Timex Ironman TK091 Women's Sleek Fitness Tracker Watch
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Product Description

Discover your hidden potential and realize your fitness goals with a fashionable accessory equipped to monitor your every move. Activity information is wirelessly sent from fitness pod (transmitter) to watch; Tracks steps, distance, miles and calories burned; 50-Lap memory recall with lap, split distance and pace, calories burned.

Get in shape stylishly and armed with raw data from your daily activities with the sleek Timex Ironman Fitness Tracker for women, which combines a comfortable sports digital watch with a wireless digital transmitter that can help you track your daily activity in order to realize your fitness ambitions. The Wireless Fitness Tracker¡¯s digital transmitter easily clips to the waist and wirelessly relays information to a fashionable, highly functional Timex Ironman Sleek wristwatch that displays calories, distance, steps and pace.


  • 50-lap memory recall chronograph with lap, split, speed, pace, distance and total stoppage time
  • Lap information including time, distance and pace
  • Training log that stores workouts by date, with best lap, average lap, distance per lap, pace per lap, total time and total calories
  • Timer with countdown stop or repeat
  • Interval timer with 5 segments
  • Automatic interval repetition counter
  • 3 alarms with daily, weekday, weekend and day-of-week options
  • 2 time zones
  • INDIGLO night-light with NIGHT-MODE feature
  • Easily replaceable battery for watch and digital transmitter
  • Water resistant to 50 meters

  • Track your daily fitness activity with sports watch and wireless activity transmitter
  • Comfortable clip-on pod accurately tracks steps, distance, miles and calories burned
  • Fitness Tracker system wirelessly sends data from the fitness pod to the watch display
  • 50-lap memory recall chronograph with lap, split, speed, pace, distance and total stoppage time
  • INDIGLO night-light with NIGHT-MODE feature; water resistant to 50 meters

Customer Reviews:

  • Completely inaccurate pace & distance calculations
    *** Unable to lower rating
    I was originally thrilled to get this watch because of all the great features, but ladies should be forewarned that it is a very large watch face, especially for a thin wrist. It is certainly bulkier than I want to wear as an "everyday" watch.

    After I played with the watch for a week, I would actually change my rating if I could (1 or 2):
    I don't know if there was a problem with the watch I bought or if this is a common problem, but I calibrated it 4 times, and it still would not accurately calculate distance and pace. I ran 3 miles in 33 minutes, and it told me I ran a 59 minute mile pace for a total of 0.4 miles.

    It seemed to calculate steps accurately so I don't think it was a battery issue. ...more info
  • Timex Watch
    Pros:The watch works perfectly.
    Cons: The watch is much larger than I expected, I was disappointed with the color, its more of a muddy purple than pink.

    Overall this is a great deal for this type of watch if you don't mind the color. ...more info
  • Woman's Watch
    No where in the description does it say it is a woman's watch. I guess Midsize and sleek should have been the clue? May be a good watch for a woman but I was trying to find something for my husband. I am sending it back....more info
  • Almost Perfect
    This product came with a dead battery. Once the battery was replaced it worked as described....more info
  • Great Running Watch
    I got this watch for my sister for Christmas. After calibrating it it has been very accurate and reliable. She is a marathoner and she says it is a must have for both training and racing....more info
  • Misread the "lap" print
    If you are looking for a watch to let you keep tabs of the number of laps you have done so that you can mindlessly swim without counting, this is not the watch for you. It times laps, and actually allows you to recall how you did on one lap v. another, but it does not count them.

    Also the instructions keep referring to things that are not there: + and - buttons, etc. In fairness, there is some size -10 font print written around the face, but even with my glasses on, I can not read it and don't want a watch I have to look at through a magnifying glass.

    Was really excited to get the watch for swimming but will have to return it unfortunately....more info