Macally G-S350SU Hi-Speed eSata/USB2.0 External Storage Enclosure for 3.5inch SATA HDD
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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:New environment-friendly, power saving technologyDesigned for all 3.5-Inch SATA I and SATA II hard disk drivesSolid Aluminum body for excellent heat dissipation and protection to your hard disk driveSupports USB2.0 (up to 480Mbps) and USB1.1 (up to 12Mbps) host connectionESATA port (up to 3.0Gbps) readyUSB2.0 transfer rate up to 480 MbpsHot plug and playHorizontal position for stacking, and space saving vertical position with standEasy-to-access front power buttonActive LED to indicate power and data access statusTwo types of stands are included

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Customer Reviews:

  • Needs a better description and picture
    OK so I ordered this external hard drive case so I could use the HD from my late sadly inop iMac. It was an "Ultra ATA" drive. I had no idea that the connectors would be different. Who would have thunk! Obviously when you are trying to save an old hard drive you will need to be clear on whether you have he old style or the new connectors. Yes, I did send it back and ordered another brand after much research...still not knowing what the old and new connectors were called. It too was wrong. A picture would have been helpful. I'm sure it is worthy of five stars but I can't say for sure so three stars....more info
  • "Cool" enclosure to back up my NAS. Would buy another.
    Pros: It took me just about 3 minutes to install my WD Caviar Green 1TB HHD into this solidly built enclosure. It was cold to the touch out-of-the-box and was still cool after running for 48 hours. My Vantec Nexstar3s and LaCie 1TB (301315U) do get warm after a few hours. Compact AC/DC adaptor - no power brick to worry about! No fan = no fan noise.

    Cons: Doesn't come with eSATA cable. On/off button must be held down for about 3-4 seconds to turn off the unit.

    Other thoughts: Back panel is plastic but not flimsy....more info
  • Looks very good and works perfectly
    I have been using this case with an external HD for time machine. The drive works very well, is quick and fits the aluminum mac motif very well. I only have two very minor issues. The power button to be frank feels kinda cheap, and yes its similar to the ones on the MBP it is most definitely not. Second, the led is a bright blue. Since this really is designed to go with mac equipment why not put a white led in there to match the mbp, acd monitors, etc. It would be a simple resoder so I may actually do it myself.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    Just an excellent product that does what it is supposed to without any problems. If you are looking for an external enclosure, this is it....more info
  • Watch Out
    I purchased this by mistake as it looks very similar to the one that has firewire and usb ports. but it doesnt, so i returned it. i now have the Firewire one and they are very nice cases HD stays cool, it has all the features i would expect easy in and out. Good cases. ...more info
  • 6 months later, very pleased
    So I bought this enclosure back in November to use a Time Machine backup with my Mac. I had a 750 GB Seagate SATA drive that I inserted into it. It was very easy to install the drive in the enclosure.

    I briefly used the USB before switching to eSATA. The enclosure gets a little warm even when the drive is idle but it is not burning to touch. When the drive is idle you can't hear a thing, which is great. When the drive is in use it can get a little loud. Luckily for me, it's only in use when backups are taking place.

    It seems very sturdy and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I would definitely buy another one. ...more info
  • Handsome and well made
    Good quality, it's a nice match for any Mac equipment. It has two kinds of feet to keep it more stable as having it the way it is pictured, it will fall over easily. This one does not have firewire, although I will tell you that if you have more than one drive connected, Firewire will begin to look very attractive, but that is not a problem with this product. It comes with cables. One thing, it looks much more professional than most other enclosures: it doesn't look like a case a computer geek looking to save $5 would pick because it isn't the cheapest Chinese enclosure. ...more info
  • Looks and works great
    No problems here. Plug and play. Wish the LED was white instead of blue to match my other Apple hardware but I'm not going to take off a star for a shoulda woulda coulda.

    Update 3/22/09:
    Just updating this. I've had it for a few months now and I'm beginning to look for another enclosure. I'm not sure if it's the drive I have or the enclosure itself, but there is a lot of vibration coming from the unit. I stuck some business cards in the gaps of the case and it took out some of the vibration but there is definitely still some there.

    I like the way it looks with the rest of my Apple stuff, but now it just looks silly with business cards stuck in it. I'd take off a star if I could because of the noise and vibration coming from the unit....more info
  • Solid case
    The case is nice and solid. I have yet to get the eSATA portion working so I am using just the USB connection at the moment. ...more info
  • Nice looking and easy to setup
    This is a nice looking and very easy to setup case. I added a 500GB Hitachi drive and had it ready for partitioning and formatting in less than 15 minutes. I've used it in USB and eSata configurations without any problems. This is an excellent value....more info
  • Fairly nice compared to the competition
    I'm fairly satisfied with this enclosure. As others mentioned, the power button is a little flimsy, but I leave it on all the time. The blue power light is too bright, but again, not a deal breaker. Build quality is a step below my Rosewill external HD enclosure (also styled like the PowerMac/MacPro) from a few years ago.

    I've installed a 1TB WD GreenPower drive and I can't believe how quiet it is even in this minimal case.

    Overall: recommended....more info
  • Fantastic enclosure
    Easy drive installation. Runs cool and quite. Has a Kensington lock security hole. Was Plug-and-Play. Highly recommended....more info
  • Easy & God Loooking
    I bought the FireWire version of this case. I was concerned that it would be a cheesy cheap case, but in fact, it is very well constructed and goes together very easy. I would say I spent two-minutes assembling it with a screwdriver. My 500GB Seagate SATA drive worked perfectly in it. I would not buy any other case than this one if I needed to buy another one.

    It looks very nice and goes perfectly with my Mac equipment. The light behind the power button is a very nice blue. ...more info
  • good value could be better
    I had no problem installing a hard drive in the enclosure, but it would have been nice if the enclosure could have been opened without the use of a screwdriver. The instructions could have been a little more thorough about getting the unit working. I plugged it in, and my computer recognized new hardware and installed it and told me it was working properly. Unfortunately, the drive was not recognized and assigned a drive letter. I went online to the drive manufacturer's site and got instructions on "initializing" the drive. This info really should have been included with the drive enclosure in my opinion. Once I got it properly installed, the drive works great. Quiet and cool....more info