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Netgear RND2110 ReadyNAS Duo 1 TB Desktop Network Attached Storage
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Product Description

The ReadyNAS Duo RND2110 is perfect for homes with more than one computer. Unlike a USB drive, the ReadyNAS connects to the network and is simultaneously accessible via all connected Windows or Macintosh computers.If there is a broadband Internet connection and a home router, the ReadyNAS can be set up to provide secure access to all the stored files remotely via the Internet.

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo is an ideal Network Attached Storage device for use in homes with more than one computer. The ReadyNAS Duo offers an incredible 1 TB of storage and lets you easily share your files, music, and video over a home network and access your data remotely over the Internet. It can even stream music, photos and video to a network media players without a computer.

  • Offers 1 TB (1,000 GB) of storage for Mac and PC sharing.
  • Streams music, pictures, and videos to network media players without a computer.
  • Lets you access and download your data from anywhere via Internet.
  • Includes Gigabit Ethernet for super-fast data transfers.
  • Creates a personal Web page to easily share photos with friends and family.

A Gigabit Ethernet connection means fast speeds when the ReadyNAS is connected to your home network. View larger. View back.

Removable trays make adding another drive a snap.View larger.
The Ideal Home Media Server
With the ReadyNAS duo connected to your home network, you can listen to your digital music without the need for a computer. The device's advanced media streaming features support such media devices as the NETGEAR EVA8000 Digital Entertainer HD, Logitech Squeezebox, Apple iTunes clients, Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.

The ReadyNAS Duo features a Gigabit Ethernet connector that can provide a fast 1000 Mbps connection to your network, which ensures that you can stream audio and video without any hiccups. Compatible with both Macs and PCs, the ReadyNAS is the perfect solution for media storage, allowing you and your family to easily share media files seamlessly. And with an embedded BitTorrent client for direct downloading from the Internet, the ReadyNAS will ensure that you can publish, discover and download digital entertainment content quickly, easily and securely.

1000 GB of Storage and Remote Access to Your Files
If you have access to a broadband Internet connection, the ReadyNAS Duo also allows you to easily access to all your files no matter where you are. If you forget to bring that one file with you for a meeting, it's simple to retrieve it from your home server, quickly and securely. You can also use the ReadyNAS Duo to host your personal Web page, so you can easily share photos and media with friends and family.

The ReadyNAS Duo comes with 1 TB of hard drive space, enough for 4,000,000 photos, 18,500 hours of music, or 1500 hours of video. (If you don't need quite so much storage space, NETGEAR also offers the ReadyNAS Duo in the ReadyNAS Duo 500 GB and ReadyNAS Duo 750 GB models.) It includes three USB ports that allow you to directly connect USB disk drives, USB flash drives, printers, and wireless network adapters, adding even greater functionality to your home network.

This device also has easily accessible SATA hard disk drive bays with easy-to-use hot-swappable and lockable trays. Simply by adding a second hard disk drive all of your valuable files are automatically duplicated for the ultimate in file protection and back-up. NETGEAR's exclusive X-RAID technology is built into the hardware. A second drive provides full data redundancy for protection against hardware failure and takes over if the first hard drive ever were to fail. A self-managing and monitoring system offers automatic power-up and shutdown, drive monitoring, and problem identification, for even greater peace of mind.

The ReadyNAS Duo requires computers operating on Windows 2000, Windows XP Home or Professional (SP1 or SP2), Windows Vista, Mac OS X, or Linux. It has a Kensington lock security hole and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

What's in the Box
ReadyNAS Duo, 2 hard disk trays, 1 pre-loaded 1 TB (1000 GB) Hard Drive, quick installation guide, warranty card, power adapter, power cable, Ethernet cable, installation CD, ReadyNAS discovery utility, NTI Shadow for ReadyNAS for Windows and Macintosh.

The ReadyNAS Duo lets you create a robust, multi-media home network.
  • Network attached storage device offers 1 TB of storage with GigaBit Ethernet for fast data transfer
  • Stream music, photos and video to network media players without a computer
  • Access files from anywhere via Internet connection; host your personal Web page to share with friends and family
  • Support for extra hard drive, allowing X-RAID data protection
  • Measures 4.0 x 5.6 x 8.7 inches (WxHxD); 5-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Best NAS I've owned.
    I've owned 3 NAS (HP,Buffalo, and this). This is the best one for many reasons. First off, it's tiny, and quiet. About the size of 3 bare drives in width and about 1.5x the drive in length. Construction is out of metal and looks very sturdy. Metal should help with heat dissipation as well. The hot swappable drive is unique in this price range. I do wish that the drive's status light is a bit bigger.It's like a tiny dot.

    The reason that I like this drive the most is that it's the first one I've used that is completely trouble-free in setting up. Adding a second drive is as simple as popping in another HDD. It recognizes the drive and automatically builds a mirror. Software works great. It detects the drives right away and every function works without a flaw. I've had all sorts of set up problems with the HP and buffalo. Transfer rate is as good or better than all my current NAS.

    I've had the 500g drive for a couple of months and it served my 8 station music system without a hitch. I bought 3 more for use in the office as a file server, and it's a hit. Tiny, silent, cool running and totally reliable up to this point....more info
  • Great for families that want to organize and back-up their data!
    I love this device. It is so easy to get up and running. It's a great solution for a family or even a start-up business to organize their data (be it movies, photos, etc. or source code). The user management system probably works better under NFS and UNIX/Linux environments because of the way you can create users and groups with user ids and group ids like in UNIX. But I'm using it at home just fine with Windows under CIFS... in that environment, you can create users with passwords so that when you access \\MyNAShostname\MySharedFolderName, you will be prompted for login credentials if you are accessing a non-public share (you can set up a share to be freely accessed by anyone in the network or you can identify specific machines or users/groups that can access each share). I wish it was easier to tie to your Windows login. But no biggie.

    This device is probably not appropriate for businesses, though (the lack of Active Directory support and the possibility of tens to hundreds of users accessing the device at once are probably not the use case this device was meant to address).

    The two biggest benefits I see are:
    1. Having shared folders available over the network so we can organize our files rather than keeping them in our separate laptops, desktops, etc.

    You can do this with a desktop computer (using it as a file server), but it sucks to leave it on all the time. The RND2150 is much quieter and draws less power than a desktop. The only point at which the device is noisy is for the half-minute or so when you first power it up. It's quiet!

    2. Redundancy. Hard disks fail. With RAID, you can be protected in case one of the disks fails. The X-RAID system is so easy--popping in a new disk was so effortless I was stunned. It's hot-swappable, so you don't even need to power down the unit to stick in a new drive.

    NOTE: I believe that if the NAS device itself (not the disks inside) fails, it may still cost you money to send it in to get the data extracted properly. But there are evidently capabilities to manage back-ups to a USB external drive from time to time. So for full protection, buy this unit, put in an extra drive (to benefit from X-RAID), and also get a USB drive if you're paranoid about the device itself failing. Making it so easy to take advantage of these capabilities in a reliable manner is what I was looking for in a NAS.

    My chief complaint is that it can be difficult to find information on good compatible disks. Their support community website publishes a short list. But most of the drives listed are either Seagate (which a lot of people are avoiding until they prove they've resolved their quality issues) or obsolete versions from other vendors. NetGear really needs to get their certification testing act together. Why certify so many Seagates when there are many questions surrounding it? I saw in a random forum somewhere that people had been using Western Digital 640GB drives without issues (WD6401AALS), so that's what I just stuck in there a minute ago. So far so good... will take about 5 hours and 40 minutes to initialize.

    I'm really quite happy with this purchase. It's also sturdy and doesn't take up much space....more info
  • Empty Promises
    The ReadyNas duo is supposed to be for home and small office use but setup is way too complicated for the average user. I bought it so I could access my files form anywhere on the internet but in order to make that work you'll need a static IP and will need to register a DNS to point to the unit, neither of which most folks have. I have some other Netgear products that were very easy to setup and I'm extremely disappointed that netgear advertised a feature that is not really available to the average user. Just know that if you want to use this to access your files over the internet you better have system admin credentials....more info
  • Nice product with rooms to improve
    Almost give up on Netgear tech support and return this product but they finally answered my call and resolved my issues. Now I am happy to keep it. Here are problems
    - "media" folder will repeatly shown up to 25 subdirectory deep, you must install new photo add-on to fix it
    - Can't turn off "optimize for OS X" unless you install beta firmware
    - recommand UPS to avoid hd out of sync problem after power hit
    - Tech support is really slow, be ready to be put on hold for one hour before the real tech talks to you.
    - Do upgrade firmware, do read up on their website for tips....
    - USB port can work as printer server but don't expect all-in-one to work with it well,
    - Refresh buttom might not give you real status under Volume info..
    - Do download the Twonky add-on to get better view of itune/Ipod stuff from PS3.
    After all, this is a keeper, can't see any other product at this price range with these many feature. ...more info
  • Best Home NAS Solution for Mac Users....Period!
    I purchased this device a couple weeks ago and can't believe how impressed I am. As a Mac user exclusively at home, this device exceeds my expectation. I have several Mac's in the house that can connect to this NAS effortlessly, with no incompatibility issues. Further, no naming convention issues like I've found on other NAS devices that only use the SMB/CIMB protocol.

    Best Features:

    1.) Can use AFP protocol exclusively for all connected Mac users. This means when I pull up the finder, there it is with no constant logging in or SMB issues. There it is, no fuss.
    2.) Speed. Once I enables the Jumbo Frame option, this thing is like copying from Mac to Mac over the network at true gigabit speed. Wireless is not to shabby either.

    3.) Can setup an iTunes server using the Firefly add on (comes with) so I can connect all Macs and my Apple TV to pull from this one resource. No longer have to keep track of multiple iTunes libraries on multiple Macs...and constantly having to keep iTunes App running on the requested computers.

    4.) Set this thing up in like 15 minutes.

    5.) Backup Redundancy - I use a second hard drive in the NAS to mirror the first hard drive. So I can now pull out the second hard drive and replace with another to store away from home... my own home disaster recovery.

    One Negative Comment:

    1.) Cannot configure Time Machine to use with this NAS or rather no documentation explaining how to do it...even when I Google it. However, it does come with it's own Mac Native backup program that will schedule jobs to copy your Home folder and at specific times. To tell you the truth, this is an Apple Mac OS limitation and not a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo issue. I suspect in the future this will be corrected.

    Finally, I couldn't ask for a better device. Netgear, you did a great job designing this product. This should be considered by anyone who is looking at Apple's Time Capsule as it does a whole lot more and staggeringly faster speeds. Sure, no Time Machine, but it does have scheduled backups and e-mails me when complete, and / or if there are any issues. ...more info
  • Awesome NAS but too noisy
    This is a fantastic product if you have a separate room or closet for it. It was very easy to set up and I was able to back up my files at decent speeds. I loved the media consolidation features and it seamless with both PCs and Macs. But all these features could not overcome the incessant humming from the machine. It just made our home office unusable so I had to return it. It produces a constant humming sound like an old radio. We might have been able to deal with a loud fan noise, but this was different. I am very sorry to see it go. We tried it out for about a week and just could not stand it anymore. So if you have some out of the way place to stash it, this machine is a fantastic buy....more info
  • ReadyNAS Duo
    The more familiar I become with the product, the better it becomes. The only downside is the lack of a clearly manual. BUT their Tech Support makes up for it again. I just love the product. I use it with my Logitech Squeezebox Boom and no longer need to run my computer to listen to all my MP3s. I can also access it any where in the world and show my pictures stored on it via my laptop....more info
  • Good NAS but has it's quirks.
    I really like this NAS box, I've added a 2nd HD to mine and it was painless. Transfer speeds are great and it's robust. My only complaint would be with the BitTorrent client. It generally works fine, but I find that I have to stop/start it every couple weeks because the service just stops.

    This box runs Linux and it's capabilities can easily be expanded if you want to troll the forums and learn the tricks. It's highly tweakable or just plain and simple if that's all you want too. I've tested failover by pulling a drive and it worked just fine....more info
  • One of my favorite devices to come along in a while
    Sweet little box. This is the diskless version...didn't want to overpay for the drives. Popped in a pair of Samsung 1tb drives. Newest firmware adds Apple Time Machine support. Everything was simple...plugged in a UPS and it detected it right away. Added a PIXMA multifunction printer which can be a huge pain to share on a USB perfectly across XP, Win 7 beta and Macs (Macs took installing the latest GIMP drivers, free).
    ...more info
  • ReadyNas Is Great, Amazon on the other hand...
    The product works as advertised. Has a great forum and customer support. However the price dropped, within 2 week and Amazon would not refund the difference.

    I think amazon should seriously reconsider reinstating their price guarantee...more info
  • Data loss; recursive MEDIA folder
    I bought my ReadyNAS Duo 1 month ago. I wanted a product that will
    1) protect my data
    2) allow me to access it from my various devices within my home wireless network (laptop, PS3, mobile phone)

    Less than 1 month after using the Netgear ReadyNAS, this is the consequence:
    * I now have lost 400GB+ of data stored on Netgear ReadyNAS, including pictures and videos of my precious baby boy -- something which is now forever lost
    * In that one month, I had to put up with a ReadyNAS that is very unstable and very often, i lost the connection to ReadyNAS in the midst of trying to access data

    Other things that you should consider:
    - ReadyNAS has a "media" folder, which recursively reproduces everything within itself, including all the content (I'm not sure if it actually occupies that same amount of disk space). I tried deleting it, but it keeps coming back, like Freddy Krueger. It is a mess to deal with. You can find countless consumer posts about this problem online. Unfortunately I didn't know till I've bought the ReadyNAS

    - ReadyNAS makes loud whirring noises after a period of operation, and then I'll have to reboot it

    - I called international IDD to get help from NetGear ReadyNAS tech support and their advise caused me to lose all my data (I was told, if I hold the RESET button for 5 secs, it will perform a normal reset. But I was warned that holding the RESET button for 30 secs will cause all data to be erased. I figured I have a 25-second buffer before data erasure occurs --- quite a safe margin, so I performed a reset over the phone with Netgear Tech Support's guidance; to cut the long story short, I realized I still couldn't access my drive, and after several calls to both local and international Netgear helplines, I finally was escalated to Level 2 support where a guy apologized and told me I've to seek help from a local data recovery center. I had to pay the cost of the data recovery myself. It was hinted that the previous Tech Support guy gave me wrong information --- data erasure happens after SIX seconds of holding the RESET button, not 30 seconds as I was told. I spent > 3 hours on IDD phone calls with Netgear tech support, plus additional time spent following their instructions which mostly didn't work for me, and in the end, I lost all my data)

    I understand there are many other good reviews of this product, so consider carefully. Netgear has offered me a replacement product, but I'm not taking it...more info
  • Great Backup Option!
    Wow, where to start. I've had this since August and so far, so good. I purchased an additional 1TB Seagate drive so I'd have the security of RAID. The drives are hot-swappable so just pop it in and it automatically detects and synchs it. This is connected to my wireless router via ethernet cable. I use it to wirelessly back up my two Macbooks with Time Machine. This takes some configuring but once it's done it works great! There is an entire ReadyNAS forum which contains directions on how to do this (Google it). I also have my Samsung laser printer connected to the ReadyNAS via USB and my laptops can wirelessly print to it. Of all the network storage devices I researched, this one had the best reviews and most features for the price. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Very disappointing, slow drive
    While I agree the drive looks nice, appears to have a solid case, and a lot of great functionality; mine is just painfully slow to use. Periodically I've had to reboot it just to get it to respond at all. It seems at times it gets so hung up with some internal process that it just doesn't have the bandwidth to respond at all. (The disk light was flickering constantly.) Even when I asked it for some very simple information, like right clicking on "properties" over a few folder to see how big they were, even that took forever. So, I know it's not my machine because that process should happen locally, and the connection speed shouldn't affect how fast the drive can count up its own files. Even worse, a few times I went to move some large files within the drive - i.e. I wanted to move the large files that were already on the ReadyNAS to a different folder, also on the ReadyNAS. Instead of this taking 3 seconds like it does on a normal drive, it took 3 hours. The ReadyNAS copied the files from one location on its own drive to another. This has been an extremely disappointing and time-consuming purchase for me. If you're considering buying a NAS device, think long and hard about how you might do it a different way; and research your options thoroughly. I'm returning mine....more info
  • ReadyNAS Duo is a great device
    This has been a great product so far. Easily accessible on my network, lots of good features, and easy to use.
    The only disadvantage so far has been that when the device is running and my roommate plays Halo2 online, he experiences network problems, but when the device is powered down, he's fine. ...more info
  • Read this before even you plan to buy
    I am writing in this review within a day I got this working. But, I think that its enough time for a techie like me to write a review. Like many of you, I have read the review and brought this product paying $354.I had sea gate USB drive. The USB broke so I decided to get a network drive so that I can store the information on net and things can go smooth.

    With in couple of mins I installed the SATA seagate Baracuda which contains almost 325 GB of information which I collected over 5 years.

    The moment I started the machine I could see nothing on my drive all it showed was 1 disk with 465 GB of free space, and the second drive was blinking. Wait a second, I did swap the primary drive so that I can get mine booted. Bhoommmm all my 5 years of hardwork wiped in 5 milli seconds.

    I called the customer service and waited for 15 mins to get connected to an agent. The agent's name is Sonia and her agent id is 2723. I told her this and she said that "Netgear NAS" expert would call me in 5 mins. I never understood that 5 mins means on NETgear terms is like for ever. I dint even receive call till now and its now 11:55AM EST almost 15 hrs passed.

    I lost and NETgear won. uhooooooo hail this idiot box.

    I tried to access files by getting connected as network drive. Of course its INTRANet not internet. I guess Netgear understand as internet when connected to the router and never responds behaving like a remote server.

    I am lucky to be the most luckiest guy on the face of earth to get sucked by Netgear.

    I don't wish to hear from others that they are lucky like me. so go ahead and make your choices. All the "applauses" to this one is so true that you don't want to buy this junk. They are all made up review. What about me? I am not, since I provided with every detail of the customer service agent and her id too. Call her and you will know...more info
  • Unstable
    I've had this product for about 6 months now and I am not impressed. The features are great, but I've had a lot of problems with stability and I am not confident keeping my data on it. When configuring the unit via the FrontView (their term for the gui), the unit crashes often and requires a reboot (yes, I am running the most recent code 4.1.5). When recently upgrading to the most recent code (4.1.5), the upgrade failed and all my data was gone!! Both drives! I called Netgear for support and had to drop $70 just to talk to someone, who didn't know what they were doing. It wasn't until I pushed the issue that I got to talk to someone with some experience. They were able to log into the unit, get it upgraded, and my data was back. But now I have no confidence keep my family photos, music, or video on the device. ...more info
  • Excellent Machine but a little slow for some tasks
    I have had my readynas duo 500g for almost a year. I am VERY happy with it especially with the newest firmware which was released on April 11th, 2009. This firmware makes the system much more responsive when streaming music/videos to my Xbox 360. It used to take a long time to load up artists, albums, it is almost instant.

    I use the readynas to backup two computers and also use it to synchronize my documents folder between the two computers with NTI Shadow 4.0

    I don't know what I would do without my readynas now that I am so used to it. I feel 100% confident that my data is safe barring my house burning down. But, the new firmware allows you to auto backup to a netgear storage server via the internet which adds to your data protection.

    The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that it is a tad slow. The new firmware has helped and in all fairness I haven't done much speed testing since it was released. In my use cases, speed doesn't matter much since Shadow makes my incremental backups nightly when I am not using the computer but it would be nice to be able to acccess my data a little faster. Maybe one of the the big brothers to the readynas duo would have some more speed.

    Summary: Buy this. It is awesome. ...more info
  • Nice Product with a few potential improvements possible.
    This was pretty easy product to setup and worked flawlessly with my desktop PC delivering transfer speeds of 12-15MB/s when connected via a D-Link DGS-2208 Gigabit switch. There is a bit of low pitch whine from the fan and it's scary noisy when you first boot it (it calms down after it is done booting) but overall it's very quiet.

    I had some trouble setting it up until I realized that you have to create a DLNA media share directory in order for the PS3 to see the files. Confusing because the bittorrent samples were visible, albeit the PS3 played them without sound for some reason. Needless to say the manual is non-existent and the help is pretty useless if you don't know what you are doing. I'm a computer engineer and managed to figure it out, others might not be so lucky.

    It works well with my two Playstation 3s with the exception that when you add new music or video the PS3 won't see it until you go into services and run 'rescan' under UpNP. Annoying because that takes about 10 minutes on my collection and odd because I thought the PS3 was a DLNA device.

    The down side is my Yamaha RX-V3800 doesn't see it at all. Not a major problem because navigating a large music collection on the Yamaha is like doing butterfly through the red sea but it would have been nice if it worked. Their higher end models have third party drivers for the Yamaha but the Duo seems to be out of luck.

    Power wise it's very good, with plenty of options for putting the drives into standby and even shutting the unit on/off at fixed times. I just don't get their rationale for not allowing two drives to be used to double capacity, even if it's two volumes it would be better than nothing. Sure, RAID 0 is dangerous if one drive goes down you lose the lot but give me a choice, I know what I'm doing and my data is already backed up elsewhere.

    Lastly their pricing is stupid, I bought the 500GB for $359 but I would much rather have gotten the 1GB. At $600+ though it's cheaper for me to buy a ($180) WD 1TB Green Drive and put it in than buy their 1TB configuration - and then I have to throw away what is at least $100 worth of 500GB drive (because they cleverly prevent me from using it in the second slot). Dear Netgear Marketing department, please get a clue....more info
  • Great file server, ITunes software? Back to the drawing board.
    As a file server this device is awesome. Set up is easy for both Mac and PC. Webserving is also a snap, as is the bittorrent add-on. The only junk here is the advertised ITunes streaming service. Not only is it unable read many mp3's and mp4's that ITunes has no problem with, but instead of giving an error message or skipping the files, the application completely locks up and has to be removed and reinstalled before you can try again (at which time it locks up again). A quick check to the Redynas forums shows the problem to be pretty universal and, if you have a lot of files in your ITunes library, the fix is complicated, time consuming and involves paying for extra software to repair music files tat ITunes plays with no problem. The software is a beta product but still, it is an advertised function of the device and therefore should work....more info
  • Transparent but a little flaky
    I selected this product as a replacement for my dead network file server in my small home-based office. I read lots of reviews and settled on the NetGear over the Buffalo line of products in large part because some of the Buffalo reviews complained of things disconnecting from the network. That was a problem that I never had with my old file server and didn't want to deal with now, so I went with the NetGear. Unfortunately, it has been a problem even with the NetGear. The NAS drive has dropped out of the network once, but I have had individual workstations drop out repeatedly. I'm not happy about that and don't know what to do to stop it from happening again. But the NAS drive itself performs quietly and efficiently. If it weren't for the disconnection problems, I would give it 5 stars....more info
  • Save some money
    These are great units! The best on the market. Fast, nearly foolproof and backed by GREAT support from Netgear. The ReadyNAS products are the best in their class... but a bit pricey. I've been extremely happy with mine.

    But since they're are a bit pricey here's a way to get a bit more value. With the 1TB version currently about $200 more than the 500MB version you can buy the 500MB version, throw away the internal hard drive and buy 2 1TB Seagate ST31000333AS drives for $99 each (current Amazon price) and create a RAID'd 1TB (2x1TB) device for the same price as buying the pre-configured non-RAID'd 1TB (1x1TB) version. And there is literally NO DIFFERENCE. This is a supported upgrade path by Netgear. Just put the 1TB drive in the second slot and wait until resynch'ing is finished. Then pull out the 500MB drive in the first slot and replace it with the second 1TB drive and wait for it's resynch. Next reboot and choose the volume expand option in the console and there you have it! 2 1TB drives for the price of one. And you can sell the extra 500MB drive on eBay if you want to!

    Upgrading these units like this is almost foolproof and believe me it's as easy as it sounds....more info
  • Great Device With Minor Flaws
    Initial setup is very simple and straightforward
    Very quiet
    Very small footprint
    User interface is intuitive and easy to navigate
    Speedy network access once configured correctly - see below
    Forum support is helpful
    Music and video playback is smooth and reliable

    Network tweaking is almost a must - this is a heavy forum topic. The tweaks for the device are straightforward, most changes need to occur client side

    Full scan of your media can take quite awhile - 2 to 4 hours. Also, there is no built in way to do a quick scan of your media to index deletes or name changes, this requires a full scan

    MP3 track output to a 360, what I'm using, is sorted alphabetically - NOT by track. I have an open thread in the support forum regarding this but have not received a response from the developers yet.

    I wanted a device to take over the job of delivering media to my 360 that was redundant, fast and reliable. This device was able to meet all of my needs. If it werent for a few minor annoyances I wouldve rated this device a solid 5....more info