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Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW 22-inch LCD Monitor
List Price: $331.99

Our Price: $259.99

You Save: $72.00 (22%)


Product Description

Immerse yourself in your digital entertainment. With an ultra-fast 2 ms response time, you'll experience virtually no blurring when watching movies or playing video games. Add to that an 8000:1 contrast ratio for superior quality color and a 1680x1050 resolution that lets you see the sharpest details, and you're ready for the ultimate viewing experience. This stylish widescreen monitor was made for you and your lifestyle.

  • Resolution - 1680 x 1050
  • Contrast Ratio - DC 8000 - 1 (1000 - 1 Typical)
  • Video Signal - analog RGB, DVI; Includes a D-Sub15 connect cable (DVI-D is not included - DVI-D is a digital connector that accepts DVI signal input from a computer
  • Viewing Angle - 170-degrees Horizontal / 160-Vertical
  • Adjustable swivel and tilt

Customer Reviews:

  • great screen
    Samsung makes the best products. The colors are so bright and images are so clear. I love this screen....more info
  • Own 2 225bw...sent this back
    I purchased a Samsung 225bw a couple years ago and needed a 2nd monitor so opted for this thinking it would be the same if not better. What a let-down. Picture was totally inferior, major bleeding...had to send it back. Ended up finding a refurb on the 225 and purchased a second from that instead. Disappointing compared to the Samsung 225BW which is an exceptional monitor....more info
  • Very nice monitor at a good price
    I bought this monitor to replace a 20" widescreen. It looks great, and has a matte finish on the screen, which shows little or no glare. These monitors are not all built with the same brand of panel. My monitor has what is apparently the worst brand of panel, and the color reproduction, brightness and response time are all excellent. My only complaint is a very minor bit of backlight bleeding. I would definitely buy it again....more info
  • Great monitor, but Amazon can't ship electronics
    I am very pleased with the monitor overall. While it can be greatly improved by adjusting the settings, the default settings are very pleasing, but bright.

    I am also extreemly pleased with the durability of this monitor. I purchased this directly through Amazon, not a third party. Amazon put the monitor box in a bigger box with a few sheets of packing paper thrown in. So, when I received it, the outside box looked great, but the actual monitor box inside, was smashed in several places. The monitor casing had separated. However, I snapped everything back together, and it works like a champ.

    Good strong monitor. Beware of Amazon shipping electronics....more info
  • Great colors, awful blacks... mixed bag
    This is an excellent monitor with bright, vivid colors and snappy performance. No hint of ghosting with games (of course, given its low response time). It does suffer from defects that plague nearly all LCDs, such as poor black level performance and some light bleeding.

    In my unit, light bleeding was particularly bad on top and bottom. As for black level performance, even after calibration it was quite poor. My Westinghouse 37" 1080p 8ms LCD monitor performs much better in that regard, and that's saying something. Of course, you can't compare a 37" to a 22"... they serve different purposes... but that's indication that the panel Samsung is using to equip these monitors is not top-notch as far as black performance is concerned. This is normal, though, because computer LCD monitors typically shouldn't be used for movie watching. So long as you use this for games (not very dark games...) and common desktop applications, you'll be fine.

    A snap. Easy to assemble (just RTFM people!). The monitor is very light, which is good, but that's because it's very flimsy, which is bad. Don't shake the table it's on. Just don't. It'll fall. If I didn't have good reflexes, the monitor would've been on the floor twice already. Also, the bundles cables are amazingly short, but that's an industry standard.

    It's an eye-catcher, for sure. I especially like the clear plastic bar that runs at the bottom of the monitor and conceals the buttons, so that when the power led is on it reflects quite nicely on the plastic bar. Very future-proof, design-wise. Piano black finish on monitor and stand is also nice, though of course it's a dust and fingerprint magnet. In just one week (and in a rural area, too) the stand was entirely covered with dust. Ah well.

    Overall, it's a good 22" monitor with an ideal resolution and response time that displays sharp pictures and text. Just don't expect it to be your primary (or even ONLY) monitor if you expect to do more than everyday computer applications and some gaming....more info
  • Great picture, but...
    Nice clear, sharp picture. I have my brightness set at 35%, and it'll work even in the brightest daylight room.

    I don't like the single support point, though. When you're pounding away on your keyboard, the monitor tends to rock back and forth. I had to stick a wedge of business cards under one corner to make it stop....more info
  • Gawdawful customer service!
    A fine monitor which is most difficult to assemble. Try as I might, I could NOT get the ball on the stand to enter the socket on the monitor using the Samsung instructions. I'm 6'2" and weigh 200 and am no wimp. Using all my strength was not enough. I contacted Samsung customer service and was told to use soapy water. It didn't work. I called again and Samsung agreed to send a new base. When it never arrived I began procedures to send it back. I was looking at reviews on and noted that many folks had the same problem and had tried a variety of solutions. Finally I saw a review that advised to ignore the Samsung instructions and set the base on a flat surface and merely push the monitor down onto the base. It popped in with virtually no force applied... no KY jelly, Vaseline, or soapy water necessary. Samsung didn't know this. Go figure....more info
  • what a monitor.
    This monitor is everything I was looking for. As a graphic designer, I needed a large, bright monitor with high resolution, and I've found it in this machine, and it exceeds my expectations....more info
  • Beautiful Monitor for My New Dell XPS
    Samsung has surpassed Sony in the monitor/TV wars; and we are seeing quality products from both teams. I ordered the 22 inch monitor in with a piano black finish. The Samsung arrived with not a single dead pixel, and the color/resolution was striking. Software set-up and configuration was easy, and their web site is well designed to secure driver downloads.

    Adjustment controls on the front of the monitor are a bit confusing and could use improvement; otherwise this product would receive 5 stars....more info
  • this monitor can't be beat!
    ok well i got this monitor 5 months ago its vary nice
    well as the months go by the monitor looks flawless
    the only bad thing i have to say is theirs a buzzing sound.
    It not vary loud but it still their
    but hears the best thing about this monitor is that it can take a beating.
    Well my girlfriend has anger issues well...... while i was gone after i had got her mad she took her anger out on my innocent ,wonderful monitor .i got home to find my monitor in pices on the floor well. I'l skip the other parts and my monitor still work no dead pixels the only thing wrong is that the plastic out side is gone and it looks like a metal skilton.
    ...more info
  • exactly what I wanted
    I was reluctant to order a monitor on amazon but because the price was the best I could find anywhere I thought I'll give it a shot. The monitor came packed safely, got here quickly and works perfectly. I will not hesitate to order anything from Amazon. Thanks T.Johns...more info
  • Excellent Monitor
    Having done much research on monitors I chose this one for price, size and specifications. Was very pleased with my choice. Excellent picture quality. Basic plug and play. If you have a video card that can support this unit you will not be dissapointed....more info