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Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Alarm System With Vibration
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Product Description

The Wet-Stop3 is newest Wet-Stop available. The Wet-Stop alarm has provided excellent results for families for many years (Over 275,000 sold). The Wet-Stop3 has all of the best features an alarm can offer. The alarm now has a 2 step turn off feature, uses 2 AAA batteries and all the features listed above. This is a bedwetting system, not just an alarm.

  • Comes complete with "The Complete Bedwetting Book" on CD, calendar, sticker reward system and instructions in 6 languages
  • 5 Variable Alarms, alarm and/or vibration capabilities
  • Magnetic Shirt Fastener
  • Easy-To-Dry, Easy-To-Attach, Replaceable Sensor
  • PottyMD 1-Year Warranty Against Defects

Customer Reviews:

  • Great price, works well.
    We started using the Wet-Stop3 with our son when he turned 5 yrs, and it has worked great.Up to this point from age 2-5 he never once had a dry diaper or pull up.
    We checked many web sites and blogs about bed wetting and alarms. Some suggest waiting till age 6 may be better to assure maturity of the urinary sphincter muscles, however this is up to your discretion. Our 5yr old was begging not to wear pull ups and completely understood the concept of the alarm when we showed him the pictures on the computer and explained the process.
    The Wet-Stop3 was less expensive than other models, and takes regular triple A batteries. Apparently other brands use watch batteries that burn out quickly and cost more.
    The sensor clip and magnet attatchment for alarm box are easy to use. Our son learned quickly how to perform the 2 step process to stop the alarm. Even though he can do it, we still get up when the alarm goes off. He's a very deep sleeper, and still needs a little direction to the toilet.
    The 1st week can be a little rough w/ getting up several times a night, but this quickly cut down the 2nd/3rd week. By 4-5wks just 1x/night. 6-7wks he finally had dry nights scattered in. It's great to see how excited and proud they are to finally be dry.
    We still use the alarm every night, but again our son is a little young, so it may take longer than an older child. Overall I think this is a great product. Great price, great concept, very pleased....more info
  • Amazing~
    My 8 year old son was embarrassed about wetting the bed still. He is a very heavy sleeper, and wet every single night. The first night I got up with him, and the first week I would wake up with him but not get up with him. About 10 days into, his first dry night! It has been 4 weeks and he has been dry 6 nights in a row now. He plans of following the directions exactly and wearing it until 14 dry nights in a row. He was scared it would be loud and scare him awake since he did not think anything would wake him up unless it was very loud. It is not loud at all, and after me waking up with him and the alarm a few nights he was able to wake up on his own when he heard it. I am so impressed with this product!!...more info
  • It woke him up
    I was concerned that it wouldn't wake him but it has pretty much every time. He likes the stars and chart that come with it for encouragement....more info
  • Worked like a charm!
    The Wet Stop 3 worked wonderfully for my 6 year old daughter! In two weeks she was and still is sleeping all night without wetting the bed and she is not even wetting during the day either. Now she doesn't have to use it anymore and she was proud to make that choice. It has been one week without the alarm and she is still dry every night. Before she would wet the bed most nights and wet during the day about every other day, but now she got the hang of it and now she is in control. This is quite a blessing! ...more info
  • It's Working
    My 5 1/2 year old daughter has been using the alarm for a little over 3 weeks now. She is a VERY deep sleeper so she does not wake up when she needs to to potty and wets the bed EVERY night, and usually more than once a night. I had my doubts if the alarm would work with her. After many, many months of have NO dry nights at all, she has had 9 completely dry nights in the past 12 days and there were several nights in the past 3 weeks where she wet just a little but stopped herself and got up and finished in the potty, which is what she is supposed to do.

    In the first 10 days there were nights that seemed unsuccessful because a few times she wouldn't even get up when the alarm went off. She just lay there for about an hour and I just let the alarm keep going off until she finally got up. Other nights she did what she was supposed to do, which was to get up and turn off the alarm and change her PJ's, etc. But during that time, I think the alarm was still training her body to wake up when she had the urge to pee because after about 10 days, she just started having dry nights. It has been really amazing. We are still in the process of it but it is working. I think they are supposed to wear the alarm until they are dry for 30 days so we have a ways to go yet but I am very pleased with it. The alarm comes with a chart and stickers. She loves to be able to put a gold star on her chart so that has helped as well.

    Please be careful about the cord. It is very long and if the alarm comes undone from their PJ's, the cord can get wrapped around their necks. This happened one night with my daughter so now I am sure to pin the alarm on instead of just using the magnet.
    ...more info
  • Good, but not great.
    This product really worked for our intended purpose--helping our child overcome a bed-wetting problem, so I guess that should earn it a 5 star rating. However, its construction left a bit to be desired. The alarm box had a difficult time actually staying put each night at the child's shoulder, and it is not loud enough to alert parents who may need to be part of the retraining process (depending upon the distance of rooms apart). The sensor wire broke at the alarm end--a simple phone jack connection--and you'd be hard pressed to find a replacement locally. Somehow I think it would defeat the inconspicuous intent of the wire to cut, splice, and wrap the repair with electrical tape. Nevertheless, our problem was pretty much resolved by the time the alarm met its demise, so I'd probably buy a second, if a higher quality, equally-priced alternative was not available....more info
  • why'd we wait?
    After waking our daughter several times a night for over a month with no success, we decided we had no choice but to try the alarm. I almost quit in the first week - the alarm woke her, but did not stop her from emptying her bladder. It was so frustrating. But in week 2, when the alarm went off, she was able to stop peeing - we were still changing sheets, but they weren't saturated. By the middle of the third week, she was dry. We took the alarm away after a total of 2 1/2 weeks. She's been dry for over a week now and we were all confident enough to allow a sleepover with her cousin sharing her bed. This alarm was easy to use and worked great for us. She's so proud of herself, and so are we. ...more info
  • Worked wonderfully!
    After two weeks of waking up to the alarm and "finishing" in the bathroom, our 6 year old began sleeping through the night without having to go at all. He has had almost a full month of completely dry nights, has stopped wearing pull-ups to bed, and has even attended a sleepover at a friend's house without having to worry about being "found out." We are thrilled and are now passing the alarm around to friends who have children experiencing the same issue!...more info
  • Wish I knew about it years ago.
    This was the best purchase I could have made. It has helped my son tremendously in a very short period of time. Not only has it gave him a huge boost of confidence but it has also helped him realize that the problem he has/had, was not his fault. Thank you!...more info
  • So far, so good!
    We're into this 2 weeks now and it's been great. I think the best advice I got was to include your child in selection if possible to encourage them to be part of the process, not the object of it. My 10 yr old helped select this and has been using it willingly and with a sense of humor. We also bought a pad that has helped with reassurance also. Great price and quick delivery....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I bought this from National Incontinence. They don't stand behind it! They say take it to the Manufacturer. I called them, and let them hear the alarm over the phone and they told me to return the unit for replacement. They sent me a unit that was just as quiet. It wasn't loud enough to wake my son. It wasn't loud enough to wake me in the same room.
    It isn't good for anything. It is a total waste of money.
    ...more info
  • It Works! Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Alarm System with Vibration
    We tried this product at the suggestion of my son's doctor. He is 6 and was wet just about every morning. After using the Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Alarm System for about 2 weeks we started to see results. He has now been dry for 21 days and we can't be more pleased. He is proud of himself and I am thankful. This product really works!...more info