Sony ICDP620 Digital Voice Recorder PC Compatible via USB
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Product Description

Activate this compact, silver voice recorder and don't miss a thing. With convenient USB connection and a variety of helpful features, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.Easily record important lectures, meetings and personal memos with the ICD-P620 digital voice recorder. When you're finished recording, connect to a PC via USB and save your files for later reference. It features four message folders, single function buttons for simplicity and date and time stamps on all recordings. The ICD-P620 includes two "AAA" batteries.

  • Digital recorder with 512 MB built-in flash memory and USB connectivity
  • Supports up to 260 hours of recording time
  • Four message folders (up to 396 messages)
  • Large LCD; day and time stamp
  • Powered by two AAA batteries (included)

Customer Reviews:

  • review of Sony digital recorder
    The recorder easily fits in my pocket, and is very easy to use.
    I definitely recommend this recorder, although I wish it was a color other than silver. ...more info
  • Beware - software is not compatible with Windwos Vista 64 bit!
    I bought this voice recorder, but nowhere did it specify that the software does not work with Windows Vista 64 bit. This is a problem across the board with voice recorders, a software problem which happens with $300 recorders just like $50 ones, and with other brands as well. This of course disables a very important feature of the recorder... Luckily, I have two computers, one of which has a 32 bit Vista version. So I am using the older computer for right now to download the files.

    Another big issue is the battery life - it is very limited, so hopefully you can afford a lot of batteries. I think the battery runs out after about 7-10 hours of recording.

    On the bright side, the recorder and the software work very well, and you will get good recordings that are easy to listen to. The software really makes it the whole process much, much easier.

    If you have 32 bit Vista, I would recommend getting this device. If not, maybe wait until the software is compatible with 64 bit version.
    ...more info
  • Sonopoly... compatibility issues...
    Mac users beware -the recorder is only recognized by PCs and even to access your recordings you have to download Sony's Voice Editing program on it's website... It would be much easier to use a Casio....more info
  • easy
    This is light weight and very simple to use. the software s powerful and allows you convert to multiple formats. Much easer to use than my old Olympus....more info
  • Disappointed
    I searched for products that were compatible with the Mac and this came up. Good brand name, great price...but boy was I disappointed. I can't dump my files unto my machine unless I'm using windows. This is a big let down for me as I am a MacAddict....more info
  • very good~
    I purchased one digital voice recorder (about $100)at spy-tro???.com. In that case, it was not working. The LCD display was frozen (not working). Even recording quailty was really terrible. However, this SONY voice recorder (less than $60) is very good within a few feet under no-noise conditions. I can say this gives you better voice quality than the price.
    This has very simple functions to handle it. Some recorders are very complicated with many many functions and higher price, but I don't want to have that thing because some people like simple things with cheaper price. Not excellent, but very good....more info
  • Sony Voice Recorder
    Excellent item, works great, not too complicated to operate. Onboard mic works good for my purposes....more info
  • Handy, but not very intuitive
    This is a very handy product to have if you are recording speeches, have to do dictation, or remember where you parked. It plays back easiy and the sound quality is pretty good. I haven't tried it with an external mic yet, but I will probably do that. It's fairly sensitive for a built-in mic, but I wouldn't use it to record podcasts or anything like that.

    Where it gets weird is, it has no off switch. So you burn down the batteries whether you are using the thing or not. That is really annoying. The USB and software is handy, but it fails to tell you or give you a choice about where it is dropping the MP3 files it creates. It's been two weeks and I still can't find them.

    Nonetheless, I got three days worth of meetings I partially zoned out on captured for later transcription. That alone was worth $50! Great for ADHD folks--discreet and professional....more info
  • great size
    Since you have no control over what levels it records at you get a pretty good recorder considering... it works on a broad level. the closer or clearer the lecture the better the recording. it records what it hears relative to distance. I like it because its virtually unnoticable. I dont like that their is no direct access to folders you have to tinker with it to get to your desired folder. you can covert to just about anything but its best just to stay with the sony proprietary way because it is the largest file. Does what it should for a decent price. I would never have bought this for a pod-cast in the first place....more info
  • Play Back Sound Too low
    The playback sound was too low. I used the built in mic and also a phone pick up which I know works well with other recorders and I could barely hear what was going on on the phone.

    It is going back....more info
  • Sony ICDP 620 Digital Voice Recorder
    This is the first device of this type I've owned, and I've had it for about a month now. I'm very pleased with it and find it pretty easy to use. The size is perfect and I can easily carry it in my shirt pocket, or toss it in my briefcase. I often think about things while I'm driving, and would often forget them by the time I get to my destination. Using the recorder, I simply dictate reminders or ideas to myself and jot them down later. The sound quality is great, both in "high" and "low" sensitivity mode. And the software allows you to transfer messages to your computer, which then allows you to email them to people. 99 hours of recording time is amazing....more info
  • Will not work on MAC OS X
    Sony has made a good product, but it does not support MAC. This means that even though you can plug the recorder into your Mac with the included USB cable, it will not show up as an external drive. There is no way to access the files on the recorder, and therefore no way save your files other than what's available on the 512MB internal memory.

    I had to borrow a friend's PC to install the included software, transfer the files, burn a CD, and uninstall the software. If you have a newer Intel Mac with Windows installed, you can install the software on the 'other side.'

    Also, I lost the manual, and the manual Sony has linked on their website is NOT the correct manal - it is for another device. I have spent 20 minutes trying everything I can think of to try to "erase all" of the files (after transferring them), but I can not seem to find a way to make that happen. Maybe an "erase-all" feature doesn't exist, which means you would have to erase them one by one. If this is the case, I would only give this 2 stars. But because I don't have a manual and I don't know this for sure, I can't make a conclusive statement on this.

    The pro's - Intuitive interface (for the most part) that Sony usually is good at . It will record over 100 hours in high quality, and it responds to the record command very quickly....more info
  • Fast Shipping! Works great.
    Works great, and has tons of features. Basic functionality was figured out without the manual. This showed up in 2 days via ground shipping.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Value
    I have had this unit for about 10 months and use it to record committee type meetings plus some phone calls. The microphone pick up and quality is superb. It has a low and high sensitivity settings that are suitable for telephone uses (low) and small conference group sessions (high).

    It is quite easy to alter programming, control buttons for record or playback. The software program is well thought out, simple to use, flexible, and downloads recordings effortlessly. The only thing it will not do for me is edit out recorded dead time, but I have other programs that can do that if really needed. The software will also cut a CD or convert to MP3. Just be sure you get this model with the USB connector on the side of the unit. Sony has several look alike models without the computer interface that can not download the recordings.

    All in all a very nice package. If only they could make it less expensive......more info
  • You get what you pay for...
    I wanted a DVR so I could take my podcasting mobile when I needed, perhaps cooking in the kitchen or sitting outside or down at the park. I chose the ICDP620 because Sony's a good brand name and the device was affordable.

    Unfortunately, I found out that the device is absolute rubbish for podcasting. The sound quality just isn't there. Don't get me wrong; the DVR is perfect for most DVR needs, like transcription, memos, note-taking, and whatnot. The device does what it's supposed to do in that regard. But for broadcast/podcast quality, the ICDP620 is not up to par. I tried multiple microphones and environments with the same results; tinny, scratchy, and a generally overall sound you get from the cheapest of microphones.

    This device is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. Good for most of the basics you may need a DVR for, bad for any serious recording work....more info
    I decided to purchase this Sony instead of the Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder (for lectures, conversations) and I am so glad I did! In less than 45 minutes, I had recorded a 5 minute test msg, installed the software, copied the test msg from the recorder to my pc, converted the test file to mp3, and burned it to a cd. The msg played in full and as clear as the original when I tested it in my cd player. The sound quality is great too. I hightly recommend this product....more info
  • Disappointed in sound quality and ease of use
    I bought the Sony ICD-P620 to use for voice memos, etc. The sound quality is not very good, even though I have tried holding the recorder at various distances. When playing back messages, everything is usually understandable, but the sound is garbled and irritating to listen to. In addition, the unit is not user-friendly in my opinion. I wanted something simple and easy to use, with decent sound quality. This recorder does not meet my needs. ...more info
  • Not Compatible With Vista 64 Bit
    Please note, while the recorder appears to work wonderfully by itself, it is not compatible with the 64 bit version of Windows Vista so you are not able to load the files onto your computer at all. There is no available driver from Sony. Great product, but this compatibility flaw should be listed on the box (and it is not). I noticed the issue when trying to upload for the first time and both the software and drivers are not compatible. The only indication that it doesn't work with 64-bit versions is listed in the manual after a tiny asterisk. ...more info
  • Excellent Experience with Digital Recorder Purchase
    The recorder was offered at a reasonable price. It arrived ahead of promised date. The packaging was carefully done, and I use the recorder daily in my work. Excellent experience with this vendor, and the recorder works like a charm. ...more info
  • ICD-P620-Not Vista 64 compatible
    This product is NOT vista 64 compatible. Sony claims up and down that it is, but that is not so. The unit itself is nice. I like it. But what good is it if I can't download the files?

    I chatted with Sony's tech support online to resolve this and I kept being told to unplug my speaker, printer, etc! I kept saying that the driver will not load, but the guy came back with "Vista has native support for this device, so no drivers are needed". Huh? Then why am I being asked to install a driver and why is there a driver sub-folder in the Sony folder? Whatever is in the sub-folder does not work....more info
  • Recorder
    Perfect item for note taking or doing dictation work. Good for school kids, "never miss what the teacher said". Also good for reporting events that need to be accurate and to the point....more info
  • Great Little Device
    A got this device to record public/government meetings. The main thing that sold me on this particular model was its ability to edit (divide/combine) the recorded files on my computer; as well as the ability to convert the recordings to mp3 files for distribution. The software makes for very easy transcription (basically using the F10 and F11 keys). Of note:the software did not come with this recorder but it was easily downloaded from Sony's website. So far, I have only used this for one meeting (of about 25 people in a fairly large room,no microphones.) Next time I will probably more centrally locate the recorder. I was seated at one end of the room with the recorder, some of the voices of the more soft spoken women seated away from me did not record as well as I would have liked. I think that this is something that I will be able to adjust to as I use the recorder more often. ...more info
  • Serves its purpose
    I bought this to tape record my lectures at school. I only have one complaint, and that it that it picks up on every little noise when it is sitting on my desk. I need to put it in my purse on the floor or something. Other than that, it works great and as I said it serves its purpose. I can't see how all tape recorders wouldn't pick up every little noise....more info
  • How to turn it off. Use the "Hold" switch.
    This is a good little recorder for the price. Does what it's intended to do. The "Hold" switch is the ON/OFF for this recorder....more info
  • Fascinating device
    Voice recorders are an interesting thing -- you may have noticed that even Sony has difficulty distinguishing between the higher end ($300+) and the lower end models. (One of the extra features, incidentally, was "An On/Off Switch"). Usually the higher end models have better sound, supposedly, but we all know how insignificant that is in the scheme of things, unless we are idiots (i.e. "audiophiles"). Memory is not an issue -- I still have 50+ hours left on mine. Sometimes, the more expensive ones come with a metal housing, which I suppose is nice.

    I use this for recording notes, and it does a superb job. I wish it had a backlight, but it has a small light to tell you whether its paused (blinking) or recording(red) or playing(green) and so it works well in the dark.

    I thought I needed a rewind and overwrite and append function (which this recorder has -- but there is a trick to using the overwrite quickly -- you have to make sure its not the very last "track", so you can start rewinding from the start of the next track) but I end up using it very little. It has a pause function, which lets you pace yourself as you think.

    The main thing that makes this better than the Olympus recorders is the overwrite/append function (but no insertion), but I really don't use it that much, I could probably live without. But, other than that, it seems as if digital voice recorders have reached a plateau, so that even these cheaper units are extremely useful, almost indistinguishable from the more expensive ones.

    So, from the standpoint of someone who wanted to get away from the journal or the computer, and go for walks while thinking, this is great, and I can honestly say it has changed my life.
    ...more info