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Schylling Sock Monkey
List Price: $17.99

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Product Description

Sock Monkey Stuffed Toy. Measures 20" tall. Classic, retro & cool! All ages.

  • Special Schylling designed sock monkey
  • Classic, retro and cool
  • Classic brown color with red lips
  • Measures 20" tall
  • Fun for all ages

Customer Reviews:

  • Sock Monkey Review
    Schylling Sock Monkey

    This is a toy lots of us remember. Very durable, washable, soft and cuddly. A friend for all little ones....more info
  • Better Than Hand Made
    I used to make sock monkey dolls for my children when they were young. When I purchased the sock monkey doll, I didn't know how it would look, but I was amazed! It looked better than my hand made dolls.

    I figure by the time I bought the socks, stuffing, and yarn, and paid for the shipping on the socks, it would probably cost me more to make them, and they wouldn't look as nice as the one I purchased.

    These are adorable and are good quality....more info
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the sock monkey!
    This was a gift for my son's first birthday, he loves this monkey. It's quite durable and just so darn cute. Great product! Quite a bargin in comparison to the Mr. Magorium sock monkey!...more info
  • Great Soft toy
    What a great gift! I gave one to my 13 year old daughter and she loved it! It's soft and durable. Great buy...more info
  • It's For Nostalgia
    This was purchased for my 19-year-old granddaughter. She had one as a toddler and out of the blue decided she just "had to have a sock monkey" again. It now holds a prominent place on her bed!Schylling Sock Monkey...more info
  • I love him
    Bought this for my grandson and loves the toy. Great and fast service.

    thanks so much...more info
  • The Return of a Classic
    I had a sock monkey as a kid, and it was one of my favorite toys. I recently sent one to a friend's child as a birthday gift, and it's been a huge hit. I've since ordered more than twenty others as gifts. It's great to see kids playing with a toy that builds their imagination and creativity. ...more info
  • GeGe Monkey
    Schylling Sock MonkeyWe purchased this monkey because it is the same one my chidren played w/ years ago. We bought it for them because my husband had one as well. We call him "GeGe" because that was my husbands name for him. This one we purchased for our grandson. To us it has become a family tradition to have "GeG Monkey". Our Grandson love's him! He is soft & flexable. He is also machine washable, this we learned from our children's experience. We have come to understand that the simple toys are the ones that are loved the most. I hope you will buy "GeGe" for you loved ones as well. ...more info
  • Cute classic
    I got this as a gift from my husband for Christmas. It is so adorable! It seems pretty durable, and it's very huggable! I look forward to giving this to my child someday....more info
  • Huggable Monkey
    My daughter fell in love with sock monkey from Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium. This monkey is a great alternative to the much more expensive version with the movies label....more info
  • Safe Toy
    This is a soft, safe toy for a small child and a "pal" for the older child. The eyes are child safe because they are embriodered not buttons....more info
  • it's cute, but WAY bigger than I thought
    First thing, this is very cute (except I was a little taken back when I looked at it's back side and it's bottom looks like a baboon's, lol! Anyway, I was looking for a little monkey, but this one is about as tall as my 1 year old! Maybe he's a little intimidated, but it's still cute!...more info
  • Good Classic to Hug
    My daughter loved this toy. She loves monkeys, and this doll at 20" is very huggable. Good classic toy in modern production....more info
  • Quality of our monkey
    My daughter loved her monkey tremendously, however it has had to be sown in at least 3 areas on the body/arms/hat because of poor quality of workmenship. I am disappointed! ...more info