Netgear ReadyNAS Duo 2-Bay 500 GB (1 x 500 GB) Desktop Network Attached Storage RND2150
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Product Description

The ReadyNAS Duo is perfect for homes with more than one computer. Unlike a USB drive, the ReadyNAS connects to the network and is simultaneously accessible via all connected Windows or Macintosh computers. If there is a broadband Internet connection and a home router, the ReadyNAS can be set up to provide secure access to all the stored files remotely via the Internet.For added protection of stored data, an optional second hard disk drive can be installed. The spare hard drive will keep an extra copy of all the data and instantly take over if the first hard drive should fail.Advanced media streaming support allows the ReadyNAS to directly serve media, with no PC required, to devices such as the NETGEAR EVA8000, Sonos Digital Music System, Logitech Squeezebox, Apple iTunes clients, Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.Officially licensed BitTorrent client allows downloading to occur without the need for an additional computer. A Web-based interface facilitates download management from computers, and a special NETGEAR Digital Entertainer interface allows management from the EVA8000.

We recently reviewed the NETGEAR ReadyNAS NV+, a network attached storage device, or NAS, that's built for small offices and work groups. We were so impressed with its performance that we decided to test NETGEAR's home-user model, the ReadyNAS Duo, to see if it measures up to its bigger sibling's performance.

What We Think

Overall Rating:

Pros: Compact design, energy efficient, easy-to-use, built-in RAID capability for secure storage, media streaming capability for wide variety of devices, excellent online forums for add-ons and support

Cons: Insufficient user manuals, add-on software does not always have complete feature set

At a Glance

Capacity: 500 GB (1x500GB)
Dimensions: 5.6 x 4 x 8.7 inches (HxWxD)
Warranty: 3 years

The ReadyNAS Duo can serve as a digital media server for your home. View larger.
We're happy to report that the ReadyNAS Duo rivals the NV+, but at a fraction of the price. Built for the home-user and home office, this compact, powerful, and surprisingly quiet and energy-efficient device has just about everything you need to keep your digital media easily accessible and protected.

Unfortunately we don't have the space to describe everything we admire about this outstanding NAS device. What we can describe are several features that stood out, including its compact design and easy set-up, quiet and energy-efficient performance, web-, print-server and advanced media streaming features, and its outstanding data protection capabilities. (Our review of the ReadyNAS NV+ covered the system's RAID array functionality, as well several other features that the Duo shares.)

In short, this is an advanced NAS device that anyone who is serious about digital media should consider for their home network.

Easy Set-Up and Compact Design
In addition to this 500 GB version, the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo comes with 750 GB, and 1 TB capacities. The models share identical features, with the difference being the amount of storage in each. The version we tested, the RND2150, included a single 500 GB SATA drive in a hot-swappable carrier with room for a second drive alongside it. (Each of the models ships with a single hard disk drive and can be easily upgraded for data redundancy by installing a second compatible disk drive of equal or higher capacity. The new disk drive will automatically mirror the first drive.)

While the initial set-up with the system's extremely intuitive interface took less than 20 minutes, getting the information for the more advanced-user procedures took a bit more time. NETGEAR does not ship the Duo with extensive user guides. Instead, users are directed to ReadyNAS's online community forum ( for advanced set-up procedures and add-ons. While navigating the forum for information can be time consuming, the site is constantly updated by NETGEAR developers and community members. We found information easy to locate and well presented.

Like the NV+, users do not need an technical background to configure the Duo. However, a knowledge of network basics, and an ability to search for and install basic files is a must. And anyone with even a modicum of networking experience will find the Duo a breeze to work with.

The Duo is smaller than a breadbox and is constructed with a sturdy metal chassis and door. It includes a Gigabit Ethernet port and two USB 2.0 ports on the back, and an extra USB port at the front along with a "backup" button.

With two drive bays, you can easily upgrade the Duo for data redundancy. View larger.
The Duo is designed to work with virtually any USB storage device and USB printer. We began by plugging a flash drive, external hard drive and a printer directly into the Duo. In each case, the devices appeared as shared drives on our network computers, and the printer connected to the device without a hitch, giving the networked computers instant printing abilities.

Overall Set-Up and Design Grade: A-
We would prefer to have more documentation included with the hardware, but the online forum is an excellent source of information.

Quiet and Energy-Efficient Performance
A huge plus for us is the ReadyNAS Duo's quiet performance. A fan sits at the back of the device, softly humming. Although we disagree with the NETGEAR marketing materials and wouldn't sleep with the Duo, we wouldn't hesitate to set it alongside a home theater system, or in another common area. Compared to many other NAS devices, the ReadyNAS Duo is as quiet and unobtrusive as they come.

In an idle state, our single-disk Duo consumes only 27 Watts of power (or about 35 Watts with two drives installed), and a bit more than that with disk activity. In disk spin-down mode, power consumption goes down to a mere 12 Watts. This is a huge savings when compared to the 100 Watts or more from most computers with comparable storage and RAID abilities.

The Duo also lets you schedule partial or complete shut downs for additional efficiencies. So if you plan to use the device as your primary digital media server or for scheduled back ups of your data, these energy savings will quickly add up.

Overall Power Performance and Noise-Level Grade: A
What a relief to keep our carbon print (and electricity bills) low--quietly and unobtrusively.

Web Server and Advanced Media Streaming Features
Our primary reason for wanting the Duo was to serve our digital media from a single source and reduce the work load of our personal computers. With the Duo, you can kiss goodbye the need to keep your computers running when you want to stream media files. The Duo can connect via your network to such devices as the NETGEAR EVA8000, Sonos Digital Music System, Logitech Squeezebox, Apple iTunes clients, Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. In fact, it will work with just about any DLNA-compliant device.

Once we loaded our entire music collection onto the server and launched the Duo's built-in iTunes server, our music was immediately available through iTunes on our personal computers. But what really made us smile was that our digital music became instantly available through our Logitech Squeezbox player, bypassing our computers entirely. This means that we now have 24/7 wireless access to our entire digital music collection without having to turn on our computers. On the down side, because the Duo's SlimServer add-on does not offer the software's most recent updates, functionality is slightly compromised, but the advantages of instant, uninterrupted access to our music library far outweighs those inconveniences.

The ReadyNAS Duo can serve files to all your computers and compatible media players in your home.
We were also able to access our personal video files seamlessly through our networked computers. While we found performance to be virtually indistinguishable from playing the files directly on our hard drives, if we were streaming HD video over our wireless network we would have needed to use Wireless-N to ensure steady performance. (If you're looking to do this NETGEAR recommends a purpose-built product called the 5GHz Wireless-N Bridge Kit, or one of their 200MB Powerline Network Adapters.) We also found that editing large raw video files was best accomplished directly off our local hard drive and uploading the edited files to the Duo, but this was more a function of our network connections than it was with the Duo's performance.

NETGEAR's FrontView web-based control panel makes configuration and administration simple. View larger.
Another nice touch is the Duo's Web server capability. With about 20 minutes of configuration time, you can serve your own personal Web Site or blog. Set-up was much easier and quicker than uploading to a remote hosting site. Obviously, if you have visions of launching the next hot social network site, neither the Duo (or your Internet connection) will be able to handle the traffic. But for your own Web site or personal blog, it will stand up nicely.

Overall Web Server and Media Streaming Grade: B+
Once ReadyNAS is able to update firmware concurrently with the media device updates, you'll never need a computer to serve your media files again.

Advanced Data Protection
What truly allows the Duo to live up to its "advanced NAS" moniker is it wealth of data protection features, especially its X-RAID technology, "Continuous Data Protection or CDP," and its scheduled back up abilities.

Just add a second 500 GB disk drive into the empty bay, and the ReadyNAS Duo will automatically build a mirror of the first drive by copying every byte from the first drive to the second one. In case of any hard drive failure, the data is protected. We had a SATA 500GB drive on hand, so we tried this. It was as easy as securing the drive with four screws onto the carrier and plugging the drive in. The data mirroring is taken care of automatically on the fly by the unique X-RAID.

ReadyNAS Duo also includes a feature we're enthralled with called "Shadow" that not only backs up folders and files every time you save them on your computer, but also gives you the ability to save and revert to previous versions of the files. If your local file is lost or corrupted, you simply right click on the back-up file on the Duo to restore it to its original location. Every user on our network accessed this feature without a glitch. As featured on the Duo, CDP is a powerful way to keep your files protected.

And to keep the files on the Duo protected, we scheduled back-ups to a connected external USB drive. The Duo flawlessly performed a full back up the first time, and incremental back ups thereafter. And a convenient "back-up button" located on the front of the device lets you back up your entire system, or parts of it, with a single click. With the X-RAID and the backup features provided by the Duo, you'll never have an excuse to lose a byte of data again.

Overall Data Protection Grade: A
With the Duo, we will have to work hard to ever lose data again.

The ReadyNAS Duo is a powerful, attractive, and flexible NAS device that is great for a home network. It offers much of the functionality of a dedicated server, but since set up is mostly plug-and-play, it does not require a dedicated IT personnel to manage. As noted, the manual does not give all the answers. Fortunately, the strong online community and Web forums offer excellent support and services. And finally, the ReadyNAS Duo is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you'll be protected should anything go wrong.

What's in the Box
ReadyNAS Duo with 500 GB hard disk drive, two hard disk trays, quick installation guide, warranty card, power adapter, power cable, Ethernet cable, ReadyNAS Installation CD and Discovery Utility, and NTI Shadow for ReadyNAS for Windows and Macintosh.

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo is an ideal Network Attached Storage device for use in homes with more than one computer. The ReadyNAS Duo offer 500 GB of storage and lets you easily share your files, music, and video over a home network and access your data remotely over the Internet. It can even stream music, photos and video to a network media players without a computer.

  • Offers 500 GB of storage for Mac and PC sharing.
  • Streams music, pictures, and videos to network media players without a computer.
  • Lets you access and download your data from anywhere via Internet.
  • Includes Gigabit Ethernet for super-fast data transfers.
  • Creates a personal Web page to easily share photos with friends and family.

A Gigabit Ethernet connection means fast speeds when the ReadyNAS is connected to your home network. View larger. View back.

Removable trays make adding another drive a snap.View larger.
The Ideal Home Media Server
With the ReadyNAS duo connected to your home network, you can listen to your digital music without the need for a computer. The device's advanced media streaming features support such media devices as the NETGEAR EVA8000 Digital Entertainer HD, Logitech Squeezebox, Apple iTunes clients, Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.

The ReadyNAS Duo features a Gigabit Ethernet connector that can provide a fast 1000 Mbps connection to your network, which ensures that you can stream audio and video without any hiccups. Compatible with both Macs and PCs, the ReadyNAS is the perfect solution for media storage, allowing you and your family to easily share media files seamlessly. And with an embedded BitTorrent client for direct downloading from the Internet, the ReadyNAS will ensure that you can publish, discover and download digital entertainment content quickly, easily and securely.

500 GB of Storage and Remote Access to Your Files
If you have access to a broadband Internet connection, the ReadyNAS Duo also allows you to easily access to all your files no matter where you are. If you forget to bring that one file with you for a meeting, it's simple to retrieve it from your home server, quickly and securely. You can also use the ReadyNAS Duo to host your personal Web page, so you can easily share photos and media with friends and family.

The ReadyNAS Duo comes with 500 GB of hard drive space, enough for 2,000,000 photos, 9,250 hours of music, or 750 hours of video. (If you need greater storage space, NETGEAR also offers the ReadyNAS Duo in the ReadyNAS Duo 750 GB and ReadyNAS Duo 1 TB models.) It includes three USB ports that allow you to directly connect USB disk drives, USB flash drives, printers, and wireless network adapters, adding even greater functionality to your home network.

This device also has easily accessible SATA hard disk drive bays with easy-to-use hot-swappable and lockable trays. Simply by adding a second hard disk drive all of your valuable files are automatically duplicated for the ultimate in file protection and back-up. NETGEAR's exclusive X-RAID technology is built into the hardware. A second drive provides full data redundancy for protection against hardware failure and takes over if the first hard drive ever were to fail. A self-managing and monitoring system offers automatic power-up and shutdown, drive monitoring, and problem identification, for even greater peace of mind.

The ReadyNAS Duo requires computers operating on Windows 2000, Windows XP Home or Professional (SP1 or SP2), Windows Vista, Mac OS X, or Linux. It has a Kensington lock security hole and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

What's in the Box
ReadyNAS Duo, 2 hard disk trays, 1 pre-loaded 500 GB Hard Drive, quick installation guide, warranty card, power adapter, power cable, Ethernet cable, installation CD, ReadyNAS discovery utility, NTI Shadow for ReadyNAS for Windows and Macintosh.

The ReadyNAS Duo lets you create a robust, multi-media home network.
  • Network attached storage device offers 500 GB of storage with GigaBit Ethernet for fast data transfer
  • Stream music, photos and video to network media players without a computer
  • Access files from anywhere via Internet connection; host your personal Web page to share with friends and family
  • Support for extra hard drive, allowing X-RAID data protection
  • Measures 4.0 x 5.6 x 8.7 inches (WxHxD); 5-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Read this before even you plan to buy
    I am writing in this review within a day I got this working. But, I think that its enough time for a techie like me to write a review. Like many of you, I have read the review and brought this product paying $354.I had sea gate USB drive. The USB broke so I decided to get a network drive so that I can store the information on net and things can go smooth.

    With in couple of mins I installed the SATA seagate Baracuda which contains almost 325 GB of information which I collected over 5 years.

    The moment I started the machine I could see nothing on my drive all it showed was 1 disk with 465 GB of free space, and the second drive was blinking. Wait a second, I did swap the primary drive so that I can get mine booted. Bhoommmm all my 5 years of hardwork wiped in 5 milli seconds.

    I called the customer service and waited for 15 mins to get connected to an agent. The agent's name is Sonia and her agent id is 2723. I told her this and she said that "Netgear NAS" expert would call me in 5 mins. I never understood that 5 mins means on NETgear terms is like for ever. I dint even receive call till now and its now 11:55AM EST almost 15 hrs passed.

    I lost and NETgear won. uhooooooo hail this idiot box.

    I tried to access files by getting connected as network drive. Of course its INTRANet not internet. I guess Netgear understand as internet when connected to the router and never responds behaving like a remote server.

    I am lucky to be the most luckiest guy on the face of earth to get sucked by Netgear.

    I don't wish to hear from others that they are lucky like me. so go ahead and make your choices. All the "applauses" to this one is so true that you don't want to buy this junk. They are all made up review. What about me? I am not, since I provided with every detail of the customer service agent and her id too. Call her and you will know...more info
  • ReadNAS Duo First Impressions
    I don't write many reviews. I must really like something, or hate something, before I take the time to write a review. In this case I very much like the ReadyNAS Duo. I just purchased the Netgear RND2150 and have been experimenting with setup and configuration. I have software engineering and storage experience so I found this very easy to use. For the novice and experienced alike, the [...] web site should be very useful. There are how-tos and you can download useful add-ons from the site.
    This is one solid and compact little device.
    The latest RAIDiator 4.1.4 firmware supports both RAID 0 and RAID 1. Read the release notes.
    RAID 0 (500GB + 500GB = 1TB no disk drive failure support) or RAID 1 (500GB + 500GB = 500GB Redundent data allows for 1 disk failure).
    This a serious linux based server. Don't expect to stick a windows drive with data into an internal slot and expect to see the data. The internal drives are formatted for the appropriate RAID configuration. You can connect a windows NTFS or FAT drive as an external USB drive and it will share the existing data (but USB external NTFS was slow in my testing - more later).
    ReadyNAS Duo uses journaling by default. Journaling is a method of logging a disk operation before execution, so if there is a power failure for example, the system can determine if the operation completed and provides much improved reliability over an non-journaling systems.
    Couple of comments.
    If you want to switch to RAID 0 you must first delete the RAID 1 volume which is created by default. This deletes all data so back up first.
    To add security to shares you must first create users in the user admin area. Then you can add these users to to restricted shares to limit access.
    Remember to enable "allow guest access" for windows if you want open access to the shares.
    USB external drives:
    If you add a windows NTFS USB drive you can use it but it is much slower than if you format it with EXT3 in the USB Storage panel. The system assigns a share name to each external drive. You can change the name of the USB share. However if you remove the USB drive and add another you cannot reuse the same share name unless you use the Add-on utility "Clean_USB_Storage.bin". You can download this from the [...] site. To reset your USB share names, disconnect all usb shares, disconnect or power off the USB disks, load this utility, and all USB share names are reset.
    All all-in-all on first impressions this is a great box. The ReadyNAS Duo will allow me to have redundant RAID1 shares and also non-redundant shares using external USB drives, all without tying up a server and the associated server maintenance (especially windows). I am very happy with this product based on my initial experience....more info
  • Great file server, ITunes software? Back to the drawing board.
    As a file server this device is awesome. Set up is easy for both Mac and PC. Webserving is also a snap, as is the bittorrent add-on. The only junk here is the advertised ITunes streaming service. Not only is it unable read many mp3's and mp4's that ITunes has no problem with, but instead of giving an error message or skipping the files, the application completely locks up and has to be removed and reinstalled before you can try again (at which time it locks up again). A quick check to the Redynas forums shows the problem to be pretty universal and, if you have a lot of files in your ITunes library, the fix is complicated, time consuming and involves paying for extra software to repair music files tat ITunes plays with no problem. The software is a beta product but still, it is an advertised function of the device and therefore should work....more info
  • Great little device
    I've owned some of the Buffalo single drive NAS devices and was reluctant to spend the extra cost on a ReadyNAS. I have a network of 5 macs and needed to have a mirrored NAS for networked home directories. I decided to try the ReadyNAS and I'm very pleased with it.

    * easy to setup
    * very snappy web interface
    * very small size
    * hot-swappable drives
    * can install additional user-community software
    * user upgradable memory if you want to install additional applications or improve performance
    * works with iTunes
    * works with the PS3 for streaming media

    * fan is a little noisy but it will quiet down if recalibrated in the web interface

    Be sure to purchase only compatible drives. The list is available at I wonder if other people's issues may have been related to incompatible drives. I recommend the 1GB green WD drives.

    The other poster is incorrect that holding the power button for 6 seconds will erase all data. Holding the power button for 5-29 seconds will shutdown the unit. Holding the power button for 30 seconds will initiate a memory test. Pushing a paper clip into a hole on the back of the unit AND holding the power button for 30 seconds will reset the unit to factory defaults....more info
  • Easy Set-Up
    Just as described the ReadyNAS Duo is easy o set up and super small. real nice product....more info
  • Nice Product
    I have had the ReadyNAS running for about two weeks now, so I thought I would leave a quick review. I also bought two 1 TB drives, 1 GB of memory and a UPS for this whole setup. All of this dditional equipment was from the approved lists from Netgear. Setup of the ReadyNAS was one of the best I have ever had. I started by loading about a GB of files to the ReadyNAS and then started the upgrade process one item at a time: Memory, one of the 1 TB drives, then the 2nd 1 TB drive. I checked things each time along the way to make sure content made it through the process. No problems at all. Adding drives takes time for them to initialize and then sync. I was a little worried after adding the 2nd drive and was still at 500GB, but then I read in the FAQ that another reboot and the drives will scale up to 1 TB. The UPS works perfect with the ReadyNAS USB connection. The backup process to an external USB drive works without any problem not supper fast, but that could be my USB drive as well.

    I have only two gripes. The first one is that I could not get the CIFS stuff to work to create a user and password protected share. I have not tried this again since I upgraded the software on the NAS from 4.01 to 4.14. It could be it is working now. It could be it worked before and I was doing something wrong, but I found it hard to find answers to questions on this stuff. The second grip is with the uPNP functionality. This application seems to have some bugs in it. I have had times when I have had to reboot the NAS because the uPNP seemed to be dead. I think this could be because I had the Auto Update enabled. It is kind of a pain too to have to rescan the media share after you add content, but that is not too big of deal. The other bug is that the logging of the rescan finishing does not happen correctly, so you don't know it is finished unless you download the whole set of log files.

    I use the ReadyNAS with the Sony PS3 and it really works nicely once you get things up and running. Make sure you update the NAS software as well. I do find that after I do a rescan on the NAS, I have to reboot or research the PS3 to get the new files to show up. I am not sure if this is PS3 or NAS problem in that they don't seem to know things have changed.

    Bottom line is I think this is a great setup. Once you know all the little issues you can work around them without too much trouble. ...more info
  • A great place to puts lots of stuff
    I was looking to replace an old PC-based server, which was providing storage for my digital photos and documents; it was also supporting a back-up tape unit. The ReadyNAS Duo has performed well in this role and I am saving a lot of electricity by shutting down the PC server.
    Installation was relatively straight forward and worked as advertised. The browser-based administration works well (I am using Firefox)and my Windows XP clients can access the storage facilities through Network Places as if the device was a local hard drive. Performance is good. I have not used all of the advanced features, e.g. Share access-control, but they seem easy to understand in the administration interface.
    The X-Raid feature, which provides the storage redundancy, worked as advertised. I was able to purchase the unit with a single 500GB hard drive, then add a new 1.0TB hard drive as the redundant unit. The system automatically configured the drive array and duplicated the data without any intervention. It created an array sized for the smaller disk, but I am sure that when I replace the smaller drive with another 1.0TB drive, the system will handle the conversion to a 1.0TB mirrored-array.
    The physical unit is well-made and the system supports hot hard drive swapping. Also, the cooling fan is variable speed, so it runs as quietly as possible....more info
  • Low Maintenance, Works Great!
    The Netgear RND2150 works great on my home network with Windows, Mac, and Linux boxes. I set it up about 3 months ago, added a second hard drive in mirror mode, and haven't had to touch it since. It starts up in the morning and shuts down every night just like I told it to during setup. The throughput is faster for the Mac than the others but they're all good. I recommend the Netgear RND2150 without reservation.Netgear RND2150 ReadyNAS Duo 500 GB Desktop Network Attached Storage...more info
  • Great little NAS
    There has been some pretty thorough reviews on this product, so I'm not going to bore you with another uber detailed report. I just want to mention a couple points.

    I have one of those sweet little devices called a SqueezeBox and when I read that this had SqueezeCenter (a.k.a. SlimServer) installed, I new this was the one. So far it works fairly well, though it does respond nearly as quickly as the a PC based setup. Obviously the the ReadyNAS Duo is a tad weak on processing power for stuff like this, but it is a NAS and not a PC after all. Still, the ability to play my music collection with out turning on a single PC in the House is very very nice.

    The only other thing I wanted to mention was the power configuration options in this. NetGear obviously put a lot of thought into this and I don't think there is anything else like it. Not only does it offer a lower mode when idle, you can actually set specific times each day to turn it off and back on. I've set it up to turn off at 10 p.m. and flip back on again at 8 a.m. during the week days. I leave it on over the weekends. Way cool!

    Great little product!...more info
  • the best NAS device on the market. works fantastically with macs
    this is hands down the best NAS device on the market.

    i bought the cheap 500 gb one and replaced it with 2x seagate 7200.11 1 TB disks. my home is basically about 5 mac laptops... the readynas duo is connected to my DIR 655 draft n router... performance is EXCELLENT on Lan connect and wifi connection (n and g).

    streaming itunes or HD video (1080p) is not even an issue.

    does this thing survive disk crashes? absolutely. one of the 1 TB disk failed within 2 days... lucky the 2nd 1TB had the exact copy of the 1 TB disk (thanks to X-RAID technology by readynas). i had to return it to seagate and they gave me a new one. plugged that in the drive and the NAS started copying the other drive immediately with absolutely no performance degrading.

    if you are a mac user (i'm running 10.5.6 on all the macs and couple of 10.4.11 machines) you will love it. there's a widget that you can download from the readynas user group site. works very nice. tells you temperature of both drives, how much it's full, the IP address, FAN speed and warnings of drive failures. EXCELLENT WIDGET. a must for anyone who already owns one of these.

    if a friend with a windows machine comes over i can just click on a button the readynas frontview (browser based settings control) and turn on file transfer protocols for windows users.

    supports jumbo frames (along with my DIR 655 router). streams all my photos, music, movies (mostly divx, ac3, h.264, etc.. no MKV) to my xbox 360... not a problem. the xbox never stops to buffer... prob because my router LAN port supports gigabit ethernet and so does the readynas duo... file transfer speeds are blindingly fast. make sure your running on cat 5e or cat 6 cables to take full advantage of everything readynas duo has to offer.

    maybe one or two cons: 1) time machine is not officially support i think... there's like a semi hack on the readynas duo forum to force it to support time machine... to be honest i don't really use time machine because i always back up my files on the ready nas duo... don't really see the use of time machine if ur a person who regularly backs up
    2) some of the user add/remove things are confusing.... i only have like 3 accounts and a guest account... 3) NO JBOD SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!! i know this is a NAS backup drive for regular consumers so I can understand why they didn't include this option for users... but hey i would still like to have the option to turn off XRAID and use it as JBOD!

    overall i've been using it for about a year now... and IT'S WORKING FLAWLESSLY.


    THE READYNAS DUO DESERVES 10 STARS. it's a sexy looking machine with great software. looks super duper sturdy and will last me for 20+ years. i took away 1 star for no time machine support and no JBOD SUPPORT :(


    forgot to mention about the torrent download support. this is very cool if you download lots of torrents but don't want to leave your computer on. works excellent.

    [...]...more info
  • Terrific solution
    This is really a great machine. I am convinced that those folks who had data destroyed were not following the directions. This machine takes a little time, but I feel so much better with it protecting all of our data/pictures/music/etc.

    I purchased the base model and then added two (2) 1000GB Seagate ST31000333AS for less than the price of the upgraded, 1 drive model. Now I have 1 TB of storage with two drives mirroring each other; the only thing that can bring us down is a fire.

    You just have to take it slow. Install the unit and let it configure (about an hour if I remember), install the 1st big drive in slot 2 which will configure and then mirror the first drive (but only at the size of drive 1, 500GB, took about 4 hours), then slide out drive 1 and replace with 2nd big drive (drives are hot swappable, took about 4 more hours). Finally, it will want you to reboot the unit so it can realize the full 1TB of space. Took about 1 more hour.

    All the while, it e-mails you the status of what it is up to so you know what to do next (if you fill out the proper fields) The Itunes server works well too (it took about 3-4 hours to find all of the 68GB of music I have). I haven't yet tried out the functionality of inviting family to look at pictures, but I find that a much better option then sorting out which pictures to sent to who.

    Very satisfied - Great Machine
    ...more info
  • Transparent but a little flaky
    I selected this product as a replacement for my dead network file server in my small home-based office. I read lots of reviews and settled on the NetGear over the Buffalo line of products in large part because some of the Buffalo reviews complained of things disconnecting from the network. That was a problem that I never had with my old file server and didn't want to deal with now, so I went with the NetGear. Unfortunately, it has been a problem even with the NetGear. The NAS drive has dropped out of the network once, but I have had individual workstations drop out repeatedly. I'm not happy about that and don't know what to do to stop it from happening again. But the NAS drive itself performs quietly and efficiently. If it weren't for the disconnection problems, I would give it 5 stars....more info
  • Great NAS for the price
    Super easy to install, relatively quick no-hassle operation. The only negative is that it doesn't work well with Windows Vista - you have to modify the MTU settings to get performance up to snuff....more info
  • Almost perfect storage.
    The product has performed almost flawlessly. I did note that when you first put the second drive in for the array that while it is formatting and setting up the new drive that the device will disconnect from the network. After it has completed setting up the second drive, however, it has worked perfectly. We use it for accessing our documents, music, photos, and videos. It also streams media to our PS3. No complaints at all....more info
  • Enterprise level product
    This is bar far the best backup storage unit I have ever purchased. Excellent solid build, small, quiet and capable of a ton of features. I use it as a mini server storage station and print server for multiple computers at home. I also purchased a second drive to mirror itself. My only complaint is that the instructions are not the best for setting up a lot of the things that it can do, considering this model is geared toward the masses. But then again, there is always the online forums....more info
  • Useless for backups
    I tried for several weeks to backup my web Windows 2003 server, but to no avail. Four different backup software products started, but failed to complete a backup to this device. Netgear blames the software and refuses to help. So now I am stuck with a useless $400 piece of equipment.

    If you have experienced IT staff around, you might be able to get this expensive clunker to work. Otherwise, stay away from it....more info
  • Nice unit
    This is a nice little unit; I purchased this diskless unit (RND2000) and added Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 3.5 Inch, 32 MB Cache, 7200 RPM SATA II WD1001FALS (although it is not on the Netgear compatibility list). Works just fine, and was more cost effective to do this, as opposed to purchasing the RND2110 (with the 1Tb drive). Both units showed up the same day - I popped in the drive, plugged in the network cable (provided) and powered it up - after about 30 minutes, the pulsating blue light turned to a steady blue, indicating the setup process was complete, and I was ready to go! On my home network I have Mac OSx, Linux (SuSE), Windows XP and Vista, all connecting to it and sharing files with no problems....more info
  • Unstable
    I've had this product for about 6 months now and I am not impressed. The features are great, but I've had a lot of problems with stability and I am not confident keeping my data on it. When configuring the unit via the FrontView (their term for the gui), the unit crashes often and requires a reboot (yes, I am running the most recent code 4.1.5). When recently upgrading to the most recent code (4.1.5), the upgrade failed and all my data was gone!! Both drives! I called Netgear for support and had to drop $70 just to talk to someone, who didn't know what they were doing. It wasn't until I pushed the issue that I got to talk to someone with some experience. They were able to log into the unit, get it upgraded, and my data was back. But now I have no confidence keep my family photos, music, or video on the device. ...more info
  • Great Storage Option for home or small office
    I have had this drive for about a week now and I love it. Not only am I able to use it as a NAS, but now I can use it with my Tivo too and I don't need to use Tivo Desktop to share and move movies around to other computers to watch them. I simply transfer everything I want to keep off the tivo to a machine with Tivo Desktop, then periodically, i will move them from the computer to the nas. After that every machine in the house can watch the shows without any lag or wait, its great.

    There are still other features but my favorite is the ease of setup and that it works, tivo and music streaming, 2bay design for large storage and/or redundancy, built in print server, expandable/backupable to external USB drive.

    I would highly recommend this item to everyone. i only wish it could be cheaper or the NV+ (similar to the dup , but with 4 bays) would come down in price....more info
  • Mac OS X Users Beware
    After reading many reviews of network backup systems I purchased the Duo2150. Netgear claims that it is compatible with Macs, that set up is simple and easy and that internet access to the stored files is straightforward. None of that turned out to be true, at least for me. I advise Mac users to exercise extreme caution before purchasing this device. Initial setup failed when trying to get to the Safari configuration screen. I have a simple home network that has a linksys router running my machine on a direct ethernet connection, my wife's machine wirelessly and a network printer with an ethernet hookup. A Mirra backup server, which finally crashed after years of service, worked seamlessly on the network but was painfully slow. I called Netgear tech support. To make a painfully long story short, they were unable to resolve the issues after six hours on the phone. I worked my way up through the third level of techies. The conversation with the last person began to end when he said he would have to run through a Mac set up on his lab machines. I asked him if he knew how to do a Mac setup. After much hemming and hawing he admitted that he did not. I then asked if anyone else in the shop knew how to work with Macs. The answer to that question was also no. At that point I simply threw up my hands and elected to return the system along with the second hard drive I had planned to install later. I will now buy an Apple Time Machine. That will not provide internet access when away from home, but at least the back up will work seamlessly. ...more info
  • Empty Promises
    The ReadyNas duo is supposed to be for home and small office use but setup is way too complicated for the average user. I bought it so I could access my files form anywhere on the internet but in order to make that work you'll need a static IP and will need to register a DNS to point to the unit, neither of which most folks have. I have some other Netgear products that were very easy to setup and I'm extremely disappointed that netgear advertised a feature that is not really available to the average user. Just know that if you want to use this to access your files over the internet you better have system admin credentials....more info
  • Nothing fancy ReadyNAS Rocks!
    We have the 500GB model and are using it as the home file and music server with Mac OS X. We have it connected to our Sonos Digital Music system as well. It's simple and it totally rocks. Music plays out via our wifi network with no fuss, we can easily run downloads and stream out the library directly to iTunes on our laptops as well. It's pretty easy to setup.

    I had a bit of trouble getting FTP access but nothing too hard if you know a tiny bit about ftp networking. It's quiet, small and is low power consumption. It even emails me when it has a problem, though that's rare. Mostly when the power in the house goes out and it has to restart itself. It was down to this and the Drobo but that was way more expensive and requires you to buy your own drives and add the NAS option. The ReadyNAS is all ready to go right out of the box. We couldn't be happier. ...more info
  • 1-star review by Kalyan S. Tirumala should be ignored because...
    It is a shame that the reviewer Kalyan S. Tirumala (below) lost all his/her hard drive data, but please understand that what Kalyan S. Tirumala did was wrong. You are not supposed to take a hard drive that you own AND has your important data on it, and install it into the NAS. Do not do that! If you do this, the NAS will automatically reformat the drive you installed (reformats drive to ext3 file system) which then deletes all data that was on it. Then, Kalyan S. Tirumala goes on to complain about tech support.... OMG. Sorry, but I had to LOL. ...more info
  • Getting out while the getting is good.
    My bro recommended this and overall it's a great concept, I like Netgear hardware typically, but I am already on strike 2 with this sucker and I have no intentions of risking strike 3 and losing some of my most important files. My first shot with Netgear Ready NAS was plugging it into the wall right out of the box, finding it was defective. The power supply wouldn't stay connected. Yes, I had it seated as far in as it could go. I sent it back and ordered NAS 2. Take it out of the box and it's not as sensitive to touch as the other one but AGAIN touch the power plug the wrong way and poof - lights out. #1 LINUX hates being shut down ungracefully and #2 I have lost all faith that this is my answer to fears of losing data, which is what it is meant to be used for. Heaven forbid I am moving files across the network when I sneeze and I'm completely hosed.

    That wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't slower than a turtle with a pile of bricks on its back, but this thing is so slow, I can't use my audio software to stream my MP3s off the mapped drive. The songs play jerky and when my software adds music to it's collection it crawwwwls as the counter ticks up each song it discovers. On my local drive it goes about 0-550 songs in 5 seconds. Through the mapped network drive..... it took hours. I had to leave it to go to bed at 2am because I couldn't wait any longer. It is the current firmware 4.1.5. I'm done. sending it back before I'm really sorry. My brother had better luck with his, but why tempt fate. ...more info
  • Great so far after a month
    I got this a month ago. Setup was easy enough. Ordered a second drive, installed it and had a mirror shortly after. Copied my data, created shares and logins and we're on our way to server bliss. Moved my iTunes library, docs and pictures. The picture software and server to view pictures from the web is a little slow to upload. They should get something like Kodak easy share express upload to make it faster. I thought pictures were viewable from the internet on the device but you upload them to a server at Netgear like kodak. Otherwise great little box that gives a central storage place and redundancy....more info
  • network drive
    Runs very quiet. Setup is not so easy for a beginner. Liked the backup software....more info
  • Worst user interface and user guide ever.
    I am astonished at the positive reviews for this device. I am not an IT professional, but neither am I inexperienced in dealing with complicated PC systems. After 24 hours I would have to say that I have NEVER encountered a more inept user interface and manual. This has great capabilities, and would probably rate four stars if I could ever figure out how to make it work. I don't even know what to ask of Netgear support, it is that bad. DON'T EVEN THINK OF BUYING THIS IF YOU ARE NOT AN IT PROFESSIONAL. Two stars, optimistically....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for and more
    Like all the Netgear products I have bought it was dead easy to set up and I was backing up over the wireless network in less than 30 minutes.

    I am SO happy to finally get all the years and years of files (which I honestly probably don't need but don't want to delete), backed-up and off the many portable hardd rives, CDs, DVDs and computers I have around the office and home.

    The product only comes with one drive (I guess to keep the cost competitive) so because I wanted redundancy I bought another 500G Seagate drive and plugged that in as I was backing up onto the first drive. It started up and started duplicating immediately. The system also is configured to email me when there is a problem so if one of the drives dies I can shut the whole thing down until I get another drive.

    Yes it is more expensive than converting one of my old computers into a linux backup option but so much easier! It also comes with a BitTorrent client, UPnP server, iTunes server (firefly) and Photo media server all installed and easily configurable through the web interface.

    Another cool feature is that you can configure the front USB port to automatically download the information off it onto a specific network share. This means SD card comes out of the camera, into the USB reader and into the NAS. Within 5 minutes over 2G of photos were on the ReadyNAS and backed up. It is fast and so much easier than having it first on my computer then on the wife's Mac, then on backup somewhere and THEN off the SD card.

    SOOOOOO much easier.

    Recommend it to anyone!!...more info
  • Just the ticket
    I had another RAID 1 hard drive enclosure that failed and was looking for a replacement. I was going to have to void my warranty with the previous one to get my data off of it, so I wanted a new one that made it easy to swap drives. I learned, when I got the old enclosure apart, that one of my drives was bad in addition to the old enclosure itself. Luckily, the software RAID in the old enclosure worked well enough so I didn't lose anything. However, with the replacement, I wanted pain-free, reliable RAID 1. I didn't want to pay a fortune to get it, either, since I'd spent so much on the last enclosure that didn't work.

    After a LOT of research, this is the product I decided to buy. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. The only general complaint about this unit was the user interface for configuration, but I found it fairly straightforward and had my unit set up in less than five minutes. After copying my data from the old drive, I installed a drive in the second bay (which took seconds to do) WHILE IT WAS POWERED UP AND RUNNING, which was a huge selling point. The mirroring started automatically, finished within a couple of hours (for ~170GB) and e-mailed me when it was done. I immediately took out the first drive to test the RAID and could see and use my shares and files from the second drive without any disruption whatsoever. When I plugged the first drive back in, the second drive mirrored to it automatically.

    This product does exactly what it is advertised to do, does it at a great price and has an excellent warranty as well. I can't imagine a better experience. I rarely write reviews (although I know I should), but this is one of the best products I've ever bought and I thought others might be able to benefit from my experience. I traditionally buy from one of Netgear's competitors for network equipment, but will absolutely look at Netgear in the future....more info
  • Useless for backups
    I tried for several weeks to backup my web Windows 2003 server, but to no avail. Four different backup software products started, but failed to complete a backup to this device. Netgear blames the software and refuses to help. So now I am stuck with a useless $400 piece of equipment.

    If you have experienced IT staff around, you might be able to get this expensive clunker to work. Otherwise, stay away from it....more info
  • Best NAS for the money
    I've read a lot about these storage devices and didn't think much of them in the beginning. Figured I could build one for less, however it would have been a headache. This little guy doesn't have much of a footprint and is feature packed.

    I can stream iTunes to my notebook while watching HD videos on the PS3, download BitTorrent files in the background and still share with other computers in my LAN for hosting files. Basically, this is a personal media server for home for central storage as a network drive. Let's not forget the data protection of RAID with an additional drive.

    NETGEAR makes a 3 flavors; 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB, however they're all exactly the same with the exception of the one provided drive. Trust me, buy the 500GB then buy two 1TB drives here for less than what you can buy the 1TB model alone for.

    Sure, these aren't exactly cheap but compared to what could happen if your stand alone external USB HDD failed along with all of the capabilities that this unit includes, it is well worth the money....more info
  • Met and exceeded my expectations
    I have a love-hate relationship with Netgear. My first router was a Netgear that worked like a charm. Wireless NICs worked well. My last two routers were bricks. I was a bit skeptical as to what to expect from the ReadyNAS, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

    This is a great little device that does so much more than other compact NAS devices that I have seen.

    My favorite features are:
    1) Flexibility in multi bay use. I have been looking for a better solution as apposed to having multiple external USB drives that relied on a computer that must remain on. Aside from having two internal bays that can be used in a RAID or JBOD configuration, the device itself can accommodate additional external storage. The fact that its hot-swappable was a huge plus.

    2) Backup of data to external storage with one touch

    3) Setup was simple. I was up and transferring within 20 minutes of opening the box (including time to update the firmware). I installed another 500GB to go along with the Seagate 7200.11 500GB - the DUO formatted and synchronized the little data that I was playing with.

    4) Print server capabilities

    5) Tivo compatibility - I have been streaming music and photos to my TiVo. There is also an update to stream video, which I have yet to setup. The photos and music worked automatically.

    I wanted to use more of the features before I submitted my review but the unit already performed so well and has met all my expectations and more that it merits a 5-star rating even if the other features were mediocre.

    This is an ideal solution for homes where everyone has their own computer, cameras, etc.., and being able to store these centrally makes most sense. Because it can function as a print server as well, this would have been an ideal transition unit before you upgrade to a fully independent server unit. If the Duo was available when I moved to SERVER 2003, I might have put off transition because we were mainly looking for centralized storage, some backup and print server functions. Lastly, I like the fact that Netgear has already validated these units with 1.5TB drives.
    ...more info
  • One of my favorite devices to come along in a while
    Sweet little box. This is the diskless version...didn't want to overpay for the drives. Popped in a pair of Samsung 1tb drives. Newest firmware adds Apple Time Machine support. Everything was simple...plugged in a UPS and it detected it right away. Added a PIXMA multifunction printer which can be a huge pain to share on a USB perfectly across XP, Win 7 beta and Macs (Macs took installing the latest GIMP drivers, free).
    ...more info
  • Netgear ReadyNAS Duo
    I use the unit to backup the various coumpters on my home network. It was easy to set up and runs very quitely. No problems so far and the speed is well within what should be expected from this type device....more info
  • ReadyNAS Duo is a great device
    This has been a great product so far. Easily accessible on my network, lots of good features, and easy to use.
    The only disadvantage so far has been that when the device is running and my roommate plays Halo2 online, he experiences network problems, but when the device is powered down, he's fine. ...more info
  • Excellent Machine but a little slow for some tasks
    I have had my readynas duo 500g for almost a year. I am VERY happy with it especially with the newest firmware which was released on April 11th, 2009. This firmware makes the system much more responsive when streaming music/videos to my Xbox 360. It used to take a long time to load up artists, albums, it is almost instant.

    I use the readynas to backup two computers and also use it to synchronize my documents folder between the two computers with NTI Shadow 4.0

    I don't know what I would do without my readynas now that I am so used to it. I feel 100% confident that my data is safe barring my house burning down. But, the new firmware allows you to auto backup to a netgear storage server via the internet which adds to your data protection.

    The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that it is a tad slow. The new firmware has helped and in all fairness I haven't done much speed testing since it was released. In my use cases, speed doesn't matter much since Shadow makes my incremental backups nightly when I am not using the computer but it would be nice to be able to acccess my data a little faster. Maybe one of the the big brothers to the readynas duo would have some more speed.

    Summary: Buy this. It is awesome. ...more info
  • Professional feature-set in a consumer-friendly unit
    Most appliance-style consumer devices are dumbed-down, inflexible units aimed at consumers who don't need power-user features, while the pro gear is expensive and far too complex for most people to set up. That frustrates home power-users who are stuck in the middle of the two markets.

    As an IT professional and advanced hobbyist, these shortcomings irk me with most gear like this unit. In reading the specs for the Netgear, my concern was that it tried to do too much, but it turns out it does everything well (that I've tried so far). Netgear has tried to go beyond basic NAS and make this little box be the center of your network, including support for photo sharing, bit-torrent, chaining on additional devices, etc, and they seem to have succeeded.

    I won't rehash the feature list, but pros:

    * Very solidly constructed, with variable speed cooling.

    * Empty second drive bay allows cheap expansion.

    * Drive-sled design is shared with larger ReadyNAS units for easy uprades.

    * Many protocols supported (NFS, APF, etc), nice that it's not just the usual SMB/CIFS.

    * SNMP and SMART support, and email alerts, add some enterprise-style monitoring capabilty.

    * Easy to check for firmware updates (from admin interface)

    * Power management makes it use even less power (and it's quieter when drive is spun-down).

    * Unit allows for chaining of additional USB devices (I tested it with a keychain-style flash-drive).

    * More features than most people will use.

    * RAIDar software provides easy access but is not required for normal use (only to "find" the unit for lay-people). All actual admin is through web-GUI.

    * I tested CIFS, NFSv3/udp, and NFSv3/tcp throughput. My test-bed was a FreeBSD server running a packet filter, so your results may be higher without the filter or from Windows, or with tuning for jumbo packets (supported) or higher MTU.

    * In my tests, baseline throughput for comparison from local disk to disk, was 44MB/sec for the test dataset. Over the network (through a dumb gig-e switch) to the NAS, for NFS3/udp (w/buffering) it was 6.77MB/sec , 9.44MB/sec for NFS3/tcp , and 10.1MB/sec for SMBFS (CIFS).

    * Basic security levels are ok, requiring the default password be changed on first login and FTP is disabled by default.

    * RPC services running on the Netgear by default are rpcbind, rquotad, status, nfs, nlockmgr, mountd .

    Quibbles (too small to be Cons):

    * Unit is loud on power-up (louder than my PCs). Idle noise level is a little high also.

    * Boot time is sluggish. Firmware upgrade (I did one) takes several reboot cycles and a seemingly inordinate length of time, more than 20 minutes?

    * Netgear site claims the unit has SSH support, but unit does not answer on TCP/22, and I didn't seen an option to enable SSH.

    * Web admin interface is a little clunky, could use "save" buttons at the top of each screen. Advanced options are a little obtuse and could use links to additional documentation or wikipedia entries or something.

    Conclusion: this Netgear strikes a nice compromise between power and ease of use, with advanced features and a lot of configurability, while arriving set up for immediate use on your home network.

    It may not be for your technophobe elderly aunt, but presumably such a person wouldn't have a home network in the first place. Highly recommended....more info
  • Awesome NAS
    Very well designed and full-feature NAS: Simple to use and configure, supports expandable mirroring, integrates well with Linux and Mac computers. ...more info
  • Disaster
    I've had to return two of these RMA defective. The only positive thing I can say is that tech support (24/7) was very friendly. After being on the phone one night for 1 1/2 hrs with a level one, I had a level two work with me ufor 4 1/2 hrs longer. I spent at least 30 hours and three virtually sleepless nights trying to get two differnet units working, to no avail. By the way, the issues with the two defective units were entirely different, but the end result was the same - I never got either to work. I'm giving up on ReadyNAS and Netgear based on the worst experience I have ever had with any computer equpment. ...more info
  • Great NAS
    I bought this a little more than a month ago. I am able to do almost averything that is advertised. I have no problem sreaming media to both Xbox 360's. I still haven't figured out how to get my printer working on it, but since it is a Dell, I don't think it is the NAS. I did have the orginal Seagate hard drive fail. When I found out which drive it was, I swapped the original Seagate with the Western Digital (500GB Each) thinking the mirror would pick up. Needless to say, I shouldn't have switched them because when I did that, the NAS re-formatted the mirror to the default settings and I lost 300GB of data. Customer support was helpful in getting the hard drive replaced, but I think it should be explained in the manual that you shouldn't swap the positions if a drive fails. The only reason I did the swap was because I couldn't see the nas via frontview, but once I isolated the bad drive and inserted the mirror in bay 1, the NAS was recognized and then proceeded to re-format the drive thinking both drives were dead. Ignorance on my part, but I think it should be explained very clearly in the manual about what to do and not do do in case of a drive failure to avoid loss of data.

    All in all this is a great device and I would recommend this to anyone....more info