wonderful experience....more info