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Shure SE210 Sound Isolating Earphone - Black
List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $89.90

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Product Description

Ergonomic and lightweight sound isolating earphones offer the most accurate audio reproduction from both portable and home stereo audio sources for the ultimate in precision highs and rich low end. Evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by pro musicians and perfected by Shure engineers, the lightweight and stylish SE210 delivers full range audio that's free from outside noise.

  • Hi-Definition sound with bright highs and extra detail
  • Hi-Definition MicroSpeaker delivers wider range and more clarity and detail than standard earbuds
  • Sound Isolation Technology reduces background noise better than noise-cancelling headphones, without batteries or added hiss
  • Deluxe Fit Kit including a selection of interchangeable sleeves for personalized, comfortable fit; 3' extension cable; carrying case
  • Modular Cable Design lets users choose different cable lengths to suit different music player locations (armband, pocket etc.)

Customer Reviews:

  • Way Better Than the E2C's!
    The E210's are excellent. I bought them because a few months ago I began noticing some intermittent static in the right channel of my Shure E2C's. At first, I thought this was a problem with my iPod. Later, I found that it was the E2C's - the sheathing on a small section of the cord (less than an inch from the earpiece) had come off, exposing the wire, causing the problem. The static was an annoyance, so I got the SE210's.

    The SE210's have been a wonderful upgrade. I've been using them for about a month now. I had to shove the E2C's deep into my ear, near the point of discomfort, to get the best sound. Not a problem with the 210's. The fit is better and more comfortable, though I do find them slightly harder to place properly in my ear. Also, they don't come out of place during my workouts like the E2C's did.

    Another advantage of the E210's: the device plug seems to be made in a way that will allow you to use them with most fitted iPod cases (or other MP3 cases, for that matter). This was a big problem I had with a shell case for my Nano a while back. I returned the case, as the E2C's plug seemed to stay partially separated from the headphone port with the case on.

    The carrying case supplied with the SE210's is nicer. It loses the plastic "bowl" found in the E2C's case, which may cut down on the wear of the cord. I found myself nearly crimping the cord at times to get the E2C's to fit in their case. The size of the new case allows you to simply fold the cord and stuff it in, with some room to spare.

    As for the detachable extension cord, I find myself using it all the time, and don't see the point... but it's not bothersome, and stays connected pretty well.

    Overall, I give the E210's 5 stars. They sound great and fit comfortably. They still come with the usual perks of Shure earphones: different sizes and types of pads to fit on the earpieces, plus the carrying case. The 210's even come with a cleaning tool! Very well-done. If you want a quality set of earphones, and want to HEAR your music, buy these. You won't regret it....more info
  • Not worth the hassle
    As of now, I hate this product. First, let me say that I bought them based on the recommendation of my son, who is a part-time pro musician and is very much into sound. He, and others on this forum, warned that there MAY be issues in getting the "right" fit. That is certainly true! I brought the phones along on two long flights. After the first, I called my son to say that I was experiencing virtually no bass. (I was able to get much better sound if I used my forefinger on both hands to push the phones in deep AND angle them just so.) He said, yes, he had the same problem, but after he found the right buds for the posts, all was great. He said it was difficult to remove the buds that came standard, but with patience he got them off. So on my next flight I put the tray table down and got to work. I tugged and pulled and could not remove them. Finally, I yanked, and now I have the worst situation -- it appears the foam was GLUED onto the metal post. (I doubt that is true, but that is the net effect.) Meaning, I now have bits of foam stuck to the posts; I can't get the posts clean and I can't get different sleeves on to the posts.
    I don't doubt that for some, maybe even most, people, these might be wonderful. But I don't think I should have to work so hard to enjoy my music.

    Update: with help, I was finally able to remove the remnants of the original sleeves, replaced them with the three-sectioned set, and now I'm happy....more info
  • Mediocre Bass - overpriced
    I returned this item after trying it out for a few days. The high end lived up the the advertising hype, but the bass and "sound isolation" were unacceptable. Both my stock iPod headphones from Apple and my $10 set of Koss headphones did better at both tasks.
    Although Shure SE210's are advertised as "sound isolating" - don't believe it. They do no better at "sound isolating" than any other earphones with foam earpieces - earpieces made with the sort of foam used in those squishy earplugs. Shure gives you a whole bunch of different earpieces, but only the foam ones seemed to work at all. The thin silicon-rubber ones with flanges were useless and kept coming out of my ears, and the ones that looked like little white christmas trees were the worst.
    The earphones came with a short cord that was just too short to comfortable allow my iPod to sit in my shirt pocket. That meant I had to use the extension cord and coil it up.
    This would be an acceptable bargain for an under $50 earphone, and at that price, I'd give them 2, maybe 3 stars. But at $150, they are a poor value, and don't rate more than one star....more info
  • Excellent Sound Isolation
    These ear buds are perfect for what I use them for: listening to podcasts while I work out in a small, noisy fitness center with three TVs blaring, often with different programs.

    They cut out the noise to a bare minimum so I can keep the volume down low, and I don't worry about doing damage to my ears.

    I use the medium sized sponge buds that are on the headphones when they ship. Took a little bit of practice to get the hang of putting them on, but now I have no problem....more info
  • Wonderful headphones
    I had E2Cs a year ago, and was unhappy with their fit. The earpieces were quite large and ugly. I tried some Etymotic ER-6i earphones for a while. I was impressed by their isolation and decent sound quality, but was unimpressed by the thin cord and sound that was not quite up to par of the Shure models.

    So I decided to invest a bit more money, going into the SE210's. One of my best headphone purchases in a while. I can still use triple flange eartips for the best isolation. Sound is well balanced and the earpieces are comfortable. I love the option of being able to place the cord behind or in front of your ears (previous Shure models only made it easy to do so behind the ears, and the Etymotic only allowed it in front.)

    I'm no audiophile, but these do sound quite good and balanced when hooked up to my iPhone. I purchased the [overpriced] music adapter to allow these to fit in the iPhone's recessed headphone jack and they work perfect for music and calls. The best investment in my iPhone (though almost $200 total when all said and done) that I could take advantage of until stereo bluetooth improves.

    It's been a couple of months and I don't regret the purchase whatsoever. ...more info
  • A fine piece of technology
    This is most certainly an excellent pair of headphones. I decided to get these because I am a frequent traveler and I also wanted a set of high end headphones with a great deal of audio fidelity. Needless to say the SE210's it the bill perfectly. On a flight, I just put them in and the silence is a wonderful escape. I no longer have to listen to the volume full blast for music and I have no trouble understanding the conversations in movies. On the audio side, these are BEAUTIFUL. The clarity of reproduction is incredible, as someone who listens to classical music and jazz these are a pleasure. They are a little little on the bass side for more modern music, but still wonderful to those of us who prefer a stronger treble....more info
  • awesome
    I bought these because I have a very small ear canal in one of my ears that makes it nearly impossible to fit any sort of in-ear phones, and when they do I usually end up with an earache after about an hour. This set comes with a multitude of fitting options and I was determined to find a set I could use, and surprisingly I found a size that fit. If you get them in right these headphones sound great with plenty of low end, and I listen to mostly hard rock with a lot of heavy bass, double kick drums, etc.

    Those who have problems with the fit should consider what I ended up doing because I still got minor earaches after really long periods of time (x-country flights) and didn't want to give up the great sound of these phones: custom ear molds. They are about $100, easy to do, and made an unbelievable difference in comfort. I literally cannot feel them in my ear, they have great sound isolation, and the sound is better with even more low end. One of the better investments I've made. I'm sure I'm not the only one with the same kind of problems with in-ear phones so if you haven't considered it maybe you should....more info
  • suprisingly good
    Have used the standard ipod phones & a variety of @$25 phones. w/ the sure phones I have substantially increased potential volume and clarity which I really wanted for audio books. Due to the tremendous noise cancelling ability of these phones, I can actually turn down the volume(better for the ears) and still hear the music or books well. DON'T EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO HEAR ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF YOUR IPOD WITH THESE THINGS; THESY CANCEL THE OUTSIDE NOISE ALMOST COMPLETELY (EVEN POWER EQUIPMENT)....more info
  • Strong value
    This earset is extraordinary in its price range. Finally i found a earset that reproduces the frequency response of monitor quality headsets. The adjustable cable is odd, but very functional now that i am used to it. And the fit kit has a great range of options allowing for great fit to nearly any ear size/shape....more info
  • A good compromise between price and audio quality
    I don't have the vocabulary or technical knowledge to be considered an audiophile, but I am very, very particular about my audio, moreso than the average person I would imagine. I've owned everything from Bose to Ultimate Ears to Bang&Olufsen to Sennheiser and Sony. I recently purchased the SE210 recently as an upgrade from the Shure E2. I wasn't completely satisfied with the E2 (E2C.) The SE210 is a much easier fit than the E2, the process of inserting them is easier and they seem to stay in the ear better. Indeed, Shure ear phones, to me, fit better and isolate noise much better than other in-ear-canal earphones (like Ultimate Ears.) The sound is very crisp and clear, the level of detail is excellent, and the bass is not as heavy. I use these walking outside, on the rapid transit train, in the airport, and on planes, and these are amazing at enhancing the listening experience in noisy areas. If you listen to a lot of hip-hop or like a lot of bass, you might want to consider Ultimate Ears Super-Fi 5 Extra Bass or the Shure E2 model, which is much "bassier." Techno and mainstream pop sound particularly good, I should note. Although you can go up in price with this brand (or others) and get better audio (some of the earphones have tuned ports or multiple drivers) I found this is one of the best combinations of price and sound quality. Granted, these are still expensive, but if you're a music lover, it will be a worthy investment.

    ***Edit 07/07/07 ***

    I thought I'd add a warning about the cable design, which is one very short cable that plugs into (a perfect iPod at the waist-size) a longer cable. It is VERY EASY for the two cables to come undone...I'd noticed it before, but one particular time, I was wearing/storing them around my neck and shoulders and I ended up LOSING the ear phones. (I still have the longer cable.) For most people, I don't think this will be a problem, but if you are absent-minded, or often in a hurry, like I am, you might regret it.

    Also, as a side note, I went back to my Shure E2C after losing the Shure SE210, and while I still feel the SE210 is an impressive sound, and that the E2C overcompensates with too much bass, but now that I use the iPod's EQ (bass reducer) it isn't so bad. The E2C is not nearly as detailed or clear and the highs and mids aren't as great, but I'd really have to say the deciding factor might be the music you listen to most. In most genres the SE210 wins by a landslide. Other genres, like indie/alternative/rock (which didn't have enough "weight," it sounded clear, but flimsy on the SE210) and hip hop (I'm not a basshead, but the bass on the SE210 is rather light) I would say, for my taste, the E2C comes out the winner.

    I still think the Shure SE210 are a fantastic set of earphones, but with the cable issue (for me, at least) and the price difference, and after "rediscovering" some of my other headphones/earphones, I probably won't be buying them again. ...more info
  • Impressed and fully satisfied
    Have to admit I was leary of spending this much on a pair of MP3 headphones--until I heard the difference. Wow. I'm surprised that so many others are even using the standard headsets that come with their iPODS. Great fit, like other reviews--these take awhile to find the perfect set of ear buds. Once you do...these are very accurate, lots of range, and are of such high quality that its money very well spent. Highly recommend to anyone who wishes to not give up quality while listening to their iPOD or Zune. ...more info
  • Loud
    They are amazing except they fall out of my ear 70% of the time no matter what size ear buds I use....more info
  • Save your money to something else!!
    Terrible sound balance. Why I said the sound balance is wrong. It does has the average good quality of high frequency but very lack of low frequency. Which means you will hear unbalance music. Base on the price tag for a review, I only can give it one star. If I know it lacks of sound balance that much then I only will pay $10 for the ear bud. I own lots of low price high sound balance and quality from Phillips earphone. But the I think I may give it a try to buy one with great band name ear bud. But then it only give me the most dis pointed product. If you really want to buy this brand name, please try it first before you make the wrong decision as me. Now I almost want to just throw it away because I really can't stand that bad sound of my good music collections. and back to my low price high sound quality Phillips SHL-9500....more info
  • So much better than originals, and would love 420s 530s
    I did loads of research before buying these, and I was so close to spending a fortune on the 420s...then I thought, well, I'll regret it if I don't get the best...the 530s.

    Then, I just thought, what? Am I high? Why am I going from zero (Apple's own ipod headphones) to $400 headphones...surely I should see if I can even tell the difference??

    Well, I bought these from Amazon at a great price, and guess what? They're brilliant, if you get the fit right. I use the medium foam, and I put them in at 90 degrees to where they are supposed to finish up, then as I twist them into position, I push into my ear. This gives a great seal, and ensure you don't lose the bass.

    If you get a great fit, you definitely get enough bass, and BEWARE, all external noise is just gone.

    Would I appreciate the difference between these and the more expensive models? Maybe. But, as a first step for me, am I happy? Absolutely. Maybe when these break, I'll go up a level...but baby steps, people. Baby steps.

    ...more info
  • great sound isolation, but worth the price?
    I bought these mainly because of the great user reviews. The best thing about these buds is the sound isolation; a proper fit with the marshmallow type fittings are on par with regular earplugs as far as cutting out background noise, this includes car noise, plane noise, snoring wives, whatever..., that part's great. But I didn't think the sound quality was that much greater than the $50 ear buds. (this is using it with my sansa 250, so figure that in my review) the sound was good, just not awesome. So you're paying a hell of a lot for a full set of sound isolation plugs. The kit does include a full set of memory foam type plugs which I learned to like, and the rubber style plugs, and yes, the cord is heavy, but it doesn't bug me like it bugs the others. Overall, I'd rather see this price at under $100 rather than $150. ***Additional, about 3 months later, one bud started cutting out with a break in the wire at the bud itself, and the rubber coating on the buds started pealing and falling apart, and I treated these phones incredibly well, this knocks it down to 1 star, with $150 down the drain***
    ...more info
  • Very Good
    So many people reviewed this product and really labored over every little detail. As I found myself reading about how this cord might be too thick or how the sleeves didn't fit just right and how the bass was to much or too little I have this to say---these in-ear headphones are great. Enjoy them. Take the time you would have spent reading about foam verse thin rubber sleeves and just relax. Go play with your kids or hug your spouse. It's all good....more info
  • Great earphones, but you HAVE to wear them right.
    I had a pair of the e2c's that I loved, but recently damaged the cord and no longer work. I got these for Christmas as a replacement, they are basically the new version of the e2c.

    These have better sound quality and isolation, but they are harder to insert correctly. Where I could just push the e2c in and it would fit well, I have to pull my ear lobe down to get these fully in to my ear canal. Not a big deal, but I use these at the gym, so when people talk to me, it's more of an ordeal getting them in and out. The quality of the foam is much better on these.

    Either way, I love them, and will be much more careful handling this pair. Highly recommended....more info
  • Brilliant when properly inserted with right sized sleeves
    I'd read so many reviews on different ear phones that I started to go loopy and could no longer make any logical choice.. in the end I impulsively picked this one.

    Apart from the initial discomfort of having them so deep, I'm really happy. I'm confused over the reviews regarding not enough bass, I have not experienced any such problem - maybe those people didn't have them inserted deep enough or have damange in that range of their hearing (from being bass junkies)? I don't know, but as someone with good hearing these are fine with no noticable deficiencies.

    Their best feature is the noise isolation, I can sit in noisy university labs with the volume up only a few bars and be in ignorant bliss of my surroundings.

    Downside to these earphones (and similar styles) is that its painful to eat with them in, knocking the cable makes noise (this is easily fixed by pulling the cable over your ear and down your back), and my voice sounds wierd when I speak (which couldn't be my fault cause I have a great sounding voice)....more info
  • VERY, VERY solid pair of earphones. You will not be disappointed!
    The SE 201ks offer outstanding sound quality, durability, and come with an superb warranty. I also own the E2Cs and these earphones are far superior. Although, the sound on both earphones is great, I think the SE 201s have a bit more definition and fidelity. It also seems like the driver is more sensitive...kind of like a bass speaker that doesn't have a crisp punch, it's a similar story here, the SE 201s have clear punch on a note whereas the E2Cs are a bit less defined. The common listener probably could not identify this on a consistent basis, but more discerning listeners will definitely be able to tell.

    Aside from the audio upgrade, Shure has expanded the low end of the frequency range to 25Hz - 18.5 KHz (the SE 110s are 22Hz - 17.5 KHz). The SE210s also have a 1 dB SPL/mW better better sensitivity. However, the earphones do lack bass, but if you don't listen to heavy bass music, you won't notice.

    The SE201s are way more comfortable than the E2Cs. Most importantly the comfort of the sleeves are much better. If you're not familiar with the design of sound isolating earphones the sleeves block ambient noise so that you hear your music better. In addition, the SE210-K earphones come with much softer, higher quality, flexible plastic sleeves (not the foam or hard rubber ones that come with the E2Cs). I can't tell you how big of a difference theis makes! If you've ever tried the E2Cs, and later the SE 201's, trust me YOU WILL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE IN COMFORT!!!

    Bottom Line is that the SE 201s are a great pair of earphones, that are well designed and very, very comfortable. If you are debating between the cheaper E2Cs or SE 110s and these, DEFINITELY upgrade to the SE 201-Ks. Trust me you won't be sorry....more info
  • Perfect
    I previously owned the EC2's for 2 years and lost them (they were pretty beat anyways). The SE210's sound better than the EC2's and the new black spongies are much better than the old yellow spongies. Buy a pair!...more info
  • Great sound but very fragile - 18 month update
    I bought a pair of SE210s to replace my E2cs. I'm blown away by the sound of the SE210s, smooth, detailed, and good high frequency response (I'm a little hard of hearing so can't claim expertise at the high end.) The bass is not that strong but I don't find that a major problem in earphones. The sound isolation is good, perhaps a shade better than the E2cs, the earpiece fit is a little better and I won't miss that difficult-to-fit wax guard you have to fit on the end of the E2c. The split cable is a little annoying but it has allowed me to add Shure's microphone adapter and use the earphones as a headset with my iPhone.
    Unlike my E2cs, I have not had cord breakage problems with the SE-210s. However, after nine months, Shure had to replace the earphones because the rubber covering on both phones came loose and tore. Nine months later, I am sending my warranty replacement back for the same problem. I am a heavy user but am disappointed that to date, no Shure earphone I have purchased has lasted longer than nine months....more info
  • Overrated
    I read a number of reviews, including some trusted sources like Headroom, before buying these. I wanted to see if they were better than my Etymotics, which are getting a bit beat up. But the Shures, what a disappointment!

    Pros: The much touted bass is certainly there. The fit is great, probably the best thing about these ECH's.

    Cons: What about the rest of the spectrum above the bass? One review said the headphones rolled off the highs somewhat. Somewhat? The sound was very muddy. Even after futzing with EQ's I couldn't get these to sound right.

    The cord is weird. A very short cord that needs to be connected with a longer one. The short one was too short for anything but a shirt pocket and even then I had to turn the player upside down so the jack was at the top of the pocket.

    For an entry level pair of $25 headphones, these would be just OK. But at this price, look elsewhere....more info